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Title: Part Of Your World – Pleasure, Pain and Property

Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus; somewhere post both series

Disclaimer: All rights reserved to Rick Riordan for he created the awesomeness that is Nico di Angelo. And everything else related to Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus. Aside from the Gods, of course. They are all copyright by the old Greeks. This fanfiction on the other hand is entirely mine. No money is made with this, though reviews are more than welcomed.

Warnings: shounen-ai, threesome, incest, crossdressing, toys, bondage, anal, doubling, oral, explicit intercourse, mpreg, impregnation, D/s, spanking, character death, miscarriage

Main Pairing: Triton/Percy, Poseidon/Percy and Sander/Fabi

Side Pairings: Chris/Clarisse, Nico/Annabeth, Frank/Hazel, Tyson/Ella, Grover/Juniper, Leo/Piper, Jason/Reyna, Paul/Sally, Poseidon/Amphitrite (past), Hades/Persephone, Ares/Aphrodite, Zeus/Hera

Percy Jackson Characters: Perseus Jackson, Triton, Poseidon, Amphitrite, Tyson, Ella, Paul Blofis, Sally Blofis, Grover Underwood, Leo Valdez, Nico di Angelo, Annabeth Chase, Piper McLean, Thalia Grace, Rachel Elizabeth Dare, Hazel Levesque, Frank Zhang, Clarisse la Rue, Chris Rodriguez, Connor Stoll, Travis Stoll, Octavian Simmons, Jason Grace, Reyna Anderson, Chiron, Glaucus, Atargatis, Loreley, Persephone, Hades, Demeter, Apollo, Hera, Zeus, Aphrodite Hermes, Dionysus, Ares, Hestia, Artemis, Athena, Hephaestus, Mrs. O'Leary, Blackjack, Scipio, Arion

Own Characters of the Next Generation: Fabius Jackson, Attina Jackson, Alana Jackson, Aquata Jackson, Adella Jackson, Arista Jackson, Andrina Jackson, Ariel Jackson, Sammy Marie Zhang, Calandra Rodriguez, Chrysander Rodriguez, Charisma Rodriguez, Bianca Hazel di Angelo, Matthew Robert di Angelo, Perseus Leo di Angelo

Summary: Poseidon wants Percy as his own, but to get what he wants, he needs to set him up with his heir. Surprisingly enough, Triton isn't as much against the idea as Poseidon would have thought.

Part Of Your World

Pleasure, Pain and Property

10. Jealous Nature and Natural Jealousy

It was August, only four months after Nico's and Annabeth's wedding. The warmth of summer had already made room for the chilly autumn winds. Most campers that were no year rounders had already left for their homes again. The habitats of Cabin Three were also very busy packing.

"I hate when summer ends", grunted Sander with a dark frown as he helped his best friend to pack everything, throwing a Little Mermaid pajama into the suitcase. "Most of the years sucks."

"Oh come on, you have other friends aside from us", scoffed the blonde next to him amused and nudged him. "You get along with like everyone at camp."

"Yeah well, but everyone ain't you", muttered the grandson of Hermes. "It's not like we're hiding our spare Fabs and Atti in the antic until you leave for autumn."

He couldn't help himself, but the memory of his conversation with Fabi on the wedding still burned in his mind. That there was this merman who got to spend practically all year with his Fabi. His best friend Fabius, corrected Sander himself and shook his head. He was a bit confused by the possessiveness that had taken over him since he had learned about this. But he couldn't help himself. He dislike the notion greatly. Somehow he had believed to be the center of Fabi's life. Just like Fabi was the center of his life. Though knowing that this wasn't the case... it hurt. It hurt in such an unpleasant way, nearly like back when Fabi didn't talk with him.

"One may think you are jealous, Chrysander", noted Attina with one raised eyebrow.

"Don't be stupid, Atti", hissed the brunette and blushed slightly. "I just... think that it's unfair! I mean, we have to spend all year at camp while you get to roam the whole freaking sea!"

"My brother actually has a point there", agreed Cally, who sat on top of the bed, watching them a bit bored. "I mean, it must be wickedly awesome to get to wrestle a shark or stuff..."

"Typical kid of war", snorted Atti amused and rolled her eyes. "For your information, we don't wrestle sharks. We sometimes ride dolphins, yeah, but we don't wrestle sharks."

