Chapter 01


Everyone heard a noise and turned to see Harry Potter hitting his head against Gryffindor's Table once more. This seemed to be the thousandth time since the start of the School. And October hadn't started!

"Harry, I told you that will kill your brain cells!" Hermione Granger, his best friend, said with a lecturing tone.

"It wouldn't make too much difference of the rest of the brainless idiots that there are around here, would it?" The wizard asked with a sarcastic tone. Hermione, for once, couldn't think of an answer.

"Mr. Potter, will you stop that?" Minerva McGonagall, Head of Gryffindor, asked going to the table.

"No." Harry said still banging his head to the table. Then he asked to no one in special: "How can the people be so idiot?"

The reason of the question was simple: Delores Umbridge, appointed Professor of DADA, had started to set Educational Degrees to left and right since her second week and she improved herself every day.

Her latest decree: the banning of any group of students higher than 3 members. The punishment for that would be detention and loss of points,

"May I ask why you think that?" Minerva asked arching an eyebrow.

"How many students are at Hogwarts?" Harry asked not looking up.

"A few hundreds." Minerva answered not seeing the reason.

"How many students are in each class: 30 more or less?" The teen asked, and Minerva nodded once more. Then he took the parchment with the decree and showed it to her, pointing specifically to the part of no more of 3 students.

"Oh Merlin!" The Deputy Headmistress exclaimed suddenly.

"Congratulate Umbridge for me, will you? She just declared that going to class is illegal." Harry told her with a wide sneer.

"Did she?" Everyone at the table asked confused, and Harry nodded to them.

"NO MORE CLASSES!" The twins shouted and everyone chorused it too,

"Every time that you think that the human stupidity has reached its limit, someone will prove you wrong." Harry told Hermione, who read the decree carefully to see if her friend was right. The brunette shook her head at disbelief, while her friend just shrugged his shoulders.

"What's the matter, Minerva?" Albus asked going to the table, with the rest of the Heads of Houses and Umbridge, as the House continued cheering.

"Madam Umbridge just showed how stupid can be the people." Harry said with a sneer, and then elaborated: "Thanks to her new decree, going to class is against the rules."

"How so?" Filius Flitwick asked as confused as the other Professors, and the rest of the School too, as all the students heard with attention.

"It's simple: according to the decree, no more than 3 students can gather themselves at the same time at any place. That means that sharing a dorm, being at the Common Room, Quidditch Pitch, Classrooms and the Great Hall is against the rules." Harry explained Flitwick with a smile.

"That's rubbish!" Umbridge exclaimed furiously.

"Not according to the whole text of the decree. You say on it that no exception will be permitted." Hermione said reading the whole decree and showing it to the Professors.

The whole staff took it and read it very carefully, as the rest of the School did it too. Soon they realized that it was true and Umbridge had declared that ALL the activities at the School were banned!

"Come with me, Pinky, We must prepare for tomorrow night." Harry told Hermione, who arched an eyebrow, recognizing the phrase from the cartoon.

"Why? What are we going to do tomorrow night, Brain?" She asked with a foolish smile.

"The same thing we do every night, Pinky - try to take over the world! BWAHAHAHA!" Harry shouted with a maniacal laughter before he left the Hall.

Everyone at Gryffindor turned to see Hermione, who was shaking her head in amusement.

"Pinky and the Brain are the characters of a Muggle Cartoon. They are 2 mice that try to take over the world with some crazy plans and always fail. That's how ends the episode." Before she left the Hall singing: "They're Dinky, They're Pinky and the Brain Brain Brain Brain Brain!"

"Was he right with the decree?" Someone asked Minerva, who nodded while she tried to hide a smile.

"Where shall we sleep tonight? I don't want to lose points for breaking the rules!" Someone shouted to the Professors.

"Do you have any good idea for this, Delores?" Minerva asked with a smile.

Umbridge left the Hall furious and swearing to get revenge on Potter and her mudblood friend! No one humiliated her and got away with it!

"Something tells me that this is not the end." Flitwick commented to Snape, who nodded trying to hide a smirk.

"Tonight, you can sleep as usual. We'll work this out in the morning." Albus announced to everyone, before the students left the Hall.

"Classes are illegal, classes are illegal!" The twins chanted and everyone followed them.

"This will be very interesting!" Pomona told Minerva as the Professors left the hall too.

… … … …

At a hidden room inside the Castle, a group of students met to plan on how to have a lot of fun at expenses of the Staff, and more importantly, against Delores Umbridge.

All the students wore hoods and no one saw the other's face. They used nicks to name each other.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I call order to the new meeting of this group. Is everyone present?" The leader, known as Dragon, asked to the others.

"Hawk was delayed and asked me to inform you that she had personal problems and couldn't make it today." A girl on his left, 'Steel', said and Dragon nodded.

"Our member, 'Badger', has a suggestion. Please let's hear it and then we'll discuss it." The leader informed and everyone turned to the person that was sat at his right.

"I would like to propose the joining of 2 new members: Fred and George Weasley." The girl announced.

"Which are your reasons?" A boy, 'Eagle', asked.

"Those 2 can give new ideas is our new battle against Umbridge. They are known for keeping secrets and have taken the blame for several of out past pranks, even if they weren't responsible. I've seen some of their inventions and they could be very useful." 'Badger' informed before she took seat once more.

"Is there any reason against?" 'Dragon' asked the rest of the present.

"They can be a bit wild sometimes. Are we sure that they can follow some orders and not rat us out?" A girl, 'Ice', asked showing some concerns.

"They will never rat us. They'll see us as people looking for the same goal: get rid of Umbridge. And for taking orders, I think they can. But we should discuss it with them." 'Badger' said seriously.

"What would they want to be with us?" Another boy, 'Spider', asked as 'Ice' nodded in acceptance to the answer.

"I handle that." 'Dragon' said seriously. Then he asked: "Anything else or should we vote?"

No one added anything and the vote was all in favor and no one against. That was the end of the meeting as there was nothing else to be discussed.

"Be quiet and make sure that no one sees you on your way back." 'Dragon said with a nod to everyone as they left.

Those meetings never happened in a fixed day and they had ways to contact each other to inform about the next meeting. Outside the room, the students removed the hoods and parted ways to each of their towers, not making contact with the other members.