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The one thing Yoko never understood was only one thing: why. Why did the people she love seem to die? Kamina died, but being the badass leader of Team Dai-Gurren, he went out in fashion; avenging himself and being a total moron one last time. But, of course, he couldn't pay the kiss back like he said he would. Then there was Kittan (though, to be honest, Yoko never had any feelings for him, no matter what he thought), who sacrificed himself to be able to free the Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren.

But, the one person she never thought she would care for, the one man she should have cared for, was Simon. He, of all of the people she loved, had saved her ass countless times, and she was grateful for it, of course, but Simon only saved her ass because he loved her, not because he needed to. In his mind, besides the fact he loved her, there were no actual reasons to try to save her; she was fine on her own, and she knew that. That's why whenever Simon rescued her she would secretly seethe with frustration inside (or, at least, she used to).

That one question of hers still lingered: why? Why must she be so foolish and fall in love with almost every man that was reckless and stupid? Maybe Dayakka was right, maybe she was into Kamina's type, the reckless, stupid men who rushed into danger without a single thought. Or maybe she was a part of their type, and she just didn't know it.

Seven years ago, in Ritona Village...

Yoko kicked back in her chair, putting her feet up onto the desk. She reached back and pulled out the hair tie that held back her inhumanly red hair. She had been in Littner village for... what was it? Around 14 years or so, but then again, the way she measured years probably wasn't that accurate. Stretching, Yoko put her feet off of the table and pulled out her music player from her jean pocket, and listened to the only song on the music player. Her bass guitar, which was a present from Dayakka when she turned 13, was leaning against one of the walls, and she walked over to pick it up, her footsteps echoing off of the wooden floors, plugged it into the amp, and started to play the bass part. She had been listening to the song for years, since when she received the music player from Ron as a birthday present about four or five years ago.

Dayakka knocked on the door, and Yoko unplugged her bass from the amp and took one headphone out. "Yoko, we found another Gunman." With that, Yoko smiled, telling Dayakka to 'let her get ready' (in other words, leave so I can change). She dressed in her more casual clothes; the fire bikini top, the almost-nothing skirt, and her favorite scarf, her trademark outfit. She grabbed her rifle, dubbed the Yoko Pulse Rifle X by Ron (she insisted he change it from Littner Pulse Rifle to Yoko Pulse Rifle, since the whole of Littner wouldn't use the rifle, and they both agreed upon the X), and headed out the door. She sprinted to catch up with Dayakka, her rifle smacking against her back and her footsteps echoing in the stone hallway. "So," she said, slowing down to catch her breath, "where's this Gunman at?" "I'll leave the briefing to Ron. He'll be able to explain better than I could." said Dayakka, as the pair walked into the hangar of Littner Village.

Ron was busy tinkering with some things when Dayakka walked up and tapped him on the shoulder. Ron, bursting with his usual cheery energy, spun around with the strangest of looks on his face, which faded away after a couple of seconds, melting into his usual smile. "Oh, hello Dayakka, Yoko." They both just simply nodded, ready to hear what he had to say. "Okay, darlings, here's the plan. This new Gunman we spotted was seen forty clicks* from where we are now. Yoko, you'll lead the team, providing cover fire if needed." Yoko nodded, tugging on the strap that was attached to her rifle. "Ron wants me to stay behind to let you handle this one on your own. You should be ready for your first GDO." Yoko nodded, attempting to hide any and all emotions she might show. She wanted to prove her ability to Littner, even though she's saved the village- Actually, she didn't really know; she wasn't the sort to brag (in her mind, at least). If anyone else kept a count, it would be about 7 times, which, in her lifetime, granted, might not be a lot, but it was still an accomplishment nonetheless.

"The last transmission of the scout we sent was about... 40 minutes or so. So that means that he's probably dead, and this Gunman will be tough." said Ron, having a sort of reassuring look on his face as he glanced at Yoko. "We'll be tougher," said Yoko, "and we'll take this thing down." She grabbed her sunglasses, gathered her squad, and set out. If only she knew what she would get herself into by doing this GDO.

Author's Notes:

GDO stands for Gunman Destruction Operation.

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