"Sounds a bit lame, but I'd give it a try", shrugged the daughter of Clarisse.

The figure leaning against the door-frame and observing them grinned broadly at that and made his way over to the Big House. It seemed a certain grandson of Hermes was getting pretty jealous here.

"Clarisse!", exclaimed the silent observer with a broad smirk as he burst into the Big House.

"For the love of it, Jackson, just shut up!", grunted the brunette woman a bit irritated.

She sat at the kitchen table and read the newspaper. Lifting her gaze off the written words, she glared at her intruding friend. For once, all her kids were out of the house and she didn't have anyone to train. She just wanted to enjoy that peaceful hour.

"You look stressed", chuckled the son of Poseidon amused and sat down opposite of her.

"And you look very relaxed for having seven children at your heels", grunted Clarisse with a suspicious frown. "My three are already driving me half insane."

"What would you say then if I'd tell you that I have a way for you to have three months of peace?"

"I would tell you that they're too old to be given up for adoption", muttered the daughter of Ares.

Percy laughed amused and shook his head. "Not what I've been talking about, War Princess. I mean, since Ally and Aqua go with Carry to New Rome to spend the autumn with Sammy, I thought... perhaps Cally and Sander would like to spend the autumn at the palace?"

"What palace?", asked Clarisse confused and blinked a couple of times.

"My palace, dumbo", chuckled Percy and rolled his eyes. "The underwater palace."

"Sounds nice. Aside from the whole underwater-part", snorted the brunette.

"I'm a god", smirked the son of Poseidon and winked once. "I do have a little magic."

Clarisse stared at him thoughtful for a little while before shaking her head. "I can't just send my kids off to the sea like that. It's dangerous. New. They have no idea what to do down there."

"That's what I and my children are there for", smiled Percy. "You should know that they're safe with me, girl. You kept mine safe during the summer too, after all."

"Well... having a couple of months without them sounds kind of...", Clarisse stopped herself and shook her head again. "Okay, okay, you win. Go and take them with you. Keep them."

Percy smirked in delight and grabbed her hand. "Come on, let's tell them right away!"

"Not sure if that is a good idea yet", muttered the daughter of Ares reluctantly.

"Just imagine one thing: Three months all to yourself. To yourself and Chris", smirked Percy and winked slightly. "You could go on vacation somewhere romantic or stuff."

"Okay, okay, okay", sighed the daughter of Ares, nodding slowly.

The two mothers soon reached the Poseidon Cabin to watch their children's bickering.

"I would so win a fight against a shark!", growled Calandra with wide gestures.

"You wouldn't stand a chance", huffed the daughter of Perseus.

"Aside from the fact that we would never let you harm a poor shark!", pouted Fabius.

"I can practically see you getting all Disney-princess over them", snickered Sander from Fabi's bed, watching the girls arguing. "Singing with the sharks, dancing with the dolphins..."

"Shut up!", yelped the blonde boy and blushed. "I don't get all Disney-princess!"

"You do, love", chuckled Percy amused. "And that's nothing to be ashamed of."

"Says Disney Princess Senior", snickered Clarisse and elbowed the older son of Poseidon.

"Shut up!", yelped Percy and glared at her.

"What was that about not being ashamed?", grinned Fabi and stuck his tongue out.

"Be nice or I'll not give you your surprise", chided the Sea Queen with a smirk.

"Surprise?", piped both his children up with wide, longing eyes. "What surprise?"

"Like trained puppies", snorted Clarisse amused.

"When I came by here earlier to fetch you, I heard the four of you talking", hummed Percy with a smile. "So I went to talk to Clarisse about this. And we came to the conclusion that it would probably be a good thing for all of you."

"What are you talking about, uncle Percy?", asked Sander confused.

"Percy offered that you two rascals go swimming with the fishes for the autumn", replied Clarisse.

"But... how should that be possible, mom?", grunted Cally and raised one eyebrow.

"Your godfather is literally a god. Don't you think I have a trick or two up my sleeves too?", chuckled Percy and winked at the kids playfully. "So... What do you say? Fancy a couple of weeks or so down in Atlantis, living in the castle... wrestling sharks?"

