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"I hate you so much"

Shouldn't that be enough? That was what Hayato needed. That was what he exactly wanted. He wanted to make Yamamoto hate him for this love to stop.

"I hate you so much"

Shouldn't that be enough? That should have been enough already. That should have satisfied Hayato. There was no need for anything else. Those words were more than enough. If there's anything more he needed, that is for Yamamoto to leave so he could cry; he wanted Yamamoto to leave him alone in this place.

"I hate you so much"

Those words won't stop echoing in his head.

"I hate you so much"

Those words were more than enough to make him cry… even if he didn't want to because crying would show the Japanese that he's hurt. And that, of course, would contradict everything he had done up 'til now but—

"I'm sorry," Hayato whispered.

He didn't know that it would hurt this much. "Don't hate me. I'm really sorry," he apologized again. The grip on his wrists loosened and he immediately freed his hands. He took a pillow to hide his crying face. "I just didn't want you to suffer like what my mother experienced."

The sound of Gokudera's voice was muffled because of the pillow but Yamamoto understood all the said words.

"I don't want to be like my father… Choosing this forbidden relationship then making his beloved suffer. I don't want that to happen. I don't want to be the reason of your suffering."

Hayato pressed the pillow harder on his face and it was a miracle that he could still breathe. He really didn't want to say these words. He just realized that maybe, it would be better to separate without hating each other so he just had to explain.

"I don't want you to leave me like what my mother did. I don't want to experience that again. That's why… ugh…" he sobbed. "That's why we should stop this. I don't want to be hurt again," he whispered.

Yamamoto sat up on the bed as he wiped his own tears. He finally heard everything he needed to know. He finally understood what Gokudera was so anxious about. He couldn't blame Hayato for thinking this way. After everything the Italian had experienced, it's only natural to feel this way.

"But you're hurting now, aren't you?" Yamamoto asked with a low voice.

Yamamoto saw Gokudera's grip on the pillow tightened which just means that what he said was true. He was somehow happy that Gokudera showed him his vulnerable side.

"Hayato, don't cry," he whispered as he moved on top of Hayato again. He removed the pillow that was hiding Gokudera's face and wiped his tears. He looked into Hayato's eyes and so did Hayato. He wanted to give the Italian a smile but he couldn't. He couldn't because another part of him was feeling upset. Hayato loves him enough to be hurt like this but doesn't trust him enough to believe that Yamamoto will never leave him. "I'm sorry for slapping you," he apologized while caressing the reddening cheek. "I'm really sorry. But 'Dera," he called as he sat up on the bed, pulling Hayato with him.

Gokudera just sat still on the bed as he waited for what the Japanese had to say. He had already talked too much, even the words he didn't have to say were said. All he could do now is to listen to the Japanese. Now that Yamamoto knows his reason, there won't be any more arguments. Yamamoto will understand and will leave him.

"You should say sorry to me too…" Yamamoto whispered as he cupped Hayato's cheeks, making the Italian look at him. "Why are you so sure that I'll leave? I won't do that. I will never leave you. Even if that time comes, I will never leave… so apologize to me… I've shown you how much I love you yet why can't you trust me?"

"B-Baka…" Hayato whispered as he slapped the hand that was cupping his cheek. He looked away so he wouldn't be facing the idiot. He was wrong when he thought that Yamamoto finally understood him. He's an idiot… a real idiot. How could he forget that? "And how can you be so sure that you won't leave me?" he mumbled to himself, frowning. "Idiot"

"I don't care if you call me an idiot. I don't care at all," Yamamoto took Hayato's hands and held them firmly. "I know that I'm an idiot. I don't even know if what I'm saying is right. But Hayato…" he spoke before leaning to Hayato, resting his forehead on the Italian's shoulder.

