Mikado moaned as he opened his eyes. He couldn't remember how he got to where he was, but he was there now. His head hurt and his brain was feeling funny. He looked around, slowly sitting up so as not to upset his already aching head. He put a hand to the left side of his head and tried to massage away the pickaxes attacking his temple.

"I guess that's why I can't seem to think right," Mikado murmured. "But where in the world am I?"

He was in a dark space, most likely a room with no windows, and the only light was coming from below him. Hold on, below him? He looked down to see what exactly he was standing on. It was a black, shiny floor, they type of floor that caught what ever light was in the room and threw it around to light up the rest of the area. The pale blue light was shining out of a stenciled design on the floor, which consisted of a large circle and a smaller circle, with a pattern of dots in the smaller one. They seemed to spell something, but he couldn't tell. It was hard to read when he was sitting on top of the dots, after all, he wasn't transparent. And his head hurt. After some consideration, something that would have gone by faster if his head didn't hurt so much, he came to the conclusion that it would be a good idea to get off the glowing pattern and try to find a way out. Hopefully something would light up and he would be able to find his way out.

Strangely enough, when he left the outer circle, four bright lights, each in a different color came on from the floor. They were all in a line about three or four feet apart, and each lit up a column, which Mikado thought were about three feet tall but he wasn't really sure. He stumbled over, clutching his head, toward the yellow one, all the way on the right first. It held two objects on its surface. The first was a yellow scarf of some sort or a bandana. Lying on top of the scarf/bandana thing was a joker depicting a boy with smiling, yellow eyes, yellow hair, and seemed to be holding a crow bar. He was wearing the scarf/bandana thing around his neck which made a strange picture with his white hoodie and jeans. Mikado sighed, wishing he could remember why this person looked so familiar and why he seemed to be smiling up at him and moved on to the next column.

This one was lit up by a red light and held a type of knife, a flick knife if Mikado was correct and another joker card. But this one had a boy with a strange smile, black hair, and was holding the same knife that was on the pedestal. His red eyes peered out at Mikado from a fuzz lined black hoodie which matched his black pants. This one was also familiar but gave Mikado a odd feeling, like it could somehow see him. He turned around and grabbed the first card to compare it with this new one.

Clutching the two cards in his hand, Mikado staggered the four feet to the next in the series expecting something similar. He was not disappointed. This particular stand had a pair of black sunglasses that caught the white light quite well and the ever-present card. This one was blonde like the first with brown eyes, but he was wearing the sunglasses and a bartender suit of all things. He was also smoking, Mikado noted with a frown, gazing down at the man who had a peculiar look on his face. He looked like he was frowning or upset, but even though Mikado could swear he had never met him or any of the others before, he was familiar. If only he could remember why!

By then, Mikado's head was feeling better and he was able to walk over to the final stand without wobbling, holding all three cards. This one had a dark blue light illuminating the pile of bandages and the card resting on top of the pile. Reaching for the card, Mikado noted that the bandages were bloody, which for some reason didn't surprise him. This card showed a boy with dark black hair, blue eyes and a wrapped up hand. He was wearing a blue shirt and dark pants, but had a light grey jacket. This one seemed to be smirking at him, almost as if he knew something Mikado didn't.

Mikado was really confused now. He walked back over to the glowing design, noting that it said DOLLARS, and sat back down. Looking at all four cards, he saw that they all had the same back and border. Maybe they were a set? No soon than when Mikado had sat down, another light came on. This one was directly opposite of the four previous ones and was glowing a pale blue, the same color of the DOLLARS sign and the circles. Another difference was that this column was four feet tall and was black instead of white like the others. Shoving the cards into his pocket, Mikado made his way over to the pillar to see what was on it.

Resting on the surface were three objects. There was a blue ballpoint pen, a red, white and black cell phone and a golden choker nechlace and armband. The necklace had a matching chain that connected it to the armband, which was a plain golden band of metal, about two inches wide and just big enough to slip over one of his wrists. When Mikado flipped the cell phone open, it had the same background as the main design on the floor. Strange. Grabbing the two other items, Mikado walked back to the DOLLARS sign and sat down once more.

Laying down the four cards and playing with the necklace, the phone and the pen, Mikado began to wonder what in the world was he doing here! He seemed to be all alone and it was starting to creep him out.

"Hello? Is anybody there?" Mikado called out, wishing he had though to do this first. His own voice echoed back to him, tauntingly. "Please, if someone can hear me, please answer!" In response, the cell phone beeped.

"Ahh!" quickly looking around to make sure nobody saw him squeak, Mikado flipped open the phone and read the text message that was sent.

Hello Mikado-sama!

We are very sorry about all the confusion, but would you please go back to the Center, place the necklace around your neck, put the armband on your arm and toss the cards in the air? Thanks!


Now Mikado was really confused. Who in the hell was Soldier? But Mikado was not one to disobey rules set by unknown personnel who knew his name and managed to knock him out. With a weary glace around one last time to check for any changes, Mikado walked over to the DOLLARS sign, clasped the golden band around his neck, placed the band around his right wrist and threw all four cards in the air.