Now this was the life.

Annie's after-school time in the last three years had often been….well, unstructured was the nice way to put it. But there was still nothing like working on reports in the library after school to relax the soul – especially in Greendale. Annie hadn't needed to relax more than usual after today, yet research was calming no matter what – at least when it was easy.

Fortunately, she finished the outline of an easy 12-page report today. She was running a bit late, nonetheless, but Troy and Abed were likely too wrapped up in their own projects to notice. Still, it was time to head home and actually type up the report, which would leave her about one hour of free time before sleep. That was more post-report free time than she had in weeks, so everything was coming up Annie's way today.

Annie had been wrapped up in her little world all late afternoon, so it took her a while to return to reality. Once she was back, she sorted her library books and prepared to put them back on the shelves. As she finished, however, she took notice of the study room for the first time – and saw that all the shades were down. What's more, the front door window was covered up as well, so Annie couldn't see anything that was going on in there.

Annie's nosy, investigative reporter side was now riled up, hoping no one was messing with the study room. If it was Dean Pelton trying to play around with Jeff's chair or something, she wouldn't have been surprised. As long as it wasn't Chang, the room would probably stay intact. Maybe Pierce had fallen asleep again, but even if he was sleepwalking, he couldn't have covered more than half the windows.

And he wasn't young enough to make that kind of moan, either.

In fact, the only voice that this moan sounded like was…. "Jeff?"

But Abed was the only thing that stopped Annie from finishing her mad run to the door. Or rather, Abed's movie collection. Or rather rather, the movies in which a character stupidly walked in on an embarrassing, traumatizing, barely comical ordeal behind closed doors. Annie really didn't want to deal with any trauma right now – at least in this fashion.

So Annie ignored more suspicious moaning behind this closed door and tried to think rationally, unlike all those movie characters. Jeff was clearly doing something secret, if he locked down the study room and covered the windows. To be different from movie characters, Annie would have to turn back right now, ignore Jeff and realize this was none of her business. Jeff was barely good at opening up as it is, so barging in on him and….whatever he was doing would only make it worse. Perhaps she, him and the group in general would be better served if she just stayed out of something for once.


Okay, that was now officially the dumbest idea in history.

Yet somehow, Annie still remembered all those movie nights with Abed even now. She still remembered that charging in, without any idea of what was going on, led to embarrassing and logic-defying sight gags. Even though Jeff was calling her name and moaning, Annie still willed her powerful brain not to slip into movie ill-logic for once.

In any case, asking for Jeff and knocking on the door would make him stop….whatever he was doing. The only way to see it was to peek inside in some way. But all the shades were down, as Jeff had taken more care to not be seen than to not be heard. Yet in Abed's movies, it was something obvious that tripped up secret operations like Jeff's.

On a hunch, Annie put her hand on the door and soon saw that it wasn't locked after all. Typical Jeff to not go that all out on a task like this. But nevertheless, Annie quietly pushed the door open a tiny inch in order to see inside. What's more, she tightly covered up her mouth so that if there was something shocking, she wouldn't alert Jeff by screaming.

This turned out to be the greatest idea in history by a wide margin.

Annie was so fixated in not acting like a brainless movie character, she focused more on how to spy on Jeff than on what she'd be spying on. Considering the tone and frequency of Jeff's moans, and that he moaned Annie's name at one point, even someone with 80 fewer I.Q. points would have solved the mystery by now. Maybe a deep part of Annie did know and focused more on getting a look before facing the truth.

Yet Annie was now a tiny bit more focused on the sight of Jeff in his chair, masturbating with his back turned.

"Annie…." she heard before her heavy, muffled breathing drowned out all else.

By some miracle, Annie made herself contain her muffled screams of shock. With her hand even more tightly clamped over her mouth, she growled and tried to focus on breathing through her nose. But even her nose breathing was a little loud, so she worked on quieting that down as well. Perhaps if Annie actually started looking at a masturbating Jeff, it would help her adjust and eventually calm her down.

So Annie tried that out and made herself gaze at an exposed Jeff. With him sitting down in his usual chair and with his back turned, she couldn't see all of his….thing. But she did see the side of it – at least the parts not being covered by his pumping hand.