Hayato gulped as he was surprised by Yamamoto's words. Just when will he stop fighting for this? Hayato doesn't even know if he could still keep arguing with Yamamoto. He didn't like trusting anyone because that would just bring pain. Heaven knows how much Gokudera wanted to keep himself from hurting again. "Just give up already," he whispered, trembling. A tear fell down his face as he said those. It was really hard for him to hide his emotions now. Even if he wanted to be with Yamamoto, he didn't want to experience that pain again. He's not as strong as anyone thinks he is. "Just give up already," he repeated, clinging to Yamamoto's arms tightly.

"I can't do that," Yamamoto replied. "I promised myself to never hurt you again and if I give up now, that will hurt you, right?" he said as he pulled away and looked into Gokudera's eyes.

Gokudera was again taken aback by Yamamoto's words. "Tch" Would it? Would it really hurt him if the idiot gives up on him now? "Baka," he insulted with a smile. "How can you be so full of yourself?"


"That's enough," Gokudera whispered as he lifted Yamamoto's head and made him look into his eyes. "If you ever break your promise, I'll truly hate you for the rest of my life," he smiled, pulling the Japanese in a hug.

"Huh?" Yamamoto's eyes widened. "Y-You're accepting me?"

"What?" Gokudera spoke coldly. "You don't like it?"

"Ah, no, no, no, no," Yamamoto answered, taking back his words. Gokudera just said those so suddenly that he got surprised. He hugged Hayato tightly, preventing the Italian from pulling away. "I love you," he confessed suddenly as he cupped Gokudera's cheek before leaning in, giving Hayato a deep kiss.

"Nnn… hey!" Gokudera tried to stop the baseball freak from sucking his lips roughly but that just gave the Japanese the opportunity to slip his tongue in his cavern. "Mmm…nnh" There's something wrong. Was Yamamoto always this hot? "Stop— hey!" he pulled away from the kiss, shoving Yamamoto away from him forcefully. "Y-You're hot."

Yamamoto was surprised and he suddenly blushed at those words. "T-Thank you?" he thanked, though it sounded like a question.

"Baka!" Hayato punched the idiot's forehead lightly. "I'm saying that your temperature is hot. Are you sick?" he clarified.

"Huh? Oh…" Yamamoto checked his body temperature and it seems like Gokudera is right. "Yeah, I think so," he answered with a smile as he scratched the back of his head.

"What?" Yamamoto is an idiot… a real idiot. How can he only notice that now? "Idiot! How can an idiot be sick? Go take a rest!" Hayato scolded while pushing the idiot on the bed.

"But it's your fault 'Dera," Yamamoto put the blame on Hayato. He stopped the Italian from pushing him and hugged him tightly. "Don't ever leave me again. If you're going through something, tell me, okay?"

Gokudera's heartbeat skipped at the action but he hugged back anyway. "O-Okay, I'm sorry."

They lied on the bed and were about to sleep but then the phone rang suddenly.

"What now?" Hayato growled in annoyance. Though he really wanted to rest now, he answered it anyway. "Hello—"


Gokudera frowned after hearing the scream. Is someone being attacked?

"Heh. Crying already? Stop struggling. You'll just hurt yourself."

"What the hell? Who are you?" Gokudera asked angrily.

"What is it? Let me hear," Yamamoto said, getting curious, as he put the phone in a loudspeaker mode.


They heard the scream again after a slapping sound.

"Someone's being tortured?"

"We should call the police," Yamamoto suggested.

"H-Hibari-san, nnh— please be gentle— ah! I can't—nnh—ah!"


"Hm? Gonna cum again, herbivore?"

"Please— ahh!"

And they heard another hard slap. And the slapping sound continued, becoming louder and faster… and also Tsuna's—

"Ah— Ahh… Ah— nnh— Hiba— ah! Hibari-san! Ahh!"

"Are you sure you should be moaning that loud?"

"Huh? Ah! I can't— I'm gonna—"

"The herbivores can hear you through the phone. Tsk, you're so tight."


There was a loud panting from the phone and even Hayato's and Yamamoto's breathing became uneven also.

"G-Gokudera-kun, please end the call— ah! Please"

"How cruel, shouldn't you be asking if they made up already?"


Gokudera heard his Juudaime sobbing. "Hibari! I'm gonna kill you!"

