They all hated him and wanted him dead. Even his best friends Ed and Double D were against him. Eddy had been tied to a tree and now all the kids of the Cul-de-sac were approaching. Kevin was leading them, Rolf and Jonny were pulling red wagons full of rocks.

"Hey dork" Kevin said, taking a rock from one of the wagons. "You've been judged guilty by all the kids in Peach Creek"

Eddy turned his eyes away from Kevin and to the other kids until he spotted his former best friends, "Ed! Double D! C'mon guys you gotta believe me! I didn't kill Sarah!"

"Shut it dork!" Kevin shouted and then threw the rock he was holding hitting Eddy square on the nose. "We all know you're the one who hated Sarah the most and her body was found in your backyard!"

"Even Plank thinks you're guilty!" Jonny added.

"Enough waiting, everyone grab a rock" Kevin demanded. The kids of the Cul-de-sac grabbed a rock from one of the wagons. With their stones in hand they cast dark and hateful gazes upon the guilty one. "This is the end dork" Kevin then raised his arm pointing to Eddy and the stones were thrown.


When the kids had all went home Kevin dragged Eddy's lifeless body to his backyard. "Well dork if only you had been more likable, maybe then they would have given you the benefit of the doubt" Kevin looked at the lifeless corpse, bruised and bloody. "It's so easy to frame someone no one has a high opinion of"

Kevin smirked for a few moments, thinking and then walked to his garage filled with jawbreakers. The dork had always loved jawbreakers and now he would be buried with one.