Powerpuffs in Gotham

I saw The Dark Knight Rises last month and boy was it good. I mean it's not as better than the previous film but still it's good.

But I have no time to review, this story must go on!

The Powerpuff Girls belong to Cartoon Network
Batman and other characters are owned by DC Comics

Chapter 9: I Am The Night

Blossom's Monologue, Part 2:
(We heard the Professor's cry for help back on Earth and we rushed down as the speed of sound to save him and everyone who hated us for what we did. It was that time we finally learned what our powers are for in this situation of rampaging monkeys. We fight! We basically kicked every monkey's butt except for Mojo Jojo who had the Professor in his clutches. Then he grew as big as a movie monster using what little Chemical X he had left. We took the fight to Mojo, head to head, toe to toe and hand to hand. We almost lost... but all that love we had in our hearts... all that care we have... and our charming personalities us little girls have... makes us who we are... almost human... Power or no power, we would always love and cherish the people around us, even if they hate us or not. And with that power we can protect not only ourselves but the people from evil guys like Mojo, and save the world... And then we won... and then we tried to quit... but after what we've all been through... after so much fighting... everyone formed a circle of love and praised us all. Not only were we good little girls that people care and worship but we became more than just superheroes, we became their treasure. Hm. Those were the good days.)

Shift to back at the mansion with Batman, Robin, Bubbles, Buttercup and Blossom who are being surrounded by cops and SWAT officers.

(Until now... What have we gotten ourselves into?!)
Monologue ends.

Light shined through the windows as the police searchlights scan to see anyone.

"The Mayor was to die at exactly mid-night, the Gotham Police were too late and now we're the only ones still here." Batman said.

Buttercup screams in frustration. "Can't things get any worse?"

"Powerpuff Girls!" Called Harvey Bullock through the mega phone. "You're completely surrounded! Exit out of the house with your hands up and we'll go easy on you!"

Blossom has just about lost hope in herself for not following Bruce Wayne's warning. "I guess we have to do what he says." Blossom said sadly.

"What? Are you crazy?" Robin asked.

"Mr. Wayne told us to stay at his home and not use our powers, and all we did was disobeyed him because of being superheroes." Bubbles said with her eyes closed and head down.

"I just wish we should've just listen to what you girls said." Buttercup said.

"And we wouldn't have started this war." Blossom said. "We caused this little accident in the first place."

"Sorry." The girls said at the same time. And they proceed to the door, they pass by Batman who just watched them float to the doors. Robin runs up to him about why he's not stoping them.

"Hey! You're not gonna let them go out there, aren't you?" Robin questioned Batman and looks away with a face, obviously he has a plan to get him, the girls and Robin out of this mess.

The girls opened the doors and the light shines bright on them, they shield their eyes. Bullock smiles greatfully seeing that their turning themselves in.

Blossom looks down for a second and looks up again. "We're not gonna fly away! Just take us in. We derserve our punishment." She said as she held her arms out and so does her sisters. Bullock orders his men to hold their fire and has one of them move in, with handcuffs. The pink little Powerpuff doesn't have any ideas anymore as there is no turning back, the green Powerpuff has her eyes closed tight in embrace and the Blue one just sheds tears while she closes her eyes as well. Just as the officer gets close to cuff Blossom, a Batarang suddenly appears from above and sticks on to the officer. "Huh?" He muttered as he look down at his chest and then it electrocutes him. "Ahhhh!" Paralysing him and falls to the ground. The girls open their eyes and looked amazed of what happened and let out an "Huh!?" They look up to see that Batman threw the Batarang at him and the searchlights aim at him.

The girls are dazzeled as they gasp and Bullock orders his men to shoot at him. "Shoot him down!" The police and SWAT open fire on Batman and he grapples up to the next point of the mansion. The girls looked at each other in surprise as a smoke bomb passes by them and releases smoke all over the area. Blinding the cops, Batman then glides down at a officer and knocks him down. Robin then jumps out into the air and hurls bolas at two cops, restraining them between their arms and he kicks them down. He turns to the girls. "Go! We'll meet you down at Crime Alley!"

The girls understood without a word and looked at each other again and nod. They fly off into the sky leaving their colorful streaks. Bullock noticed them escaping and throws his tooth pick onto the ground in frustration. "Damn it!" He shouts.

Moments later, Commissioner Gordon has arrived on the scene and confronts Bullock.

"Any sign of Bat-freak and Bird-boy?" Bullock questioned his men.

"After the girls escaped, Detective, they must've already left by now."

"Bullock!" Gordon shouted to him. "Any sign of the Mayor of Townsville?" Bullock turns to him.

"No! He's gone." Bullock answered.

"Wait! You don't mean he's..."

"We searched the entire place, and found a card. The Joker. He took him and your pet rodent attacked our men."

Gordon doesn't believe that. "If you think that Batman are working with the Joker, you've got another thing coming, Bullock! Don't tell me that-"

"That's the truth, Commish, and that's not all." Bullock pulls out of his pocket... a batarang from the officer earlier. "Look at this!" Gordon looks in horror. Bullock is convinced that it was Batman who took the Mayor.

While afar from them, Montoya just watches from her squad car and looks up in sadness.

Over at Crime Alley, the Powerpuff Girls sit on top of a roof. Buttercup was pacing in mid-air and Bubbles lies on the ground looking at the sky and Blossom just sits on the edge of a gargoyle and wonders about what happened. She looks up at the stars and closes her eyes as she looked down. "We should've been more discrete." She says.

Buttercup hears her. "What?"

"We shouldn't have went out that night and caused the police of this city to turn hostile on us." Blossom says feeling guilty for herself.

"'We'? You're the one who decided we go see 'The Mayor of Gotham City', and ask him if we can use our powers here to help people." Buttercup rants. "But what do we get? Nothing, but a warning!"

Blossom and Buttercup then get into a heated agruement, like they usually do.

"Well maybe if it wasn't for your unrestrianable urge to go out and fight criminals then we would've kept our powers at bay!" Blossom said.

"All I wanted was to fight bad guys!" Buttercup responded.

"All I wanted was to not use our powers unless we have to!" Blossom responded back.

"I thought you like fighting crime." Buttercup faced Blossom.

"I do. But I especially don't like ignoring whatever the Professor or Mr. Wayne tells us what to do! Just to follow you!" Blossom faced her back.

"WHAT!?" Buttercup raised her hands up.

Blossom and Buttercup then shout at each other with countless words, leaving Bubbles to watch them agrue. She obviously doesn't like it when her sisters fight and covers her eyes.

