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6 months later

Brax's Point of View

I woke up to a small mumbling sound in the baby monitor on Charlie bedside table. "She's awake!" Charlie mumbled, leaning in and kissing my chest. "Time to get up" She chuckled; know I was too comfortable to move.

"We should be treasuring this moment Charlie…she can't get out of bed herself to wake us up and she's not demanding anything yet" I chuckled back, wrapping an arm around her shoulder and kissing her forehead.

"We should get her out of bed Brax…it's her birthday! You get her and I'll get the presents" Charlie quickly got out of bed and got some wrapped up presents from under the bed while I slowly made my way to Zoey's room.

"Hello Gorgeous!" I grinned at my daughter holding herself up on the rails of the cot. She seen me and smiled before letting go and plonking herself into the cot. I reached in and picked her up before letting her stand up and taking her hands so she could walk. She had taken a few steps by her self in the past few months, but still needed a bit of assistance in the walking department. I walked her down the hallway and into our bedroom.

"Happy Birthday baby girl!" Charlie exclaimed as she held out her hands for Zoey to walk to.

"Come on Zo, just a few steps to mummy!" I let go of one hand before she hesitantly took one step, before I let go of the other hand. She took two steps to Charlie before Charlie picked her up and laughed.

"You're such a big girl taking steps on your own!" Charlie gooed at her before Zoey giggled. I watched as Charlie sat crossed legged on the floor and put Zoey in front of her. Zoey was really looking more and more like Charlie and Ruby every single day. Her honey blonde hair was now long enough to put into a little pony tail on top of her head and her eyes were a mixture of icy blue like Charlie, with a touch of green like mine. She truly was gorgeous and I felt so lucky to have both Charlie and Zoey in my life. I watched as my little girl looked at the large, brightly wrapped box in front of her before looking at me as much as to say 'Well what do I do with it?'.

"I think you need to help her out" I chuckled before Charlie started unwrapping the paper a little bit. Zoey's eyes lit up before she started grabbing handfuls of paper, having more fun scrunching the paper in her hands and making a mess than looking at the present itself.

"Zo, Zo….look!" Charlie started opening the box and took out a ride on toy that converted into a baby walker so she could get some confidence learning to walk. It has all different colours and toys and sounds and she soon forgot about the paper and wanted to play with her present. Along with the walker, Charlie spoilt her rotten with clothes and other toys. "Brax get the camera from my bedside table please…she looks so cute!" Charlie gushed as she placed Zoey on the ride on and watched her push herself around. We both stood up and watched Zoey playing with her new toys.

"Wow…its been a year since I got that call from Heath saying you were in labour…a whole year of being a dad and I haven't managed to fuck any of it up" I hugged Charlie, keeping my eyes on Zoey.

"Me on the other hand" Charlie mumbled.

"Oi, don't speak like that" I pulled away and looked into her eyes. "You went through a lot…no body blames you" I kissed her forehead softly.

Soon enough we were all showered and ready for Zoey's birthday party we were holding in the back yard. Ruby and Casey had come over early, also spoiling Zoey rotten. Bianca, Heath and Darcy had also come over early to help set up. Bianca's belly was rounding up nicely, her being 5 months pregnant and all. Heath was over the moon that he was going to be a dad again and to be honest I was kind of jealous that he was there to support Bianca through the beginning of her pregnancy. "She had any weird cravings yet?" I asked my brother with a chuckle.

"Yeah Tuna, onion and pickle sandwich! Yuck!" Heath looked at me disgusted.

"I still remember the night Charlie came over here at 3am wanting ice cream and marshmallows" I laughed back.

"Yeah, I remember that night too because you kept both Case and I up for most of the night and she went through a whole jar of peanut butter!" Heath stated a fact.

"Get used to it Bro!" I smirked, patted his back and went and got us both a beer from the esky while we watched guests starting to arrive. Pretty much all our close friends and family were invited and even mum had flown down from Queensland.

"Oh Brax, doesn't she look like her mother!" Mum gushed over her granddaughter, seeing as she hadn't seen her since birth. "I'm proud of you son…actually I'm proud of both of you and Case" She smiled at both Heath and I, hugging us.

"Mum, don't get all mushy on us now" Heath chuckled. Mum shook her head with a smile before walking over to make small talk to Morag.

