"Why not Yukimura?"

(Nirvash Serpentine)

"I want you."

"Me." Tezuka repeated before falling into silence.

"Is something wrong?...You seemed to be upset." Yukimura commented, noticing the silence that came from the other line.

They were talking with each other on the phone-already for several hours in fact- and both seemed to care less. Well it's not like they always got a chance to talk as captains. And Yukimura thought he'd love to talk to Tezuka most.

"Rikkadai will be undefeated when you're on our side." Yukimura continued with a smile.

"Yet it's not like you're an easy opponents as well if I'm not." Tezuka retorted.

"True…well what if you're asked to choose one from our team to be with Seigaku? Who would that be?" Yukimura inquired before taking a sip from a can of cola he bought for himself.

Tezuka thought for a while, weighing his answer.


The Seigaku captain thought the line got temporarily cut off when he heard complete silence form Yukimura's end. Few more seconds passed before he heard a soft chuckle.

"I thought so."

It was Tezuka's turn to fall silent. He practically lied about choosing Kirihara. Personally, he would want Yukimura to join them. But with Fuji's presence around, he knew it would be impossible. Tezuka wasn't sure what made him so sure about this fact. He just had 'this' sort of probable ideas, that would turn 90% real if both men are in one team. His team. It would surely be a bigger problem than handling a short-tempered Kirihara Akaya.


The Seigaku captain was zapped out of his trance upon hearing the other guy's sweet voice.

"Yes..I was just…spacing out…sorry."

"It's ok..I have one question though.."

Tezuka shifted from his position, feeling the need to listen more intently.

"Go ahead."

He could feel Yukimura's hesitation from the other line, yet decided not to voice it.

"Kirihara-kun is a prodigy..I mean..nobody knows how far his talent can bring him…yet…still..well…why not me?" Yukimura asked, lowering his voice on the last words which made it sound like a whisper to Tezuka's ear.

He was caught off guard with the question. He had to admit it.

"Does it…bother you ?" he managed to respond.

"Not really…I just want to know why." Yukimura lied.

Of course he was bothered. He grew up in a world where everybody liked him. Those who don't only say it to cover up their egos which were plainly captivated to his charm. More importantly, he was not used to giving out something unreciprocated.

While it's true that he's not expecting anything in return, he just never attempted to reject any favorable offers to him as well. Like a trip to Egypt from a female classmate who thanked him for being so gorgeous that she didn't anymore care to find other inspiration to focus on her math exams.

That's how it worked for Seiichi Yukimura. And he thought it was quite disappointing that Tezuka chose another person over him. He was aware of course that Tezuka's different – basically the reason why he liked him…and a certain part of him hoped that Tezuka liked him too.

"I think I can handle Kirihara."

"Umm….so what you're saying is….you can't handle me, correct?"

Tezuka sighed as he retrack his answer. He wasn't thinking.

"No..look…I've had enough with Fuji…I mean the headaches,….when it comes to women.."

Yukimura smiled.

"I see..Fuji's beauty really is a magnet to everyone, ne?"


Yukimura waited for Tezuka to say more as he headed to the kitchen. When he heard nothing, he decided to talk.

"I'm attractive then."

"You are." Came Tezuka's quick response, which amused Yukimura.

"Well, thanks…so now it leaves me with the conclusion that Fuji's giving you a hard time by attracting too much attention, which in turn distracts your regular practice….and me…joining your team..will probably leave you suffering from intense, if not a fatal headache." Yukimura said matter of factly.

That, Tezuka thought, sounded wrong.

"That's not – "

"I think I got it now."

"You were exaggerating."

"It's a possibility."

"Well it doesn't change the fact that I want you." Tezuka blurted out.

Both fell silent.

..and Tezuka silently reprimanded himself for being so…careless..

"I'm sorry." He muttered.

His apology was answered with a giggle from the other line.

"You're sorry for wanting me?" Yukimura asked, amused.

"No..not really..well.."

"Do you know the difference between 'want' from 'like'?"

Tezuka frowned. He didn't see the relevance of the question to what they were talking,…but who cares, anyway?



"Want is bolder than like , I guess." Tezuka replied. He still can't believe he's discussing the topic with Rikkaidai's "child of god". He thought it was way too superficial.

"Right. Wanting somebody implies a lot of action…fearless and bold actions.." Yukimura agreed with a smile.


"So…you said you want me. …Shall I expect anything, then?"


Tezuka could clearly hear the teasing tone on Yukimura's voice. He very well knew 'that' tone ever since Fuji got accustomed to standing close beside him. But if there's a difference between Fuji and Yukimura's tone, it's the natural elegance and royalty that the latter's voice had. If Fuji's voice sounded sexy, Yukimura's sounded regal.

"Still there, Tezuka?" the other guy mused.


"Well then, I guess that was not a very good question to ask…anyway, don't you think it's getting late?"

"Right. We've been talking for like…4 hours?"

"Hmmm…It was nice talking to you, Tezuka."

"Same here."

Yukimura glanced at the wallclock in their kitchen, and smiled. He lost track of the time.

"Good night then." He muttered.

"Good night."

There you go...

These two really are gorgeous...


Do check the next chapter for our Seigaku captain's gorgeous mistake!