"I'm sick of your stupid rules!" Buttercup shouted.

"Well, I'm sick of your stupid attitude!" Blossom responded.

"Shut up!" Buttercup shouts back at her.

"You shut up!" Blossom talked back.

"You shut up!" Buttercup shouted at her again.

"No, you shut up!" Blossom shouted back again.

Until they both silenced by Bubbles who screamed "QUIEEEEET!" At the top of her lungs, at her loud scream not only hurt her sisters' ears but it also shattered a few broken windows and a car alarm goes off. Blossom and Buttercup looked at Bubbles in shock as she breathes heavily.

"I am SICK, of listening to you girls, arguing over something we are blamed for. For it's not Blossom who wanted to stay away from crime and it's defintely not Buttercup who wanted to fight crime while we're staying here at Gotham City! For it is our own fault we caused. So we broke a couple of rules in this town! Big deal, do you think I'm enjoying this? No! If everyone in this town wants to hate us, fine! But that doesn't mean we can't do anything about it. We can still make them happy, even if they love us or not. And we can't do it, unless we find it in ourselves to love each other too. We're not the Powerpuff Girls because we have something different about each of us. We're the Powerpuff Girls, because we have one thing in common. Love..." Bubbles made her speech.

Blossom and Buttercup have stopped their agruement and smiled at each other. They then fly up to each other and hug, giggling. Batman and Robin then emerge from the shadows. "Are you three finally done with your little talk about love and care for each other now?" Robin asked and the girls turn towards the duo. "Geez, girls." He said to Batman.

"How long have you been listening to us for?" Asked Blossom.

"Long enough." Batman responded. "The people have not lost hope in you yet. But if you try and pull your acts through to help them, they probably will love you."

"Thanks, Batman. For saving us back there." Blossom shows her appreciation to him. "Even if what you did was wrong, we're are grateful that you cared for us."

"I still think you're scary though, but inside you're a soft kinda person." Bubbles said.

"And man! You were so hardcore! You blasted that wall on top of that ugly thug! I mean, that was totally COOL!" Buttercup said referring to the explosive gel tactic.

"Yeah, you rock!" Said Bubbles with one arm raised.

"Looks like you've finally got your fans." Robin sarcastically said to Batman.

"You can thank me later, but right now we still have a madman to stop!" Batman announced.

"But where could the Joker be?" Blossom questions herself. "I mean, he seems to be crazy and I would know where to find a crazy person."

"That clown mask I picked up at STAR Labs would lead us to where the Joker is hiding out." Batman said.

"How do you know that?" Buttercup asked.

"The scanner picked two locations from the Batcave. One's coming from one of Gotham's abandon amusement parks. And the other was the card I grabbed from that thug. The Batcomputer analysed it was from another abandon park called 'Wonderland'." Batman explained.

Blossom flies up to him. "So, in order to investigate these locations at the same time..."

Buttercup flies up too. "While searching for that clown faced freak..."

Bubbles flies up between them. "We have to split up!"

"I'll search the Amusement Park." Robin decides.

"No." Batman said to Robin in which he responds with "What?".

"You'll go to the Wonderland Park while I search at the Amusement Mile."

"No, I have to. You won't stand a chance against the-"

"Trust me, Robin! This man is dangerous, I can't let you do it alone. I'll go by myself."

"Then we'll help you!" Bubbles said.

"You stay with Robin. That goes for the two of you as well." Batman was serious. "I'll handle the amusement park myself."

"No! You need help, you could get hurt!" Blossom tries to persuade him but Batman plays by his own rules so he persists.

"And so would you if you're not careful. I know you don't fully trust me as mush as I don't trust you, but we both know what's at stake. And even if I feel like I want to help these people too, I can't give up as much as you tried to."

Blossom understands and Batman prepares to leave. "But incase you need my help, just call me!"

"How?" Bubbles asked before Batman lept off the building.

"What do you think?" He said before leeping off of the building and gliding down to the street with his cape. Buttercup watches.

"You sure he's gonna be all right?" Buttercup asked Robin.

"Oh yeah, he'll be fine. Come on, let's follow the rabbit down the hole." Robin said and the girls stop in confusion and Robin starts speaking in the way Batman does.

"*sighs* Let's search the Wonderland Park." He says and the girls nod gleefully and Robin gets out his grapple and shoots to another building and swings with the girls following.

At the old Gotham amusement park, or the Amusement Mile as it is called, it seems empty a lot of empty rides and deserted stands, it's almost like a ghost town. The Batman then drops down into the darkness. He steps out and enters the area. He walks through many stands and does so with his cape wrapped over his shoulders. He stops and uses his cowl vision to search for clues. He finds some traces of air compounds in the air from a clown face machine in one of those games where the player squirts water into the clown's mouths. He comes close to and uses his forensic scanner to pick up something. The scanner concludes it is Joker Toxin. "He's close." Batman says under his breath and follows the trail through his cowl. Just as he walks a shadow passes behind him and Batman looks back only to see nothing. He makes a glare before investigating again.

Inside one of the Circus Houses, Maroni struggles to break his chains from the dunk'em machine. "Wait til I get my hands on that... son of a... ugh!" He continues to struggle for the remainder.

Back outside, the trail leads him to fun house full of mirrors as walls. Batman enters the fun house. He looks around the empty area and walks right in. He passes through a hall of mirrors and then comes across another note on the ground, ending the trail. He picks it up and sees that it has a question mark on it. He then whispers "Nigma's insignia." He then looks at the mirror, reflecting himself but also sees a shadow about to strike him, he gets alerted and turns back quickly only to knocked by the attacker and slammed into the wall of mirrors, shattering them. He gets up on one knee, looks up and sees that his attacker is... Ms. Sara Bellum? Who is wearing a clown mask as well.

"Ms. Bellum?" Batman said rhetorically.

Above Gotham, Robin is being carried into the sky by Bubbles and Buttercup while Blossom leads on. "Why do we have to fly there? I mean, I could be there in just a few minutes." He complains.

"Well, it's because the park is too far from here so the quickest way to travel is taking it to the skys." Blossom said so. "That's how we usually get to Townsville from our home."

"Really?" Robin begins to ask. "What's it like in your town? Any bad guys or insane villains who want to... you know, destroy the city?"

"Well, there's this one villain we know." Buttercup explains. "He's this evil, big brianed, monkey scientist who has grudge against us. But every time he tries to destroy the town, we kicked his hairy heiny back to prison."

