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Chapter 27

"Brax's is out of surgery" Heath suddenly rushed in.

Charlie's Point of View

Bianca and I looked at each other before rushing after Heath who was heading towards the elevators. We all hopped in and headed down to the ICU ward where both Brax and Ruby had been put. I still hadn't seen Ruby since we got to the hospital, but I had been assured she would recover. We got down to the ward and through the window of the room we seen Brax unconscious. He had machines and tubes hanging off him and a large breathing tube down his throat. "Oh god" I gasped, holding Zoey close to me so she couldn't see.

"Sid what's going on, can we go see him?" Heath asked as Sid walked out of the room with Brax's chart.

"Brax had lost a lot of blood by the time he got here and in surgery they discovered he had a collapse lung due to the trauma from the stabbings. We put him into an induced coma so that his body can rest and heal. He's stable for now but the next 24 hours is critical" Sid gave us the news.

"Can we see him?" Casey had soon joined us.

"Not all of you, one at a time please" Sid nodded.

"Charlie…you go first" Bianca suggested.

"No…I can't go in there" I shook my head before rushing off to see Ruby. I couldn't look at him lying in that hospital bed. Last time he had been stabbed it was different, weren't officially together, but now we had Zoey and I needed him more than ever. I walked into the hospital room where Ruby was lying there asleep. She looked so tired and pale, but at least she was going to be all right. "Hey baby girl" I whispered, sitting down next to her and placing Zoey on my lap. I took her hand and kissed her forehead gently.

"She's lucky you got her here in time." the nurse attending to her smiled at me.

"Yeah she is" I nodded, trying not to cry. I watched as Ruby started to stir and slowly her eyes opened and focused on Zoey and I.

"Charlie? Mum?" She questioned before trying to sit up.

"Slowly honey" I smiled, as the nurse adjusted the bed so she could sit up.

"Are you ok, is Zoey ok? Where's Brax?" Ruby started to panic.

"Woah…Ruby calm down…shhh. Just breath" I told her.

"I'm fine, Zoey was a little hungry but ok and Brax...Brax…Jake stabbed him and he has just come out of surgery but he is should pull through" I held back tears, tyring not to upset her.

"I was so scared Jake was going to hurt Zoey" Ruby had tears rolling down her cheeks as she looked at her little sister. "What happened to Jake?" Ruby asked.

"The police shot him…he died on the scene" I nodded.

"Morag?" Ruby suddenly looked past me towards the door. I turned and looked before bursting into tears.

"Oh Charlie…why didn't you tell me about everything that has happened in the past week? The car accident, the miscarriage and now this! Lucky Casey called me" Morag hugged me gently.

"I'm sorry…everything has just happened all at once" I nodded.

"Hey Charlie, I'm about to head off, I thought you might need this though" Watson soon walked in with Zoey's pram. "Stevenson and Wilson dropped off Brax and Ruby's car back at your place so I thought I'd grab this so she can sleep" She smiled at Zoey.

"Thanks Georgia…thanks for everything" I nodded before watching her leave. I put Zoey in the pram and tried to rock her to sleep.

"Have you seen Brax yet?" Ruby asked me.

"They put him in an induced coma…I can't see him like that" I shook my head.

"Charlie…I think you should go see him, just in case something bad happens" Ruby raised a very good point.

"I'll look after Zoey, you go and tell that man you love him before you regret it!" Morag said sternly. I nodded before slowly walking out the room and down the hall. Heath and Bianca were standing out side the room while Casey was inside.

"How's Ruby?" Bianca asked, taking me into an embrace.

"She's doing good. She awake and talking to Morag right now" I nodded as we broke away.

"You going to go in?" Heath asked me. I nodded before walking towards the door. I walked inside and closed it behind me, watching Casey hold his brothers hand.

"Can I have some time with him?" I asked Casey, placing my hands on his shoulders.

"Sure" Casey nodded, standing up and hugging me. "I'll go check on Rubes" he gave me a small smile before leaving. I sat down next to Brax and listened to the machines beeping and buzzing. I took his large hand in my and kissed it gently.

"Please wake up. Please, please wake up" I whispered to him. "You have Zoey, Ruby and I to think about now, so I need you to wake up. Zoey needs you and I need you." I continued whispering. "I love you so much" I whimpered.

A few hours later

I had been sitting at Brax's bedside for what seemed like forever. Morag had brought in a sleeping Zoey and I had her in the pram by my side. "Charlie…why don't I take you home?" Morag suggested as it was starting to get rather late.

"No, I can't leave him" I nodded.

"Charlie please. Casey is practically falling asleep and you look exhausted and you need a shower" Morag was trying to convince me. "If anything happens they will call you straight away" I looked at Zoey before looking up at Morag.

"You're right" I sighed before turning and looking at Brax. "I love you" I whispered before kissing his forehead. Morag dropped Casey, Zoey and I home before heading off to stay at the caravan park, telling us she'd meet us at the hospital first thing in the morning. Without waking Zoey I placed her in her baby bean bag and put her in Brax's side of the bed, while I had a quick shower before hopping into my side of the bed and sighing. "Daddy's going to be ok…isn't he Zo?" I looked at my sleeping baby before kissing her forehead, grateful that she hadn't been hurt today.