It was a regular Saturday afternoon. Gokudera was walking to Tsuna's home because he was going to do his normal routine, tutoring his Juudaime. He pressed the doorbell twice before the door opened, revealing a smiling woman. "Good morning," he greeted in a very formal way.

"Oh my, good morning, Gokudera-kun, Tsuna-kun is waiting for you in his room," Nana said as she led Gokudera to her son's room.

"Thank you," Gokudera thanked when he was in front of the door of Tsuna's room. He knocked on it twice before opening the door. "Good morning, Juudaime!" he greeted loudly as he walked inside only to see a very lively cow, playing with (or rather bullying ^_^) Tsuna.

"STUPIDERA!" Lambo shouted as he jumped to Gokudera, making the man fall on the floor.

Gokudera was lying on his back and he was easily aggravated at what the stupid kid had done. "What the hell do you think you're doing, stupid cow?" he asked angrily as he tried to push the cow above him, carefully so he wouldn't hurt himself because the cow is gripping his hair tightly, pulling and playing with it carelessly.

Tsuna kneeled beside Gokudera and tried to take Lambo away but every time he pulls the cow, Gokudera's hair is being pulled also.

"Yo, Tsuna," Yamamoto greeted, getting the attention of the three. He didn't notice Lambo and Gokudera lying on the floor and as he walked inside Tsuna's room, he was about to take a step and hit Gokudera's face when Lambo laughed his usual arrogant laugh. Yamamoto quickly noticed him and he stop moving, fortunately. He looked down and saw Gokudera and Lambo.

"Yamamoto-kun, help us," Tsuna said in panic, still trying to get the stupid cow away from Gokudera.

Yamamoto kneeled from where he was standing and took something in his pocket. "Yo," he greeted Lambo. "Here," he said as he revealed a grape candy on his palm.

Lambo's eyes sparkled as he stopped his movements. "Nyahaha," he laughed loudly, taking the candy away from Takeshi's hand. "Lambo-san won and this is his reward!" he said arrogantly as he moved away from Gokudera. "Mama! Mama! Lambo-san won in wrestling!" he shouted as he run away.

"Are you okay, Gokudera?" Yamamoto asked as he helped Gokudera to sit.

"Don't touch me, Yakyuu baka," Gokudera said as he quickly fixed his hair. "Damn that stupid cow," he cursed in a whisper.

"I'm sorry, Gokudera-kun," Tsuna apologized accompanied with a nervous laugh.

"No, it's fine, Juudaime. It's the stupid cow's fault," Gokudera said, smiling at his Juudaime though a sweat dropped at the side of his cheek because he just made his tenth feel sorry.

"Ma, ma, let's start our group study," Yamamoto interrupted as he sat near the table, placing his things on it.

Gokudera sat near the table also while giving the baseball nut a glare. "Why are you here, anyway?" he asked the rain guardian angrily.

"Because I don't have practice," Yamamoto smiled in his usual playful tone.

"Tsk," Gokudera hissed but chose to just accept that Yamamoto is here with them. He opened the book and started discussing.

The group study was going pretty well. Gokudera with his glasses on and his hair tied was truly a genius. The study wasn't boring per se; with Yamamoto adding jokes makes the study lively. Though Gokudera found those jokes corny and he yelled at Yamamoto most of the time, he was somehow happy that the rain guardian was here.

"Ah, I'll get some snacks," Tsuna said as he let go of the pen he was holding. "What do you want?" he asked both of them.

"Anything is fine, Tsuna," Yamamoto said as he stretched his arms.

"I'll help you, Juudaime," Gokudera said while wiping the sweat he hadn't noticed he had 'til now.

"No, I'm fine, just rest for a while," Tsuna said as he quickly ran down the stairs.

Gokudera yawned as he supported his chin with his palm. Studying was really tiring but it was fun today. Two hours of studying wouldn't be fun without these two. He was about to smile when he felt the rain guardian staring at him. "What the hell are you staring at?" he asked as a frown was formed on his face, anger starting to quickly take over his good mood.

"Haha," Yamamoto laughed his usual laugh. "I just realized you look good with your glasses on," he stated with his playful tone.

Gokudera was taken aback, hearing those words. Why the hell would Yamamoto say that all of the sudden? Well, maybe because he is a true idiot. A blush was quickly formed on his pale cheeks as his anger or rather irritation took over his emotions. "Bastard," he said as he rested his head on the table, his arms functioning as a pillow. He was never happy with this guy alone. He was always irritated just feeling the presence of the baseball nut. He hates this guy, everything about him… everything.

The door of Tsuna's room opened and Gokudera quickly stood up to help his Juudaime but was stilled when a lady came in instead. She was his elder sister, Bianchi. "B-Bianchi," he gasped before he fell, sitting on the floor while clutching his stomach tightly. It hurt him like hell. "Ugh," he managed to hiss before dozing off. Yamamoto quickly caught him and he carried the storm guardian to Tsuna's bed.

He always irritates me. Damn that Yakyuu baka. I hate everything about him… everything… so much… his voice, his smell, his gestures, especially his smile, I hate them. Everyone thinks he is kind. How the hell is a guy like him kind? He likes teasing me. Last time, he said I look good with my hair tied up. Now, he said I look good with my glasses on. What the hell is wrong with him? He is a real bastard… an idiot… a baseball nut. I hate him. He always gets in my nerves.

Gokudera opened his eyes lazily. He was lying on someone's bed. It wasn't Tsuna's room because he was sure that this isn't his Juudaime's bed. This isn't his apartment also so where the hell is he? He clutched his stomach again because it still hurt a little. Damn, I disgraced myself again in front Juudaime… hn? This smell… Gokudera looked around the room and he saw baseball stuffs… posters, magazines, bat, ball, gloves… everything about baseball. This is obviously the baseball nut's room. This damn, messy room is Yamamoto's room.So this is why I dreamed about that damn baseball nut.