"Gokudera-kun, ah! H-He's drunk—nnh, ah! A-Are you and ah— Yama… hah… nnh…"

"We're okay now so I'm going to end the call. I'm sorry," Gokudera apologized before ending the call. He blushed as he turned his attention back to Yamamoto. "L-Let's just forget those. Anyway, you should rest now." That was what he said but the idiot didn't make a move. Instead, he saw a bulge in the man's crotch. "Oi, what the hell!"

"I-I'm sorry. I couldn't help imagining it was you…" Yamamoto confessed as they both blushed more. "I-I know doing it after we just made up is wrong so please… I'll just go to the bathroom," he said before standing up but was stopped by the Italian.

Hayato had a very dark blush on his cheeks and his head was turned to the side to avoid eye contact from the idiot. "Y-You're sick so I'll do it today."


Yamamoto was lying on the bed and he couldn't believe what was happening. He didn't exactly understand when Hayato said that he'll do it but now… he really just couldn't believe it. Is this a dream? This shouldn't be a dream, right?

There, Hayato was kneeling on Yamamoto, straddling him. His fingers were coated with lube and his lips were red after giving Yamamoto a blowjob. Beads of sweat were on his white skin, his face flushed red from embarrassment.

Yamamoto just lied on the bed comfortably as he watched those lube-coated fingers made their way to Hayato's lower region. He gulped in anticipation. He was sure that this isn't a dream. Hayato is way sexier now than his in his dreams. "Hayato…" he couldn't help but drool at the sight.

Hayato spread his legs wider as the tip of his fingers reached his opening. He closed his eyes as he relaxed himself, pushing that single digit in his own tight heat. "Ahh…" it had been so long since they last did it so it really felt uncomfortable even with just one digit. Even so, he slid it in and out slowly as to not hurt himself. Not long after that, he added the second finger. He moaned as he searched for his own sweet spot. "Ahh, ahh," he started scissoring himself and one of his fingers suddenly brushed against that spot. "Ahh!" he moaned, arching his back in pleasure.

"Shit," Yamamoto cursed as he reached down to touch his own cock. He rubbed it in time with Hayato's thrusts.

"Y-Yama… stop that, ahh..." Hayato panted as he added the third finger in his butt. "C-Can't have you cumming before me… I-I'm readying myself for you…"

And Yamamoto suddenly came. Hayato, loosening his hole in front of him, is already too much and he just had to say those seductive words with his seductive voice. Yamamoto wasn't able to do a thing but cum so suddenly. "Hehe," he blushed. "I'm sorry. You were just so sexy and you said those words so suddenly so I…"

Gokudera blushed even redder than before. He wasn't really paying attention to the words he was saying and he didn't expect Yamamoto to cum with just that. Even with that said, he still continued preparing himself, knowing that the idiot wouldn't be satisfied with just that.

Tsuna was on fours, his butt hanging in the air, his hips being grabbed back and forth with force. He had his face buried on the bed as he continued sobbing.

"Hey, how long are you going to sulk?" Hibari asked as he continued shoving himself inside the boy. "Don't cry."

But despite hearing those, Tsuna continued sobbing. Hibari did that on purpose— calling Gokudera while they're making love— Hibari did that on purpose, knowing that he wouldn't be able to stop his moans. Hibari just liked bullying him. Hibari likes making fun of him. "Please stop… nnh… please stop." Even if it feels good, he didn't like doing it while feeling painful inside.

"Tsk," Kyoya took his member out of Tsuna's hole; he turned the boy around and pulled him up, making Tsuna straddle his lap. He cupped the boy's cheek with one hand while the other was wrapped around that slim waist. He looked into the herbivore's eyes, obscured with moisture. "Are you mad?"

Tsuna held the hand that was cupping his cheek and removed it so he could bow his head.