"But most of the time we fight off scary, ugly, giant monsters who want to destroy the town." Bubbles explained.

"And you girls are brave enough to take them on?" Robin believes this.

"Yeah, we're superheroes!" Bubbles said.

"But seeing what happened here in your town. I'm afraid we're not anymore." Blossom said with a bit of sadness.

"There it is." Robin pointed for her. And they dive down.

They land near the entrance of Wonder Land, another abandon theme park. Bubbles and Buttercup put Robin down gently.

"Listen, when we find that psycho clown and end whatever he's caused, I promise you'd be heroes again." Robin says.

"Really?" Bubbles asks.

"Really." Robin answered.

"Alright, enough with the chat." Said Buttercup with a smirk. "Let's go clean up a clown's act!"

They both enter the amusement area while yet another stalker watches. He then changes shape.

"You know, Blossom? I've completely forgot. We were supposed to be looking for the Professor too aren't we?" Bubbles realized something was missing in the situation.

"You're right, Bubbles. All this 'getting shot at' stuff is starting to make me wonder where he is, and now I'm worried." Blossom said.

"Who? The Professor?" Robin asked. "I'm sure he's okay. You might even least suspect it."

"Girls, there you are!" Called out a familiar voice. The girls looked forward to see that Professor Utonium is standing in front of them, unharmed. They gasp and their expression changes to happy. "Professor!" They screamed.

"Girls, you had me so worried! Come and hug your dad!" He said but it sounded wrong for him.

Bubbles and Buttercup raced to him, and just as Blossom was about to, she is stopped by Robin as he grabs her shoulder. She turns back to him who seems suspicious about him. "Wait! Something doesn't seem right about him." He says and Blossom looks back at him.

"You're right. The Professor's there but he doesn't look VERY happy to see us, and he's just standing there." Blossom said as her sisters make their way to him, unaware about him. Blossom gets a shocked realization and shouts out at her sisters. "Girls, wait!"

They stop luckily and turn to her. "What is it?" Asked Bubbles. "It's the Professor, Blossom!" Buttercup tells her but unknown to them, the Professor's eyes turn yellow and holds his arms out and... they fires a pillar of clay! Bubbles and Buttercup turn back to the Professor and the clay turns into giant hands and grasp Bubbles and Buttercup, they scream as they get caught. Blossom gasps in horror and Robin steps and shouts "CLAYFACE!"

The Professor's body turns into a big slag of brown dripping clay and the figure reveals himself as Clayface, one of Batman's deadilest foes.

Back at the Amusement Mile, Batman battles a mind controlled Ms. Bellum. Unfortuntely for him, she had a dose of Chemical X as well as she punches Batman through a rack of mirrors and lands on his feet. He throws three batarangs from his hand but she flicks two of them away from her before they hit. The other one reverses it's control and sticks onto Bellum in the back and it causes her to be electrically shocked but she reaches out to her back and pulls the batarang out of her back and throws the sparking batarang back at Batman who runs for nearby cover from the blast of the batarang as it explodes. Bellum then heats up the mask of her eyes and shoots heat vision at him. Batman avoids the the line of the heat vision and grabs a mirror shard which reflects it back to her, causing her to fly through the ceiling and crashes into a merry-go-round with horses.

She gets up and as Batman got outside to find her he is shocked to see that she has lifted up an entire merry-go-round with the strength of her powers. "Damn." He uttered to the fact that it can't be easy. She then forces her arms with the ride to crush Batman in place but he dodges with a roll. He runs from her, as she then tosses the ride to roll after him. The merry-go-round is fast enough to catch up to Batman, but he grabs out his grapple gun and shoots it above him, latching on the rails of a roller coaster and he reels himself up over the rolling merry-go-round as it crashes into another stand.

Batman lands back to the ground only to be lunged at Bellum who pins him against a Clown squirt stand. She proceeds to strangle him, clinching her hands around his throat. Batman gags for air while he tries to find it in his strength to pick up a water gun next to him and squirts at Bellum's face. The water short circuits the card on her ear, behind the mask. Batman obviously knew she was controlled. And with her weakened, Batman finally doused her with a vial Antidote X. Bellum then passes out as Batman stands over her.

Back at Wonder Land, Clayface has Bubbles and Buttercup in his giant grasp and laughs, while they try to break free, clinching their teeth and grunting.

"What are you doing here, Karlo?" Robin questioned him. "I thought you were locked up in Arkham!"

Basil Karlo, former actor turned criminal, also known as Clayface. "I was." He says. "But perhaps you don't know that I can disguise myself to look like anyone I see. I was able to get out of my cage, disguise myself as a guard and walked right out."

Bubbles and Buttercup gave out all of their might to break free from Clayface's clutches but they can't, and exhaust themselves. "And these girls? Let's just say that Penguin's got a score to deal with them."

"Why?" Asked Robin still glaring at him.

"Easy! The role of a lifetime!" He says.

"BLOSSOM! HELP!" Bubbles and Buttercup cry out to her sister.

"Let them go, you oversized sculpture! Yelled Blossom. "No one messes with my sisters!"

"No can do, pinky. I'm still gonna kill you anyway." Clayface says and then starts absorbing Bubbles and Buttercup into his body.

They scream in terror as they both sink into his arms. "Blossom!" was the last word Bubbles says before sinking in. Blossom looks on in horror. "GIRLS!" Clayface transforms his hands into spiked balls and flings them at Blossom. She quickly dodges as it hits the ground. Robin jumps into the air and throws electric batarangs at him. Instead of sticking to him however, Clayface makes a large hole around his torso and they fly through it. He shifts his arm into a sledgehammer and starts hurling Robin with it. But dodges with backflips and air-dodges, while he hits other props in his way. Blossom then attacks him, she tries punching his face and he tries crushing her with his sledgehammer. Then Blossom punched through his torso causing her hand to get stuck, she gasps as she tries to break free, but Karlo smashes her down to the ground. Blossom gets up and before Clayface struck again, she dodges and flies up in the air. She tries to attack him with heat vision who shields himself from it. He then laughs. "That tickles!" He says before punching Blossom to a wall. Clayface looks to her and Robin attacks him from behind and shoots at him with a taser gun. The wires sticks to him and it shocks him. It seems to be working as he groans in pain, but he grabs the wires and swings Robin around and hurls him off. Robin tries to get up, only to be grabbed by Clayface who lifts him from the ground. "What's the matter, bird-boy? Lost your touch already?"

