Everyone seems to take it in stride that there are people – besides brain-washed Satedans – twisted enough to worship the Wraith. This is an OC-oriented piece looking at where these people came from and whether they're irredeemable. Also has a maze, some traps and lots of Ronon Dex. This is set after "The Queen" when Todd is in control of the Wraith alliance.

Kish'Kirin is Kisri's name for Todd.


Kisri walked down the corridor, not looking at the Wraith soldiers flanking her. Kish'Kirin's second-in-command had just sent word that the hangar bay was sealed once more, and she had been sent to greet the delegation from Atlantis.

The Ancient ship looked bulky and ungainly among the darts. She stood there, weight on one foot, fixing her best smile in place. The door lowered, revealing four people.

"Welcome," she greeted them, forcing her hands to stay limp by her side. The Wraith soldiers stood behind her passively, weapons lowered.

The distaste on all of the humans' faces was immediately apparent, and didn't surprise her. Wraith worshippers were the lowest of the low to humans. She didn't care. Humans were the lowest of the low to Wraith worshippers.

"Well, this is a nicer reception than we've gotten the last few times," the leader said, stepping forwards. Kisri had heard Kish'Kirin discuss this man: his bravery, stubbornness and downright refusal to die were creating him a cult of his own in the Pegasus Galaxy. With an experienced eye she took his measure: flexible, honourable, ruthless if necessary, and by no means a fool.

"Colonel Sheppard," she said, not turning it into a question.

"Hi. This is Teyla, Ronon and Doctor Rodney McKay." He indicated in turn a pretty woman with steel in her eyes, a huge bear of a man with hatred radiating from his pores and a nervous, soft-looking man with darting eyes and fidgeting hands.

"I'm Kisri. I've heard much about all of you." She sent Dr McKay a soft, beguiling smile. He blinked back, confused.

"So where's Todd?" Sheppard interrupted, looking none too pleased.

"If you mean the Commander, I'm here to take you to him." Kisri gestured for Colonel Sheppard to walk beside her. As they made their way through the ship, she repeated thoughtfully, "Todd." The name was hard for her to pronounce: her native tongue had been thick with soft sh- and s- sounds and sharp k- consonants. "Todd. That's your name for the Commander?"

"Sure is. Unless you know his real name?" Sheppard eyed her curiously.

"Nobody knows his real name. I call him Kish'Kirin." Kisri turned up her smile slightly. "It means 'averse to the sun.'" It actually meant something far ruder, but with Kisri the only one left to speak her tongue, nobody was around to call her a liar.

"Yeah, that's kind of what 'Todd' means too."

Kish'Kirin was waiting for her in the meeting room. They shed the Wraith soldiers at the door, and Kisri led the Atlantis team into the room. "I've brought them, Kish'Kirin."

"Well done, Kisri. Greetings, Sheppard." Kish'Kirin's eyes gave away nothing. "I trust you are well?"

John Sheppard didn't trust Todd as far as he could throw him, and he would dearly like to see how far that actually was. The fact that Todd had acquired a worshipper along the way did nothing to improve his mood, so his tone was understandably bordering on 'pissed off' when he responded.

"I'm not bad," he told Todd. "How's being the boss suiting you?"

"I find being the one in power quite pleasing," he replied, sounding slightly smug. "It is a pleasant change to be able to implement effective strategies."

"That must be nice." The sarcasm in Sheppard's tone could have melted copper. "So why'd you call us, Todd? What do you want this time?"

"Straight to the point, I see." Todd didn't sound offended. Kisri's smile grew wider for a heartbeat. "Are you aware of this substance?" He nodded at Kisri, and she placed a rock on the table.

Sheppard stared at it. It was black, with small silver specks scattered over the surface. "Well, I have seen rocks before, you know, they're not exactly a rare species."

Rodney, his inclination to be a smart-ass tempered by scientific curiousity, had pulled a tablet out of his jacket and was scanning the stone. "This is emitting some kind of radiation, isn't it?"

"The kill-us kind of radiation?" Sheppard enquired, glaring at Todd suspiciously.

"The useless kind," Rodney replied dismissively.

"You sound very sure of that," Todd interrupted curiously.

"I found a sample of the same kind of thing in an Ancient lab during our first year here. It was weaker than this, but not by much. All the Ancients' findings and reports said the same thing: it's radiation that has no use. Can't be used for power, can't harm anyone… worst this rock will give you is sunburn after a few centuries."

"They were not correct," Todd said. "It has no use in its untreated form, but when subjected to a chemical catalyst, it can be transformed into a weapon."

Ronon's eyes lit up. They were speaking his language. "What kind of weapon?"

"A weapon against the Wraith. Exposed to this activated substance, we would slowly be poisoned, our organs would fail, our skin... it is not a pleasant sight."

"Why the hell are you carrying this thing around then?" Sheppard nudged the rock.

"It is not active," Todd told them. "But recently word has reached me of a planet where it is."

"Ok. So you want us to, what, go after the magic rock for you?" Sheppard couldn't believe his ears. Had Todd really just admitted that there was such a thing as a Wraith-killing rock?

"That is not all I have heard," Todd continued. "Another Hive has discovered the location as well. They are attempting to retrieve it also."

"Will retrieving it not kill them?" Teyla asked, confused.

"The Wraith will send human servants to retrieve a sample." Todd waited, as if expecting a response.

"Well, you appear to have a human now as well, so best of luck to you." Sheppard stood.

"The mineral is concealed at the heart of an Ancient maze," Todd interrupted. "Above it stands a city. If you allow the rival Hive to arrive at that planet, they will retrieve a sample of the mineral and then destroy the city and all of its inhabitants, to ensure that the mineral is never removed. Nor can the mineral veins be entirely removed without doing the same."

Sheppard froze, then sat back down slowly. So that's why he had been so casual about revealing such a huge weakness.

"I will agree to leave the humans unharmed," Todd rumbled. "In return, you will enter the maze, and neutralise the rocks."