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Chapter 08

Quidditch has always been considered as a dangerous sport at Hogwarts. And if the match was between Gryffindor and Slytherin, the matter turned worse.

Now if you add, Delores Umbridge and her decrees and Harry Potter to the mix, that recipe has destiny of disaster!

A few days before the first match of the season, the group of students had an emergency meeting that was called by one of the Slytherin students inside of it.

"Umbridge wants to have you banned forever from Quidditch. She gave orders to Malfoy to do everything he can to give her a reason to ban you and anyone else." The student said seriously to Harry.

"We have to avoid it." Hermione said seriously.

"No, we won't." Harry said with a devious smile.

"What do you mean?" 'Steel' asked him.

"You'll let her ban you?" 'Ice' asked shocked.

"Yes, but I'll have a little of fun with that." The seeker said with a smile.

… … … …

The WHOLE group had serious doubts about what exactly Harry understood for fun.

The match was special as Harry had decided that if Umbridge wanted to ban him, he was going to give him a LOT of reasons to do so. How did he do it? He played dirtier than the twins and the WHOLE team of Slytherin together.

First, he sped the broom against the Beaters and punched them at every occasion he had. Soon, the twins started to follow him and hit the Bludgers against the other beater. The results were two penalties against Gryffindor and the other players a bit confused after so many punches and Bludgers.

Then, he started to fly around the Chasers when they were about to pass the Quaffle or shoot. The Gryffindor Chasers learnt to fly near him all the time and caught the ball at every occasion. Soon, the score started go up very fast.

It reached a moment, after so many punches and failed passes that Snape demanded that he was expelled from the game. He adduced that he was breaking the rules.

"The rules, Professor, say that the seeker's mission is to catch the Snitch. It says nothing about punching players or making them mess when they are in possession of the Quaffle. So, what I do is legal." Harry explained to Severus with a smile, as Hooch, Dumbledore, Minerva and Delores joined the argument. Then he added: "We are at a goddamn Gryffindor-Slytherin! What the hell do you expect from this match: that we hug and kiss each other?"

"You are not helping, Mr. Potter." McGonagall whispered to her student, while trying to hold a stern look over him.

"Madam Hooch, when did the last time that you saw a Gryffindor-Slytherin match that didn't the players playing dirty and you giving multiple penalties to either team for that?" Harry asked the referee with an ironic smile.

"I never had that pleasure." Hooch said with a sigh.

"If your players can't deal with a bit of roughness, then they should go to play with the dolls! Quidditch is a sport of men, not of babies!" Harry told Snape before he returned to where the other players waited for him.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU PLAYING AT?" Angelina shouted to him, as soon as he was next to them.

"Umbridge has intentions of banning me from Quidditch after this match. I just give her reasons to do so." Harry said with a smile before he turned to the twins: "From now on, we pass from being a bit rough to be extremely rough."

"What does it mean?" The team asked worried.

"I'll give you 100 Galleons for each player that you send to the Hospital." Harry said with a devious smile, before adding: "That will mean that you'll be banned too, unfortunately."

"DEAL!" The twins shouted with a wide grin.

"Just one thing: Malfoy is mine." Harry said seriously. Then he told the three Chasers: "Girls, it was a great pleasure to play with you for the last four years."

"We have reserves, right?" Katie asked Angelina, knowing that their teammates were not joking.

"We do. We are lucky that we picked a Reserve team at the tryouts." The Captain said before the whole team returned to the sky and the match started once more.

Once the game was on again, the twins started to do their job. First of all, they sent the Beaters out of the match with two Bludgers to the ribs that knocked them off their brooms and got them unconscious at the grass.

Then they started with the Chasers, but decided to leave only one. He never had the chance to score as he lost the Quaffle each time that he got it and could never get near the posts.

"Are you two planning to leave any player of Slytherin on the game?" Hooch asked the twins after they knocked off the keeper. She continued: "I'm curious of that, you know."

"We are done!" The redheads exclaimed with a wide smile and after Harry mouthed that it was enough with that.

"What about the rest of you? Does anyone have plans to send someone to the Hospital? Madam Pomfrey wants to know that." Hooch asked the rest of the team.

"That would depend if we talk about doing it intentionally or unintentionally." Harry commented with a smile.

"I'll inform the School Nurse to be ready for another player." The referee said with a sigh before the game started once more.

The three girls were having a lot of fun as they scores as much as they wanted without a Keeper on the Slytherin's posts.

The poor Chaser that was still on the pitch seemed to want to be very far away from there. And he even asked the twin to send him to the Hospital.

"I'll pay you if you do that! Just get me out of this match!" The third year begged to the redheads. He was desperate and near the tears! He couldn't stand this humiliation much more!

"We have orders…"

"…To stop here!" The twins said with a smile.

Snape called a time out and demanded that the match was finished as now his House was losing 800 to 60, and the score would be worse by the end of it.

"Sorry, Professor, but you know the rules: the match ends when a seeker catches the Snitch, not before." Angelina said with a sweet smile and a shake of her head.

To cancel a match, it was needed the agreement of the Heads of House, the Captains of the teams and the referee. If one of them said no, the match would continue.