He then proceeds to strangle him, he gasps in need for air as Clayface laughs while he does it. Suddenly his stomach seems to be rumbling and moving. "What the hell?" He then begins to vibrate violently, with Robin and Blossom confused of what's happening. Until he finally he explodes into a many blobs as Bubbles and Buttercup shattered the insides of Clayface with their powers. This action is repeated 2 times. Many blobs rain down in the area as Robin gets up and sees what happened in awe.

"Man, I hate clay!" Buttercup said in anger after getting out of Clayface.

"Eww... I'll have to have a bath after this." Bubbles said while she is covered in clay.

"Girls! Look!" Blossom pointed out to her sisters that Clayface's pieces are coming together again. They form up and Karlo's back on his feet again.

"That's not possible! I absorbed you into my body, how did you get out?" Clayface demanded.

"Sorry, Karlo! But it's gonna take more than clay to hold us in." Blossom said with a smirk.

"Why you little!" Clayface gets angry. He then shifts his arm into an anvil and extends his arm at them to hit them with. They dodge luckily and fly over to him, ready to attack.

"Okay girls! Time for Plan Freeze n Break!" Blossom commanded, and Bubbles and Buttercup scatter.

Blossom faces Karlo and takes a deep breath. She then blows out some of her ice breath onto Clayface which freezes him solid. Bubbles flies in to pick him up from the ground she then swings around and around with him and releases after so many swings, her eyes even roll around from dizziness. With the frozen Clayface in the air it falls back down with Buttercup in position with her fist out and as it gets close to her she swings her arm around so hard and lands a striking blow on him and shatters into many shards. Robin was amused by this. "Wow. So that's why they called it 'Freeze and Break.'" He says and the girls regroup and slap each other's hands like a high five.

"That was amazing! When did you three learned how to cooperate like that?" Robin expresses his opinions of their teamwork.

"It's easy. We're the Powerpuff Girls!" Blossom says.

"We always help each other out." Buttercup says.

"That's what makes us strong!" Bubbles says.

"You're right, teamwork is strong, unlike 'some people' who wants to play solo all the time." Said Robin refering to Batman.

"Well, you're his sidekick right?" Bubbles begins to ask. "Don't you and he fight criminals together sometimes?"

"Sometimes." Robin answers. "But he rather fights alone. Most of the time, he can count on me to help him out but Batman is Batman and he can do anything."

Robin and the girls continue on through the theme park.

While back at the Amusement Mile, Batman had just finished dealing with the brian controlled Ms. Bellum. He takes out the card with the 10/6 initials on it. "The same card on one of those Joker Thugs." He keeps the card with him.

Meanwhile, Maroni is almost out and the chains bonding his hands together breaks and falls down in the water of the machine. He gets out and spits out any water in his mouth and climbs out.

Batman continues walking around the Amusement mile and passes a projector which turns on, displaying an image on the empty billboard. Batman turns his attention to it and who else shows up on screen than the Riddler himself. Music plays in the background.

"Well, well, well. If isn't the Bat. And luckily not that pink brat." He says.

"Edward Nigma, the Riddler." Batman speaks his name with a glare.

"Quite the intelligence Dark Knight, but you cannot stand against my powerful might."

Batman realizes he's rhyming. Something he never showed. "What's with the rhymes, Nigma? Am I too smart for another riddle?"

"You're not smarter than me! Besides, I think it suits me well. I mean I'm no Josiah Wormwood, but how do you think I could come up with a riddle without a rhyme? Now that's a question without an answer. Anyway, the green haired madman you're after has already left and now I'm in charge to give you hell."

He sees Ms. Bellum regaining consciousness, in which she feels her head, though despite the fact we can't see her face, she groans from pain.

"Ah, I see you've ran into the Mayor's secretary but where's the Mayor?"

"Where is he, Riddler?" Batman questions him angrily.

"Why don't you look up?" And Batman does so and sees that the Mayor is hung up high tied to the arms, blindfolded and on a rope hanging on the rails. Batman races to him but Riddler stops him.

"Ah, ah! I wouldn't do that Dark Knight. Come even close to him and my motions detectors will detonate the bombs rigged on the tracks, destroying the coaster but also killing him." Batman glares. "Take too long however and a cart that is already on it's way, speeding over the tracks and loops will cut the yellow wire, detonating the bombs in the process and explode in the same manner. See, I may be smart. But I'm not crazy! I'm just doing this for fun. So, what will you do, Dark Knight Detective. How will you save the Mayor?" Batman looks at the Mayor and the Bombs. "You have 30 seconds."

Batman thinks it over as the cart races through another loop. He starts thinking and then readies himself in action.

(What starts with a B?) He thinks as he takes out a Batarang and looks at the bombs on the track. (And ends with a 'clang'?) He flings his batarang to a pole and it ricochets off with a clang noise and it hits one of the bombs and makes a little explosion, dropping the Mayor. (Take one boom...) Batman runs to him, dives out and catches him before he hits the ground. And the rollercoaster arrives and detonates the last bombs. Exploding the entire tracks and Batman with the Mayor in hand swings out of the debris to safety. When he lands back to the ground and places the Mayor back on his feet he looks at the Riddler's screen and says the last words. "And the rest go bang." The Riddler is infuriated.

"A lucky guess, Dark Knight. But you still haven't forgotten about Gotham's wealthy D.A. have you?"

"Where's Dent?" Batman demands.

"Ahhh... But you should know that by now. My second clue?" He goes off again.

Batman turns to the blindfolded Mayor.

"What's going on? I can't see! Everything's dark! Why can't I see?" The Mayor babbles on until Batman removes the blindfold off him. The Mayor looks up at Batman and is startled by his appearance. "WAH! It's a giant bat!"

"Uhh... Mayor?" Ms. Bellum hears the Mayor's voice while still recovering. "Mayor, is that you?"

"Ms. Bellum! Thank goodness your okay! This giant bat here just saved my life." Mayor said unaware of what he's just been through. "Why if he were in my town I'd give him the key to the city for saving me of course."

Batman is uninterested in his offer and calls out the Batmobile, by pressing a button on his belt.

"The cops will be here soon. Stay here, you're safe." Batman said before leaving.

Mayor stops him though. "Wait a minute! Do you know where the bathroom is?" He says while jumping up and down.

Batman glares and turns his back at him. "To the right, next to the dodgems." He says before walking away again.

"Thank you." The Mayor says before running off. "Ms. Bellum, who's going to change me when I'm done?" He calls out for her who sighs at the fact that he's a big baby and walks to him.

