A.N.: This doesn't seem much like a Russia x Latvia as I was originally intended...but this seems to be one of the good "angst"-y poems I made. Review please?

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If everyone was a puppet or a controller, what would it be like? There would be so many who would never speak...and so many that will never be heard...

Should we play?

I look up into your eyes and see violet

You hold out your hand for me...

Should we play?

You smile at me as I twist and twirl

I can only stare back feeling scared

The strings attached cannot be seen

Yet look closely; you might see I am still tied to you

I've seen what you've done in your past

All those wars, conflicts, and bloodshed days

You hold my hand and invite me to play

"Come on, we'll have fun!"

But what is the meaning of fun for you

When it only means poking and teasing me?

I can see myself in your eyes

But what does this puppet's existence mean to you?

Haven't I done enough to make you see

That I am not a puppet but someone too?

Not much has changed yet time rolls by so fast

I am still your puppet as you claim.

Yet I am not the only one who is

My brothers you have taken in too.

The strings hold strong, that your fingers control,

We are all but puppets and you our master.

I don't want to depend on you,

I want to be independent from you.

I just want to be free, I just want to run

But when you restrain the strings on my back,

It only reminds me what I truly am.

A puppet.


I am yours for now, forever faithful.

But you can wait back there and see

The day I get my freedom,

When the strings finally break.

So I guess that's it for now. The small paragraph above the poem doesn't exactly relate: It's just how I feel about puppets in general. So what about the poem? Love it? Hate it?

I will really need a Beta Reader for this.

Review please? :3