Sleeping Beauty: Modern Day

By Samhoku

I do not own Rose or Philip. Sadly. I have loved that movie sense I was a likkle baby.


Rose drove home and was surprised by an early birthday party. Marryweather said, "Happy Birthday!" They had a pretty dress for her. (A/N Link will be in my page)

Rose stared at her aunts, "T-thank you! What is this?"

Fauna said, "It is a dress for your 18th birthday! You are now an adult." They hugged her. Rose asked, "Where will I wear this dress?" They shrugged and Flora said, "At a ball your parents host?"

Rose nodded but secretly knew when and where she would wear it. She smiled and hugged her aunts, "Thank you so much."

The next day Philip was already waiting at the cafe for her. He said, "So how are you?" Rose sat down across from him and smiled, "I am well. You?"

Philip shrugged, "As good as can be expected."

Rose tilted her head and studied him. He was sitting funny. She asked, "Is something wrong?" Philip shook his head and said nervously, "No...why should anything be wrong?"

Rose leaned back and studied him, "Is something wrong Philip?"

Philip sighed then said, "Yes...and no. I fell on my rear because I attempted roller skating. And no because I had a blast!" He grinned.

Rose shook her head and muttered, "Typical boy."

Philip tilted his head, "Whats that supposed to mean?"

Rose smiled and said, "Nothing."

Philip said teasingly, "Typical girl." Rose rolled her eyes and he laughed.

Philip studied her, "I have a feeling you are coming with I right?"

Rose blushed and nodded, "Yes."

Philip smiled and reached for her hand. She jerked it back and put them in her lap.