Ta-koro, 3rd POV

Takua looked up, jumping slightly in surprise as someone entered his hut. He relaxed though, when he saw it was Kopaka.

Takua smiled, setting aside the tablet he held.

"Kopaka! I thought you wouldn't be back until later." The golden Toa said cheerfully.

The white armored Toa slowly shook his head.

"No, I'm returning. Turaga Vakama sent me to get you."

Takua tilted his head, concerned.

"Really? Is something wrong?"

Kopaka shrugged.

"Maybe, maybe not."

Takua sighed. Of course he couldn't get a real answer from the white Toa. Kopaka wasn't one for words.

Takua shrugged.

"Sure, I don't have anything that needs to be done right now anyway." The gold Toa said, grinning.

Kopaka nodded before leaving, Takua on his heels.

Many matoran greeted them, pausing momentarily before going back to their daily duties.

Once they reached Turaga Vukamas hut, they both entered.

All the other Toa and Turaga were already gathered in the large hut, each sitting in various places (Tahu excluded, the fire spirit had opted to lean against a wall).

Takua's brow furrowed in confusion as they all looked towards him. Kopaka moved over to lean against a wall as well, arms crossed.

"Turaga Vakama, did something happen?" The light spirit asked, looking at the Turaga.

Vakama shook his head, smiling good naturedly.

"No, no. Nothing has happend, Toa Takanuva. Please, sit down, won't you?"

Takua hesitantly sat on the floor, ensuring that most of the others were on his unblinded side, and that he could easily catch any movement on that side. His legs were tucked under him, and he placed his hands on his knees.

"So, was there something you needed?" The golden Toa asked, fingers twitching ever so slightly with anxiousness.

"It has come to my attention that you have been acting rather strange recently."

Takua felt his heart sink, but instead feigned confusion. He tilted his head slightly.

"Acting...strange? I don't know what you mean, Turaga."

Vakama raised a brow, leaning forward slightly on his short staff.

"Is that so? Kopaka informed me that the other night you were crying tears of blood. I am sure that if you hadn't been aware, those tears would still be staining your Pakari."

Takua cursed mentally. So the ice spirit had seen the bloody tears.

The golden Toa was brought out of his thoughts when Gali moved from where she sat, kneeling down beside Takua. She gently used a hand on the side of Takua's face, making the young Toa look at her.

"Brother, how long have you been plagued by nightmares?

Takua looked away.

"Look, I'm touched that you guys are worried, but there's no need to be. It doesn't matter, I'm fine."

The golden Toa suddeny stood.

"I need to go. I promised Jaller and the others that I'd play kohli with them today. See you all later!"

After the quick farewell, Takanuva quickly left.

The moment he was out of the hut, his fake smile fell away, replaced with a worried frown.

Knowing the Turaga and his fellow Toa, he probably wouldn't be let off the hook so easily.


Takua roamed through the village, smiling and greeting each matoran he passed.

After a quick and stern self-scolding, he managed to calm down.

A hand clamped on his shoulder.

Takua yelped, spinning about quickly in alarm.

"Brother! Easy there!"

He sighed in relief and gave Pohatu a look.

"Brother, you really need to stop sneaking up on people like that!" He chided, turning and walking along side the other Toa.

"Ah, sorry brother. I thought you saw me!"

"You think I would, huh?" Takua joked, gesturing to the large Toa. "It's kind of hard to miss you."

Pohatu laughed heartily, slapping the Toa of light on the back.

Takua coughed, trying to regain his lost breath.

"S-so...need something?"

Pohatu shook his head.

"No, I was just getting bored! Those meetings are so dull."

Takua laughed.

"Well I guess it does get a little old after awhile." He submitted, smiling and clasping his hands behind his back.

Silence fell between the two Toa as they walked along, though it was a comfortable one. Pohatu was the one to break it.

"Our sister's worried about you, brother. You know that?"

Takua grimaced. So this was what Pohatu wanted to talk about.

"Yeah. I know. But she's gotta realize that I can take care of myself. I'm a Toa, not a child."

Pohatu chuckled.

"She know's that, but she can't help but worry. She's got a kind soul."

"Yeah, she does." Takua agreed. "But she needs to believe me when I say I'm okay. Because I really am."

Takua felt sick to his stomach lying like that. He wasn't alright, he wasn't, but he couldn't let them know that.

Pohatu didn't reply, silence again filling the air as they walked. The golden Toa twitched nervously. The other Toa was on his blind side, he didn't like people on his blind side, didn't want people on his blind side.

"Brother, you fidget too much." Pohatu laughed. Taka flinched as the other placed a hand on his shoulder, but then relaxed as Pohatu rubbed his shoulder soothingly. "Relax brother."

Takua managed a smile.

"Thanks Toa Po-..I mean brother.

They both laughed at the young Toa's mistake.


Takua and Pohatu watched the Ta-Matoran bellow as they played Kholi. It was only for fun, not practice or a real match. They simply ran about, not even going for the goals.


Both Toa jumped in surprise as hands clapped onto their shoulders and Tahu wedged between them. Turning, Takua saw the other Toa, sitting behind them.

"Wise one ended the meeting early today." Tahu suplied to a confused Takua.

Takua gave a simple 'oh'.

Gali smiled to herself was she watched the Matoran play bellow.

"It's been awhile since I've played Kholi." She commented, Pohatu nodded.

"I think it's been awhile since any of us played, besides brother Takanuva, that is."

Taka's expression lifted and he stood.

"Then let's change that!"

The other Toa looked surprised.

"What do you mean, brother?" Gali asked.

Takua's smile widened.

"Let's play a round of Kholi! Right now! C'mon!" He insisted, taking her wrist and tugging her towards the practice field.

The others followed, albeit hesitantly.

"Hey! You guy's wanna play a round of Kholi with us?" Takua asked the Ta-Matoran.

They seemed shocked, not expecting to be offered such a thing. To play Kholi with the Toa? It sounded like such a rare honor.

"S-sure!" The eldest, the leader of the group of Matoran finally managed, smile coming to his face.

Takua punched the air, giving a whoop of joy.


He then turned to the other Toa.

"Don't feel too bad if ya guys don't do to good." He teased.

The other Toa found that to be a challange.