Yep, I'm back with another short story from the Whoverse and no, I haven't managed to buy the copyrights to anything just yet.

Also, this is not beta'd. I try to fix all my mistakes before I post but sometimes a few get through.

Their new life together is crashing to its end before it's really had a chance to begin and there is nothing she can do to stop it. Rose Tyler, Defender of Earth, is utterly defenseless.

And it's all because of a Timelord who was unfortunate enough to be born with only one heart and a measly single life to go with it.

"I can't stay here anymore, it's killing me. Being stranded on this stupid, smelly, primitive rock is slowly sucking dry what little life I have left and I can't stand it." He never turns from the bag that he is packing as he speaks and it is breaking her heart into a million jagged shards that are shredding her from the inside out. "I have to get out of here, find out who I am, before I lose my mind. I was wrong about so many things..."

She doesn't bother to wipe away the fresh set of tears that begin cascading down her face, "I know who you are and so do you. You're the Doctor."

"Dammit Rose, I told you not to call me that!" he roars and shoulders his bag before pushing passed the distraught blond, "Once upon a time I was like him, but then I started to realize that I was just pretending. For you mostly, but a little for myself as well. Donna's influence, I'm guessing. And it's because of that same influence that I tried so hard to make you happy, thinking it would be enough...but I'm tired of ignoring everything that I need and want so that you won't be disappointed."

"I could never be disappointed in you," she sniffles, following him down the brightly painted hall and into the living room of their shared flat," I thought you were happy here, with me. I'm sorry that this isn't the life you expected, that I'm not good enough to keep up with you. Please don't do this though. Don't leave, I'm beggin' you. We can find a way to make this work for us, even if it's just as friends. Please, please, you promised that you wouldn't leave m-"

He pulls his jacket on, digs something out of the pocket, and tosses a set of keys on to the table, "No. That wasn't me. He promised that he wouldn't leave you and well, you see how that one turned out. I guess he and I still have some things in common after all. Goodbye, Rose Tyler."

She sags down the wall until she is just a sobbing heap on the hard wood floor.

"Doctor, I need you."

She waits, but no one comes to save her this time.

Not even after five and a half hours.

Yipes, what a start!