After several seconds, Annie finally heard Jeff more than her own breathing. Soon, she was a bit more used to the sight of Jeff masturbating – if only enough not to make any noise. Yet she kept her mouth covered just in case, which served her well when she heard Jeff moan "Annie…." once again. This time, it really registered that he was pleasuring himself to her – in the study room and next to her usual chair, no less.

Before Annie began to think that through, she saw Jeff stop moving his hand. She then saw him reach for a tube of lubricant on the desk, which she hadn't noticed earlier. Annie's investigating was really rusty….although if there was ever a good excuse for it….

Jeff smeared some lube on his right hand and put it back on 'himself,' moving up and down with less speed than before. "Nice and gentle….how very Annie…." the real Annie overheard while Jeff was obviously lost in dream world with a dream Annie. Real Annie barely wanted to know how much more….experimental Jeff's dream Annie was. Well, maybe a little more than barely.

Jeff moaned even deeper as he went slower and teased himself more. Annie could only see the side of his face, but his right eye was clearly closed and unable to see her. He was shut off to the outside world just as Annie was while she was doing work – not that kind of work, though.

"Oh….look at me. I need you to look at me, Annie," Jeff called out, as real Annie nearly bit her lip to remember that he was talking to dream Annie. As she got her memory back, she saw Jeff pump a tiny bit faster while saying "Look at me…" a bit softer.

If Jeff was having a dirty fantasy about Annie in his mind, why would he say something less dirty like "Look at me?" Or complement Annie for being nice and gentle earlier, even during this imaginary sex act? Despite not being a full expert on this particular subject, Annie figured these things were dirtier in minds like Jeff's.

Maybe he was already at the point where Annie….released, and Jeff wanted to imagine her face when it happened. But that usually happened at the end, and it didn't look like Jeff was close to being done yet. Perhaps he thought she….released more than once in these things – although he obviously thought about it more than she did.

But if that wasn't it….maybe imaginary Jeff just wanted to look into imaginary Annie's eyes during sex. Real Annie knew that real Jeff loved needling her over her eyes, yet real Jeff was probably more into other body parts during sex. She imagined he'd be more graphic in a fantasy….but if his fantasy involved just looking at her eyes during….the act….what did that say?

"Oh God, you're so fucking beautiful…." That blindsided Annie a bit more than "Look at me."

The f-word still somehow made her blush – although with all this, that shouldn't have made her more uncomfortable. But the other word that drew Annie's attention was "beautiful." Jeff could have used more graphic words like gorgeous, sexy, hot, or a few more words that would trigger Britta rants. Yet he used the simpler "beautiful" instead.

Even after years of being attractive, Annie was still taken aback when someone complimented her on her looks. Being called beautiful was a pipe dream back then, and even getting called that now was rare, since boys and men were usually….cruder in complimenting her looks. However, Jeff thought of her that way even in the midst of a dirty sex fantasy while jacking off. Even using the term 'jacking off' didn't sound so ugly with that beautiful context.

"Come on, fuck me….make me cum now, please." Okay, so maybe Jeff wasn't that much of a romantic in this area. But for some reason, it reassured Annie more than it grossed her out.

Given his….choice of words at the end, it seemed like he was almost done or wanted to be. Another sign was that he was thrusting his hips up and….literally making love to his hand. Annie's hand grasped her mouth tighter – but not to keep her quiet.

She was pretty speechless anyway, as she was just focused on seeing Jeff drive himself even crazier with thoughts of her. This room was supposed to be for studying, anyway – even if this study session was mainly to memorize Jeff's aroused, soon to explode body. But if she could pay attention to herself, she would have noticed her thighs were closing tighter – and moving up and down themselves.

"Come on, fuck me, come on, come on…." Jeff muttered over and over, with Annie's brain starting to say the same itself. After several more seconds, Jeff sounded like he was muttering the start of Annie's name, but it came out as a grunt instead. His hand rapidly went up and down his erection a few more times before he squeezed it – then he suddenly panicked.