Gokudera was about to sit up when the door opened, revealing its owner wearing only a towel around his lower waist. Gokudera's eyes widened but he quickly rolled to the side of the bed, facing the wall as a dark blush was quickly formed on his cheeks. "What the hell is wrong with you, Yakyuu baka," he asked angrily.

Yamamoto laughed at the Storm guardian's response. "I just finished my bath, what do you expect?" he asked as he took another towel and sat on his bed, making Hayato twitch. "Are you feeling ok now?" he asked Gokudera while drying his hair.

"I'm fine, why am I here anyway?" Gokudera answered and asked Takeshi at the same time. He was trying really hard to ignore the smell he hates the most.

After Gokudera passed out, they (except Bianchi) took care of him 'til it got late. Tsuna couldn't possibly let him sleep there today because all the possible people related to Mafia were in his house for an unknown reason and they somehow decided to stay there. Tsuna said that Gokudera should stay at Yamamoto's house (Yamamoto suggested that) 'til morning since there is no one to take care of him in his house.

"Tsk, don't mistake me. I'll only stay here because Juudaime said it, not because I want to, you got that?" Gokudera said coldly, still not giving Yamamoto a glance.

Yamamoto just laughed and stood up when he finished drying his hair. He put his pajama on before remembering something. "Gokudera," he called, making the silver-haired man flinch. "If you're feeling hungry, I'll cook for you," he said in his usual tone, smiling at Gokudera even though the man isn't looking at him.

"Hn, I'm not hungry," Hayato said. He isn't really hungry. His stomach is still not in mood for eating and it still hurts just by remembering his sister's face. He covered his whole body with a blanket, telling Yamamoto to just shut up because he doesn't like hearing the baseball nut's voice.

Yamamoto just laughed again at Gokudera's coldness. He took his futon and placed it on the floor. "Dera," he called again as he took another pair of pajama in his drawer. When the Italian didn't make any move, he sat on his bed before pulling the blanket down to Gokudera's waist.

Gokudera's eyes were wide opened because of the action and he got furious like always. "What the fuck is wrong with you?" he shouted angrily.

"Here," Yamamoto said as he gave Hayato the pair of pajama. "Your clothes aren't comfortable in sleep, right?" he said with a smile before going to his futon. "Goodnight," he said as he lied on the futon.

Gokudera took it and he sat up on the bed. He stared and frowned at Yamamoto immediately when he saw the man sleeping on his futon. "Hey, aren't you going to sleep here?" he asked Takeshi. This isn't his house so shouldn't he be the one sleeping on the futon?

"Sick person should be treated nicely," Yamamoto said as he looked at Hayato with a smile.

"Just so you know, I'm not sick," Gokudera said as he started changing. Once he was done, he looked at Yamamoto and was surprised when the man was already sleeping. He stared at him and a frown was quickly formed on his face. Tsk. Yes, he gets irritated just by seeing Yamamoto's face but he couldn't stop himself from staring at him. "Tch," Gokudera looked away and lied on the bed. He covered himself with the blanket then closed his eyes tightly. This smell… I hate this smell.

I'm staring at my young self and my mother. They're playing the piano happily.

I was so young when I met her but I knew that I like her. She had a very warm atmosphere surrounding her. I always thought she was an angel. She liked playing piano and so did I. She played the piano beautifully and she taught me how to play it. She used to visit me 'til one day, she stopped. No one really told me why and I almost hated her because of that. Heh. I was so lonely 'til that day came. There is really no truth that is untold, is there? She was my mother and she died. No one told me. No one did. No damn people did. That day, I started to hate every people in the world. I didn't trust anyone. Well, who would after that? Even after they told me the truth… when I knew that my father really loved my mother, I still can't change the way I see things. Because in the end, no one really intended to tell me the truth. They were planning to hide it forever. Damn them all.

"Mama, where are you going?" My young self asked when he saw mother stood up.

"I have to leave, Hayato. Take care of yourself," her gentle voice told the little me.


"Why are you leaving me?" the little me asked as tears started to form in his eyes.

"I have to," my mother answered, patting my young self's head and giving him the gentlest smile.


"You don't have to!" my young self shouted.

For some reason, she stared at me, the adult me, and gave me a smile that made my heart throb painfully. It was a farewell smile. I ran to her and reached out my hand to stop her from fading. "No, wait!"


"Huh?" Gokudera opened his eyes. It was still dark. His arm was stretched upwards and Yamamoto was holding his hand. He was sweating and he has tears.

"Hey, are you ok?" Yamamoto asked worriedly as he wiped Gokudera's tears and sweat away.

Gokudera couldn't answer quickly because he is still in a shock at what he had dreamt. He tried to forget that memory and he was succeeding. Why now? Why did he dream about it now? His heart throbbed painfully against his chest. He looked at Yamamoto with frown of fear. "I-I'm fine… just—," he answered but was cut off when Yamamoto pulled him and made him straddle his lap. Yamamoto held and hugged him tightly. Gokudera wanted to push the man away but was too weak to even make a move. When was the last time someone hugged him? He couldn't remember. He had already forgotten how it felt. He had forgotten how great it felt… and Yamamoto was making him remember it all… the warmth… the comfort… the love… Yamamoto was hugging him so tight that he couldn't do anything but hug back. He buried his face on Yamamoto's shoulder and thought deeply. The memory he dreamt… that memory was so painful that just by even thinking about it, his heart wants to burst because of pain. Gokudera clutched Yamamoto's shirt tightly as he closed his eyes. This smell… He finally remembered this smell. It was like his mother's… simple, no perfume, just natural. He didn't really hate it. He liked it. "Bastard…"