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Kelli rolled onto her stomach, her pillow held under her chest as she flicked her pigtails around, laughing.

"That is the lamest ghost story I've ever heard!" she chided. "Who knows a really scary story?"

She looked around at her friends. There were four of them, her little sister and herself, all in the converted downstairs basement that made a fantastic family room. They were having a sleep over for her fifteenth birthday.

There had been pizza, makeovers, cake, soft drink and too much candy, now they were all sugared up and way too excited to sleep.

Of course, scary stories were the only way to go!

Zoe jumped up and turned off the lights, the purple mood lamps on the dresser sending the atmosphere into the creepy zone.

"I got one!" Kelli's little sister, Bree exclaimed.

"Psshhh. How would you have a good story?"

Bree screwed her face up at her sister and poked out her tongue. "That new girl in my class, Amy, she told me. You wanna hear it or not?"

Kelli shrugged. "Give it your best shot. If it's not scary, you get super noogies. Deal?"

"Whatever. Anyway, picture this. Two girls, right? They're late home from the library, and it's winter, so it got dark super early, like four thirty – fiveish. They know they're in trouble for being so late, right? So they decide to take a short cut home, through the cemetery"

"Lame!" called Sarah.

"No, wait, it's not!" Bree sat up and propped her pillow against the dresser. "See, they weren't the only ones there"


"Can you see that?" Maryanne whispered, the whole creepiness of the cemetery, soft mist turning the everlasting flames on some graves into a horror movies scene making her voice timid and weak.

"Yeah, I can hear them, too" Answered Andrea. "I think it's those kids, the ones that always hanging around the drug store"

"Well, I don't wanna walk near them, they scare me. Can we go around?"

"Only if we can get passed that mausoleum. There's a gate not far from there"

Maryanne sighed. "That means we gotta get pretty close"

"Just keep quiet, keep behind the headstones, we should be able to get passed without them noticing. I mean, they look pretty stoned and drunk already"

The girls crept as quietly as they could, any little noises they made were thankfully covered by the ruckus the smashed teens were making.

As they two girls got closer they hid behind the mausoleum as one boy got up to relive himself, too close to them to be able to continue without being spotted.

"I tell you" he called back to his friends "I heard it from Jason, it's true. She was a witch. They hung her, skinned her alive and burned her. She cursed everyone that was involved, and anyone that speaks her name in reverse"

"What?" called out one of his friends. "That's BS, dude! It's just another twist on the Bloody Mary story!"

"Nah, it's true! If you say her name backwards three times, she'll appear outside your house. You're fine, though, if you don't look out the window. If you look out the window, bam, she's got you"

"What happens?" Another voice, a girl's this time, asked.

"Your eyes start bleeding, then your ears, nose, mouth, every orifice in your body starts to bleed. Then even your pores! Like, on your head, your butt, everywhere! Till, you know, you bleed to death. And nothing, I'm talking nothing, can save you!"

"That's wack. I don't believe it. Dude, it's not even scary"

"Let's try it. How would you say her name backwards?"

"Well, its Celia Goodwife. So, what we have to figure out how to pronounce that backwards?"

"Or do we just say Goodwife, Celia?"

"Try both. Goodwife, Celia. Goodwife, Celia. Goodwife, Celia"

"Great, now how do we..."

That voice was cut off by the sudden rumble of the ground, like a small earthquake. The cemetery shook briefly, and the wind swept up, suddenly, and circled around the group of teens, extinguishing their candles and sending papers and empty candy wrappers flying.

Girls squealed and gasped, then silence fell as the rumbling stoped, the wind died down just as suddenly as it had picked up, and for a moment silence enveloped the grave yard.

One of the teens laughed, a nervous, shaky sound, but it relieved the tension, and the others joined in, their whoops and squeals releasing the fear that had descended.

The two girls took this opportunity to make a break for the gate, the managed to run from the cemetery unnoticed.

"That was, wow" Maryanne gasped as they pulled up, panting, a full block from the graveyard.

"I know, right?" Andrea gasped. "Thank god we got out of there! Gave me the willies!"

The girls hurried to their respective houses, they lived across the road from each other so no one had to walk anywhere alone.

