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It had been weeks since I had returned to District 12 and yet nothing seemed to get better. Haymitch and I had returned to our old homes once everything in Capitol had been settled. Paylor took over as President so I have faith that everything will work out how it should. She has already out-lawed the Hunger Games and she begun to give money and supplies to the families of those who had died as well as to all surviving victors.

My mother had moved to District 4 to help rebuild their hospital, she is one of the best nurses in Panem so it fit that she would be in charge of the new hospital there. She also had said before that returning to our home in the Victor's Village would be too painful for her to handle with the memories of Prim being everywhere. Haymitch spent his days drinking in the house next to me, once and a while I would hear his yells if he dropped one of his precious bottles of alcohol. Gale went to District 2 to help rebuild everything there, I guess the job he got there was better than anything he could get around District 12. Peeta didn't return to District 12 when Haymitch and I did, he went to the Capitol instead to work with the doctors there to try to help repair his memory.

Everyone in my life seemed to be moving forward except for me. I spent most of my days just lying in my bed doing nothing. I never went out to hunt any more, not that anyone around District 12 needed the meat. The citizens were all well fed and were able to get their own meats legal instead of getting them through The Hob. I barely slept because every time I closed my eyes the nightmares returned, I woke up every night screaming in a cold sweat. Once I woke up I just stayed in my bed for the day until Greasy Sae came over for lunch and dinner to make sure I ate.

When Greasy Sae came over she always brought her granddaughter with her it just made me miss Peeta more. I know he wants children and he would be so much better with her than I was. She would try to get me to play with the ball of yarn she brought with her but I didn't know what to do. I wasn't sure to having a little child around me; it had been so long since Prim was that small. Greasy Sae's granddaughter, Scarlett, reminds me of Prim and Rue. I think the fact that Scarlett reminds me of them makes me not want to be around her because it just makes me hurt.

I am grateful for everything that Greasy Sae has done for me, making sure that I've been eating and that my house is fully stocked with all supplies that I need. Once a week a train comes in from Capitol bringing the citizens their supplies for the week and Greasy Sae always picks up mine because I haven't left my house since I returned.

That was my routine, I basically stopped caring.

I was running through the woods, looking over my shoulder I saw a pack of mutts chasing behind me. I started to push myself harder to run faster out of the woods to get to the clearing. I would be safe once I got out of the woods I was sure. Turning my head around once more I saw that the mutts were even closer, since I had been looking behind me I didn't see the tree stump sticking out of ground.

Tripping over the stump I let out a scream knowing that the mutts would be upon me in just a moment. I rolled onto my back to ready my bow and arrow when I noticed that the mutts were circled around me. They were growling and looked ready to attack when they split down the middle and Cato begun to walk towards me holding his sword by his side. Noting the blood dripping from it I heard a loud scream come from deep in the woods and called out, "Prim!". Never before had I felt this useless, I wanted to safe her but I had no way to do it. The mutts started to close in on me just as Cato raised his sword and cut open my arm. I let out a scream even though nothing would end this. Cato gave me another cut on my other arm before driving his sword into my gut. "Peeta! Peeta help!" I called out even though I knew he was nowhere around, he was safe in the Capital. That was when I heard my name being called, and it sounded like Peeta.

"Katniss, Katniss come back to me." I heard his voice again.

Suddenly I scream as I sat up in bed. Yet again another nightmare, this one different than the others, Peeta was actually in this one. I was breathing rapidly and I knew I needed to calm down before I gave myself a panic attack. As my breathing begun to calm down I registered that I wasn't alone in the room.

There were arms around me, warm and strong. It was a familiar feeling, like when I was on the Victory Tour to the Districts. What felt for the first time in a while, I actually felt safe. A sigh left my lips, for a brief moment I thought I was in another dream soon to turn into yet another nightmare.

Slowly I allowed my eyes to open and fully take in my surroundings. It was still dark outside and the moon was shining through my bedroom window. Everything was still in place in my room that I could see. I was sitting up in bed and arms were truly wrapped around my waist. Slowly I turned my attention to the left, to see who was currently sharing my bed.

My eyes met the blue eyes I had been longing to see since I returned to District 12. A small smile graced my lips when I studied the facial features, one of my hands reached up to trace a small scar above his eyebrow. "You are really here, real or not real?" I asked in a hoarse voice. I was sure my voice was like this because I haven't talked to anyone in over a month. I couldn't believe that he was really here.

A small smile appeared on his face. "Very real Katniss." He spoke with a confident voice, reminding me of how he was during his interviews during the Games and the tour. His grip tightened around my waist as he pulled me closer to him. I turned my body towards his and took notice of how I must have looked. My hair would have surely been a mess and I was in a pair of ratty old pajamas pants and a t-shirt that was far too large for me.

Reaching my arms up from my side, I wrapped them around his neck hugging him tightly as he returned the hug. We sat there for a few minutes before I spoke, "Stay with me Peeta?" I felt so timid for asking him to stay with me.

"Always," he said as he kissed my forehead. "I will never leave you again."