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Henry Spencer always considered himself to be a good father.

From the time Shawn could walk and talk (the latter long before the former) Henry spent as much time with him as he could. He worked long hours, he knew, but when he got home, he was never too tired to play a game with his boy. He adored Shawn, and contrary to what his ex-wife thought, he would have loved to have more kids. He had always pictured himself with a large family (mostly boys, but at least one little girl he could dote on and spoil) but it just hadn't been in the cards for some reason. So Henry had concentrated all of his efforts on Shawn, training and teaching him. And though Shawn had been the most bull-headed, stubborn and frustrating kid, Henry decided he must have done something right.


He grinned as his grandchildren ran toward him. Michael Henry Spencer was four, and little Cecilia Carly Spencer had just turned two. How his son had been lucky enough to end up with a woman like Juliet O'Hara was beyond him, but he couldn't deny the changes he had seen in his boy since they had settled down together. He was more reliable, more mature and relaxed, but that spark of mischievousness still burned brightly in his hazel eyes.

Two pairs of arms wrapped around him, and Henry leaned down, gathering his grandchildren into his arms. Juliet and Shawn came up the steps of the porch, and Shawn's arm was wrapped firmly around Juliet's waist.

"Hey, Dad."

"Hey, son." Henry settled a grandchild in each arm, undeniably happy. "How long are the rugrats staying?"

"I'm not a rugrat!" Michael spoke up indignantly.

"Yeah!" Cecilia chorused happily, her free arm clutching a well-worn stuffed bunny.

"We'll be back first thing in the morning." Juliet leaned over and kissed both of her children. "Thanks for doing this, Henry."

"No problem, Jules." He smiled warmly at his daughter-in-law.

As she pulled back, Shawn took her place and kissed his kids. Then he pointed a finger at his dad. "Take it easy on the games this time."

Henry feigned innocence. "What games?"


"Just get out of here, you two. The kids will be fine." His grin widened when Cecilia laid her head on his shoulder.

Shawn nodded and wrapped his arm around Juliet again. "Okay. We'll see you guys first thing in the morning."

"See you then."

Henry and the kids watched Shawn and Juliet leave, and when the car disappeared down the street, Henry grinned and carried his grandkids into the house.

"Okay, kids, who can tell me how many hats are in the room?"

The End!

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