Two pair of big, begging brown eyes turned from Percy to Clarisse. "Mom? Can we go? Please?"

The daughter of war chuckled amused and rolled her eyes, nodding slowly. Chrysander and Calandra yelped gleefully and jumped her to hug her tightly, chanting their thanks.

"This is going to be a wickedly awesome autumn!", exclaimed Sander and turned from his mom to his best friend, wrapping his arms around Fabi's midsection and whirling him around. "You will show me every interesting corner of Atlantis! This is brilliant!"

"Well, you two better get packed then so we can leave, mh?", smiled Percy amused.

The children of Clarisse hastily ran past the adults to get their stuff packed. Percy looked a last time at his very gleeful daughter and his slightly flustered son before taking his friend's arm and guiding the brunette woman out of the cabin. Clarisse threw curious glances at him.

"What are you up to?", asked the daughter of Ares once they reached the Big House again.

"I have no idea what you're talking to", hummed Percy confused.

"Oh please", snorted the brunette and rolled her eyes. "I've known you long enough. And I also know the gods long enough to see when they're up to something to have some fun. You have the same mischievous spark in your eyes like Lord Hermes when he had send Chris and me on a wild goose-chase throughout Europe for the fun of it."

"But you had fun", shrugged the son of Poseidon confused.

"It was on our freaking honeymoon, Jackson!", growled Clarisse annoyed.

"Why are you two talking about our honeymoon?", chuckled Chris amused, poking his head out of the living room as the two passed it. "Hey. I just came home. Something wrong?"

Clarisse smiled slightly and laid one arm around her husband's neck, pulling him into a soft kiss. "Nothing's wrong. We just decided to get rid of Cally and Sander for a while."

"How so?", asked the son of Hermes curiously, wrapping his arms around his wife's waist.

"Hello to you too, Chris", chuckled Percy and shook his head. "I'll be taking them with me to the palace. I think it would do them some good to spend a bit time away from camp. I mean, they're teenagers now, I suppose it would be nice for them to leave home for a while. No kid their age likes to constantly be around their parents, eh?"

"What are you up to, Percy?", grunted the son of Hermes with a frown.

"See!", exclaimed Clarisse, glaring at the son of Poseidon. "And he tried to give me the innocent eyes and crap. I know he's up to something."

"I've spend enough time with my siblings to know mischief when I see it", snorted Chris.

"Okay, okay, okay", sighed the green-eyed boy and bit his lips. "Maybe I want to set our sons up."

"Maybe?", snorted Clarisse ridiculed.

"Our sons?", blinked Chris confused.

"Oh, really now, Chris", grunted his wife and hit him upside the head. "You can't be that slow. Every time the Jacksons leave once summer is over, it's always Fabs this, Fabs that... It's like listening to an audio book version of summer all over again."

"Well, yeah... Because they're best friends?", shrugged the son of Hermes.

"And they call me slow", snorted Percy and shook his head. "Our sons are totally into each other. Though I don't really think they've noticed it just yet. Fabi most likely got my genes there..."

"And Sander most likely doesn't really want to realize that he's gay... Some of the kids from my cabin have been giving a boy from Aphrodite Cabin a hard time for being 'a little fairy'", muttered Clarisse with a dark frown. "They got into major trouble with me and Chiron for it, but I guess it makes others uncomfortable... Maybe spending time in the sea will help him?"

"But why now?", asked Chris, still trying to wrap his head around the concept of his son being in love and him not having noticed that. "I mean, you never took them with you before."

"Because they needed to stay in their own world until they're a bit more... stable", shrugged Percy slowly. "As kids, it would have overwhelmed them. Now it would just be another adventure for them. And it would help me out quite a bit too."

"How so?", wanted the daughter of Ares to know.

"Fabi is fifteen now", muttered the son of Poseidon, crossing his arms over his chest. "Mermaids and mermen are of mating age when they're sixteen. There are... suitors slowly gathering, hoping to get a better shot as soon as he's sixteen. He's the prince of Atlantis, the official heir of the king. Many want him. And some are... persistent. I think he is very much in love with Sander, but if he doesn't realize that soon, he may end up in quite a mess. The courting will only confuse him if he hasn't realized his own feelings by then. And there is one very, very persistent suitor. Neither my husband nor I approve of him. So..."