Back with Robin and the Powerpuff Girls, they find themselves entering a chess board-like area. With a lot of figurines on the board.

"Where are we?" Buttercup begins to ask and then a voice is heard.

"Why you're in the most wonderful place of all." Said Jervis Tetch, the Mad Hatter, though the girls or Robin don't recognize his voice.

Lights begin to shine upon the figures, showing them from a walrus, men dressed up like Tweedledee and Tweedledum and the Queen of Hearts. And then light shines on Mad Hatter himself with two other figures behind him.

"You're in the mist of your own dreams, where everything is possible! Wonderland!" He says as he twirls around and raises his hands up.

The girls aren't too convinced. "We know that!" Blossom said to Jervis.

"Yeah, I read the story! I'm not dumb!" Bubbles said with her arms crossed.

"I don't know these characters." Buttercup admitted.

The two figures walked up between Jervis and they appear as Professor Utonium, dressed up with rabbit like ears and Alice Littleton as the protagonist of the story Alice. The girls gasp in the sight of seeing the Professor. "Professor!"

"Oh yes." Hatter begins to talk as the Professor and Alice are still in control. "Isn't he such a wonderful servant. And of course once I'm done with you, you'll be my next guests! Oh and if you survive you'll be invited to my tea party!"

Bubbles is somehow excited over the fact. "Yippie!" Her sisters look at her with disregard. "What? I like tea parties."

"Well, I'm certaintely not going to like this little party." Robin steps in to fight.

Jervis claps his hands and the figures start moving. They turn their heads to the group and the Queen of Hearts yell "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!" and initiates the battle.

The Puffs glare at their opponents as they run up to them and attack. The walrus attacks Robin, the Tweedles attack Bubbles and Buttercup and the Queen of Hearts attacks Buttercup. The queen uses her axe and throws many quick swings at her, but she dodges and then another swing allows her to grab and steal it from her. Buttercup snaps the axe in half and proceeds to punching her around. Tweedledum grabs Bubbles from her pigtails and pulls them violently making her scream. "Ahhhhh!" Blossom quickly goes to help her but she is kicked away by Tweedledee. She maintains her flight as she engages combat with him. Robin is trying his best to strike the walrus as he is very strong and is almost resistable to a punch in the face. He grabs a stool and rams Robin with it. He pins him down and tries using his tusks in an attempt to impale his head, seeing as they were sharp enough to go through the stool. Robin struggles with this but then jumps up to the wall and kicks him down. Robin punches his face and the mask flies off, revealing his face, it's Lucius Fox under Hatter's control. "Oh boy!" Robin exclaims.

Batman however continues searching for Harvey Dent who is also in the Amusement Mile. He opens the note he found earlier and it contains a riddle. 'Where would you find liquid that can Harm? He must already be in a Farm'.

(Another rhyming riddle. But it makes sense this time.) Batman thinks.

(Where would you find liquid that can harm? ... And he must already be in a farm... The Amusement Petting Zoo Farm House!) Batman gets the idea and runs through the park to locate Dent.

At the petting zoo, inside a giant farm house, Harvey Dent regains consciousness and finds himself tied up by a bunch of acid near him. He panics and tries to break free but a timer near is set to go off in three minutes. He is shocked even more.

Batman arrives to the petting zoo and sees that Harvey is inside using the cowl's vision mode to see through walls. He jumps over the fence but as he tries running through the field a laser beam flies right at him and it just cuts through his arm. Batman groans as his arm has a red cut, he looks up and sees that the Monofly stolen by the Riddler is being controlled to attack him. The Monofly shoots red laser beams at him, but Batman avoids them and rolls for cover. He then throws a batarang at the Monofly but it shoots the batarang, causing it to break into pieces. Batman glares again and looks at the machine as it fires another laser beam at him. As this one causes an explosion right near Batman, the force pushes him over to the side.

Harvey still in the farm trying to break free as the countdown goes on. He has 1 minute left.

Batman still in battle with the Monofly looks around with his cowl vision and surprisingly spots the Riddler who is hiding behind a boarded room controlling the Monofly with the remote. Batman glares and dodges the last bullet from the Monofly and throws another Batarang at the Riddler's remote which causes it to self destruct. The Riddler is left startled and the Monofly itself is a sitting duck. Batman then jumps into the air and slams it down with his fist. Causing it to break apart. He then sees the Riddler trying to escape but throws bolas at him which ties around his feet and trips. "NO! NO! NO!" Riddler shouts in defeat.

"Looks like I've outsmarted you, Riddler." Batman said as he came towards him.

"You haven't yet, Detective? Remember the bombs?" He reminds him and Batman hurries back to rescue Harvey Dent who has 15 seconds before they blow. Harvey tried his best to get out but seeing that he's not going to make it, he embraces by closing his eyes. But luckily for him Batman swings in and grabs his chair and swings out of barn as the bombs explode the entire barn. Batman and Dent are out of there and he unties Dent.

"You took your time." Harvey said with sarcasm.

"You're safe now. But you've got to get out of here and tell Commissioner Gordon of what happened." Batman said to him and he understands. But he then sees Maroni escaping with his life.

"Maroni!" Harvey screamed as he chased after him. Batman tried to stop him. "No Dent! Leave him!" But Harvey pushes him out of the way. "Get out of my way!"

Batman shouldn't worry about this as Harvey chases after Maroni and looks over to Riddler, still tied up who gives him an angry expression.

Harvey chased Maroni to the side entrance of the petting zoo and corners him by a bunch of acid cans. "No where to run, Sal! I'm taking you down right here, and right now! And then your boss will go spend time behind bars."

"My boss is dead! And it's all because of you, the Joker, the Powerpuff Girls and your stupid Mayor. He sold you out!" He shouts out at Dent.

"Mayor Klass? What do you mean?" Harvey questions.

"All this time you were living up to his superior. He wants to make you and Gotham City into the most human purist city in the world. All he did was hired those Powerpuff sissies into hunting down the bat and you yourself would be arrested along with him for exchanging alliances against your city."

"Liar!" Harvey rufused to believe that. And charges at him, he grabs him by the shoulders and punches him into submission. They both then engage into a bloody fistfight. Maroni headbutts him to wall and charges at him with a wrench and attempted to strike him but he dodges and karate chops his back and he falls down to the ground. He then gets down and grabs his collar and yells at him.

