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Well this is it~! My b-day is this weekend~! Ima be 20, can you all fucking believe that? Ugh, I dun like it. But oh well. As they say; growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional. :3 So, here's the epilogue of Shattered Angel. Know that after this, two new fics, including Cracked Soul (Ichigo's side of Shattered Angel) are on the way. One of them is (possibly temporarily) called Vessal, which is inspired by dishrag-chan's Chrysalis. You'll see what I mean.

The other is a Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) Bleach Xover. I'm having trouble with the pairings...but I was thinking IchigoXciel, HichiSebby. but then there was past HichiSebvby, present HichiIchi and SebbyCiel. Argh, decisions! Anyways, Vessal will be first, followed by Cracked Soul and then the Xover. So now we conclude this fic~! :3

Epilogue: Ascend

I stared at the tombstone, not really reading it...or more like not wanting to read it. The words on the stone burn me down to my core. My fists clench as I finally gaze at the words.

Ichigo Kurosaki

July 15th,1994 - November 7th, 2012

A strong will who will never be forgotten

Damnit...I glared angrily at the ground. I felt warm arms wrap around me softly and breath on my neck.

"Still hung up on this?" Ichigo whispered from behind me. He wouldn't admit it, but he was still a bit upset by this too. It wasn't every day ya could read you're own tombstone. "I told you, it was my choice."

"I know. Don't mean I gotta accept it." I huffed and gripped his warm, tan arms. He chuckled lightly, the feeling comforting against my back as his wings wrapped around us, my own folded against myself. "Ichigo...I'm sorry."

"for what?"

"For being unable to protect you. From taking away your life...from-" I was cut off as he sighed, spun me around and kissed me. I easily melted into it, quickly cupping his face in my hands as he gripped my hair. I shoved my tongue into his mouth, past his silken lips and brushing against his own tongue. He danced with mine until he moved away, allowing me to map out each dip and curve of his beautiful mouth. God how I missed this. As we parted, he was blushing slightly and I smiled.

"You need to quit beating yourself up. I wanted to help you." He said. "I knew there was a possibility that I'd die...but you did protect me. You told me that the purpose of a Guardian is to protect a pure soul, so that they can live and do something extrodinary, right?"


"I think...that's why I was chosen to live." He sighed, backing away and scratching his head. "I mean, it's just this feeling I get. If Aizen was such a tyrant, then why not set things right? I didn't care if I died doing it...I wanted to help you from your own unjust fate." He grabbed my hand and dragged me into the woods.


"I wanna show you something I found..." He said. It was an older part of the cemetasry, and he led me to a tiny, unkempt stone. I tried to rub it away, and only found a word; Shirosaki. "It's...yours." He whispered. I felt the tears prick in my eyes. "You're actual one..."


"Before the Temple, I looked it up on the internet." He admitted. "It was all the more reason for me to protect you." He looked back at me and there it was again; that determined look that doesn't bulldick around. I hugged him and moved away, tears in my eyes. "And if there's one thing I've learned from my mother, protecting your loved ones comes before your life."

"Yer a piece of work Ichigo...ya sure ya didn't hit yer head earlier coming up those stairs?" I teased. His face flared red, from both embarassment and annoyance. "I'm teasing ya. I know ya ain't used to flying yet."

"My wings don't like me!"

"They're connected ta yer soul, so what does that tell yah?" He gave me those cute, pouting lips and I walked up and nipped them lightly. He blinked and smacked my head lightly as I chuckled. He then looked at the ground, as if nervous. "What?"

"...It's Karin." He sighed. "She...she isn't taking my passing well."

"...Ya want her ta see us?"

"Well you're in charge now. Whether you remember or not, you did kill Aizen." It was true, I still couldn't remember...and I was glad I couldn't. The last thing I needed in my mind was the memory of hurting Ichigo and Grimmjow. "I want her to see that I'm happy."

"So it's like yer last prank ta yer family?"

"Nope, just my sister." He smirked.

"Alrigh'...let's do it then." I smiled.

The idea was rather simple, but I liked what Ichigo wanted to do. "It's corny...but it was kinda what I imagined would happen when I died..."

"Sure is vivid." I smiled and he blushed.

"Sh-shut up..." He looked down the steps and rushed back up. "She's coming!"

"Ya remember what I told ya?" I asked and he nodded. "Ok, just relax yerself, and you'll be visable." Karin had Sight like Ichigo, but it wasn't quite strong enough to see Angels yet. However, if we put enough power into it, we can be visable by choice. I walked to my own grave and waited as Karin appeared, sniffling a bit. She's a tough girl, but she's already lost her mother, and now her older brother. There's only so much someone can take.

"'re such a fucking moron!" She snapped. I couldn't stop laughing at Ichigo's shell shocked face at his sister's potty mouth. "You...why did you leave us too? It isn't fair..." Ichigo smiled and I could feel a slight shift in the air, allowing himself to be seen. Karin looked up, seeing Ichigo in the prom tuxedo he was buried in, like me. "I...Ichigo?" He looked at me and I repeated the process, feeling a shiver through my body. I spread my wings out far, and looked at him. As we acted this scene, I couldn't help but think about everything we had lived and gone through, and how hard I had fallen for him. Rock solid hard.

All the happiness and pain...the fighting and the prom...the Temple and the first time he found me...all of it seemed to flit through my mind like a VCR on fast forward. I held my hand out, watching him smile and walk towards me, albeit a bit hastily. He bowed his head in front of me and I lifted his chin, examining him. Most would say he looked about average, perhaps it's true. But to me, he was the most beautiful person in the world. I kissed him on the lips, putting as much passion and love into this one liplock as I could. He seemed a bit suprised, but I literally felt him melt into it and spread his own wings out. We looked at his sister and I smiled and nodded. She smirked and nodded, but when Ichigo looked, she flicked him off.

I lifted us into the sky, far enough away for her not to see as we became invisible once more and he panted. "Not so easy eh?"

"N...not at all." He panted. "She flicked me off. That little butt."

"Yer sister ta the end." I smiled and kissed his cheek. "C'mon...we have to go." We had stalled lng enough. I looked behind to see Grimmjow and Neliel, the sweet girl with light green wings waving at us enthusiastically. Homura and Shizuku, looking like children again, nodded and I turned back to Ichigo. He looked at Karakura Town, and then at me before sighing. "Hard to let go?"

"A bit...but I know I have to." He sighed. "...Goodbye everyone...and thank you." He muttered. He then turned to me, eyes aflame with determination and love. "Let's go, my Guardian Angel."

" Of course my love." I smiled. I touched the white feather around my neck as he flew to join the others. I followed suit and he smiled at me. I couldn't help but think to myself... life did turn out for the better. I'm not shattered anymore...thank you...Ichigo...

And his love will conqure all...- Shattered by Trading Yesterday


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