"So coming down to Atlantis would give Sander the chance to play knight in shining armor for Fabi and make him fall for him?", chuckled Clarisse amused and shook her head. "You really spend too much time with Lady Aphrodite these days."

"I know", shrugged Percy casually. "But she makes brilliant tea and cakes."

"So, back the main point", interrupted Chris with a thoughtful expression on his face. "This means we will get time off out children? Like... privacy? Peace?"

"Vacation", smirked Clarisse and leaned in to steal another kiss.


"Bye, mom, bye dad", grinned Sander, hugging his parents.

"Be good. And whatever you do, be safe. And I mean, whatever", warned Clarisse.

"Uh... sure?", nodded the boy a bit confused.

"Have fun, kids!", smiled Chris and waved at them as Sander ran up to the others.

Fabius, Attina, Percy and Cally were standing at the shore, in the shallow water, waiting for him impatiently. The son of Clarisse grinned the broadest grin possible as he caught up with them. He got to spend three months with his best friends and his very awesome uncle in the freaking underwater palace. This screamed adventure like nothing else ever before. It was his chance to become part of Fabs' life outside of camp, something he had wished for for so long long. It send a tingly feeling throughout it whole body. Though... no... it wasn't that. The tingling grew, making him shudder, settling on his legs. It felt weird. Really, really weird. And then he fell and yelped.

"Ouch", muttered the boy with a frown and blinked a few times.

"You're a merboy, you're a merboy, you're really, really, really a merboy!"

The loud, joyful voice of his best friend pulled him out of his fuzzy thoughts blinking again, he turned to look at the other boy confused. Fabius was circling him like the ADHD merboy he was. His long, yellow tail whipping through the water, showing it's blue fin. Sander had to smile at that. He loved his best friend's true form. It made the other boy look so gracious and beautiful. Well, even more beautiful than he normally was.

"Oh yeah, I am so going to beat you at a race, bro", smirked Cally next to him, bumping shoulders.

Sander blinked another couple of times before noticing the black double tails of his sister. His dark eyes wandered down his own body to see that he too had two tails. White as snow.

"What are you doing zooming out like that?!", exclaimed Fabius next to him and grabbed his hand. "The girls have a head-start! Come on, or they'll be at the palace before us!"

Before Sander could voice his question, he got pulled beneath the surface, the water swirling around him as he swam in a speed unknown to him until then. At first he was reluctant to breath, but with the time it came natural to him to breath the water. It was a weird sensation and the hushed and whispered voices all around him weren't helping him much either.

"Fabs... do you... hear those voices too?", whispered Sander unsure after a while.

"It's the fishes", chuckled Fabius amused, locking eyes with him. "You always made fun of me for that. But now that you're a merboy yourself, you can hear them too. They're curious who you are."

"The fishes... I'm... hearing the fishes...", muttered Sander with a confused expression.

"Yeah, stop worrying about it", laughed the blonde. "Better hurry, I can already see the palace!"

The brunette boy yelped slightly as he was pulled along even faster. The palace came closer and closer, with all it's mighty glory. It was the most amazing building he had ever seen. Or maybe that was because there were mermaids and mermen swimming around it, the water shimmering in different colors, fishes of the most amazing colors and forms everywhere, a garden of corals in front of it. The most beautiful thing he could ever imagine.

"Oh, so you decided to join us too?", grinned Atti broadly as the boys reached them.

The two mermaids were sitting on a coral, both grinning broadly. Sander was panting hard, leaning against his best friend for support. Swimming like that, with tails, was something completely new.

"Wait", muttered Sander and frowned, staring down at his tails. "Why do Cally and I have two tails, like uncle Triton, but you only have one tail?"

"Yeah, why's that?", asked Cally, propping herself up with her arms.

The boys took a seat next to the girls, the Jackson siblings exchanging an amused look at that.

"But always making fun of me for not knowing much about humans", chuckled Fabius and shook his head. "There are dominants and submissives. The dominants always have two tails, to hold onto their mate during mating, means of keeping them locked together, like the knot of a dog and stuff."

"Someone has been paying close attention to the mating lessons from Bill", smirked his sister.

