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"Jor-El! Out of all the planets across the universe, you decided to send your only son to this one! To Earth! You trusted us to protect him. Now, please, Jor-El, I need you to trust me! I love your son! He's in danger and he needs our help!"

As Chloe waited for an answer, she started to doubt it would work. But who else could she turn to? She knew Jor-El was the only one who could fix this; who could save Clark. But Kara needed her power back, that was the only way. The petite blonde tried to ignore the cold as she folded her arms around herself, her coat barely warm enough. Chloe sighed heavily and turned to face Kara who seemed just as confused ever since she stepped foot in the fortress.

"Jor-El!" The blonde yelled desperately.

Suddenly, the temperature dropped drastically. The bright light usually present in the fortress darkened and as Chloe shared a look with Kara; the Krypton girl began to panic and asked what was going on. Instead of answering the blonde godess beside her, Chloe sighed in relief knowing that Jor-El was responding in its own way.

"It's gonna be alright." She said to Kara, wanting to reassure her.

Next thing she knew, Chloe felt cold, extremely cold. And…wet? Her eyelids slowly fluttered open and all she could see was trees. Standing up quickly, she turned around and took in the unfamiliar surroundings.

"Kara? Jor-El?"

There was no sign of the Kryptonian or the fortress anywhere. And it was pretty obvious that she wasn't in the Arctic anymore. All train of thoughts left her mind when she thought she heard something. Turning around swiftly, she was met with…a horse leg? Her eyes took a larger look to see several pairs of legs which made her look up carefully. What she saw surprised her. It was not only the presence of inhabitants in this damn freezing place or what looked like pretty little puppies being held by different people but the horsemen themselves. Or more precisely, their outfits. On

"Where the hell am I, now?" Chloe muttered to herself, still eyeing the strangers before her.

They were seven. Seven pairs of eyes watching her suspiciously; except maybe for one person. The child. He was probably as surprised as she was.

"Who are you?"

Chloe immediately looked at the man who spoke. One look sufficed for Chloe to know he was the one in charge. The middle aged man wore what seemed like a very warm and comfortable sort of cloak that she would love to try on at this point. His brown hair and deep brown eyes easily could intimidate anyone, that was for sure.

"My name is Chloe Sullivan…Could you please tell me where I am?"

She noticed the exchange of looks between the men as she asked about her whereabouts. Great, what did you get yourself into this time? She almost would mentally kick herself if it wasn't for Clark. Whatever was going on with her now, she only hoped that the situation was taken care of at the fortress.

"I am Lord Stark of Winterfell and this is my kingdom. What is your house, girl?"

Chloe's eyes rested on Lord Stark for a whole minute without speaking. Being her usual self, she analyzed the situation she was in and weighed her options. Winterfell, how fitting. And what was this question about her house? Knowing that telling the truth wouldn't get her anywhere, she opted for an altered version of it.

"I'm not…sure I know what you're talking about. All I know is that I woke up here and I have no idea how this happened. As you probably can tell, I'm definitely not from here but I would really appreciate your hospitality until I find a way back home, my lord." She almost winced at the sound of pleasantries leaving her own mouth but didn't want to offend or disrespect him in anyway.

"Why are you dressed like this? And why is your hair so short?"

For the first time since she got here, Chloe smiled genuinely at the boy who asked the question.


Chloe's attention went to the man who spoke, startled by his resemblance to Lord Stark. Like him, he had dark hair and eyes but a shade darker. She could only approve of his dark curly hairstyle since she often opted for curls for her own as well.

"It's okay." She told the tanned young man and focused on Bran again. "Well, you see, Bran, where I'm from women are allowed to wear whatever they want. Not only dresses."

"I never heard of such thing..."

"Neither did I."

Those unfamiliar voices belonged to an older man with surprising facial hair and another brown haired man who seemed closer to Lord Stark's age.

"Blonde hair, green eyes...She could be a spy." Another voice interrupted, obviously insinuating something.

Once she looked up to see who dared say that, Chloe found the guy's eyes roaming over her, which made her quite uncomfortable. She met his eyes with the hardest glare she could give before slight shaking her head.

