Disclaimer: I do not own Negima, any of its characters and all that stuff. I don't even own the plot since I'm largely following canon. Only with differences. Here's hoping you enjoy it.

"You want me to what!" Haruna's mouth hung open like a fish out of water. Nodoka and Yue were sitting on their sofa watching the exchange.

Shizuna adjusted her glasses, looking down at Haruna with a completely straight face. "I'm terribly sorry to ask you to move out of the dorm in the middle of the semester, but we are getting...well, someone will be moving into the dorms soon. And we felt that Yue and Nodoka would be perfect for helping them adjust to the Japanese culture as well as help-"

"But why do I have to move out?"

"-avoid any kind of trouble that may arise if you remain their roommate." Haruna's mouth dropped. Her eyes slightly watering.

Shizuna shook her head. "And don't think I don't know you've been hanging out with Natsumi and the acting club since you were hired to draw that banner for them." Haruna snapped in frustration.

Nodoka's face switched from watching Haruna pout about leaving and Shizuna firmly keeping her from staying. "Umm...well, so we'll be getting a new roommate?" Shizuna nodded.

Yue tilted her head. "And you think we can do a better job for her than anyone else who have more room in their dorm like Iincho or Konoka-san?" The three girls in question were curious when it seemed like Shizuna tensed up on the word 'her.'

"The situation is complicated." In other words, none of their business and they should shut up.

Shame that Haruna either didn't get the message or simply didn't care. "So why are Nodoka and Yue such great roommates and I'm not? They're both completely anti-social and shy! Timid! They couldn't do anything without me here!" Yue glared at Haruna as Nodoka stammered and looked down, trying not to pay attention. Shizuna shrugged.

"Actually, I suggested this because their new roommate may help them just as much as they can help-"

"Fine, I get it, I get it. When do I have to be out?"

"By Monday next week."

The door closed, and nearly a second had passed before Haruna had thrown herself on her bed, shouting obscenities into her pillow. "Whoever this roommate is, I'll want answers! If I have to leave, she better be good enough for Yue-yue and Nodo-chan." Nodoka headed into the kitchen. It was time to pull out the ice-cream. Yue picked up her cell-phone, pulling out a student directory, looking up members of their class who could take Haruna.

"NEW MISSY! WHEN YOU GET HERE, YOU WILL PAY! OR BUY ONE OF MY DOUJIN! OR POSE FOR ONE! And if you're cute, maybe you could convince Nodo-chan and Yue to-"

The sound of a phone directory crashing on the mangaka's head resonated through the room.

Haruna put the last box of her stuff, mainly magazines and art supplies in her new room. Things could be worse. "So Satsuki-chan? Those brownies going to be done anytime soon?"

"In about fifteen minutes." Her voice came from the kitchen. Chao was setting up the third bed having finished clearing out the closet for Haruna's clothes.

"Maybe this won't be all bad, ne? You may really like the new person."

"She kicked me out!"

Satsuki stuck her head out of the kitchen door. "How could she have if she's not even here? And you said Yue and Nodo-chan could help her with the culture, so she's likely a foreigner." Chao's grunting as she worked on the bed seemed to get louder at that moment.

Haruna's eyes rolled. "So what if she's a foreigner! So what if Nodo-chan and Yue read a lot...and may know a lot of other cultures, and need to...meet more people..." A small pause. "Huh. Maybe she can go on Library Island expeditions with us. And end up in risque poses that I just happen to see so I can draw."

Chao's head popped out from under the bed where she was screwing in a bolt. "Are you saying you'll set them up, ne?"

Haruna only laughed.