Maryanne was getting ready for bed when the scratching from outside her window disturbed her. She had a cat, Mr Wiggles, and he usually clawed at the glass for her to let him in so he could snuggle at the foot of her bed.

She pulled the blinds over to open the window and fell back in fright as a face looked in at her.

It was a woman, no, a girl, and she was looking back at Maryanne with the saddest expression.

Her face was white and her hair was wet, she was wearing a night dress or hospital gown, in the dark it was very hard to see.

"Dad!" screamed Maryanne. "There's someone outside! Quick!"

As she watched the girl looked down, then back up at her. There was blood dripping from her eyes.

It trickled down her face as it mixed with the drops of light rain that had fallen, and she shook her head, slowly, sadly, and waved goodbye.

Maryanne's dad came running into the room and grabbed his daughter's shoulders.

"What happened? What's going on?" he demanded.

"There's someone outside, a girl, my age I think. Dad, I think she's hurt"

Her father moved to the window and looked through, then opened it, poking his head through he called out "Hello?" into the night.

He pulled his head back and closed the window, locking it tightly.

"There's no one there, honey" he said as he turned, his expression turning quickly form confusion to horror. "What's the matter with you?" he cried.

Maryanne felt something drip and as she looked down at her night dress she saw spots of blood. She looked at the window, her reflection looking back at her.

She was bleeding from her eyes, and as she watched, her nose and ears started to bleed, and she could taste the coppery warmth spreading through her mouth, and felt it trickling down her leg.

Maryanne started to scream as her father gathered her up in his arms and rushed her from the room.


"What happened then?" Kelli asked, breathless now as she was caught up in the story.

Bree smiled, please that she had the rapt attention of the five older girls. "They rushed her to the hospital, but it was no good. She died. Nothing they could do to stop the bleeding. And everyone who was at the cemetery died, too. All except Andrea"

"What happened to Andrea?" asked Darci, a tiny little blonde girl sitting near Bree.

"She went to bed with her headphones on. Straight to sleep, she didn't look out her window. So, the witch didn't curse her"

"Oh my God! If I looked out my window and someone was there, well, I think I'd just die!" Squealed Sarah.

Kelli threw a pillow at her. "Duh! That's the point, stupid!"

They all laughed until Darci stood up. "Can anyone hear that?"

"Not funny, Darci!"

"No, girls, really, listen! Someone is scratching at the window!"

The giggling teenagers fell silent.

Sure enough, a barely heard squeal of what sounded like nails against the window.

Kelli stood up. "That's not funny! Who's doing that?"

No one spoke as she looked around at her friends, their eyes almost luminous in the purple glow of the mood lamps.

Darci moved towards the curtained window.

"Don't open it!" Screamed Zoe.

"Oh my god, you big freaks!" Bree laughed. "This is the basement, the window looks out over the garage, sillies, and my dog is there. No one gets passed a Rottweiler!" She marched to the window and flung the curtain open.

Everyone screamed as they saw a young girl, maybe only a year or two older than them, standing there, her hair hanging dank and limp around her shoulders, her dirty white night dress torn and stained. She looked at them sadly as they screamed, backing up from the window, and waved goodbye.

Darci was the only one standing, not screaming, she stood frozen in fear as she watched the girl, now bleeding from her eyes and mouth, blood dripping down her pale face to splash over her night dress, her expression one of great sadness.

Darci turned to the other girls who were clinging together, pushed as far as they could against the far wall. She felt something drip down her chin and raised her palm, a little confused at the blood spatters she caught there.

She looked up at the girls and their screaming grew in intensity as Darci opened her mouth, blood spilling down the front of her brightly printed pyjamas.





"I'm agent Vander, this is Agent Young" Dean flicked his ID badge at the uniformed security guard who was manning the reception desk. "Homeland Security"

"Yes sir!" The security guard looked suitably impressed, and Dean turned to Sam and gave him a little smile. Their lives were so much easier when they had an eager beaver on their side.

"I'll, um, I'll just get you some passes, okay? I won't be long!" and he sprung off his chair and near flew out of the small office door.