"You lying, slimeball! Klass would never-" And is punches in the nose and it spruts blood. His fight with him continues until finally Dent grabs the acid lid and whacks his face across, making him spew blood from his mouth and falls to the ground. Harvey breathes angrily as he drops the lid and yells at him again. "THIS IS MY CITY! I AM THE BEACON OF HOPE! I AM GOTHAM! I can decide whether I should kill you or not, but all there is for me is CHANCE!" He breathes exhaustingly and calms down. He looks at himself in the reflection and sees the blood on his face. He has become a monster, the other half of him. He realizes what he's doing and snaps. "What am I doing? This isn't me at all."

Just then, a laser weapon is being pointed at Harvey. Harvey turns back and sees to his horror. A person fires a laser beam at him, but he dodges to the ground and the beam bounces back at many objects until it hits the acid can near Harvey and it creates a hole, causing acid to pour out and splatters the left side of Harvey's face. He screams in pain. As the person who fired his weapon reveals to be Mojo Jojo! He laughs in an evil manner at Harvey's suffering.

Over back with Batman, he hears Harvey's screams, looks back and rushes to help him.

Only in a matter of minutes, when he arrives, Mojo has left and only sees Maroni on the floor. Batman then looks down in a sort of guilt and mutters to himself. "I'm sorry, Harvey." And takes Maroni's unconscious body with him.

Moments later, Commissioner Gordon and Detective Bullock arrived to the Amusement Mile and cops asked witnesses for questions. They then see Mayor and Ms. Bellum coming out with a few cops seeing that they're unharmed. Gordon then looks up and see Riddler and Maroni tied up and hanging over the entry sign. He then smiles as he still beileves in Batman's reputation.

Batman overlooks the scene while kneeling on top of the ferris wheel with his trademark glare.

Back at the Wonderland Park, The Powerpuff Girls and Robin continue fighting the Wonderland masquerade of characters. Robin fights a brian controlled Lucius Fox, as the latter throws punches and Robin gets down and kicks through his legs, causing him to trip.

Tweedledee gets a sword and attacks Blossom with it. She flies up and moves around him to avoid being striked at. She then hears Bubbles cry for help as her sister has been caught in the arms of Tweedledum as he squezes her to death. "Blossom... Help!" She cries and Blossom tries to come to her rescue but is immediately stopped when an axe flew in over her head and cuts her bow in half. She turns back and gasps to see a bunch of animatronic cards of hearts and spades coming in, with axes and lances. Robin is surprised and is slammed to the ground by Fox.

Bubbles is gasping for air due to the tightness of the squeze by Tweedledum, but Robin sees this and throws a batarang at Tweedledum's arm, causing him to release Bubbles and she punches him right in the face. This doesn't just knock him out but Robin also sees that he had a card on his ear as it fell to the ground with the 10/6 writing on it.

"Wait a second! It's the cards!" Robin points out and is faced again by Fox who begins strangling him to the ground. Suffocating from the choke hold by Fox, Robin manages to find the strength to reach up to Fox's ear and pulls the card out, causing him to revert back to normal and stops strangling Robin.

Fox manages to get his senses back and releases the choke hold from Robin. He gets up and tends to Fox.

"What happened?" Fox asked, oblivious to what he did.

"We'll talk about this later. Stay here while we handle this." Robin said to Fox and he goes back to the fight.

Buttercup is still fighting the Queen of Hearts and their fight is in the hedgemaze. She throws her axe around at her, trying to hit her. "When I say 'Off with your head' I really mean OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!" She says while swinging her axe at her and hitting numerous objects.

"And when I say 'Stop saying that, it's annoying already' I really mean SHUT UP." Buttercup talked back at her.

The queen continues swinging at her while countlessly saying "OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!" Until finally Buttercup punches her hard in the jaw, causing blood to spray, shuting her up and knocked.

"How 'bout 'Off with your teeth', your majesty?" Buttercup taunted her and takes the card off her ear, throws it to the ground and steps on it, crushing it.

Bubbles is the middle of fighting Tweedledee. She looks at him with a glare and as he charge at her, she jumps into the air, and dives down at him with her leg out and she stomps on his face hard and he falls to the ground and she takes the card off of his ear. She then sees her pink sister fighting off a bunch of robotic cards. She punches through one of them and knocks down a few more with powerpuf blows. But the cards surround her and overwelm her. Bubbles watches in horror and goes to help her, but stops to see Buttercup, who raced out of the hedgemaze and screams. She flies into the group of cards and saved Blossom by slicing them down in half. She gets up and Buttercup lands next to her. They then go back to back as more animatronic cards surrounded them.

"Looks like it's just you and me, sister." Buttercup said to Blossom while glaring at the horde of cards.

"So it seems, Buttercup." Blossom responded.

"Blossom? Do you know how this story ends?" Buttercup asked.

"Yes. And it's not pretty." Blossom said as the cards raced at her and Buttercup. They then charged at them.

Over the hedgemaze, Bubbles flies through the place and finally encounters the Mad Hatter with the Professor and Alice sitting in the table with pots and tea cups, along with them are the corpses with rabbit masks on. "Bubbles! You finally made it!" Jervis shouted with joy and Bubbles is confused. Jervis gets out his pocket watch. "And you're very late. Hee hee hee! Late, late, LATE!" He whispered the last word. The Professor in his hypnotic state turns to Bubbles.

"Come on, Bubbles. Join us for a tea party. We have been dying to see you."

Bubbles doesn't say a word or anything, she just float to her chair and sat down. She probably knows of her father's safety or she's just scared.

"That's a good girl." Jervis said as he grabs a tea pot and pours some 'tea' in it. "Would you like a cup?" He asked her.

"Uh... no?" Bubbles said nervously.

"But you'll love this tea! It's my special tea. My special friends loved it." Jervis said to her who is starting to get too uncomfortable. She looks to one of the 'guests'. "You don't know what kind of friends they were when I invited them. I only wanted to be their friends, and... well... you know how things are when you're having fun. They could get... sour."

Bubbles looks at the guests closly and all of their masks fall off, revealing their decayed faces, making Bubbles gasp and look at the other horrorfing stuff in around her. Like, giant eyeballs, giant oysters, the Caterpillar, and the Jabberwocky above. She starts getting scared, covering her eyes in cowardice.

"Oh, come now, child. Drink your tea." Jervis said as he passes a cup to her. She looks at Jervis who smiles. "It's good for your soul." A clock ticks in her head.

"Drink the tea, Bubbles." Said the Professor.

"Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Tick, tock." Jervis says over and over as it races in Bubbles mind.

