That Yankumi!

by: WhiteGloves

A tribute story to Gokusen series!

It was almost the day of Graduation.

Inside section 3D, the students have been preparing with loads of plans and arrangements of all sorts. They were noisy making too much fuss about their activities and all that, nevertheless, still has time to fight over some dull card game.

Shin Sawada entered the room followed swiftly by Kuma, who was carrying stacks of envelopes in his arms.

"Ehh…what's that?" Uchiyama asked as he and the others gathered around the new comers.

Shin slumped himself on his chair with his indifferent aura and put his hands deep on his pants pockets. Kuma dropped all the envelopes on Shin's desk and then sighed as the other looked at the envelopes, to Shin and then to Kuma.

"What are all these stuff for?" Noda asked as they took the envelopes.

"AHHH!" Minami shouted as he read the names on the envelopes, "These are all for Shin!"

"Love letter?"

"From girls!"

"Whaaaa…! I'm so jealous!"

"They're all pink! Definitely from girls!"

"They even smell like girls!"

All 3D male students stupidly read the letters then hooted like immature. Shin rolled his eyes as his classmates smother the envelopes.

"Really…" he sighed, "Unbelievable."

"Shin—you are a womakiller!" Uchi shouted with his eyes shining, "I definitely envy you!"

"Shin is so lucky!" Minami said half crying that made Shin roll his eyes once more.

"If only I have your looks," Kuma grinned.

"So then—who among these cuties are you planning to take home for graduation?" Noda asked as they gathered around Sawada.

Shin gave them all an impassive look, and then said rather quietly.

"Not interested."

"EHhhhhhh?" 3D chorused as Shin smirked at them.

"Shin is never really that interested with girls." said one of their classmates as the others nodded.

"Unless you count on her cute little sister," Minami winked at everyone.

"Hahaha~ sibling relationship!"


"Baka…" Shin whispered as he looked bored as ever.

"But really, Shin is not interested with these persistent girls," Uchi said in a matter of fact voice.

"Really?" said another voice.

"Yeah, you rarely see him in company of girls and smiling," Kuma said nodding quietly.

"I see. Isn't he the shy type?" said the voice again.

"Nah, they're just not his type," Minami said and the boys laughed heartily.

"What the… that's a pity…" said the voice that belonged to Yankumi who was in the middle of all the boys and shaking her head in disbelief, "Boys should enjoy your young lives as much as you can."



"What the hell—stop popping like that!"

Shin rolled his eyes and crossed his arms as their homeroom teacher walked in front with that usual sympathy look in her eyes.

"Boys… should get along well with girls…" Yankumi said in a compassionate voice, her eyes up as if talking to some invincible audience. "And make happy couples to share love in the world! Loving another one is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world!"

3D stared at her in shock silence. Shin looked at his homeroom teacher.

"Have you ever had a boyfriend?" he asked sarcastically that made Yankumi stop and look at her watch and the boys grin.

"Alright, class time." She said pointedly as the bell rang, making the class laugh heartily.

Shin smiled too and then shook his head.

"Yankumi is a hopeless case." Uchiyama stated as he, Sawada, Noda, Minami and Kuma walk home after class, "She's great and all that but she's just hopeless as a woman."

"But she's cute," Kuma said with a smile, "Yankumi is a cute teacher."

"Cute in what way?" grinned Noda, "Like how she always beat the crap out of us?"

"Or like when she succeeds in failing all her group dates?"

"Or like when she beats the crap of other people?"

They all laughed again at this, making Shin smile a bit more as they walk. As he looked ahead, however, his smile was wiped off his face. Kuma bumped onto him, making all the boys look ahead as well.

"What's wrong, Shin?" Uchi asked as they looked.

Yankumi, Fujiyama and Kawashima-sense were all gathered around Shinohara, the Detective who have helped them a lot in the past.

"What… its Yankumi…" Minami said as they watched.

"Heh, they're all ganging up on him again," Uchiyama smirked.

"Isn't it still obvious to him that Yankumi has a crush on him?" Noda asked.

"He's just her type, after all," Minami nodded quietly.

Shin's eyes darkened a little as he watched Yankumi smile in front of Shinohara-san. He clenched his jaw as the sight seemed to get on his nerves…. What was that feeling?

"Let's go," he said rather annoyed as he walked away.

"Eh, Shin?" Kuma muttered as he blinked after his friend.

"Kuma, let's go!"

Yankumi, Fujiyama and Kawashima all walked on the side street with smiles on their faces.

"If only Shinohara-san would say it, I would really accept him as my boyfriend." Fujiyama said sweetly with her eyes glowing. Yankumi shot her a look.

"Why say it like that all of a sudden!" she asked looking at her friend with large eyes.

"Well, let her daydream," Kawashima said casually, "She's used to that after all. We all know Shinohara-san is only interested in one woman."

Yankumi glowered and smiled from ear to ear as she slapped Kawashima's shoulder, looking flattered.

