Juliet: This is one of my favorite Bleach pairings so I love to write fanfiction for them XD. Enjoy

Kira's breath came in sharp pants, and his lungs burned as he struggled to breath in. He couldn't get enough oxygen. He couldn't take a deep enough breath. One hand came up, to clutch the neckline of his shihakusho. His eyes stung with tears, but he couldn't cry either. But neither of these, not the burning of his lungs or the stinging of his eyes compared to the excruciating pain that tormented his heart.

It felt as though his captain's zanpaktou had pierced it, and the blade was lodged deep in Kira's chest. This was ridiculous of course, because Ichimaru Gin was gone. He was missing... he had left. He had left... and Kira was alone. That's why he hurt so, that's why he choked on his own breath. Because his captain had left.

To him, Ichimaru was more than a captain. Who was he kidding? He loved the fox-like man. He was so devoted to Ichimaru, and he thought his captain felt the same way. At least, that's what Gin had told him.

"Aw, Idzuru... ya look so cute, blushin' like uh school girl."

Kira choked back a sob, trying to keep from crying. He pressed his back against a wall, and slid down to the floor, pressing his chest against his knees.

"Don' be scared, Idzuru... jus' relax... I'z won' hur' ya."

The tears broke free, along with the sob, and Kira began to cry. He couldn't stop it anymore, couldn't hold back.

A scream escaped him. His rage, his pain, his anguish, everything came pouring out of him. His hands pulled at his hair, and he was curled into a ball.

"Wha's wrong, Idzuru? Ya seem upse'."

He looked up, certain that he was hearing things. But no, there was Gin, grinning that same grin. He held out a hand, and Kira's breath caught in his throat.

"Captain?" he gasped.

Gin knelt down,

"Didn' I promise ya, I'z wouldn' hur' ya?" he said, slyly. "Come with meh, Idzuru. I'z gonna take care of ya."

Kira hesistated for a moment, a sense of dread filling his chest. Following Gin would mean betraying the Seireitei. He would never be allowed back, and would probably be put to death if they were caught. But he took Gin's hand anyway.

~If I can die by your side, I'll die happy.~

"Tha's my Idzuru, le's go."

Gin led Kira away, smiling the whole way. He would bring his tainted angel, his innocent, naive little Lieutenant. Kira was the one person he wouldn't be able to just leave behind. Aizen would just have to deal with it.

"Captain... where are we going?"

"Does it matta' Idzuru?"

Kira thought for a moment,

"No... It really doesn't."

~If I'm with you, I'd walk into Hell and I wouldn't look back once.~