~A Week Later~
~Bunny's POV~

I sat on my couch, eating a bowl of some steaming food as I watched a sappy romance movie. Rini was staying over at Momo's place for the week, and Darien had went and got his own apartment to stay for a few weeks instead of freeloading off of me. It was quiet and alone in this home. I didn't like it at all, but what could I do?

Occasionally, Darien came over and hung out with me, and I enjoyed his presence. We talked, and just kidded around with another. Like stupid teenagers...

Just then, I heard a knock at the door. I got up, grumbling about how comfortable I was before someone decided to knock at my door. I opened up the door, and was surprised to see Darien standing there with a 32-watt smile on his face.

"Hey Buns, you want to go out somewhere?" Darien offered. "With me? You know, just as a way to treat yourself?"

"Like where?" I asked him.

"How about a fancy restaurant? It'll be my treat to you," he grinned with boundless happiness in his eyes. I couldn't control the blush and smile on my face, so I just turned around.

"Yeah, that'd be nice."

"Great," Darien smiled. "Come on, let's go shopping."

"Shopping," I stopped. "Wait, what do you mean by shopping?" I was actually intrigued and tempted to go shopping, but shopping for what?

"For a new dress for you, of course," he said simply.

"Wait, I can't let you do that?"

"Come on, think of it as a gift from me to you. Something that'll make you happy." Darien looked at me.

I rubbed the back of her neck. "Well... um..."

"Too late," Darien smiled, grabbing my bag and my arm, walking out of my apartment. "It doesn't matter what you say - I'm going to get you a dress for you to wear."

"Wait, you can't just decide these things by yourself!" I said, running to keep up with him.

Darien just smiled. "I just want to get you something,"

I turned extremely red, and just looked away. I hoped he couldn't feel my fast beating heart through his hand.

"Pick anything you like," Darien told me as we walked into a fancy dress store. I felt extremely embarrassed by being in here, that Darien was offering to buy me a dress... it was very sweet of him to do this.

No! I tell myself. He's leaving in a few weeks! You have to stop this!

"Are you sure?" I asked him nervously as we walked through the aisles of clothing. "Yes, it's my gift to you," he grinned.

I couldn't help but smile as wide as he smiled. I looked through the aisles of dresses, examining each one. I looked at different ones, gave my input, and Darien gave his input. I smiled more widely, happy that he was actually helping me to pick out a dress. Occasionally, I thought I saw tufts of pink curly hair, along with some blonde hair, but I thought I was just imagining things.

I had a couple of dresses hanging on my wrists for me to try out, and so I walked to the changing room. Darien waited outside to see how I looked.

I tried on a couple of them, but none of them seemed to appeal to me. Darien thought they all looked well on me, but as I tried on the last one, I couldn't help but notice how I looked... pretty. I hadn't felt like this in a long time, and just the thought of being pretty had slipped my mind for years, and was reborn into my mind just now.

The dress was a blue that matched my eye color, except a bit darker. It was sleeveless, and wrapped around my neck in a complimenting manner. The dress was silky, smooth, and fell loosely around my legs.

I walked out to show Darien. When he looked at me, I had never seen that face he made. His eyes were widened, his face turned into a blushing red, and he covered his mouth as if speaking would cause him to look stupid.

"Yeah, I look ridiculous," i joked a bit, rubbing the back of neck. I felt heated at his stare, and I was about to walk away. but I felt Darien wrap his arms around me.

"No... you look amazing." he whispered. "This is the one. This is the dress I'll buy for you."

I turned red, and slipped out of his arms, not wanting to meet his eyes. "Well... I better - I'll just go," I quickly closed the changing room and held myself up. I put my hand over my mouth as my blush never ceased.

'No... you can't... he's going to leave soon... he can't stay here...' I told myself. It was better to not fall in love with him. Was it?

"Here are your menus. A waiter will be back to take your order soon," the person walked away.

I looked around the restaurant, amazed by it's beauty and fanciness. We were in a private part of the restaurant, which relaxed me a bit. I could see people, but we were still a bit secluded away, and I was happy.

After picking out the dress and paying for it, Darien and I walked around to just look around and shop. We talked for sometime, and I was what some people could say, 'happy.'

The waiter came over to write down our orders, and then left.

"So, did you have fun today?" Darien asked me, putting his elbows on the table and looking at me with those gorgeous eyes of his. He wore a black suit with a white vest a lose tie hanging around his neck. It made me blush just to look at him.

"Yeah, I had fun," I smiled for him.