Fabi blushed furiously and stuck his tongue out at his sister. Sander frowned, looking from his two tails, broader and probably stronger than Fabi's, to the single, sleek and longer tail of the smaller boy. He still wasn't quite sure what that was supposed to mean though.

"If that's the case, then why is Cally having two tails and why do you only have one tail even though you're a boy, Fabs?", asked the still confused son of Clarisse.

"Because I'm a submissive, like mom", replied Fabius in a well-duh voice.

"Merfolk is a bit more complicated than humankind", smiled Percy as he caught up with them. "Their anatomy is different. Males can carry children just as well as females. That's where I got my ability from too. There are submissive males as well as dominant females."

"That is... weird...", muttered Sander and wiggled his nose.

"You humans are way more weird!", snorted Fabi with a huff. "When a girl and a girl or a boy and a boy love each other, they can't even have children! You're far from perfect when it comes to evolution. Really now. And now come on, I'll show you my room!"

Percy shook his head amused, watching the four teenagers eagerly swimming off towards the entrance of the palace. He knew he had done the right thing, bringing the Rodriguez kids with him. It was the best for them all. A danger was coming. He wasn't quite sure what kind of danger or when, but after fighting three wars, he had a sense for that kind of danger. And even though Fabius still refused to talk to him about it, Percy still knew that nightmares were plaguing the boy. Though he knew his son, the blonde would come to him if he gave him some more time.

"What are you looking so melancholic for?"

"Oh? Dad, you're home", smiled Percy and turned some.

"Of course. It's the day you return from camp. Wouldn't miss that", replied Poseidon amused and walked up to his son, slowly wrapping his arms around Percy's waist. "I missed you, love."

The son of Poseidon laughed softly. His father had been a great help after the loss of his baby boy. It had been hard for Percy, staying. His guts told him to run, to get his head cleared. Whenever he looked at the three baby girls, he had to think about the boy. How he would look now, how he would behave, how much he would love the child... Whenever those thoughts overwhelmed him, whenever he felt unable to even look at the triplets, his husband took over, taking care of the babies with the help of their older children. And Poseidon took care of him. Most of the times, the two of them left for the mausoleum together, just sitting there and talking about Sally mostly. It helped. Helped dealing with the grief, but it also helped rebuilding the trust between them. Not the easiest task, Percy still felt a bang of betrayal when remembering why Poseidon had done everything.

"Where are Triton and the girls?", murmured the king's wife, resting his head against his father's shoulder. "Is he waiting inside with the babies?"

"They're... not here", replied Poseidon, tightening his grip on Percy's waist.

"What is that supposed to mean?", asked Percy with a frown.

"Amphitrite has given us a call a couple of days ago", started the older god slowly, rubbing circles on his son's back. "She... wanted him to come over earlier. And to bring the babies."

"What?", wanted the former demi-god to know, stiffening some.

"It... seems she is growing lonely", murmured the Sea God. "She wants to meet her grandchildren. It sounded a bit fishy to me, but Triton thought a try couldn't hurt."

"Oh", nodded the younger god slowly.

"That leaves only... you, me and Atti and Fabi", whispered Poseidon a bit tense.

It was making him a little nervous. He was practically alone with Percy, something that happened very rare the past few years. If they got intimate, then Triton was with them too. It was as if Percy wasn't feeling safe when he was alone with Poseidon. Because he didn't trust his father anymore. And really, the older god couldn't blame him. So now he was concerned that Percy was forced to spend time alone with him. But he was also giddy to have the beautiful boy all to himself.

"Not completely. I kind of... brought someone with me..."

Though before Poseidon could ask what the eternal teen was talking about, he saw the four children swimming out of Fabius' window, laughing and talking loudly. The Sea God blinked surprised.

"Are those Clarisse's children...?", asked Poseidon slowly. "But..."

"Well", hummed Percy with a wicked half-smirk, one that went down right to his father's groin, making the older god shiver. "Since Glaucus is showing so awfully much interest in Fabi and we don't want that, I thought I'd offer Sander the possibility to court him too... Or don't you approve?"

"You're asking me?", muttered the god and blinked a few times.

"He is your son, dad", smiled the son of Poseidon amused and tilted his head.