"Yes. Drink the tea." Alice said.

"Drink my tea." Jervis said.

And Bubbles looks down at her cup and sees blood instead of tea and an eyeball pops out and it blinks at her. She screams very loud. "AHHHHHHHHHH!" And quickly sips her cup, pauses and collapses onto the table with her face planted as if she just died of fright. She lays motionless as the Mad Hatter gets up onto the table and laughs. "Would you like me to remind you, the Mock Turtle?" He then sings. "Will you, won't you, will you, won't you, will you, won't you join the dance." He picks up Bubbles' lifeless body and dances around with her on the table as eerie music plays.

Eerie music continues to play.

Buttercup destroys another set of Robots and so does Blossom. Robin is cornered by two card robots and jumps into the air and flings two shock batarangs at them, short circuiting them and he knocks them down with a kick.

Jervis continues dancing with the motionless Bubbles who's mouth is somewhat drooling blood out of her mouth, which is weird since she isn't bleeding.

"Blossom!" Buttercup yells to her sister before smashing up another robot. "There's too many of them!"

"Then there's only one thing to do!" Blossom shouts and looks up at the sky. She closes her eyes as tight as she can and shoots a beam up in the sky. Her eyes and shine out into the sky and represents as a Bat-Signal, summoning Batman to their aid.

"Whoa!" Buttercup is in awe but then concentrates on the robots again as one pins her down. Robin continues fight too.

"I didn't know you can create a Bat-Signal out of your eye beams." Robin said.

"Actually, we use them to call each other when one of us is in trouble!" Blossom said.

Jervis continues dancing with Bubbles. As he sings the Unbirthday song.

"(singing) A very merry Unbirthday. To us, to us. A very merry Unbirthday to me! To who? To me. Oh, you. A very merry Unbirthday. To you! Who, me? Yes, you." Oh, me." He then hums the same verse and Bubbles' eye opens up and looks at him.

Robin, Blossom and Buttercup continue holding off more of the robots. Punching, kicking, jump kicking and taser firing. But then Blossom is knocked down by a card of hearts robot. "Blossom!" Buttercup screams her name. Blossom looks up and sees the card is about to wound her, but a Bat-like shadow flies right from above him and plants a plastique explosive on the robot. And warns Blossom to "Get out of the way!" and she does so by flying away from the explosion that occurs.

Jervis continues dancing with Bubbles who apparently is still conscious and he talks to her.

"You know, the second we dance the night away... Bruce Wayne will be... history! At dawn, he will be at my mercy too. And we will be a happy family. Just you, me, and... our friends... Ahhh... romance just takes the pain away doesn't it? But you know what I like... you, my sweet... little, Alice. My love."

He then proceeds to kiss her. But Bubbles opens her eyes with a glare and spits out his 'tea' in his face. He coughs and gags from the tea being spewed out by Bubbles and he falls off the table. He gets right back up and sees that Bubbles is still alive and has not drank his tea.

"Not possible! You drank my..." Jervis is astonished and Bubbles angrily grabbed him by the collar.

"Your tea tastes like cockroaches!" Bubbles shouted at him. "And. I. Hate. COCKROACHES!" Bubbles punches him so hard to fireplace stand and many items fall on him. He gets up and as soon as he does, Bubbles quickly punches him like crazy. She then lifts him up and throws him across the table, knocking down every piece of pottery on it. He looks up and claps his hands and orders his 'minions' to stop her.

They get up from their seats and attack Bubbles. Which makes her stop in motion, she wouldn't hurt the ones she loves. Even the Professor. "Servants, show our less-friendly guest that I do not tolerate party crashers." The Professor and Alice walk slowly towards her.

Bubbles whimpers at the thought of hurting the Professor. "P-P-Professor? Professor?" She tries talking to him. "Don't hurt me. It's me, Bubbles. Remember?" The Professor tries and unwillingly laying some punches at her, while still brainwashed. She dodges however. "Please, Professor. It's me! I'm your little Bubbles. Remember? You said that to me when I was first born." He lays another punch but misses. "You gave me Octi for my birthday!" Another. "You told me to face my fears!" And another. "You even called me the favorite." She says while sheding tears until she was punched by the Professor and onto the ground. She then looks up to see a mirror behind the Professor who closes in to kill her. His own daughter. "Professorrrr!" She screams. "Don't make me do this..." She cries her eyes out as the Professor approaches closer and Bubbles closes her eyes and whines. "Okay, Professor! I'll do it!" Bubbles with tears in her eyes shoots a laser beam out of her eyes and it doesn't hit the Professor. Instead, it hits the mirror and it bounces off and hit's Jervis's hat and burns up in flames. Jervis screams as his hat is set a aflame and throws it to the ground and stomps on it, but also he does not know that it also destroys the cards on the Professor's and Alice's ears.

Back to Batman dealing with the card robots. He punches through each of them and one of them slashes his axe across his arm, making a red cut and a spurt of blood. "Ugh!" He uttered and kicks the one who slashed him it's head off. Blossom gets tangled by the robots and Buttercup gets all battle torn with her dress torn and messed up hair. She spits out some of her blood and readies her fists for another fight. Robin prepares to take down another robot with his taser gun, but suddenly something happens.

All of the robots fall to the ground, which Blossom and Buttercup watch in awe and Batman and Robin just look in suspicion.

"Well, that was easy." Robin says to Batman.

"But that means, these robots were linked to a chain reaction that caused them to fall apart. But where?" Batman says.

They then hear someone screaming and the girls realize who is missing in the group and shout out. "BUBBLES!"

The group then runs to the Tea Table.

Back at the table, Mad Hatter mourns at the loss of his hat. "My hat! My beautiful hat!" He said and the Professor and Alice returns to normal as they feel their heads.

"What? What happened?" Said Professor Utonium who is back to his normal self.

"I felt like I fell down a hole and I was chasing a rabbit for some reason." Said Alice.

Bubbles sighs of relief as Jervis sneaks up on her with a battleaxe and attempts to kill her. He roars as he lifts his weapon in the air and Bubbles looks back and gasps. She dodges quickly as he strikes the ground. Bubbles floats back away from him with a glare.

"You pesky, stupid, awful little girl!" Jervis said. "Do you have any idea what you just did?"

"Yes! You are a sick person, Mr. Tetch! And you are going straight to jail!" Heroically said Bubbles.

"But these were my friends!" Jervis said in an insane manner.

"You don't make friends just by forcing other people, you do it by meeting them and getting to know them better." Bubbles said in a cute manner.