"I'm glad," he smiled back.

"I hope Rini is having as much fun as we are," I said aloud to myself.

"Rini is such a joy," Darien smiled.

"Yeah, she is." I said. "I'm glad that I have her. Even though she wasn't really aware of it, she kind of helped me throughout these years. Her happiness and joy just made me want to live for her, live to let her have a good life." I murmured.

"When I first saw her, I immediately knew that she was my daughter. The resemblance between you and her is uncanny." Darien said, loosening his tie more.

"Yeah, I get that quite often." I tucked a piece of hair behind my ear, fiddling with my buns a bit.

"Don't worry, you look fine," he reassured me, yet he was fiddling with his cuffs and his vest.

"I could say that same about you," I gestured to him, and he stopped.

Our food arrived, and both of us immediately began eating.

Darien just grinned as he saw me eating. "That's what I always loved about you,"

I looked up with a reddened face. "W-What?" I stuttered, and cursed at myself for doing so.

"You always ordered dessert first. It always made me smile whenever we went on dates." he explained, looking at me with loving gaze.

I just blushed. "Is that so?"

"Yes," he smiled. "You always made me happy, you know? Whenever I saw you, I immediately became happy just by seeing your happy face. Those were the best years of my life, you know?"

I turned even redder.

"I don't want to embarrass you at all. But, I just want to tell you the truth." He ate his food.

"I know..." I murmured. "I'm just... I guess you could say flattered. I haven't really heard someone confess things like this to me."

Darien's eyes saddened a bit. An awkward silence ensued, and I hated it so much.

"So..." I broke the silence. "How... how about that sky today? Talk about blue," I laughed nervously.

Darien just looked at me for a few minutes. He then broke into a fit of laughter, and I was thankful that he didn't choke on his food. "God, Bunny, any man who will be with you will be one of the happiest men alive... You are hilarious," he smiled beautifully, and I smiled with him.

"But really," Darien continued. "I think your eyes are a much prettier blue than the sky."

"An-Anyway," I started, drinking some water that she was given. "Um... how is life in your new apartment?"

"Fantastic," Darien replied with sarcasm. "I'm alone, but hey, I've been alone for the past years, so I'm used to it." he said that as if it was no big deal, but I saw past his mask and saddened my eyes. "How is your hypoglycemia holding up?"

"I'm managing it," I replied. "I haven't fainted, thankfully."

"That's good." he replied. "I remember that the girls would always worry about you. They would make sure that you had something to eat at least every hour. Those girls were the best friends a girl could ask for,"

"Yeah, they are really amazing. At least they got to fulfill their dreams and move on in life. I'm happy they got to do that,"

"But what about your dreams?" Darien asked me, sipping some water.

"What do you mean by that?" I asked him.

"Didn't you have dreams when you were younger?" he asked, laying a hand on his face so his head could rest on it.

"Well, I had a dream to be a bride, and that was already fulfilled," I told truthfully.

"What else?"

"Maybe... just a simple housewife. Just stay at home, clean up even though I'm lazy, cook even though I'd probably burn half the stuff I make," both of us laughed at that. "At least you got to fulfill your dream of being a doctor."

"Yeah, but it was incomplete," he murmured, playing with his food.

"What do you mean incomplete?"

He looked at me for a minute, and a spark went off in my head. I felt myself turning extremely red, to the point that I couldn't control it. "I- I'm going to be in the bathroom," I quickly got up and ran to the bathroom. I closed the door, and just looked at myself in the mirror.

I could feel tears coming near my eyes, but I brushed them away. Why did I feel like this towards him? Did I really... love him? I must have if I was this concerned. But... was it safe to fall back in love? Would I get hurt? Would things work out?

I took a deep breath, and calmed myself down. It had been years since I felt a feeling like this. Darien emitted a feeling that I couldn't decipher... was that feeling love? Did he love me back? I inhaled deeply.

But Darien is leaving within a few weeks. Could we get back together in a few weeks? Was that possible? Could I be able to fall in love with him? Did he want to get back with me? I wanted to trust Darien, and I felt like I could. But I was still scared. And that's what I hated the most about myself. My fear of being hurt is what kept me away.

I walked out of the bathroom after staying in there for a minutes, and in the midst of my thoughts, I bumped into someone.

"Sorry-" But I stopped midway as I saw the disgusting frail white hair.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't my little rabbit?" Damon turned around. The blow that Darien gave him on the face still looked fresh, and I had to bite my lip to stop snickering.