"Excuse you? What does that have to do with anything? It's completely ridiculous. You don't see me call you a clotpole because of your sneaky little eyes or annoying smirk now, do you?"

She didn't miss the glare she got from him but she couldn't care less. She just hoped he wasn't lord of whatever country or she knew she'd be in real trouble. A chuckle followed by an unknown voice broke their staring contest.

"Don't mind Theon, he's just...Theon. He meant no disrespect. We don't get many strangers around here so we need to be on our guard. I'm sure you understand that."

Wow. That was what she thought as soon as her eyes set on him. He was gorgeous. Not the Ollie type of gorgeous but damn he was really attractive. She didn't know if it was his light blue eyes or his beautiful short brown hair or even the slight stubble but he got her feel suddenly warmer as other thoughts invaded her mind. Unable to form coherent words, Chloe simply nodded.

All along, she barely noticed that Lord Stark was staring at her. It was only when he spoke to her again, that her attention left the handsome man to look at Lord Stark.

"You can ride back with us to Winterfell. I'll make sure you have a room prepared for your stay."

Saying that Chloe didn't expect a positive answer was an understatement. Sure, she hoped they would since she had no clue where she was but still...Giving him one of her famous bright eyes, she thanked him.

"Thank you, Lord Stark."

"You can ride with me if you want." The boy, Bran asked Chloe.

"How could anyone refuse you anything?" She asked cocking an eyebrow before taking a few steps closer to the horse.

At the same moment, the man she found more than easy on the eye climbed off his horse and walked toward her. Chloe watched him curiously as he positioned himself to help her climb on the horse.

"Thank you but I can do it on my own."

Without wasting any more time, the blonde easily pulled herself up and sat behind Bran on the saddle.

Bran and Chloe both shared an amusing look as they all began to ride back to Winterfell.

On the ride back, the men accompanying Lord Stark formerly introduced themselves to her. Thanks to Bran, who happened to be Lord Stark's son, she learned a bit more about this place. Apparently, they were in Winterfell, one of the seven kingdoms in the realm. She also paid attention to titles; the last thing she wanted was to offend or lady, lord or ser while she was around. She didn't really have much of a plan but the more invisible she was, the better.

Once they arrived in Winterfell, Chloe's heart beat faster as she took in her surroundings. That was when reality really sunk in. She was lost somewhere in some medieval world and chances to get out of it rapidly were slim. Was Clark alright? Did he know what happened? Were Kara and him looking for her at this moment? Why did Jor-El even send her here? Did he actually know where she was? How long would she be stuck here?

"Who are you?"

Chloe snapped out of it as she heard a feminine childish voice. Getting off the horse, she then helped Bran down before looking at the small girl in front of her. She stood there with what she found out was a direwolf, some sort of big wolf which so happened to be the Starks sigil. She wearing a blue dress and having two braids on each side of her head. Before she could answer, Bran spoke.

"Her name's Chloe. We found her in the woods. She probably hit her head or something cause she doesn't know her way home." He slightly shrugged her shoulders before continuing. "Father allowed her to stay in the casle as a guest."

"I like your clothes! I'm Arya." The little girl smiled at her. Chloe instinctively looked down at her clothes then looked back up to meet Arya's brown orbs.

"Thank you. And I like your dress, Arya."

"I'd rather wear something else but our Septa wouldn't let me. Why does that matter anyway? The King won't be here before two days."

At the reaction of the girl, Chloe couldn't help but smirk and quickly decided she already liked the girl. Wait...King? Did she say King? Her smirk vanished when she mentioned the royal visit, knowing she probably wouldn't be able to miss it. Or maybe she could. After all, she was just some girl abusing Lord Stark's hospitality, some would think. No more important than a peasant, she thought only wanting to reassure herself.

