Authoress Drabble~!

Don't eat me for this, blame my Ipod and everyone doing angel fics! D: I've tried to think of something to work with this idea...and luckily my Ipod has some nice music~! So every quote at the begining will be a song from my Ipod while having something ta do with the fic~! (Mainly the song which helps give this a titile~!) So I do hope you enjoy~! ^_^ Oh, and this will mostly be Shiro's pov~!

Disclaimer: I don't own any songs I use or Bleach. If I did own Bleach, Shiro would've been back right after Ichigo defeated him and they'd be fucking right that too blunt? O.o

Yesterday I died...tomorrow's bleeding.- Shattered by Trading Yesterday

I'm going to die. There are no 'ifs' 'and's' or 'but's' about it. God how I wish I kept myself oblivious until the day before...or maybe even the hour. Hell if I had known that I'd...well let's just say I'm waist deep in Shit Mountain right now. So being in love isn't in my best interests, since I'm gonna die soon.

You may be wondering how I know that, why I'm so positive it's gonna happen and all that lovely shit huh?'s my job. I'm a Guardian...well I'd add 'Angel' to that, but my wings aren't exactly in the best shape. Not like anyone except me and my 'partner' can see them. And up until now i had been blind to them.

Ah, perhaps I should explain. My name is Ogichi Shirosaki. I'm only 18...but I died at 3. I was small, a freak to both of my parents. They suffocated me, I think. Well, since I was young, I had no time to sin so I ended up in 'Heaven', which we refer to as the Soul Society. I was told that someone out there was in need of my help. That when it was time, I would be sent back to Earth, The World of the Living as we prefered, and protect him or her from death at least once, and return here, to home.

Doesn't make a shitload of sense, does it? The idea is that every child that comes to Soul Society too soon are given this second chance of life, but to protect another soul from arriving too soon. I wasn't told who it was until...until his mother came. Her name was Misaki Kurosaki. She had died protecting her son from some rapists. She told me that I was meant to protect her son, Ichigo Kurosaki.

Me, of all the other Angels was me. The freak, the monster. Heh, weird huh? But I degress. I don't count this as where my story starts. starts after I returned to Earth. It starts...right when I met him; Ichigo Kurosaki.

I can tell it to you...but let me say this much, it isn't all happy. It has its up's and downs. It has good moments, then it has moments where you wish you could change fate...kinda like me. So if you hate stories like that, then leave now. Because let me tell may not get the ending you wish.

Prologue end

So? This sound like some fun neh? I'm trying to approach the whole 'guardian angel' thing differently. Does this work? O.o Don't worry Amnesiac Mystery is next on my list~!