"Hello Damon," I said simply, wanting to be civilized.

"You're lucky I didn't turn your boy toy into the police," he snarled at me.

"If you did, I would've told them about your sexual harassment to me." I said back defiantly, feeling a surge of energy. "You should be the lucky one, bastard," I hissed at him.

"So, how is the money for you?"

"It's none of your business," I stated simply to him.

"But my dear, it is my business. Remember? I was the one who helped you with your money troubles,"

"That's in the past Damon," I told him. "Now, if you don't mind, I will be leaving."

Suddenly, he grabbed my arm and brought me closer to him. "You'll be leaving with me," his cold breath made me cringe.

"I thought I told you that if you touched her again, I would kill you," Darien's voice suddenly rang in my ears, and Damon was forcibly shoved away from me. Darien held him against the wall. "Would you like me to give you a matching bruise on your other eye?" he cracked his knuckles, and his fingers had rings on them.

"Darien, let's just go," I told Darien, prying him off of Damon. "He's not worth it, anyways,"

Darien just growled, and let Damon fall to the floor. He grabbed my hand, dragging me out of the restaurant.

"I'm sorry the dinner turned into a bust," I told him with a sorry look in my eyes as we walked through the park. The night glowed beautifully with the help of the moon, and the stars twinkled as if winking at us.

"It's not your fault," Darien whispered, never letting go of my hand. "If he had left with you..." he stopped walking, and he just brought me into a tight hug. I could feel his body shaking a bit, and I felt my shoulder becoming wet.

"Darien, it's okay." I patted him. "He's gone now..."

"I know what he was going to do to you, Buns," he whispered. "If I let that happen to you, I would never ever forgive myself," he hugged me tighter.

"It's alright now," I whispered to him.

"Buns..." he whispered. "I've lost you once... I don't want to lose you again. You are the greatest person to me, and I don't know how I survived those years alone. Buns... in this world, the one who needs you the most is me. I don't want to hand you over to anyone. In this world... the one who loves you the most is me."

My heart stopped at those words. I gently wrapped my arms around his neck to comfort him. Slowly, he let go of me, and he tangled his fingers with my own. We continued walking together through the park as gentle breezes from the wind comforted us.

"To be honest," I started, breaking the silence. "This has been the most fun I've had ever since that day. Since you've came here, I've had fun and I've been happy."

Darien smiled gently at me. "I'm glad." he then looked up to the sky. "It's a very beautiful night,"

I looked up with him, and could see all the stars glistening against the night sky.

"It's very beautiful," I smiled with him as we linked arms with each other. This was comforting and relaxing, and I felt at peace.

"Buns, did you have fun today?" Darien asked me. I smiled at the nickname he gave me. It was so personal, and it felt like no one else could call me that except for him and him alone.

"Yeah, I had so much fun today," I answered truthfully. "I won't ever forget this day."

"I'm happy I got to spend time with you today," he turned and faced me. Gently and with much hesitance, he put his hand on my face, and stroked it so slightly.

"Yeah," I looked down, but Darien brought my face up. He looked at me with a loving look on his face, and then looked at my lips while biting his. He brought me closer to him, and he started leaning down.

His lips neared mine, and I shut my eyes worriedly. But I never felt his lips against my own. I opened my eyes, and saw his saddened eyes looking into my own.

"I guess... we should go back home, right?" he murmured, grabbing my hand and tangling his fingers with my own.

"Y-yeah," I was thankful that it was dark so he couldn't see my blush.

Both of us walked back to his car, and he started to drive us home.

"What happened to your motorcycle?" I questioned him with a smirk.

"It's in France," he just grinned.

"That was actually fun, riding that motorcycle..." I murmured.

"Really?" he raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah, the wind in my hair," 'Me holding you, and you driving us carefully...' Bunny thought wistfully. "It was really fun,"

It took some time for us to get back to my apartment. When we did, Darien walked me back. As we stood in front of my door, I rummaged through my bag for my keys. But I couldn't find them at all.

"Dammit... I can't find my keys," I cursed to myself. "I must have left them inside..."

"Come on, you can stay at my apartment," Darien said.

"No, I'll call a locksmith,"

"Bunny," he looked at me. "I insist."

I gulped with a blush, and just nodded uneasily.

We walked back to his car, and Darien drove us to his apartment. It took some time, and during that time, there was an awkward silence. I felt Darien's hand slip over mine, but I didn't say anything. I just looked out the window, pretending not to notice. I could feel his heart beat through his hand, and it surprised me a bit.

