RxX, Xion is writing to another boy who she becomes friends with but their only communication is through a messenger bird. Xion has a lot going on especially with a high cocky aristocrat wanting her hand in marriage

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Anyone out there? I have a new bird that can send messages and I guess it knew where to go. Unless…this person cannot understand my language or whatnot. If you can read my horrible handwriting then please write back.

I'll have you know that I can read your atrocious handwriting and speak/read English. As you already guessed, there is someone out there. Hello to you too. My name is Xion and I come from the west side of things. Birds shouldn't be used for such silly things.

Atrocious? Who uses that word? 21st century…heard of it? Xion, huh. Nice name. I am using my thinking abilities to take it that you are a girl? West? Wow. Birdie went far, I am from the east. It is not silly but useful and effective. Plus it saves our environment.

Obviously I do. There is nothing wrong with it. You just have limited vocabulary or just bad vocabulary. High class, heard of it? Why does my gender any importance to this conversation? Birdie? How unoriginal. Well are you not smart?

Don't get your panties in a wad (assuming you are a girl and all). I do have a huge amount of vocabulary! Like the word…lethargic. That's a big word. I have heard of it…wait! You are high class? Certainly your sarcasm and snootiness brings proof to this, your highness. I can't ask? I'm a guy if you can't tell. Birdie is original thanks!

Xion laughed at her most recent letter from her mysterious letterman. It has only been a couple of weeks of writing back and forth but it always brought up her day. At first, when a strange bird pecked at her window she was puzzled seeing the letter tied to its leg. She thought it was a prank of some sort but fearing it was not. Xion was not even going to give the boy the time of day but curiosity got the best of her. She was awfully lonely in this home with only her occasional best friend and her sister. Other than that, she was lonely and bored.

Xion lived in a high class society where girls were powdered with make-up tinged with pink, giggling like morons at the high class men, with big dresses, long gloves, and carrying a damn umbrella as if it was going to rain any second. Ah, excuse the language. While the men combed their hair back, wore too much cologne for her taste, iron-pressed tuxes, had a huge smirk as if they owned the world, and smoked like a chimney all day. Yes, the high-class society she was born into and she wished she were not.

She grabbed her pen and started to write to her mysterious boy,

Did anyone ever tell you that you have a absolute way with words? Sarcasm and all. Lethargic? The best you can come up with? Come now. I can be sarcastic when I want to be. I am high-class and it is truly horrendous or 'sucks' if you put it in your words. I said high-class not a damn princess or duchess, you oaf. You made me laugh at the last comments. I can indeed tell. What is your name?

Xion signed her signature at the bottom then tied the letter to the bird and opened the window. The bird knew exactly where to go as she saw it flap away into the distance. West? She wondered what westward was like. She smelled the oceanic breeze and smiled until a loud entrance made her frown.

Her stepmother.

"Xion! I told you to be downstairs five minutes ago! We have a guest and you are being rude-I told you to close that window millions of times! Honestly child." Her stepmother closed the window locking it in place and the smell of the breeze was gone but still hung in the air. 'Not for long though,' she thought a bit bitterly and lifted her long dress to stand up from her previous seating. Xion sighed as her stepmother fussed with her hair and clipped on some extensions that made her hair appear longer but her real hair was short. Xion had cut it because she was angry with her mother and wanted to piss her off. She succeeded but now she has to wear fake hair, which itches her to no end.

Xion walked downstairs after all the fussing with her stepmother following her and she could feel that downright stare to her core that she was tempted to turn around. Xion just wanted to do nothing today and she was not a happy camper to have a guest over. Her heels clacked against the shined floors as they made their way to the meeting room. The room was spacious with a couple of furniture here and there and small lamps in the corner of the room. She stared at the tuft of blond hair that stuck up high in the sky, which she found weird. Of course wearing a tux just seeing the back of him then my stepmother coughed to announced her presence. The man stood up fixing the hair but it did nothing and just stood upright.

The strange man analyzed her up and down with his bright blue eyes giving a appreciative noise. Xion literally wanted to shoot herself because she was not any prized meat stand but a girl. A girl who did not like this strange man one bit but he seemed fond of her in a bad way. She wished she was allowed to roll her eyes but then her stepmother would have a huge fit so she decided to be polite…or try to at least in her stepmother's presence.

A guard came up to Xion's stepmother whispering something while she whispered harshly back at them. Xion turned to know what they were discussing but her stepmother excused herself with the guard following her rather large footsteps.

'Wonderful. I am stuck with him,' she thought making a face and then she realized the man was still making that annoying appreciative noise. How long has it been? Five minutes? She tapped her foot annoyingly waiting for him to be done until she half-whispered half-yelled at him.

"What the hell is your problem? Stop making that stupid noise like I am some sort of damn prize." Xion hissed then scowled as the strange man smirked at her. The nerve!

"What a sailor's mouth you have, tsk tsk. Are you not a lady? You are a prize because I am courting you if you were not informed beforehand, Xion." He said in matter-of-fact tone of voice that pissed Xion just a tad bit.

Realization hit Xion realizing what this strange man had said. 'Courting as in marriage? No, this must be some joke,' she thought. Xion knew and the man knew that it was not indeed a joke.

Xion spat "you must have something screwed up in your noggin if you really want to court with the likes of me. You have already stated that I have a mouth of a damn sailor. You need a proper lady which I don't fit under any category so if you would then leaving would be best, sir." She gave a sickly smile before turning her way out when the tip of her dress was pulled so she stopped abruptly. "What do you think-!"

"Let me tell you something Lady Xion, once I have my eye on something then I will do everything in my power to get it. I just want you to know that. It was nice meeting you, Xion. You proved yourself a challenge and I have always enjoyed a good challenge." He smirked before lifting his foot to release her dress as he starts to leave, "By the way, my name is Roxas. I just thought you should know."

Xion stood there until she heard the door close and the horses going off at the distance then let out a large breath she didn't know she was holding. She started to visibly panic thinking of that rude beast that wished to court her; her sister, Kairi, was being courted by some aristocrat named Sora, so she was the only one left in the family with no one. That made her all the more vulnerable to everyone because her family was filthy rich so it would be stupid for anyone not to court her. Though because of her bad attitude is why she is still unmarried. She wanted someone who didn't know how much money she had or cared for her stupid status but liked her for well…her.

Xion sighed and thought 'At least pigeon boy doesn't know anything but that I am high-class…'. She smiled to herself wondering when the pigeon would be back from another letter from that mysterious boy. It seemed the only thing that would light up her day.

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