Chapter 2

Edward Elric began to move towards his friend his heart beating a million times per minute as he stepped closer. "Wi..Winry is that really you?" he asked.

Winry couldn't keep from crying and threw herself at Edward grasping the sides of his trench coat afraid if she were to let go he would disappear again. "Oh Ed I must really be dreaming but if I am I want to stay asleep." She cried in his chest. He returned her embrace and began to stroke her hair.

"Winry this isn't a dream this is the other side of the gate." He said into her hair. Her eyes widened and she let go and stepped back.

"Wait this is the other side of the gate?" she asked. Gracia and Alexander looked confused and excused themselves and went to the back and left the three young adults to get re acquainted.

"Winry how did you manage to get here we thought that the general Mustang destroyed it." Al asked.

"I honestly don't know Al I was traveling with Den and oh no Den! Den's alone!" she remembered about her traveling companion and began to worry about him. Al and Ed rushed to comfort her.

"Don't Worry Winry Den must have went back to the town I'm sure that Granny will take care of him." Al said

"He's right, now please continue where you left off." Edward added.

Winry was unsure what to say about Granny at the moment. But thought that her dog was able to find his way back to town. She nodded and continued "Well like I was saying I was traveling I set up camp near the ruins where the gate is at fell asleep and woke up here." She explained.

The brother's tried to make reason of her explanation and they found themselves amazed of what occurred. They were happy she was here but found it odd the way she got here. "How did you find your way around the city?" Edward asked

"Oh this nice man Alexander found me sleeping in the alley he woke me up and brought me here to Miss Gracia's flower shop. And by the way she looks identical to Mrs. Hughes." She said

"Yeah that's Gracia in this world Mr. Hughes is here too were also friend with him of course he doesn't know anything." Al responded.

"Oh wow this is a lot to take in one day, I'm just glad to see you guys again." She said as she wrapped her arms around both brothers causing them to blush.

"Were glad too Winry please come back to our place so we can talk more privately." Edward said removing himself from the hug.

"Um brother are you forgetting something?" Al said poking Ed on his shoulder Ed's eyes widened Winry looked at them confused.

"What thing?" she asked

"Oh nothing important it's just we really should clean our home before we let you come in." Edward responded quickly. Winry raised an eyebrow.

"I've seen what you two are capable come on let's just go." She said beginning to whine

"But there's only two beds" Al countered back.

"Then you two sleep together and I'll sleep in the other one." She responded

"But Al and I won't fit"

"Then I'll sleep on the sofa"

"It's dirty"

"Then I'll sleep on the floor"

"That's also dirty"

"Ugh what's wrong! Why won't you guys tell me anything nothing has changed!" she yelled at them frustrated

"Winry were sorry there are just a couple of things we need to get situated before we let you stay were sorry we really want you to be with us but you need to stay here tonight. I'll explain everything tomorrow I promise." He said holding onto her shoulders.

Winry nodded "Alright but then that means that house better be spotless when I get there." She said with a smirk wiping the small tears that had formed.

They smiled at each other and they waved goodbye "Bye you guys! Come for me early all right!." She yelled after them.

"Yeah yeah." Edward said

"Bye Winry!" Alphonse followed after.

Winry sighed and made her way to the back of the shop where Alexander was talking to Gracia. They turned to look at her as she made her way towards them.

"Is everything alright dear where they the ones you were looking for?" she asked with a warm smile.

"Yes thank you" she responded with the same warmth. Alexander looked outside and stood up.

"Well I better get back to my family before it gets dark." He said. Gracia stood up as well.

"Do be careful Alex take the route I told you alright and if you every need anything just let me know alright? Gracia said. Alexander nodded and turned towards Winry.

"Well miss I leave you in good hands take good care of yourself." He told her

"No thank you if it weren't for you I wouldn't be able to find my way here. I'm in your debt." Winry said as she bowed. Both older adults looked at her strangely.

"No need for that miss" he responded

"Of course there and once again call me Winry." She said smiling.

"Well then I'll be off good evening to you both." He said as he left.

Winry continued to smile "He's a good man isn't he?" Winry said Gracia nodded

"He really is I've known him since my infancy, now Miss Winry would you like to draw you a bath?" Gracia offered

"There's a bath here?" Winry asked looking around the shop to see nothing but flowers.

"Upstairs there is my home is above my shop. Let me go lock up first then I'll show you upstairs." She said and went to go lock up the store. She returned and showed her the way upstairs.

The home looked comfortable normal small there were two rooms, a bath, a kitchen, and a dining room.

"I really like your home miss Gracia." Winry said as she made her way to the bathroom.

"Why thank you Miss Winry it's not much but it's comfortable and safe from the crazy world of today." She responded. Winry didn't understand what she meant but nodded.

Gracia let the water run in the tub "Miss Winry I'll start dinner I'll leave you a fresh change of clothes on the bed of the room to your right I hope they'll be to your liking." she said

"Oh thank you very much you shouldn't trouble yourself so much." Winry responded.

Gracia turned the knob off and smiled "No trouble at all, I'll leave you to bathe now." She smiled and closed the door.

Winry got in the war tub and sighed 'She's really nice in this world too. Ugh part of me wants this all to be a dream all of it. I want to wake up and be back in Resembol with Granny and Den. I want Ed and Al there too even if there in Central I want them all to be in at least Amestris. ..But it's not going to happen. What was that anyway Ed and Al are keeping something from me hopefully they tell me the truth tomorrow.' Winry thought as she bathed. Once she was done she grabbed a towel and wrapped herself around it then made her way to her room. She found a nice pleaded dress waiting for her. 'Oh wow this is pretty though not really my style' she thought. She put it on and made her way to the dining area where dinner was already on the table.

"Oh Gracia this looks really delicious is this chicken stew?" Winry asked as she sat down.

Gracia smiled "Yes it is please dig in" she said.

Winry grabbed her spoon and began to eat. And began to wonder if Gracia knew what they were hiding.

"Miss Gracia how long have you known the Elrics?" Winry asked.

Gracia put her spoon down and thought "About five years I suppose they are really good boys my husband really admires and respects them. Even if he won't admit it to them, why do you ask?"She said

"Oh well no reason it's just that I haven't seen them in a long time I was just wondering how they were doing. I'm glad that they have good friends I worry about them a lot." She said.

"You remind me of Miss Noah." Gracia responded

"Miss Noah?" Winry asked

"Miss Noah is a friend of mine and of the Elrics she is currently living with them."

"Really? I had no idea" she responded then she realized that was the reason why they didn't want her over there. There was already another girl in their life. 'Wait don't tell me she is seeing Ed' Winry thought

"Miss Gracia is Miss Noah courting the eldest Elric by any chance?" Winry asked

Gracia took another spoonful of her stew before sitting it back down. "Why yes I believe they began to court a couple of months ago actually." She responded. Winry felt her heart break in two, her head began to hurt immensely and then she saw nothing but black.