Fuuka's POV

" … and that's about it" said Naruto as he held his head down.

I looked at my teammates and they both wore different expressions. Naruto's was a sad one and Yugito was looking at Naruto with a sympathetic look. I couldn't figure out why until Naruto spoke up again.

" I suppose you'll want to move to another team, and that's fine with us we'll just take the exams next time after we find another teammate." he said in a dull tone.

I looked around at all of them and then I couldn't hold it in anymore and started rolling on the floor with laughter. I had tears in my eyes and I could feel that I was about piss myself.

" What the hell is so funny!" asked Naruto in confusion.

" You guys really thought that would be enough to get rid of me" I said finally gaining some control and wiping a stray tear away.

" So your not scared of us?" he asked hesitantly.

" Your not the only ones that have inner demons Naruto" I said growing serious.

I looked their faces, each donning a look of shock. It was quite the sight and I couldn't help but smirk at them.

" So which one do you contain then?" asked Bee-sensei.

" Zero" I said once again smirking at their reactions.

" Impossible, there is no zero tails the lowest is the Ichibi." stated Yugito.

" No it is possible seeing as where I hail from" I said confidently

" Where are you from anyway, you never told us." asked Naruto.

" I'm from a long since forgotten village known as Sora no Kuni." I said as their eyes widened in surprise.

" But didn't Konoha wipe the hidden village out in the Second Shinobi War?" asked Yugito and I swear I saw Naruto's eyes harden in hate, but then as quick as it came it was gone.

" It was, but not all of us were wiped out and we soon started rebuilding the village again, but one day we were suddenly attacked by a strange man with a horde of giant snakes" I said thinking back to that day.

" Who was he?" asked Naruto breaking me out of my thoughts.

" I haven't a clue but I remember he wore a strange cloak that was black with red clouds on it. Anyway when we were attacked our leader at the time knew we couldn't stop him so he took a page out of the five great shinobi countries book, and wanted to create a jinchuuriki to be used as a weapon." I said as all of them nodded in understanding.

" How old were you during the sealing process?" asked Bee-sensei.

" I was the youngest in the village being only five years old. I don't remember much after the sealing, but when I awoke everyone was dead and I was covered in blood. I sat rooted to the same spot for three days in shock of it all. Everyone I knew whether they were friends or family died and I didn't know if I was the cause or the man who attacked the village" I said as I lowered my head so they wouldn't the tears starting to pool in my eyes.

" So how did you end up in Kumo" said Naruto sensing my distress.

" After a while I finally left the village not wanting to live there anymore. I started to travel aimlessly until one day I was attacked by a group of shinobi bearing a symbol I had never seen before" I said.

" Was the symbol a music note?" asked Bee-sensei.

" Yes do you know who they are?" I asked.

" I've heard rumors about a new hidden village that has been forming called the hidden sound village. I thought they were just rumors until now though" he said growing serious.

" Well anyways I tried to fight them off but I got a really bad cut on my side and I started to pass out when one of them made a comment about my village. I got really angry and then all I remember was a flash of darkness before I lost consciousness. I woke up and I was in the house of the man who became my sensei, Satoshi Himura" I said as I swear I could have saw Bee-sensei's eyes widen for a fraction of a second.

" So I assume he trained you in the medical arts" said Yugito.

" Yeah he brought me to Kumo, told me to become a ninja, and then suddenly left without warning the one day" I said growing even more saddened.

" And now your our team" said Naruto as he started chuckling softly.

" What's so funny" I asked.

" Nothing its just funny how the Leaf drove a together a team of jinchuuriki. We definitely have to show them up in the exams now" he said jumping up and started to walk off.

" Where are you going?" I asked

" To go train, we have a client to protect and enemies that are pretty strong so we have to be ready" he said walking off.

" I think I'll go too, what about you Yugito?" I asked.

" Nah, I'm going to go to sleep maybe later though" she said yawning and walking off.

" Now that you mention it here" said Bee-sensei pulling out some scrolls handing them to me.

" What are these?" I asked taking them.

" Those are scroll for a couple of low-level earth ninjutsu that I want you to start working on, and this one is the beginning for earth manipulation" he said pulling out a brown scroll and handing it to me.

" Thank you sensei" I said taking the scroll with a small smile.

" No problem" he said disappearing in a flash of thunder.

" Alright then lets get started!" said Naruto giving me a big grin.

I turned away so that he wouldn't see the pink tinting my cheeks.

" What the hell is wrong with me?" I thought opening the brown scroll.

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