Tsuna might hide it but Hibari knows that the boy was still crying. "Tsuna," he called but Tsuna refused to look at him. "Tsk" he thought it would be good to brag about this to them that's why he did that but he didn't know that Tsuna would cry like this. "Don't cry. I wasn't making fun of you," he whispered, knowing how Tsuna thinks. He embraced the boy tightly. He felt the boy's tears fall on his shoulders and he suddenly felt guilty at what he had done. "I'm sorry. I won't do it again so don't cry," he meant it when he apologized and Tsuna eventually looked up to see him.

"Hibari-san, I'm sorry!" Tsuna apologized as more tears rolled down his cheeks. He just made Hibari say sorry to him which the man never did to anyone before.

"It's fine so—"

"Ah," Tsuna felt the tip of Hibari's cock on his entrance with so much pre-cum.

"It hurts when it's not touched for so long. I'm sorry," Hibari apologized again as he sunk those sexy hips on his. He knows that he should at least read the atmosphere before doing this but he can't stop now, can he? He's still rock hard and all he could do is grab those hips and slide it up and down, meeting his every thrusts.

"H-Hibari-san-ah!" Tsuna moaned as he felt that hot rod ram inside him. He hugged Hibari tightly, burying his face on the man's neck.

"Hey, I want to see you."

"Hnn… nnh… ah— nnhh— no!" Tsuna refused.

Hibari paused his movements and shifted the boy's hips a little.

"Ahh.. Hibari-san…" Tsuna panted when he finally had the time to breathe. He felt Hibari pulled him up slowly, leaving only the tip inside him. "EH?" Is Hibari-san done? Is— "AHH!" he moaned in surprised, arching his back, when Hibari suddenly pulled him down, hitting his prostate hard.

"Heh," Hibari smirked. He could finally see the expression on his herbivore's face. "You're really sexy."

"Nn— ah!" Tsuna's cheeks reddened, sweat glistening all over his body as Hibari continued to shove himself inside. "No… no— ah! Please, stop! Ah! I can't— nnhhh! I can't!"

"It's fine to cum," Hibari whispered in a rasp as he felt Tsuna's walls tightening around him more than before. "You're so damn tight ngh— so damn sexy, shit!" he spoke sexily. "Say my name, Tsuna."

"Ahh!" Tsuna moaned loudly as he received another sharp thrust when Hibari said his name. "I can't, Hibari-san, I'm cumming… I'm— aahhh!" he couldn't refrain himself from emitting that voice when Hibari jackhammered his hole. So fast yet still so hard, he was not able to hold back and he came hard, arching his back in the most impossible way.

"That was the sexiest," Hibari praised once more after Tsuna fell back on the bed.

"Hibari-san, no more, please," Tsuna pleaded. He had cummed but Hibari was still full of life inside him. He could feel the Cloud's cock throbbing with every thrust but he was still far from being finished. "Please cum already."

"That's cruel," Hibari commented as he leaned down and kissed Tsuna lightly on the lips. "I told you to say my name. Make me feel good too, Tsuna."

"A-ah…" Tsuna blushed darkly. He just came a while ago but here his cock is, twitching again lightly with every thrust Hibari makes. Just when did he become a pervert? "Hibari-san… m-more…"

Yamamoto almost drooled at the sight before him. It was like earlier but now, his cock was the one covered in lube. Hayato was still kneeling but his entrance was now lined up against Yamamoto's member.

"Hayato, please…"

"Don't move!" Hayato shouted. "Just stay still and wait," he gripped one of his buttcheeks, spreading his hole in the process while his other hand gripped Yamamoto's cock, holding it in its place. "Nnn…" he gasped as he slowly lowered himself, trying to get that thick head inside him. "It hurts…" he whispered subconsciously. Nothing's even inside yet. Just trying to put it in hurts already.

"Hayato, lay down on the bed and let me do it."

"No!" Hayato refused. "I'll do it. You're sick. Sick persons should be treated nicely. Didn't you say that?"

"H-Hai," Yamamoto just complied, seeing Hayato's determined expression. "Then relax."

"I'm trying!"

