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Konoha(October 10th)

Birthdays signify the anniversary of someone's birth. They are meant to be joyous occasions spent with family and friends, celebrating that great day. For the citizens of Konoha however, they spend this day in anger and sadness searching for the little boy who they believe is the cause of their grief and frustrations. That boy is Naruto Uzumaki.

Naruto's POV

I was moving hurriedly trying desperately to get my things packed. I just couldn't take it anymore. All the beatings, the glares, and most of all the loneliness that came with living in this damn village.

" …Why me?" I asked myself for the millionth time. I had yet to come up with an answer to that question. No matter how long I mulled it over I simply could not answer that question. There simply was no reason as to why the villagers hated me. They even told their children to not to associate(whatever that meant) themselves with the "demon brat". That was another thing that escaped me. I was by no means a demon. I mean I pulled the occasional prank, but that was hardly grounds for calling a seven year old kid a demon. After I finished packing my stuff, I hurriedly scribbled an apology note to the hokage. He was the closest thing next to Iruka-sensei that I could call family. The old man always made me feel like I was wanted. He was the one who introduced me to the greatest food in the world, ramen. It would be sad to leave them behind but I don't think I could survive another birthday here in Konoha. The beatings seemed to get almost unbearable on my birthday and I don't think I would live to see them tomorrow anyway. I sat the letter under the floorboard where hopefully Iruka-sensei or Hokage-jiji to find it. I looked out the window and I froze. The sun had set while I was writing the letter and making its way to my apartment was a very, very angry mob. I could hear the shouts even though they were still at the least a block or two away.

" I cant wait to get my hands on that brat" said one villager.

" Me too I'm going to bat him into a coma for sure this time" said another villager.

" Yeah!" chorused several other people from the mob.

I could see that they either intended to severely injure me or kill, because then all were carrying various weapons such as kunai, pitchforks, kitchen knives, and torches. Fear consumed all other thoughts and I bolted from I apartment with my stuff. I quickly got outside and made a mad dash down the street. As I was turning a corner I heard one of them shout

"There he is get the little bastard" said one of the taller villagers.

I ran as fast as I could, through alleys and turning around corners like a bat out of hell. When I finally made it around the last corner leading to the main gates, I was out of breath. The only thing keeping me going was the fact that if I stopped for even a second, it would all be over. Upon reaching the gates I noticed two things that were unusual. For starters the two usual guards weren't watching the gates. The other strange thing was that the gates were wide open, usually the gates were closed after dark. I shook it off as a coincidence at pushed on. About a hour later I was still fleeing for my life, with the mob still hot on my trail. I swear for civilians they had a lot of stamina. I was so far into they woods that I no longer knew where I was. As I tried to get a sense for where I was a felt a gust of wind blow past me. As I looked up I saw the taller civilian from earlier blocking my path. I came to a stop utterly confused as to how a civilian could be faster than me, it usually took at least three Anbu to catch me.

" How did you do that?" I asked him.

" Not all of us are civilian, some of us are just retired civilians, now I believe it's time we stopped this game of cat and mouse" he said as he pulled out a kunai and started stalking toward me.

I tried to back away, but I found my path blocked by the rest of the mob. I only had time to blink before it started. The man who I bumped into forcefully pushed me to the ground as the rest formed a tight circle around me. I tried to get up but I felt immense pain flare into my side as due to a hard kick to the ribs. As I struggled to get up I felt another sharp pain, this time in my face as another person kicked me hard. I felt the warmth from the tears falling down my face. I didn't know when I had started to cry but now I was sobbing hard pleading with them to stop.

" P-Please s-stop" I begged praying that someone would come and help me.

" Did you stop when my brother was dying while you were destroying the village, no so I wont stop until your dead!" he shouted while the crowd behind him nodded in agreement.

" Yeah!"

"Kill it!"

" It killed my wife, make it suffer!" they yelled.

" P-Please I don't know what you're talking about, just leave me alone." I pleaded as they all started glaring at me again.

The one who was beating me turned around and started asking who wanted to go next. During that time I reached into my pocket praying that I could find something in there to get me out of here.

" P-Perfect" I whispered to myself as I got ready to put my plan into motion. As a new man started to stalk towards me I quickly hopped to my feet.

" S-So long suckers!" I exclaimed as started to throw down my smoke bomb.

" Oh no you don't you little piece of shit!" said the retired ninja from earlier as he threw a kunai into my direction as I started to take off into the woods.

As I was fleeing I felt something sharp embed itself into my shoulder, followed by a warmth spreading down my back.. I stumbled but caught myself as I didn't dare fall and risk two more broken ribs and a few more chipped teeth. I ran for what felt like hours before I looked over my shoulders. I found nothing there or anywhere for that matter. I slowed down and looked about my surroundings. It was so dark now that from what I could tell I was in a forest somewhere. I slowly walked around taking in my surroundings, wincing every time I moved my arm. I decided that needed to get the kunai out if I wanted to sleep.

