This was written for one of those facebook Harry Potter pages' admin contests, and I made it through. So I thought I'd post this.


The moment he saw the murderous gaze of his cousin, he knew he was done for. He felt, as people would say, life flash before his eyes. And believe him, it wasn't a beautiful thing.

And soon, with those two deadly words, he was pushed, pushed through the veil, pushed away from the world, pushed away from the insanity- and he had no method of getting back - not that he wanted to.

Who would take care of Harry, though? This one question kept being flashed in his mind, but before he knew it, the world around him went blank. He wanted to shout, scream, but the words just wouldn't come out.

The next thing Sirius knew, he was back in his old home, Grimmauld Place. Except it wasn't the home he'd grown up in and nor was it the home he'd left all those years ago. It was much different.

It was cleaner, prettier, and Sirius noticed that the elf heads that had hung on the walls, along with all the dark stuff that had lined the ceiling, had disappeared.

Questions were overflowing his mind but just then, he saw a light shine from the hallway opposite where he lay. Sirius looked up to see someone appearing from the serene white light.

It was Regulus. Sirius closed his eyes immediately, and looked away. This was a moment he'd dreaded, meeting Regulus in the place wherever witches and wizards went to after death.

Sirius felt an arm lift him up and he hesitated, but eventually got up from his position. He felt Regulus pull him up close and embrace him.

"I'm sorry, Siri. I hope I did the right thing in the end. It was for the good."

Sirius nodded, and opened his eyes to the tears that were flowing down from his eyes. In front him, he saw everyone from his life who had mattered, and tears flew even more.

He had so much to say, so much to confess. James, Lily, Regulus, Marlene, so many others stood to welcome him, and that was when Sirius realised something.

He was home.