Yamamoto bit his lower lip as he tried to shut himself up. No one can stop Hayato now. Not that he wanted to. Hayato actually looked very sexy this way. "Ahh, shit!" he cursed in a moan when Hayato was finally able to put the head in. He stared at the silent Italian and saw tears on his cheeks. "H-Hey, relax, here… I'll help you," Yamamoto offered his hand. He gripped Hayato's cock and started pumping it gently.

"Yamamoto…" Hayato rested his hands on the Japanese abs as he panted. What Yamamoto was doing was helping and he was able to relax more. He continued lowering himself 'til he couldn't take anymore. It wasn't balls deep but it was enough to bring pleasure for the two. He tried to lift himself up but Yamamoto held his hips, preventing him.

"Yamamoto gave Hayato a warm and gentle smile. "Just relax first, ok?" he could see that Hayato was really trying his best but if Hayato moves now, it would really hurt him.

"I'm fine, let go, idiot."


"I readied myself earlier so I'm fine already, let go," Hayato ordered and Yamamoto finally let go of his hips. "You're so gentle to me, really…" he whispered while lifting his hips, sliding Yamamoto's cock out up to the head. "You should at least punish me for what I've done— ahh!" he said before sinking down fast and hard, moaning sexily at the end.

"Oh my God, Hayato. You're so sexy," Yamamoto commented. His mouth was slightly opened as he watched the Italian bounce up and down on him. He watched as Hayato's body curved in a very sexy way every time his cock hits Hayato's prostate. "H-Hayato, I can't take this, shit," he said as he grabbed Hayato's hips.

"Hey— ah! I said I'll do it… ah!"

"I'm sorry, I can't just stay still," Yamamoto apologized before slamming Hayato's hips down as he thrust his own hips up, meeting Hayato's, hitting his prostate harder and deeper.

"Ahh— ahh! Yamamoto… ah!" Hayato couldn't stop his voice when Yamamoto's cock went deeper, his balls almost slapping Hayato's butt. "Ahh… nnh— ah!"

"H-Hey. Is that all you can do?" Yamamoto smirked. "Can't you take me deeper?"

"Ah—hahhh…" Hayato panted. He saw the different smile Yamamoto has and he gulped because of it. Shit. Yamamoto might not notice it but even the gentlest Yamamoto becomes a sadist at times like this… just like before. "Ahh— nahh— ahh!" but he couldn't say a thing because Yamamoto wouldn't stop moving their hips.

"Hayato, say my name when I thrust into you deeper. If you don't, I'll stop," Yamamoto threatened.

"Ahh… hahh… ahhh…" Hayato really couldn't stop himself from moaning. Yamamoto was already thrusting in him fast and hard and deep and he wondered how Yamamoto would go deeper in him. "Nn— AHH!" and Hayato swore he saw white. He arched his back sexily when the Japanese went deeper inside and he closed his eyes to ready himself for yet another harder and deeper thrust, only it didn't come. "H-Hey," he called as he looked at Yamamoto only to see the man smiling. Oh shit. He forgot to say his name. "Oi, hey, come on. Damn it, ah-ah" he cursed as he tried to move his own hips but Yamamoto stopped him.

"Say my name."

"Tsk." He's so obsessed with his name. "T-Takeshi…" Hayato whispered, blushing the darkest red as he said his name. "Aah!"

Yamamoto resumed his thrusting, but this time deeper and harder. The sight of Hayato saying his name was too much and the way he moans just makes him want to cum.


Yamamoto thrust faster and he grabbed Hayato's cock, pumping it in time with his thrusts.

"Ahh… haa— harder… ah!"

"Shit," Yamamoto hissed. Hayato was just so sexy.

"Can't… ah! Cumming… nghh…"

Yamamoto thrust faster and Hayato bounced wildly on top of him, making the thrusts harder as Hayato took him deeper. "Ahh!" he groaned at the sight when Hayato shoot that white stuff on his stomach and chest. He felt the Italian tightened and he thrust to the deepest he can, as he filled Hayato deeply inside.