"Well, my little blue friend a cold hearted end awaits for you!" He lifts his axe again and attempts again to strike her but his axe gets caught by a bond of chains. He tries hard to release them, but Bubbles sees that the chains are to hold the Jabberwocky statue above him. As he breaks the chains with the axe, the Jabberwocky statue falls and Bubbles covers her eyes as she can't look at what she'll see. And Jervis looks up and sees the statue falling on top of him and screams. The statue lands on him, causing some rubble to scatter.

When Bubbles looks again she gasps in horror to see that one of the Jabberwocky's claws and impaled Jervis through the chest and is profusely bleeding. He coughs blood and with just little vision of looking at Bubbles he mutters his last words.

"Would not, could not... would not... could not... would not... (*coughs violently*) could not... join... the dance..." He says right before he breathes one final time and dies. The mock turtle statue can be seen right near Bubbles as she watched him die and sadly bobs her head down in a moment of silence.

"Bubbles?" Bubbles hears the Professor's voice and shrikes in joy. "Professor!" She says as she flies up to him and hugs him. "I'm glad you're back to normal."

"I'm glad I'm actually alive right now. When... when Jervis tried to brainwash me. I was... I didn't know what I was doing." The Professor admits. "I hope I didn't do anything to hurt you. And just wait til I get my hands on that disgusting madman!"

"You won't, Professor." Bubbles said as she looks over to Mad Hatter's corpse impaled by the Jabberwocky. And the Professor does so too and so does Alice as she gasps in horror. "Oh my God!" She says.

The wall then breaks down by Batman and the others. And they enter the area.

"Batman?" Alice exclaims in confusion.

"PROFESSOR!" Buttercup and Blossom shout and raced to their dad and hug him along with Bubbles.

"Girls!" Shocked the Professor. "I'm glad you're safe. This city! This city is mad! C'mon! Let's get our bags and get out of this hell-hole!" He quickly puts his girls down and races out of the place. But Blossom stops him.

"We're not going anywhere, Professor." Blossom said.

"We'd thought of that at first." Bubbles said as well.

"But we've got one less score to seatle with." Buttercup tells the Professor.

"They're right, Professor." Batman said and Professor looks to him. "We need your help and your research to stop the Joker's plan from bringing Gotham to it's knees."

"Well, we looked here and the Amusement Park. But there's no sign of the Joker." Said Blossom.

"But that leads him to his last target of the night." Robin says and Batman looks back to him.

"What?" He asks his partner.

"Back at the Mayor's place, I found one of Riddler's little puzzles. Thought that might give us anything." He hands it to Batman and he takes it.

"You could've given it to me a while ago." Said Batman.

"Hey, I'm just saying." Robin points out and Batman opens the note and reads it.

"Who's rich, owns a big house and has his inhertitance handed down to him?"

"Ooh! Ooh! I know, I know!" Bubbles wanted to answer in a childish way. "Um? Uhhh? Hmmm... Uhh...? Mayor?"

"No." Batman corrects her and she sadly looks down."Awwww. Then who is it?" She asks.

Batman then looks down. And Alice decides to leave.

"I don't know what's going on, but I think you guys need to be alone." She leaves quickly as she could with Professor watching her go. As Robin talks to Batman who is hesitant to say something.

"Batman?" He asks. Buttercup is losing patience.

"What's wrong with you? What does the stupid card mean?" Buttercup demands an answer.

Batman analyses the hand writing and texture of the card and notices it is...

(Joker's handwriting... No...)

Blossom comes up to him. "Batman?"

Batman turns to her and decides to do something that he never did.

"I know you can't trust me but I can trust you. Why? Because you're too damn cute. And as innocent as you are, and what great power you hold. I ask you for this. I need your help to fight the Joker." Batman steps in and admits.

"Okay, thanks." Buttercup said.

"Why?" Bubbles asks. "Aren't you always alone?"

"I've been alone for so long. And now, I want to see exactly what you can do as superheroes." Said Batman.

"What did that card mean?" Blossom asks him. "Who's rich? Owns a big hou-" She realizes. And takes a closer look on Batman. "Do I know you?" She asks nervously.

"I did just saved your sister's life from a bleeding arm." Batman hints her.

And Bubbles looks at her bandaged wound and back at Batman.

"That was you?" Bubbles asks.

"What's he talking about girls? Girls?" Professor tries to ask them but they stay silent for a while.

"Batman... don't!" Robin pleaded him but there was no other way out. Batman stepped closer to Blossom. And slowly removes his cowl, revealing his face to Blossom who gets shocked upon looking. Bubbles and Buttercup gasp and the Professor puts his hands across his face in shock. As Blossom herself sees in front of her that the man behind the Bat is none other than... Bruce Wayne.

"I need your help. Because your the Powerpuff Girls. And me... I feel like helping these people too. Because... I am the night... I am Batman." He says with a glare and lightning strikes in the background. And cut to black.

END OF CHAPTER 9! Stay tuned for Chapter 10.


Harvey wakes up somewhere in Crime Alley. He gasps heavily, and looks around where he is.

"Where am I?"

He feels his face. But also feels pain and groans in pain. He breathes heavily and looks at his reflection in the puddle. Seeing that half of his face is torn off, the left side of his teeth is exposed and his eye has bulged up. He grabs his head and screams at the top of his lungs. "Rrrgggaaaahhhhhhhh!"

He then sobs. But a figure stands by him and flips his lucky coin to him. He looks at his coin and grabs it. He sees that one side is okay but the other side is badly charred and scratched. He breathes in anger and grasps it. He looks at where the figure was, but he was gone. Harvey looks at his coin and something happens inside. He changes. We can only see that it was Mojo Jojo who gave him the coin and leaves laughing.

A coin then flips and lands on the ground with bad side facing up and Harvey changes his voice and mutters "Bruce... Wayne..." And cut to black.

The fight with the Joker is about to take place at Bruce's mansion. With Batman's identity revealed to the Powerpuff Girls, things are about to heat up. Will the heroes win or will Gotham be plunged into chaos? And what is Mojo doing to Harvey Dent, is this part of his plan to kill the Joker or is it something else in mind that even the girls aren't aware of? Find out next time!

To be continued...

Wow... I really made this dark.

And by the way, the whole Riddler rhyming thing in this chapter and Chapter 5 were originally a mistake. I got mixed up with that villain Wormwood (From Batman: The Animated Series) who uses rhymes as clues. But they both seem like the same characters.

Anyway... More to come soon.