They both knew that, but they didn't really talk about it. It was safer for Fabius to believe to be the son of Triton, he was legally seen, after all. And Poseidon didn't bother with it really, Triton was a good father, to all of them. And the role of the grandfather was much more fun anyway.

"Well, I suppose...", started Poseidon and coughed a few times. "Chrysander is a good, honorable lad. He got his mother's fighting spirit and a kind heart. More faithful than Glaucus, that much is for sure. And we know he's not interested in our son because of his status."

"I know", grinned Percy pleased, cuddling closer. "I want to see our son happy."

"Me too, love, me too", whispered Poseidon, burying his nose in the soft, black hair.


Sander huffed, the broadest grin possible on his face, as he jumped his best friend, wrapping his arms around the blonde's neck and his tails around the yellow tail, holding him. The smaller merboy yelped at that, trying to free himself. Their sisters laid on the floor, laughing loudly.

"Got you! I told you I'd always find you", smirked the son of Clarisse.

They had been playing tag and Sander had found them all. Though holding Fabius send an entirely new sensation through him. The brunette wasn't sure what it meant. He sure didn't have that with his sister. And also not with Attina. But being that close to Fabi...

"Oh! Who is that?", giggled a new voice. "Fabius got himself a strong merman!"

"Nice, nice! Handsome young lad", giggled another voice.

"Shut up, you two!", yelped Fabius, turning a bright red. "And you, let go!"

"Loreley! Atargatis! Great, you have to meet our friends!", exclaimed Attina excitedly.

Sander turned some, attentively, but instinctively tightening his grip on his blonde. The blonde. Shaking his head, he tried to sort his thoughts. Those were the two friends Fabius had told him about. The Atlantis versions of him and his sister. Atargatis and Loreley.

"Hi, I'm Calandra Rodriguez. That's my brother, Chrysander. Nice to meet you."

"I'm Atargatis", smiled a beautiful blonde mermaid, still giggling.

"And my name's Loreley", grinned the brunette mermaid next to her with a heavy German accent.

Both of them were giggling like little girls, pointing their fingers at Sander and Fabius. Which kind of made the brunette merboy even more protective of the prince in his arms.

"For the gods' sake, let go of me, Chrysander", growled the deeply flustered son of Poseidon.

Sander frowned at the harsh tone and let go of the smaller male at once. "Why? What's wrong? You never get that irritated when we cuddle otherwise!"

"Oh, so you cuddle more often?", giggled Loreley, elbowing Fabius. "Dein Märchenprinz?"

"Shut your stupid mouth", hissed Fabi, blushing some darker.

"And you", accused the blonde female with a smirk, poking Sander's chest. "Have no idea about mating. How can a merboy your age be that clueless? Haven't you learned yet?"

"Because we're humans", grunted Cally defensively, pulling her brother away from her.

She didn't like it when anyone was making fun of her twin. Well, anyone aside from her.

"Oh. The human friends?", grinned Atargatis, twirling her blonde her around her fingers.

"Yeah, mom turned them", nodded Attina eagerly. "But they still have no idea about our society yet. So we have to teach them. You two going to help us?"

"How could we say no?", smirked Loreley. "This sounds like fun. Like much, much fun!"

"Lesson number one!", exclaimed the blonde, clapping both her hands once. "Mating!"

The Jackson siblings giggled with slight blushes, huddled together on a brightly pink coral, Loreley standing in front of them with a mock-serious expression on her marvelous features. Sander admired her beauty for about ten seconds before turning his attention back to Fabius. He grabbed his sister's hand and pulled her with him to sit together with their friends.

"The act of mating, most of the times consumed for fun these days", smiled Loreley. "It happens between a dominant and a submissive. A dominant is-"

"Yeah, okay, we got that part", interrupted Sander, blushing a bit. "Uncle Percy explained."

"Good", nodded Atargatis. "The dominant holds onto their submissive during the mating, to ensure that they stay close and locked, making the impregnation easier. And the way you just held Fabius was kind of exactly how it's done. Two tails wrapped around one."

"You mean it's like a... sex position?", squealed Sander undignified and blushed furiously.

"I suppose you could call it that, yes", nodded Loreley thoughtful. "Though you two look cute together. You'd make an excellent couple of mates. And you'd make some cute guppies."

"Loreley, you're out of line again", grunted Atargatis with a disapproving glare.

