The little wolf opened his eyes and looked around. His brothers and sisters were all still asleep cudded up with mommy. He stretched and yawned a big cub yawn. His tiny pink tongue curling up into his open mouth. Then, slam, down he closed his jaws - he had caught a fly - munch munch - "Blah!" that tasted nasty. He stood up, stretched again and wobbled to the door of the den and stepped outside. Ohh the sun was just coming up and everything looked so pretty this morning - he was so excited, today was the day his mom had said that one of the Friends, Pike, had said he was coming to look at her litter to pick out a new wolf companion. Mom had told them that there were not enough Friends for all the cubs to get one of their own, but he hoped that Pike would pick him.

He decided to walk toward the Father Tree to see if Pike was coming yet. He had visited the Father Tree with his mom and brothers and sisters several times but this was the first time he was going by himself.

There Pike was! He was just leaving his den, starting to walk to where the wolf and her cubs were, when he saw the little cub loping up the path - "Ho Ho Ho" Pike said over his shoulder to several other Friends who where standing near the Father Tree - "Looks like I don't have to go pick out a new cub - One is coming to pick me!"