"I hope you're not giving him any bad advice on how to deal with pregnancy" Bianca walked up, wrapping an arm around Heath's waist.

"Don't need to, sounds like you two have it all sorted out" I chuckled, watching Bianca place a hand on her bump.

"So the wedding plans are looking pretty good Brax…you getting excited?" Bianca smiled.

"Yeah I suppose so. I gotta make an honest woman out of her one day" I shrugged. Charlie and I had decided on a small intimate ceremony on the beach with just close friends and family, then back for a small reception at Angelo's, all happening in just a couple of weeks.

"Making an honest woman out of Buckton…that's hilarious!" Heath laughed before I looked at him along with Bianca who then hit him. Soon enough Zoey was starting to get tired which meant time to cut the cake and say a bit of a speech. I walked up behind Charlie who had Zoey in her arms, placing my hands on her hips. After we sung happy birthday I raised my voice to say a few things.

"So I would just like to say a few words. Firstly I'd like to thank everyone for coming today. It means a lot to all of us that you care so much about Zoey. Secondly I'd just like to say that Zoey is the best thing that has happened to me and I feel like such a lucky bloke to have a such an amazing family. As most of you know Charlie and I have had a rough 12 months, but with Zoey here it has made our lives so much happier. So yeah, here's to Zoey…Happy Birthday bub!" I took her off Charlie and kissed her chocolate covered cheek. Everyone cheered and clapped before Charlie started cutting the cake and handing it out to people. Soon enough it had started to get dark and everyone was leaving. All that was left was Mum, Heath, Bianca, Darcy, Ruby and Casey. Mum had offered to wash up while Charlie took a break and sat down with Bianca and a glass of wine.

"Now its my turn to rub it in your face, just like you did when I was pregnant with Zoey" Charlie said to Bianca as she took a sip of wine.

"I feel really bad about that now" Bianca chuckled, placing a hand on her belly. "Ohh the baby's kicking…feel it" Bi grabbed Charlie's hand and placed it on her stomach. I watched as Charlie smiled before looking at me, motioning me to come over.

"Feel it Brax" Charlie grabbed my hand and placed it on Bianca's bump. I smiled and looked at Charlie grin. "I miss that" She sighed. Even though Charlie and I had lost a baby and Charlie had told me she wasn't ready for another one, I knew we both wanted to extend our family sometime in the future. The only question was, when was Charlie going to be ready to try, or would we just wait for it to happen naturally. All I knew is that I loved Zoey so much and giving her a little brother or sister would just complete me. Being there for Charlie through the whole pregnancy was also something I was looking forward to.

"Well I think its time we all headed off. Mum you ready to go?" Heath called out to mum in the kitchen, as she was staying at Heath and Bianca's place.

"Yep, all cleaned up. It was a lovely day. I'll be over in the morning to say goodbye before I head off to the airport" Mum smiled before hugging us all.

"Well we're going to head to bed…night guys" Ruby smiled, taking Casey's hand and walking into their bedroom as soon as Heath, Bi, Darce and mum had gone.

"Maybe we should head to bed too, its been a long day" I placed my hands on Charlie's hips, pulling her close to me.

"Uhuh" She mumbled, wrapped her arms around my neck and kissing me.

"That wines gone straight to your head" I chuckled, letting her jump up and wrap her legs around my waist.

"Uhuh" She giggled, placing kisses on my neck as I took her to our bedroom, closing the door behind us. I placed her on the bed and stood over her, staring at her. "What are you looking at?" She whispered with a smile.

"Just at how beautiful you are" I chuckled, taking off my shirt and jeans before hopping on top of her, stroking her cheek.

"Brax, I've been thinking…I want to start trying for another baby" She looked into my eyes seriously.

"Are you sure you're ready?" I asked, finding it hard to contain the grin on my face.

"Yeah I am…today made me realise how much I love being a mum and how much I miss being pregnant. It was hard but it was worth it in the end. And this time I'll have you by my side every single step of the way" She placed a hand on my cheek and whispered.

"Well babe, if you want to do this, you better get your clothes off so we can get started" I whispered in her ear before ravishing her neck in kisses, hearing her giggle and squirm. What more could I ask for, an amazing business, a beautiful fiancé (soon to be wife), a beautiful daughter and hopefully soon another kid on the way. This was our life now and I wouldn't have it any other way.