"I'd say he has aspirations of being a Homeland Security agent" Sam smiled back at Dean.

They waited in the small foyer, the formaldehyde and bleach aroma almost overpowering. This green linoleum floored ante room was similar to a hundred other's coroner's offices they'd seen, and it smelled about the same.

The chemicals could never quite cover the stench of death.

The door to the little office slammed open and the security guard nearly fell over his own chair. Both Winchesters had to bite hard on the side of their cheeks to stop laughing.

He leaned forward and squeezed the two passes out through the small gap in the window, the visitors passes were cheerily hanging on bright, florescent pink lanyards, which looked a treat once the boys had them swinging around their necks.

Dean pointed to the only other door and the guard nodded. "Yeah, go through. Doc's waitin' for yah"

The door squealed eerily as the two tall men passed through, the gloomy corridor beyond led them to a stainless steel door.

The coroner's office was inside.

The doc was waiting for them, a grim smile planted on his narrow face.

He was a tall man, easily as tall as Sam, and thin as a rail. He wore sloppy, loose fitting track pants that were ill matched with his crisp white button up shirt and jaunty bright purple bow tie.

He extended his hand to Sam, then Dean, greeting them warmly with a firm handshake.

"Vander and Young?" he raised a brow, and Dean chose not to comment.

"Yes, Doctor...ah.." Sam showed his dimples.

"Just call me Doc. Everyone does. Even the wife" he turned to the wall lined with the familiar cold storage cabinets that housed the cadavers. "You boys homeland security, Mardy said"

"Yes sir, that we are" Dean followed the thin man. "Boys back at H.O. are worried this might be a chemical agent, something a terrorist might have put out there"

Doc turned back to him, his pencil thin brows raised. "That would explain it, I guess. God knows I can't find any reason these girls died. No contagion, tox screen clear, I have no clue. None" He pulled open a door without turning around and then slid the sheet covered body out.

"Not even their stomach contents explains anything. Truth is, I'm at a loss. Symptoms presented like some kind of Ebola virus, but these girls are healthy. I mean, before they died"

The Winchesters sidled up to the body, she had come from a waist high door and they waited for the Doc to uncover her.

Doc pulled the light blue sheet back to reveal the young girl, her pale, almost translucent skin standing out in stark contrast to her vibrant red hair. She was naked to the waist, a large 'Y' in black stitches on her chest.

"Bled out her entire blood supply. Completely exsanguinated. All five of them."

"Um, five?" Sam pulled out his notebook. "I thought there were six girls at the party"

Doc pulled the sheet back over the girls and slid her back, closing the door on her.

"I only got five bodies. The other girl is still alive. I did her bloods and tests, all pathology is the same. Nothing wrong here"

"Except that they're all dead, and she's not" Sam closed his note pad.

Doc leaned back against the cabinets. "Yeah. Except for that" He handed Sam a sheet of paper with the girls

The brother's thanked him and left, handing in their passes to Mardy as they left.

"I dunno, dude, it's weird, I'll give you that, but is it our kind of weird?"

Sam ran his hand through his bangs, brushing them from his eyes. "You don't think it could be a sign of the apocalypse? Maybe a horseman type thing?"

Dean unlocked the car and slid behind the driver's wheel as he loosened his tie. "I guess, but which one? To me, if it's anything, sounds more like a Bloody Mary type curse"

Sam shrugged off his jacket and threw it in the back seat. "Yeah. We should talk to the girl, the last one left. Says here" He pulled the folded paper from his shirt pocket that Doc had given him "That she is still in the hospital. Shock, under observation"

Dean yawned. "Where's the hospital?"

Sam frowned. "How can you be tired? You slept eleven hours!"

Dean tipped his head sideways. "Drunken coma is not sleep, Sammy boy. And eleven hours is too long. You shoulda woken me"

Sam shrugged. "Wasn't gonna poke the bear, Dean"

"Fine. Whatever" Dean scratched his stubbly cheek. "Where to?"

"One Twenty north street" Sam looked further down the paper. "She's in the children's ward."

"Well, we're stopping for coffee first. I need to caffeinate. And carbohydrate. Let's find something on the way"

He started the car and pulled from the curb. Sam lifted his computer from the bag and let it fire up as they drove.