"Miss Johnson, please." Minerva asked the Chaser, although she wanted the game to continue: it wasn't everyday that Severus' House was humiliated so badly and she was curious to know the final result. But she had to keep the appearances and had to do as if she had no problems with the match being cancelled.

"I'll talk to the rest of the team. If they agree, I vote for the cancelation." Angelina said and she went back to the team.

"Sorry, Snape, but the rules are the rules, and we don't want to break them!" Harry shouted to Severus, before the whole team kicked the grass and went back to the sky.

"Sorry, Severus, but there is nothing that I can do." Hooch said with a smile before she blew her whistle and the match was on again.

It wasn't even 15 minutes later, that Gryffindor's score was now over 1000. The poor Chaser quit in the middle of the game and left Malfoy alone!

Snape shouted to the guy who cursed him and shouted very loudly: "If you and Umbridge want Potter banned, it's not my problem! But I won't stay here anymore!"

"Hem hem!" Delores said trying to stop him before he said too much, as now Minerva was VERY much on what he had to say.


"This is even better than what I expected!" Harry whispered to the twins with a devious smile.

"Do you have evidence to support your claims, Mr. Moon?" Hooch asked him very seriously, as his accusations were not a joke and had to be checked thoroughly.

"I have a parchment that the whole team received with the orders to make sure that Madam Umbridge got enough reasons to ban Potter and any other player from Gryffindor, Madam. And I have it hidden in a safe location." Moon said as serious as she.

"As a matter of fact, Madam Hooch, I got the same rumor." Harry said to the referee.

"And you decided to send the whole team to the Hospital in retaliation?" Hooch asked to the seeker, arching an eyebrow.

"If she wanted reason to ban me, I had to give her plenty of them. And as it would be my last match here, I wanted to make sure that no one forgot it." The student said with a wide smile. Then he turned serious and asked her: "The question is not what will happen with me. The main matter now, is what will happen with the Slytherin team."

"Nothing will happen to them!" Snape shouted furiously.

"Really?" Harry asked with a sweet smile, before turning to Dumbledore and saying: "Then, if I'm banned, the whole Quidditch Cup has to be banned too."

"What do you mean?" Dumbledore asked seriously.

"It's simple: there are two testimonies that prove a plot against my person led by at least a Professor and the whole team of a House. That, Professor, is against the rules as you surely know. And unless I read the Quidditch rules wrong, 'any member of a team implied in some kind of action to harm any player of other team or to lose a match on purpose, will be banned from the team of that House for the rest of the time that he/she will remain at the school'." The seeker recited, before he turned to Hooch, who nodded. He smiled and continued, pointing to Snape: "So, if the twins and I are banned, the whole team of his house has to be banned too."

"And if that doesn't happen?" Albus asked seriously.

But it wasn't Harry who answered that question: it was Roger Davies, Ravenclaw's Captain.

"Then, Headmaster, you'll have a riot of all the other players." The Chaser said very seriously. He looked to the rest of his team, and all of them nodded. He glanced to Hufflepuff's Captain, who nodded too. He didn't need to check Angelina Johnson to know that she and the rest of the Gryffindor would support their own teammates.

"And my resignation too." Hooch said very seriously.

"I think that this matter should be discussed somewhere else." Dumbledore said, as now everyone was hearing with great attention.

"Sorry, Professor, but I doubt that there is anything to discuss. The options are that you ban the whole team of Slytherin and then make a serious investigation about the claims that have been presented or you'll have no Quidditch Cup as it will be boycotted." Harry said before he continued, this time talking to Snape: "And before you start to say that with that, your House will win the cup, let me remind you that you would play another two matches: Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff.

"But as they won't play under these conditions, you might think that you'll win points enough to get the cup. And that is wrong for two things:

"First; if a team doesn't show up to play, the other team will get the victory by the minimum differences, which are the 150 points are given to the seeker that catches the snitch. With both matches, your house would get 300 points."

"But this match is not over yet, Potter. So it can't be counted." Snape said with a sneer that disappeared just as Harry handed the Snitch to Hooch.

"I caught the Snitch and the game is over, sir. That means that even with the 300 points that you'll get from those games, Gryffindor still has 1150 points." Harry said with a smile before turning to the rest of the team and said: "We are the champions of the Cup!"

Everyone looked to Madam Hooch who nodded with a smile. She blew her whistle and finished the game officially.

"WE WON THE CUP!" The twins shouted and started to celebrate with the Chasers.

"Under the current circumstances and as everyone knows that the Slytherin team will not be banned, I officially declare that Gryffindor wins the Quidditch Cup of this year!" Hooch announced to everyone, using Lee's Microphone.

"WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!" The whole Gryffindor House started to sing.

"Congratulations, guys!" Roger said to the Gryffindor team and shaking their hands along the rest of his team. Even if would have wanted to play the season, he wouldn't do it unless Slytherin was banned as the staff was not going to do it, he preferred that Gryffindor won it.

"Thanks, Davies!" Angelina said with a smile as Hooch gave them the cup.

"Do you really think that Umbridge will do nothing?" The Hufflepuff's captain asked them as he and his team went to congratulate them.

"The only way to undo this mess is to ban the Quidditch and declare that this match was not official." Harry explained them seriously.

"And you really think that she won't?" Cho asked with an arched eyebrow.

"I have a little idea for that too." The seeker said before the whole House went to the tower to celebrate.