"Just picturing the future", shrugged the brunette mermaid innocently. "Since the Germans robbed me off my favorite pastime I get bored easily. And if I can't tempt some sailors, I want to at least have some fun with other easily flustered humans."

"I am not your entertainment system", growled Sander irritated.

"No quarreling", interrupted Attina annoyed. "I've always wanted for our best friends to meet. And now that you did, you will get along very well. Am I clear?"

"Yes, mam", nodded the others obediently.

"Good", grinned the daughter of Perseus and nodded pleased. "And now... A tour through Atlantis!"

"Oh yes", agreed Loreley eagerly. "There is the human museum, they will have fun in that one!"

"A human museum?", chuckled Cally curiously. "Well then, lead the way, fish girls."

The four girls swam off, talking animatedly. Fabius turned to Sander with a bright smile and grabbed his hand to pull him along. The normally human boy felt as if his shoulder would dislodge if they kept doing that. But he liked holding Fabi's hand, so it was probably alright.


"That was pretty amazing! What next?", asked Calandra eagerly.

She swam in circles around her friends' heads, looking left and right for something else to do. Loreley soon joined her in her eagerness, starting to babble about one thing or another. Attina on the other hand stretched some and yawned. The day had been exhausting. It was as if they had swam throughout the whole city in the past few hours. The princess sighed and leaned against Atargatis, the blonde mermaid re-doing her make-up with a little pocket-mirror hidden in a shell.

"Where are the boys anyway?", asked Attina with a frown, looking around.

"Sucking faces somewhere?", giggled Loreley. "Or maybe... something else..."

"Shut your dirty mouth, Loreley", warned the princess sternly. "You're talking about my baby brother here! And besides, they're not doing stuff like that. Come on, let's search for them. Maybe they got lost or something like that?"

"Shouldn't your brother know his way around here?", snorted Cally and followed. "Come on, they were keeping us back anyway. They'll be fine, don't you worry. I don't want to waste time on searching for our useless brothers. I want to see more!"

"I completely agree", nodded Loreley. "You have to see the crystal cave and the pearl palace in the north and the wittered wreck of the sunken ship!"

"Sounds fantastic. I want to see. Come on now, Atti. Don't be a spoil spot!"

The pigtailed girl looked thoughtful for a second, turning to stare at the museum once more before shrugging. Her brother really should be fine. And Sander too, as long as he stuck with Fabius. Perhaps spending some alone time may help those two dense idiots.

"Okay fine, the crystal cave it is", chuckled the princess and caught up with the other girls.


"I... kind of think we lost the girls", muttered Sander, looking from a bathtub over to a display case with a broken watch, a fork and a half DVD. "Haven't seen them in a while."

"Oh, they'll be fine. They've been here plenty of times", replied Fabius, not worried a bit. "We'll see them back at the palace for dinner if we don't find them now. Not a problem."

"Then it's only us", grinned the brunette. "Without the annoying chattering."

"Yeah", grinned the prince back.

They were still holding hands. Somehow he hadn't noticed. But... he really didn't want to let go. It was as if it was against his nature to let go of Fabius, as if he had to... he wasn't sure what it was.

"Fabius, how curious to meet you here."

Azure blue eyes widened in surprise and the boy smiled. A smile that didn't quite sit right with Sander. At least not as long as someone else caused it. The two boys turned around to face the owner of the deep, dark voice. A merman, probably mid-twenty, at least from the looks of it, though with knowing the gods, Sander long since had stopped trusting that. Tall, dark, handsome, with just the right amount of bad boy charm to make parents disapprove and knees go weak.

"Glaucus!", exclaimed Fabius with a smile and let go of Sander's hand to hug the stranger.

Great. So the ancient hero was an eye candy. So not what Sander had hoped for. His eyes darkened and he growled slightly. It took him all his will to not pull Fabius off the other merman and hug him as close as possible. Though since he now knew that this was inappropriate, he was even more confused and annoyed at himself.

"Who is your friend over there, my prince?", asked Glaucus with a victorious smirk.

"That's Sander", grinned the son of Perseus broadly. "You know, my Sander. The one I've been telling you about. Auntie Clarisse's son."