"Oh, you don't have to say it like that," she purred, her face glowing red, "I'd be very flattered if you announce it so boldly!"

Kawashima blinked at her, and then turned to Fujiyama as if nothing happened.

"I was talking about me, of course," she said as the two walked ahead, "who else?"

"Ehh…." Yankumi pouted as she followed the two.

"But Yamaguchi-sensei, you'd be free tomorrow night, right?" Fujiyama asked quietly. "We need to be early on the spa if we want to get a good spot."

"Of course, I'd be willing to go," Yankumi nodded with a smile, "Thanks for inviting me,"

"Well, it's only the three of us, after all," Kawashima said, "It's a girl's night out."

Yankumi stopped walking and looked at her friends with face glowering in anticipation.

"A girl's… night out…" she repeated. The two other teachers looked at her.

"Yamaguchi-sensei," Fujiyama started slowly, "Is it possible that this is your… first girl's night out?"

"Oh well, see I've been raised around men for my whole life and hanging out with girls like this has never occurred to me," Yankumi answered earnestly, "They say the first is always the most special… and now I know what it means…"

Kawashima and Fujiyama looked at one another and then smiled.

"Come on, Yamaguchi-sensei,"

"Hopefully, the Head Teacher wouldn't get a wind of this."

Yankumi made a face. "We must absolutely be quiet."

"Really, Oujo? Agirl's night out?" Tetsu asked as he and the other watched Kumiko prepare for next night's activity.

"Yes, with Kawashima and Fujiyama-sensei," Kumiko nodded as she packed some extra towels and shirts, "It's supposedly an overnight, so I won't be sleeping here tomorrow night."

"EHHH?" the men's eyes widened.

"But, Oujo…" Tetsu started looking worried, "We have a little problem with another gang group… isn't it best for you to stay here?"

Kumiko looked at him.

"Tetsu," she said, "I'm capable of looking after myself,"

"Of course you are, Oujo," Tetsu bowed his head in respect, "But we're just worried about what may happen."

Kumiko watched Tetsu, and then blinked.

"This little problem you say…"

"It's just a matter of territory," Minoru answered as he bowed too.

"Let her go," said Kumiko's grandpa as he came strolling in the room, "I'm sure no one would dare harm her the way her reputation goes in the yakuza world."

"Boss," the men bowed to the 3rd Generation leader.

"Oji-chan…" Kumiko whispered as she returned the smile of her grandfather.

The next morning found Sawada entering the 3D room looking indifferent again.

"Hey," he greeted the rest as he slumped on his chair.

"Morning, Shin," Kuma greeted as the others gathered on him.

"Still out of mood, are you?" Uchii asked with a grin.

"Who ticked you off?" Minami asked curiously, "I've never seen you in such a foul mood,"

"Forget it," Shin said as he looked away pointedly.

"Maybe he saw something distasteful," Noda smirked and the other giggled.

"What?" Uchiyama blinked in mock innocence, "You mean Yankumi?"

The boys howled in laughter that even made Sawada smirk.

"Hey, putting me into your jokes without my knowledge is just dirty, don't you think?"

The boys jumped up in surprise as they all looked at the owner of the voice. Yankumi was standing beside Shin with her arms crossed and her eyes flashing daggers.

"Ya-Yankumi!" Noda cried, "Stop appearing like that! It's freaking me out!"

Yankumi rolled her eyes and shook her head as she walked toward the black board,

"Really, you guys should start respecting me more behind my back!" she argued as she stood in front, "Respecting others is not just when you are facing them, but also when their backs are turned against you! That's basic common sense,"

"Hai…" Noda whispered with a warning look to the others that says 'don't-argue-with-her-or-she'll-beat-you' look. "Right, sorry…"

Yankumi gave the whole class a look. And then smile from ear to ear.

"Oh, my cute students… you are really learning well…Right! Let's start class! Nothing can spoil my day after all since I'm going to a spa!"

"Spa?" chorused the whole class. Yankumi grinned even more.

"What are you going to do there?" one of the boys asked with a dumbfounded expression.

Yankumi glared at him, "Hey, what else do you do in a spa? Of course to enjoy and have fun with other girls! It's a girl's night out!"

"Girl's night out?" repeated the whole class. Shin looked up in interest.

"With Fujiyama-sensei?" Noda asked with shining eyes.

"Of course," Yankumi smiled sweetly as she nodded, making Shin blink as he stared at her.

"Neh, Yankumi," Uchiyama smiled more that warrants sarcasm, "I bet you packed your bathtub toys, huh?"

Yankumi's eyes widened. The class hooted and giggled.

"Hey! Stop butting in my personal stuff, you guys…"

Shin shook his head while smiling. Yankumi saw him.

"What are you smiling about, Sawada?"

"You relax in a spa, not play water guns and the boat is sinking."

"Shut up," Yankumi said as the others giggled. "I'm not likely to end up like a child in a lady's spa!"

"Wanna bet?" Shin smiled more.