When we got to his apartment complex, I was a bit surprised. It was in the fancy part of the city, so naturally, the apartments were large and fancy. We walked inside, and got onto the elevator. Darien's hand never left mine.

We got off the elevator after a few minutes, and he walked to his door. He dug out for his key, and opened the door. We walked in, and when Darien was about to turn on the lights, it didn't work.

"The hell?" Darien questioned, fiddling with the light switch. "That's weird... the lights aren't working. Must have something to do with the electricity... hopefully, it'll turn on in the morning."

Thankfully, the light of the moon gave us a something to work with. I set my stuff on the couches, and uneasily stood around. Darien led me to his large bedroom, and he told me to wait as he went through his closet. He came back out with an oversized shirt and some pajamas of his. "It's not much, but it's better than sleeping in a dress," he gave them to me. "The bathroom is right over there. Just call me if you need anything," he smiled, and I nodded.

I quickly went into the bathroom, and changed out of the beautiful dress. I put on his pajamas and tightened the strings so it wouldn't fall. The shirt fell to my elbows and near my knees. I smelt the shirt, and his scent wafted into my nose. I looked at the dress, and just smiled. I don't think I've ever felt this happy before. Was this what love was like?

I walked out, holding the dress delicately. Darien was putting some stuff on his nightstand. He blushed and grinned when he saw me. "You look cute,"

"Thanks," I huffed, sticking my tongue at him.

"You can sleep here, and I'll go sleep on the couch,"

"No, I can sleep on the couch," I told him.

"No, you're my guest, and as my guest, you deserve nothing but the best," he smiled.

I nodded, and as I was walking, I felt myself tripping over the pajama legs. I nearly fell, had it not been for Darien delicately catching me. "Woah! Th-Thanks Darien," I thanked him, and for a few minutes, both of us locked eyes. His eyes looked deeply into mine, and mine looked into his. He looked at my lips, and his face gently stroked my face. His arms slithered around my waist, and I felt my hands let go of the dress. He brought me closer, and he leaned in.

I closed my eyes gently, and I leaned in as well, not able to control myself. Our lips met, and I could feel my body going numb. I felt bursts of euphoria and exhilarating energy pump through my body. Both of us leaned in deeper, and our mouths opened so we could play with each other's tongue. My hands made their way around his neck and up to his hair, clutching strands of it in pleasure. Darien squeezed me tighter, and all I could feel was pure pleasure.

After a few minutes, we broke off the kiss, huffing and panting deeply because we were so out of breath. Darien took my hand, and gave a trail of kisses to it as he led me to the bed. Both of us laid down on it, and he continued to kiss me, gently, yet with much passion and love. "I love you, Buns," his lips murmured against my own.

I could feel his hands undoing my buns, and he fingered through my long blonde hair, occasionally tangling it. He kissed down my jawline and around my neck, giving me butterfly kisses as well and tickling my neck seducefully.

My hands started working on their own, and I took off his tie and started undoing the buttons on his vest. When I was finished undoing the buttons, his torso revealed to be a bit different. His body shape now looked a bit thinner and more skinnier. But he still looked handsome.

Darien's lips found their way back to my lips, and we kissed passionately for minutes. His hand went under my shirt, and I could feel that he was attempting to take off my bra.

I gasped a bit, but let him do it.

"Is is okay?" he asked with a puppy dog look in his eye. I replied by just kissing him, and he continued where he left off.

God... I haven't felt like this in years. This feeling was so amazing and so wonderful. I hadn't ever felt like this in years, and the way he kissed me made me fall for him more than I could've ever imagined. I never wanted this to end. I wanted to be in his arms forever, I wanted to to have him kiss me every single day, I wanted to see him every day of my life.

My fingers tangled his hair as his did the same, and his long eyelashes tickled my eyelids.

His mouth then went down to my stomach, and I giggled at the tickling kisses. It felt so amazing to be given this much love...

"Bunny," Darien looked up at me with a lustful, yet loving look in his eyes. "I don't know if I can control myself..." I knew what he was referring to. He was scared, I could tell. But I sat up, brought his face closer to mine, and kissed him. I wanted to let him know that I was okay, and that I would be okay. And if Darien wanted this, I wanted to be able to give him whatever he wanted.

We kissed as he took off his pants, and as he did the same to the pajamas hanging on my hips.

I never wanted this to end. I wanted us to be forever in each other's arms. I wanted to be with him till the end.

I loved Darien...