"Ahh… ahh," Hayato panted when he received the warm stuff. "Yamamoto…" he whispered as he slumped down to hug Yamamoto. He felt Yamamoto cup his cheek and soon he received a warm kiss.

"I love you"

That made Hayato blush again and he looked away to hide it. He sat up to take Yamamoto out of him but the idiot held his hips, stopping him again. "If you're done, get out, damn it."



"I'm not done yet"


"Heh," Yamamoto smirked as he pushed Hayato down on bed with him on top.

"Uhm… pull out. It hurts…" Hayato said. His butt is sore and Yamamoto wouldn't pull out of him. Instead, he was pushed down and the rod inside him moved as he felt it getting big again.

"You said I should punish you a little," Yamamoto whispered sexily. "And you said 'more'… don't worry. I'll give you all," he continued with a smirk.

Shit. Hayato should have been careful with his words. "Nnh…" he whispered when Yamamoto started touching his limp cock. There's no way Yamamoto would stop now. He's already fully hard inside him again and all he could do was to submit himself to the Japanese. "P-Please be gentle."

"Hayato, you okay?" Yamamoto asked with a smile as they made their way out of the hotel.

Hayato frowned. His lower back hurts and it was hard for him to stand. He couldn't even walk properly and it pissed him off to see that Yamamoto was enjoying the situation they were in. He was able to walk because Yamamoto was helping; his arm rested on Yamamoto's shoulder while Yamamoto's was on his waist and Hayato could see the idiot smiling. It really annoyed the hell out of him. "You ask that now when you don't even care about me last night."

"But you told me to punish you," Yamamoto argued. "So I just suddenly lost control. It was your fault," he passed the blame to Hayato.

"But that doesn't give you the right to fuck me all night," Hayato shouted in a whisper. And he was sick last night. So how come he's fine now? They stopped walking when they were outside to wait for a taxi. "And you were rough. My back is sore and it hurts. And you're still smiling like that," he complained.

Yamamoto stared at the sulking Italian, still with a smile. "I get it, I get it. I'm sorry, Hayato," he apologized with earnest. "I'm just so happy we're together again," he confessed honestly.

Hayato blushed at what was said. Just when will Yamamoto stop his smooth-talking? "B-Baka"

"Careful, herbivore"

"I'm sorry"

Gokudera turned his head after hearing those familiar voices. He was dumbfounded when he saw that his Juudaime was in the same situation as him. "J-Juudaime…" he called his boss who was now beside him.

"Gokudera-kun," Tsuna stared at the Storm but then he looked away after remembering what happened last night. "G-Good morning," he blushed.

"Good morning, Juudaime," Gokudera greeted back. He scratched the back of his head as a sweat rolled down his cheek.

"Yo, Tsuna, Hibari," Yamamoto greeted the two, breaking the awkward atmosphere.

Hibari stared at the two and smirked at their position. "I see he's sore," he told the herbivore.

"Yeah, haha," Yamamoto laughed his annoying laugh while scratching the back of his head. "We kinda overdid it last night. Tsuna is sore too, isn't he?"

"Hn," Hibari just smirked. "'Coz he was begging for more—"

"Hibari-san!" Tsuna covered Hibari's mouth with his palm. He had a really dark shade of pink on his cheeks because of what Hibari said.

"Ahaha," Yamamoto laughed again. "What a coincidence. Gokudera did the same. He even asked me to pu—ughh," he bragged but coughed when Hayato punched him.

"Bastard," Hayato growled. "Juudaime, you can go first," he said as he opened the taxi's door.

"N-No, it's fine. You can go first." Tsuna said, smiling at Hayato.

"If you say so. We'll be going now, Juudaime. Take care," Hayato said. "Hibari, take care of him," he told the Cloud Guardian with a glare before getting in the taxi, pulling Yamamoto with him. "I'm gonna kill you, bastard," he whispered to the idiot. But the idiot just laughed his idiotic laugh, much to Gokudera's annoyance.