Lord Stark was true to his word. As soon as Chloe set foot in Winterfell, he had a room prepared for her. Bran and Arya had the kindness to accompagny her to her room and they all stayed in there longer than expected. Who needed a computer when they had two talkative children as the best source of information? About an hour later, the three of them were interrupted as someone knocked on the door. Without waiting for her response, a woman entered followed by a younger girl. It only took her a second to recognize them. Thanks to Arya and Bran's descriptions, the ladies standing now in her room were Lady Catelyn Stark and her other daughter, Sansa. Both amazingly beautiful with breathtaking red hair. Immediately getting off the bed, Chloe did what she thought was a pretty decent curtsey and greeted them.

"My Lady."

Lady Stark stood proudly simply nodded at her.

"Ned told me you were found alone in the woods and that he gave you shelter here. How long do you plan to stay?"

Chloe gulped at the question. If she wasn't the type of person to be easily intimidated, she had to admit that this woman managed to make her think twice before answering. What could she possibly say? It wasn't like she could just go back to the woods and look for some kind of portal that would bring her home or something.

"I don't know. I don't want to be a burden to you or Lord Stark. I hit my head before I woke up in those woods. I know I don't belong here. I do remember what my...land looked like but to be honest, I am unable to go back for I don't know the way."

Chloe was relieved when Lady Stark's look softened and merely nodded before she looked at her children who were still on the bed.

"Arya, your Septa has been looking for you. And you Bran, you were supposed to meet with Maester Luwin for a lesson ten minutes ago. Off with you two."

Even though, her look was reprimending, the soft tone in her voice made Chloe envy the two children who were now reluctantly leaving the room.

"What are you wearing? And why are your lips shining?"

Chloe diverted her attention toward the younger lady in the room. Sansa Stark, if she remembered correctly. Although she could see the surprise in her eyes, she also could sense how the young girl didn't quite approve of her clothing choice unlike Arya. But when she caught the girl stare at her lips, she saw genuine interest and dare she say, a little glint of wonder at her gloss.

"Hmm clothes? I know it's different from what you all wear but where I'm from a lot of girls dress the same way. As for my lips...it's called gloss. It's meant to make your lips look shiny and pretty, I guess."

"Mother, do you think I could have a...gloss? Please, I know Robb will go to the market tomorrow. Maybe our guest could go with him." Sansa suggested.

"Please, call me Chloe. I wouldn't mind going, I'm just not sure they sell any..."

"I am Sansa Stark but I'm sure Arya and Bran already told you about us."

But when Chloe mentioned the possibility of coming back bare handed, the red haired girl couldn't help but feel a little disappointed. At that sight, the blonde couldn't help but feel a little guilty. She should have wipped it off her lips as soon as she realized there was something seriously wrong going on.

"You know what, Sansa? You're right. Maybe they'll have it. I just never really left home and we didn't have a proper market of our own. I'm sure this market will be different though. Probably bigger, which means a larger choice as well."

Sansa's smile returned and that scene didn't go unnoticed by Lady Stark who gave her a smile of her own. Chloe could tell Lady Stark appreciated the gesture.

"My son Robb will leave tomorrow morning to get more supplies for the feast. As you may have heard, King Robert and the Queen are coming to Winterfell."

"Yes, I heard about it. It's a great honor. I'm at your disposal if you need any help with preparations."

"All help is welcome." Lady Stark nodded before going to the door, followed by her daughter.

"Dinner will be served soon."

"Thank you, my Lady but I think I will pass on dinner. I've had a hard day and if you don't mind, I'd just like to get some rest." The blonde answered politely.

"Very well then. We will see you tomorrow, my dear. Appropriate clothes will be brought to you by tonight."

"Please, you don't have to..." Chloe attempted in vain.

"Don't be silly. We can't let you wear...this. What if someone from the royal party saw you dressed like that?" Sansa interrupted.

As much as she disliked it, Sansa made a valid point. Even though she didn't particularly enjoyed wearing dresses, she knew she had no choice. Chloe forced a smile at the thought of a new wardrobe and watched the two leave the room.

Once they were gone, Chloe sighed heavily. She removed her shoes before getting in the bed and slid beneath the covers. Even though she was completely exhausted, she couldn't sleep. She wouldn't sleep until she thought of a decent plan to get out of here or in the meantime, make her stay as discreet as possible. Tomorrow would be a new day and it started with going to some market with Robb Stark.