"Gonna be hard to research with the small amount of info we got"

"True. I aint ever heard of this kinda thing before. Apart from the movies. That, um, what was that movie, where they had that bleeding disease?"


"No, that's the disease, not the movie" Dean pulled up outside a street side café. "Bacon muffins. Weird" He pointed to the daily specials board.

Sam closed his computer but took it with him. "So, five girls all dead at the one party, one survivor. Little witch? Cursed object? Spell gone wrong?"

Dean pulled out a chair and sat, then moved it around the table to get out of the glare of the mid morning sun. Sam sat opposite him then did the same.

He flipped open his computer as the waiter came up to them.

Dean ordered breakfast for both of them and asked the young waiter to grab him the morning paper from inside. The boy didn't speak much, but was helpful.

"So my money is on spell gone wrong. Kids playing with things way beyond their control" Dean pulled a pair of sunglasses from his pocket and slipped them on.

"Yeah. Maybe. I'll check"

Sam typed for a while, scrolling through various web pages as the waiter brought their bacon muffins and coffee. He handed Dean the paper he had been clutching under his arm, and pointed to the headline. Girls Die In Horror Sleepover.

"See that?" The boy asked.

Dean tipped his head back to look at the boy over his sunglasses. "Yeah, sure do"

"Same thing happened over in the next town, bout eight months ago. They couldn't find a reason either"

Dean pulled his glasses off as Sam looked up from his research.


"Yeah. My cousin, he died there. Bled out. Same thing. It was horrible"

Dean pulled out a twenty and sat it on the table. "What's your name?"

The waiter looked at the money. "It's Jeremy. And I'll tell you without the money, though I'd sure appreciate a tip" the boy looked back into the café. "Let me just make sure no orders are waiting, I'll be back."

Sam looked at his laptop. "Found it. Here...it says, yeah, pretty much the same thing. Kids were all in a sleep out at a friend's house and they all were dead by morning. Parents found the bodies...and there was a survivor. Girl curled up in the corner, in shock, treated at the local hospital."

Dean picked up his coffee. "Any more on the girl?"

Sam flicked through the pages, then looked up at Dean. "Nada. Here comes our boy"

The waiter pulled a chair over and sat. "I'm on a break" he explained and lit up a small cigarette, that had a very distinctive odour. Dean grinned but Sam pulled his badge out.

"Bummer. But this is for medicinal purposes" Jeremy told him.

Sam raised a brow but put his badge away. "Your cousin, he was one of the teenagers that died?"

Jeremy nodded. "They were hanging out in a cemetery, a bunch of them, drinking, smoking, you know, just having fun, and one of them starts telling this scary story about a witch or something, if you call her you get cursed."

"Let me guess" Dean leaned forward a little. "They called her, didn't they?"

The boy shrugged. "Guess so. My other cousin, the sister to the one that died, she survived. But she doesn't like to talk about it. I only know what I heard when I went to visit her. There was some councillor talking to her." He dragged on his smoke and blew out a long stream of blue circles. "She was pretty shook up. Doesn't go out much, doesn't talk to people much. We hardly see her anymore"

He flicked his but over the table into the gutter. "Look, Mr Fed type guys, I don't know what happened, but it fucked up my cousin's life, and it took my other cousin from us. I'm an only child, they were like my brother and sister before this. If you can find out what's happening, and stop it, I'll help where ever I can." He pulled a card out from his pocked as he stood. "I wrote down her name and address. Don't tell her I sent you. Hard enough getting her to talk to me now, I don't wanna push her over the edge"

"Hey, thanks, man" Dean told him, holding the twenty up to him. Jeremy gave him a whisper of a smile before tucking the note into his pocket.

"I'm here, every morning, even weekends" he told them as he walked back into the café.

"Well, two leads. Let's finish up here and check out hospital chick"

Sam nodded and drank his coffee as he scrolled through a bit more on the computer. "If we see the hospital girl in an hour or so we can get to the next town by dark"

Dean stood and threw some crumpled bills on the table. "Fine. Let's roll"

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