Right now I was battered, bruised and tired as hell so I ripped off a part of my sleeve. I then formed a make-shift gag and bit down on it. It proved useless because as soon as I pulled the kunai I felt blinding pain. I yelled as loud as I could, and started sobbing hard as the kunai hit the floor. I let my pack slide off my shoulders and then I rummaged around through the pain trying to find my sleeping bag. I was set on edge when I heard a rustling behind me. I stepped back in fear, looking around trying to see through the darkness. When I couldn't see anything I called out to whoever, or whatever was out there.

" H-Hello anyone there?" I asked


" Look I know your there I can hear you" I said slowly backing away.

When there was another rustle I stumbled backwards through some bushes and tripped on a root from a tree and fell backwards. Instead of hitting the ground though I fell off of a small cliff. I looked below me and tried to brace for impact but instead I hit the ground face first and welcomed the darkness that followed.

Shimo(Near Kumo)-Yugito POV

This had to be the worst day of my life. For starters, stupid Bee-sensei is making me carry around this blonde baka all the way back to Kumo.

" Bee-sensei can we stop for a break this kid is heavy" I asked for what could've been the millionth time today.

" No its your own fault he ended up like that so you're going to take him all the way back home" he said in a dismissive tone. (A/N: No I'm not doing the whole rhyming voice thing, I could but it would be a hassle.)

" Ugh, what were we doing in Konoha anyway" I said in an irritated tone.

" I wanted to show you where the Kyuubi no Kitsune first appeared, and the destruction people like us can cause if we aren't trained properly. However you had to go and nearly kill some kid in the middle of the night" he said equally irritated.

" Its not my fault the dobe didn't watch where he was going" I said defensively.

" Why did you leave anyway, you were supposed to be asleep. You know what I don't even want know why, just shut up and keep walking." he said dismissively.

" Tch whatever" I said shifting the kid so that I could walk easier.

As we trekked on my back started heating up. At first I shrugged in off as the heat from the sun starting to get to me, but the temperature just kept rising. A few minutes later the heat was searing so I stopped to look. As I slowly slid the kid off of me I noticed the heat suddenly disappear. I whirled around confused as to what happened, and looked at the kid only to find steam coming off of him.

" U-Um Bee-sensei!" I said my voice cracking from the panic quickly filling me.

" Stop complaining, suck it up and keep moving." he said completely ignoring me.

" But you don't understand" I said trying to get him to look.

" Look I don't want to hear it, be quie-"

" BEE-SENSEI!" I roared cutting him off and finally getting his attention.

" What is so important, were almost there" he said clearly annoyed.

"Look" I said pointing towards the boy.

"What the hell" he said in amazement.

The wounds that were visibly on the boys body were healing themselves at an exponential rate. There was steam emanating from the wounds closing themselves.

" Lift up his shirt" he said impassively

" I'm sorry what" I asked in confusion.

" This cant possibly be a bloodline. This is something much more" he said as I lifted up his shirt.

As I lifted his shirt up I saw something all too familiar on the boys stomach. Faintly glowing on the boys stomach was the seal that only the most recent of the bijuu containers had, the Shiki Fuujin.

" He's one of us" I whispered in amazement.

" Yeah he's a jinchuuriki alright." said Bee-sensei in a hushed tone.

"Which biju does he keeped locked away?" I asked.

" There is no doubt about it, he is the container for the Kyuubi" he said.

" Look it stopped" I said as the last remnants of smoke were blown away in a soft breeze.

" Well lets get moving, he should be waking up in a little while" he said as he started walking away.

" I don't think we have to wait for that" I said as the boy started stirring.

Naruto POV

When I woke up I was immediately set on edge by the two strangers hovering over me. I tried to crawl away but was stopped by a tree behind me. The tall man with the braided hair and swords started trying to calm me, but if you went through what I did you wouldn't be calm either.

" Look we aren't here to hurt you, we found you unconscious and we were taking you back to our village to get medical attention." He said

"Ok then who are you guys and what village are you guys from" I said getting to my feet.

" You can just call me Bee and this is apprentice Yugito Nii, and we are from Kumogakure no" he said gesturing towards the small girl to his side.

The young girl stepped forward and offered her hand. She was about my height and had yellowish brown hair, done into a small ponytail. Her eyes were a dark brown and she wore a simple black long sleeve with matching black pants and standard black ninja shoes.

" So what's your name?" she asked in a friendly tone.

" Naruto Uzumaki" I said shaking her hand.

" So Naruto what were you doing all alone in the woods?" Bee asked

I immediately tensed up on that question. I didn't feel like explaining why I had left the village, but these two didn't seem hostile so I guess it wouldn't hurt.

" I-I ran away from my village" I said nervously.

" What village and why?" he asked.

" I ran away from Konoha because I just couldn't take it anymore. All the beatings, hateful glares, and the loneliness. I don't know why but the whole village hated me for no reason" I said wiping away a few stray tears that threatened to fall.

" Well you could come and live with us in Kumo if you wanted" he said cheerfully.

"R-Really" I asked hopefully.

" Yeah I'm sure the Raikage-sama wont mind" he said.

"Alright!" I said hopping up and down.

" Well lets get going I'm baking over here" said Yugito as she fanned herself with her hand, already walking away.

As Bee started walking after her I took a look back in Konoha's direction and thought

" I hope they have good ramen in Kumo".

I then took off after them, heading to Kumo where my new home and destiny awaited me.

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