Kuma, Uchii, Noda and Minami looked at one another as Shin continued to eye Yankumi with a different glow in his eyes.

"Shin…" Kuma muttered as he and the other two looked from him to Yankumi. "Don't tell me…"

"Hey, sensei, you gonna bring that detective along with you?" someone shouted among the group.

"Ehh!" Yankumi's reaction was apparent as she mumbled on, "Wh-why would we bring Shinohara-san along! He- he's a busy kind police officer who has no time for childish game like spa…. Come on, you guys…"

"Yankumi is blushing!" hooted someone that sent the whole room into teasing cheers. Yankumi was clearly horrified. Shin didn't look happy at all.

"…uh-oh…" Uchiyama muttered as the rest of the class cheered on their homeroom teacher.

That night, Sawada's group were walking along the street with Shin walking ahead of the others. Minami, Noda, Uchiyama and Kuma were all whispering behind them and would even huddle together at times.

They were already going to cross the street when Sawada turned to the others. He noticed their strange behaviour and had to frown.

"Hey, what's going on?" he asked.

Kuma and the rest looked up and chorused, "Nothing!" that made him more suspicious. Walking toward his friends, Sawada looked at each one of them in the eye.

"What's the matter?" he asked quietly, and when his voice was that serious, the others know it was no time to kid around.

"Well, Shin…" Kuma started nervously as he looked on the others.

"This is just some sort of observation…" Noda said cautiously as the others nodded, "We can't help but notice, see…"

"Don't worry—nobody has to know! Not even Yankumi herself!" Uchiyama said at once.

"We'll all keep it a secret!" Minami assured him with a clenched fist.

Shin looked at them all oddly and said rather uncertainly, "What are you on about?"

Kuma was pushed by the others in front to say the words.

"Well," Kuma hesitated a little, "You love Yankumi, don't you?"

Shin's eyes expressed utter surprise. He stared at his friends who looked back at him with determination.

"What are you guys saying…?" he started with almost a nervous laugh, "Who in their right mind would fall in love with Yankumi? Have you forgotten who she is? Yankumi is Yakumi—!"

But as he said this, his friends' looks told him they weren't convinced.

"Shin, it's okay," Uchiyama said, "You don't have to hide it,"

Shin closed his mouth.

"We can see it in your eyes and your smiles," Noda winked at him.

"Those are the looks of a person who is deeply in love!" Minami tapped Shin's shoulder.

"Hey, stop kidding around." Shin said rather coldly as he gave his friends a chilling look that made them shut up, "What nonsense are you saying…. Its very stupid."

And he stalked off, kicking a can in front of him in the process.

"Shin!" Kuma shouted in act of running after him but Uchiyama's hand stopped him.

"Let him go, Kuma," he said quietly as their eyes followed Shin's back.


"It's possible he hasn't realize it yet," Minami nodded in understanding, "It's probably better if we let him alone for a while…"

They watched Shin's back disappear from a corner.

"Our Shin's growing up…" Noda whispered that caused Uchi to smack the back of his head.

Shin walked briskly along the pavement with his jaw clenched.

What were those guys saying… him, in love with his homeroom teacher?

"Give me a break!" he hissed as he continued on in a hurried pace.

How can he fall in love with Yankumi? That Yankumi… that stupid Yankumi… that Yankumi who believed him when no one else did… that Yankumi who taught him the importance of friends… that Yankumi whom he can always rely on…

As he thought of this one by one, he didn't notice how slow his pace has become in each step.

That Yankumi who was always ready to protect her precious students…

So how can he fall in love…?

"I know, Tetsu, you don't have to worry!" said a familiar voice.

Shin looked up and saw Yankumi near the bus station standing alone with her bags beside her.

"Yankumi…?" he whispered suddenly.

"Alright, I understand, I won't sleep late, and look after Oji-chan, alright?" she said smiling as she checked on her purse, "I understand, okay… right, jaanaa…"

And she hung up. Shin felt like going near her, but then he stopped as he watched Yankumi with Kuma's voice ringing in his ears.

You love Yankumi, don't you?

Shin watched her and clenched his fists.

"Where are they, their late… oh, could this be them?" Yankumi was saying as a black van stopped in front of her. The side door of the van opened, and before Shin's eyes, two men came out and slammed a handkerchief on Yankumi's mouth.

Shin Sawada's eyes rounded as Yankumi fell unconscious on the men's arms and they pulled her inside the dark van.

"Oi!" Shin shouted as with all his might he ran toward Yankumi and assaulted her abductors, "Let her go!"

He smacked his fist at the two men and then grabbed Yankumi's shoulder who was deeply asleep on the van's chair.

"Yankumi—wake up! You idiot, wake up!" he shouted but before Shin knew it there was an excruciating pain at the back of his head that sent his head aching.

He looked at Yankumi and tried to reach her before he collapsed beside her.


~To Be Continued~

A brief tribute after all with only two chapters!

Thanks for Reading!