"Hey, Yamamoto-san, thank you," Isabella thanked out of the blue. They were at the airport. They were a little too early for her flight. She's suddenly going back to Italy because her father misses her. And now that everything's back to normal, she doesn't feel the need to stay here. Besides, she has to move on. She really loves Hayato after all.

"Haha, you helped me too, didn't you?" Yamamoto smiled.

"No, I'm really glad that you're here. I'm really glad that you came to Hayato's life," Isabella spoke seriously.

Hayato wasn't here with them. He's at the comfort room. Maybe that's why Isabella suddenly started this talk.

"You made Hayato realize that his life isn't some misfortune. You see, Hayato hates his very life…thinking that maybe, if only he hadn't been born, his mother wouldn't have to suffer like that. He might not say it to us but we know… his father knows… he thinks that his father blamed him for his mother's death but that isn't true. Everyone knows that it had nothing to do with him. He's stuck in thinking that his life was made to make others suffer and he hated it… but now that you're here… you were able to make him feel precious, that he's important… that he gives you happiness… You are the only one who was able to make him feel that way. I'm really thankful to you… you won't leave him, right? You'll stay with him 'til he stops hating his life, right?" Isabella asked, looking directly into Yamamoto's eyes.

"That's no good…" Yamamoto looked away. "It's not 'until'. I'll stay with him forever, no matter what."

Isabella was taken aback at the said words but she smiled anyway. Yamamoto is really good at words even though Hayato always says he's an idiot. "That's good then. I'll explain everything to them at Italy so you don't have to worry anymore."


They really like talking about me, don't they? "Tch" Hayato hissed. That was the first time he heard that. So they— including his father— know him more than he knows himself. Was he really that pessimistic? "Tch" Now what? He's feeling down.

"Hey," Hayato called the two.

"I'm going now, Hayato."

"Bye," Hayato said and he received a sudden hug from the girl.

"I didn't get the chance to punish that girl," Isabella said, referring to Aya.

"You don't have to," Hayato whispered as he hugged the lady back. "You did great."

"Really? Then don't forget about my birthday, okay?" Isabella said as she pulled away from the hug. "Bye," she bid her goodbye and so did the two.

"Hey… I heard you two talking about me," Gokudera whispered as soon as Isabella left.

Yamamoto was surprised at what was said and he smiled nervously. "I'm sorry…" he apologized but instead of a shout, he received a warm hug from the Italian. " I already told you before, didn't I? No one hates you… Nobody hated you," he smiled, hugging the Italian tighter.

The Next Day (extra?)

"So why are you here?" Hayato asked annoyed. Yamamoto suddenly came here in his room so early in the morning and started packing his things without his consent.

"I'm packing your things," Yamamoto smiled.

"That's fucking obvious," Hayato got more annoyed. "Why the hell are you doing that?" He asked more seriously.

"You're going to live in our house," Yamamoto answered as his smile grew wider.


Yamamoto just continued smiling.

Why the hell is he so happy? "No, your father will notice."

"He knows already," Yamamoto informed the Italian.


Yamamoto just smiled again.

"Since when?"

"Before you even knew it"

Gokudera was surprised at the action but he sighed. "You're an idiot, you know," he said as he sat beside Yamamoto.

"I know, thank you," Yamamoto thanked, pausing what he was doing to kiss Hayato on the forehead. "Good morning"

"Too late for that now…" Hayato complained. "Mornin'" he whispered.


Yamamoto spoke in a serious tone which made Hayato look at him.

"When you told Isabella she did great, you were praising her, right?"

"Yeah, so?"

"You said that while hugging her and I got jealous. Praise me too"

"Tch." Hayato hissed again as he continued packing things. "What's so praising about you? Your talent in baseball again?"

"No… I've already heard that…" Yamamoto answered. "I want something only you can say."


"Like I'm good in sex or something," Yamamoto answered with a smile.

"What?" Gokudera stopped what he was doing again. Did Yamamoto's smooth-talking just evolve to perverted-talking? "Damn, I hate you."

Yamamoto smiled as he jumped to Hayato. Hayato fell on the floor with him on top and he hugged him. "Yeah, I love you too."


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