Sander's heart fluttered in an odd way upon being called Fabi's. He tried to push the feeling away and concentrate on the rival. The other merman, he meant. Being transformed into a merboy really screwed with his head. He hoped it would settle once he had a good night's sleep.

"Very nice to meet you, Chrysander Rodriguez. Fabius has been talking about you quite a lot."

"He did? Well, he scarcely mentioned you", grunted Sander with a glare.

The two dominants locked eyes, silently competing without their object of affection noticing. "I've just been showing San around. Would you like to join us? I'm sure you know one or two secret and awesome places. Yes, please?"

The biggest, most begging azure-blue eyes possible turned toward Glaucus. And even though Sander knew the older former mortal disliked the mere idea of sharing Fabi's attention with someone else just as much as Sander himself disliked it, the brunette also knew that it was completely impossible to deny those deep, blue eyes.

"It would be my pleasure, my prince", smiled Glaucus and kissed Fabius' hand.


Poseidon sat on his bed, a book on his lap, reading it. Though he seemed unable to concentrate. His thoughts kept going back to his sons. Triton, who tried to fix his relationship with his mother and dearly wanted her approval of his children. Fabius, who was torn between suitors even without knowing it. And Percy, who... was just being Percy.

"Are you asleep yet, dad?", whispered a soft voice.

The Sea God frowned and turned to look at the door, where Percy was standing curiously. "No?"

"Oh. Good", smiled the son of Sally and sneaked into the bedroom. "You mind... if I join you?"

A cute blush took over the sun-kissed cheeks as the male queen swam up to the bed. Poseidon frowned slightly at that, slowly nodding, not sure what Percy wanted. They hadn't shared a bed in years, at least not his. Most of the times Triton called him to the couple's bedroom to share Percy. In the last couple of months, the invitation had often come from Percy too, but he had still not come to Poseidon on his own. Not into his bed, at least.

"How could I mind, my love?", chuckled Poseidon, pushing the blanket back.

"It's just... our bed is so... big and empty without Triton", murmured the flustered ruler of Atlantis. "I just... can't fall asleep there. I mean, sure, I don't have Triton with me at camp too. But that bed I got at camp is so tiny, I'm enough company to myself there. Though our bed is... too big..."

"You're very welcomed to stay with me", smiled the Sea God, trying to cover his excitement.

Percy crawled under the sheets, snuggling up to his father, who eagerly wrapped one arm around his back. Resting his head on Poseidon's chest, the former demi-god closed his eyes.

"You think Sander and Fabi will be okay?", yawned the son of Poseidon.

"Why shouldn't they?", grunted the older god and put his book away. "It certainly is all very new to Chrysander at the moment, but with a little luck, he will learn to understand his instincts and also to interpret them. He will see and understand. And we may gain a son-in-law, mh?"

"Amusing idea", chuckled Percy and rubbed his eyes. "Though first they have to stand strong..."

There was a solemn and grave tone to his voice, one that made Poseidon shiver in fearful anticipation. It was new, unusual for the former Sea Prince. And Poseidon didn't like it.

"What do you mean?", asked the god with a frown. "Percy? What do you mean?"

But his son was already deep asleep, cuddling some closer to the older god. Poseidon chuckled and leaned down to place a kiss on top of his young lover's head. Maybe this would be the last thing he needed to get his beloved Percy back. Not that he was glad that Fabius was having such a complicated love life, but those difficulties were drawing Percy and Poseidon back together.


Sander groaned and turned and turned again. He could not, not for the life of him, fall asleep. Half floating through the water was so not his thing. He needed gravity! Turning again, he stared over at the sleeping face next to him. A grin tugged on his lips at that. Since they had arrived so suddenly, the maidens needed some time to prepare rooms for Cally and Sander, so the royal siblings took them in for the first night. And here he was, laying on the bed right next to Fabius. The blonde was deeply asleep, a serene smile on his lips. His so very rosy lips. They looked so temptingly soft. Sander lifted a hand and ran his thumb subconsciously over them. Yep. They were just as soft as they looked. His hand wandered over to caress the floating blonde hair. Fabius hummed in his sleep and scooted closer until he was pressed against Sander, his tail sneaking between Sander's as if he was seeking protection in his sleep. Slowly, sleep was claiming the trickster as he felt Fabi so close.

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