"No, no, not on the clothes!" Jeff called out, which weren't the most exciting words Annie imagined hearing at a….time like this. Nevertheless, he quickly moved to take his pants and underwear down, then he lifted his shirt up. Before Annie could be grossed out at Jeff sitting his bare bottom in his chair, he covered his right hand over his tip and had his left hand hold up his shirt.

As such, Jeff's release was caught by his hand, trying to ensure it wouldn't land on any of his clothing. Annie was momentarily offended that keeping his clothes clean was his priority at that moment, and not her. That was probably just the first thing she should plan to be offended at when the dust settles.

However, as she saw Jeff try desperately to hold onto his penis and keep his release from spraying...not to mention that he wouldn't stop releasing….she found herself holding in sounds of laughter. Even during this moment, Jeff was still Jeff, and this was one of those times when his clothes obsession was just plan funny.

Of course, he certainly couldn't leave here with his stuff staining his shirt or pants. But he was so into it until the last second, it looked like he wouldn't have noticed if they did stain. Until then, Jeff clearly had nothing on his mind but finishing off….nothing on his mind but the images that would make him finish off. Nothing on his mind but Annie.

Of course, it isn't like he'd admit Annie had any effect on him anywhere else. He had to go here after school, close up the study room and live out some study room sex fantasy. Probably to satisfy him so he wouldn't get any crazier thoughts in his mind – like admitting that he had any feelings for her to her or anyone. If Annie barged in right now and told him she saw everything, he would still deny it to his grave and lock himself in his apartment for weeks. There, he could jack off to her and not let himself give one hoot about what the real Annie wanted.

Then Annie remembered that it might come to that, if she didn't clear out before Jeff cleaned up.

Annie took one last look at Jeff catching his breath – and maybe a look at how drenched his fist was. After taking it in for a final time, she carefully took her hand off her mouth and prepared to shut the door quietly. Just before she did, she heard Jeff say one more thing.

"Christ, if only I…."

Once it was clear that this was all Annie would get, she finally closed the door, tiptoed back to her library table, got her stuff and prepared to freak out properly.

To her shock, she didn't scream out loud now that she had the chance. It seemed that all her initial shock and squeamishness had been muffled out already. Now she could jump right to thinking rationally and skip the childish hysteria for once. If ever she was due for that break, this was a pretty good time.

She had already thought about her anger over this, and how Jeff indulged in dirty fantasies rather than tell the truth. How did he expect her to sit next to him in that room again? How could she sit in there at all after what she saw in there? At that point, Annie contained herself before the childish hysteria showed up after all.

But how was she supposed to feel, being the object of….lust like that? She should be offended that Jeff thought of her that way, as Britta would undoubtedly tell her to be for two hours straight. Annie should not have to take being reduced to a….fun time fantasy, as if that was all she was to Jeff!

And yet Jeff still called her beautiful and not anything dirtier. He certainly wasn't censoring himself, since he thought he was all alone. He got hotter just thinking about her looking at him during sex – and even Annie knew eye contact wasn't really essential for men then. She certainly didn't think Jeff was the kind of man who'd find it essential.

And he said "Christ, if only I…" at the very end. Naturally, he had to be cryptic even then – but with all the evidence, was it that crazy to assume he wished it was real? That he did wish he could have real sex with her? Annie tried to tell herself that if Jeff really wanted sex, it'd be to do it once and hope it killed any other feelings forever.

But yet again….there were those words, and the way he moaned her name, and that he went to this much trouble for something he could have done at home. Was he that crazy for Annie that it wasn't enough to do this at home anymore? God, how many times did he do it at home? So many question, so few answers – what a typical problem for Jeff to leave Annie with. Still….Annie felt a bit closer to the real answers than ever before.

Now the problem was what to do about it. Annie was getting better at brushing aside Jeff problems and facing him in public. Yet this was too vivid, revealing and….a few other things to put aside like everything else. Should she be more angry or happy about what she saw? If she was angry at how this was the only way he could handle his feelings, how should she express it? But if she was happy that Jeff thought of her in that way….and with more lust and emotion than she thought possible….what to do about it then?

Annie didn't know, and it would take a restless night or five to figure it out and come up with a plan.

First things first was that she had to go home; if only because her panties had become….well, damp was the nice way to put it.