Note: This is mostly going to just be an intro, for now, and it will show all of the characters signing up for Glee auditions.I realize that some are shorter than others and I am very sorry for that! I just wrote as I went and some became more lengthy than others! I tried my best to please everyone and I really hope you enjoy!

*June's POV*

As I'm leaving Drama practice, I take a look at the bulletin board in the hall way to find the details for our assignment, due next week. I

take a copy of the list that is tacked on the board, when something catches my eye: 'Glee Club Auditions', below is a space to sign up.

Hmm… Glee Club? Sounds like fun, what the hey! I quickly scribble my name on the list, below someone named 'Seymour Butts'… Oh

geez, why do people have to be so immature? I then scurry out the door and head home, hoping that I'm not late for supper.

*Maverick's POV*

'Glee Club Auditions,? I stand and think for a moment, should I sign up? I then look to my right and see a pack of cheerleaders coming

down the hallway, and decide to hurry up and go ahead with it. I scribble my name on the list and glance to my right again.

"Yo, Brad Pitt!" "Hey, it's Airplane-Guy!" The cheerleaders giggle as they pass by. That gets so old. I notice Sue coming down the hallway

and decide to get outta the line of fire, and make my way outside.

*Avery's POV*

I notice Maverick standing off to the side of the hallway, in front of the bulletin board. Aw, he's so cute when he is writing, he kinda

scrunches up his eyebrows. Wow, is that weird that I noticed that? What is he signing? A group of cheerleaders walk by, teasing and

calling him names. Those skanks! Maverick then walks off, towards the doors. I walk up to the board to try and find out what he was

signing when someone walks behind me and shouts, much louder than needed,

"Man Shoulders! You stalking the tall kid with the eyebrows still?". Sue. Ugh. I look over my shoulder, she's gone. Thank God. I turn my

attention back to the board, 'Glee Club Auditions'. Maverick sings? Cool! I sign my name below his, and walk off down the hall.

*Jaycee's POV*

'Glee Club Auditions'… Cool! I heard them sing at that assembly. They were great, but so am I! I scan the list to see if I recognize any of

the names. 'Adolph Oliver Nipples'… Seriously? It was lame but I couldn't help but chuckle out loud at that one. Boys can be so immature.

I toss my black hair over my shoulder and take my time writing my name in pretty cursive, that I've worked so hard to obtain. There! I

scurry down the hall and out the door to get home and prepare my audition song.

*Tobi's POV*

"Tobi! Don't forget my dry-cleaning!" I hear Sugar shout across the hallway. I glance around quickly; thank God no one seemed to hear.

"Please, Sugar not so loudly. I never forget." I answer trying to keep my composure.

"Yes, I'm aware, but who knows with your brains… or should I say lack of." I shoot her a slightly wounded look and she replies

"Tobi! Geez! If I've told you once I've told you a hundred times! Self-diagnosed Asperger's! See this is why I have to remind you about my

laundry!" Geez, I wish she'd shut up. Asbergers my butt.

"Okay, Sugar. I'll see you at 5:30 and I won't forget your laundry." I'm trying not to blow up in her face.

"You better!" She says, walking away and down the hall. Thank God she's gone. I scan the bulletin board for the sign-up sheet for Glee

Club auditions. Rory mentioned it to me and said I should try out. Being able to sing with my best friend and crush would be just amazing.

I sign my name underneath about 8 others, most of which aren't real and I say a silent prayer. I make my way down the hall and out the

doors to pick up Sugar's darned dry-cleaning.

*Michael's POV*

"Mikey, ya gonna audition for the 'Glee Club' with the rest of those geeks?" one of my football team buddies teases. I was actually going to

but I don't say it.

"Why would you ask that ?" I say.

"Well you're always singing in the locker rooms." I feel my face getting red, I didn't know anyone listened to me.

"Dude, remember the time he was singing that girl song? What was it?" Another one of the guys says.

"What was it, that Lady GooGoo?" Another one says, they all snicker.

"It's Lady Gaga." I answer.

"I want you and your bad romance!" one of the guys sings out in a high-pitched voice. They all laugh and hit me playfully. God help me. I'm so embarrassed.

"Hey dudes, I'll see you tomorrow. I have to get home and help my Mom run some errands."

"See ya, dude." They all walk off down the hallway. Once I'm sure they're out of site, I make my way to the sign-up sheet on the bulletin

board. I know that this means being teased endlessly by my friends but it's worth it. Right? I hope so. I sign my name before I have any

second thoughts and make my way home.

*Jonathan's POV*

I listen to my football team buddies making fun of Michael and I can't help but snicker about the Lady GooGoo comment. I feel bad for the

guy, I kind of know how he feels. Michael leaves saying he has to help his Mom with something, and we all continue walking down the hall.

"Hey guys, I gotta go grab something outta my locker and head home, talk to you guys later."

"See ya tomorrow, dude." I wait until they turn around the corner and make my way to the bulletin board. I notice Michael walking away

from the board and I head to the Glee Club sign-up sheet that I noticed earlier in the day. I scan the page and sure enough, in scrawled

writing is Michael's signature. I snicker to myself. I knew it. I sign my name below his and hurry home to meet my sister at the bus stop.

*Zakk's POV*

I see Quinn tacking a paper to a nearby bulletin board and decide to talk to her.

"Hey Quinn!" She turns to me.

"Oh, hey Zakk! Are you here to sign up for Glee Club auditions?"

"Glee Club Auditions?" I ask.

"Yeah, kind of like show choir but much more fun." She answers.

"Oh! I might. Are you in this Glee Club?"

"I might be." She giggles a little bit.

"So, I'll see you there? It's next Thursday at 3:45 after class. You'll have to prepare an audition song to sing for Mr. Schuster too. I'll talk

to ya later." She walks off and I think for a moment. Mr. Schu is my Spanish teacher, I didn't know he taught Glee too. Heck, what do I

have to lose? I sign my name on the list that Quinn posted and head home.

Alrighty Y'all! I hope you guys enjoyed this! Next will be the auditions! I'm so excited! Lots of Love!