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'¿Que haces, Boludo?' : 'How are you doing, boludo?'

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Chapter 09

Just as Harry predicted, Quidditch was banned through a new decree 'until a proper investigation is done about the claims of dirty playing at the last match'.

The same decree stated that the match would be eliminated from the school records FOREVER and the result of the same would not be accounted,

Minerva went to her Tower to inform the students of the decree the same night of the match. When she arrived, the Fat Lady was gone and there was a note on her place.

'Dear Professor:

We are aware that the match that was played today will be unaccounted and Quidditch will be banned under some lame excuse. But, that won't stop this House of celebrating.

The students of Gryffindor House.

PS: The Fat Lady has orders to not return till Monday's morning, so don't bother trying to get her back. And if you can do it, there is a new Password that we still have to decide and she doesn't know it.'

"Where are your students?" Albus asked Minerva when she went to his Office to talk with the other heads of House. McGonagall silently gave him the note and he read it. The Headmaster chuckled before he passed it to the other teachers.

"Severus, you have a goddamn explanation to give!" Hooch shouted to the Potions' Master.

Before Snape answered, someone knocked the door and Albus invited the person to enter: Ludo Bagman entered with Percy Weasley, Umbridge and another two people.

"Manuel! Alberto!" Hooch exclaimed and hugged them.

"Let me introduce you to Manuel and Alberto Huelva, the coach and Captain of the Argentinean Quidditch team." Ludo said to everyone with a smile before both men shook hands with the Professors and sat down.

"What can we do for you, gentlemen?" Albus asked with a smile, as an Elf brought them tea.

"We are in a tour to play against several National teams of Europe and England is one of them." Manuel started to say:

"We were looking for a place where to train for a few days and Xiomara always spoke greatly of your pitch, Mr. Dumbledore. We thought that we could use it for a few days to get ready for that game."

"We wouldn't mind to have a little game against students of your School in return of this." His brother added with a smile.

"That's a wonderful idea!" Ludo exclaimed immediately.

"The first part can be done, but not the match." Hooch said seriously, before showing them the latest decree.

"What's the meaning of this?" Bagman asked shocked, as he read the decree.

"During today's game between Gryffindor and Slytherin, there were several things that were not too clear, Ludo." Minerva said before she briefed him about what had happened and what was suspected.

"It's under investigation and there is no evidence to support those ridiculous claims!" Umbridge shouted immediately.

"Just like the UFO's?" Filius asked with a smile. Delores turned red but didn't answer.

"What should happen to have the match?" Ludo asked desperately as this would be a great chance for everyone.

"The lift of the decree. With that, we can decide a team to play." Hooch said seriously. Then she asked Minerva: "How do we contact your students?"

"In which of them are you interested?" Minerva asked seriously, even if she and the rest of the staff could figure out the names.

"I would put Potter and the Weasley twins for the main team and Johnson for the reserves if we make 2 lists." The Flight Professor said without hesitation.

"Those students are under investigation!" Umbridge shouted.

"Good, then that leaves also the Slytherin players out of the match too. That will make our job easier." Flitwick said with a smile. Then he told Hooch: "That leaves Ms. Chang as the main seeker as Hufflepuff's seeker hasn't played a match yet."

"Indeed." Hooch said with a nod as she started to write the names.

"My students will be included too!" Snape shouted furious.

"Sorry, Severus, but your students are under investigation along Harry Potter and the Weasley twins. So they cannot play until the investigation is over. And as Madam Umbridge hasn't started yet, and it will take a few days, they can't be counted for the match." Minerva said with a smile.

… … … …

Minerva McGonagall stood outside her House's tower with Hooch and Manuel Huelva. She had sent an Elf with a note for Harry and the twins stating that she needed to talk to them IMMEDIATELY and that if they didn't show up, she would dock 300 points from the House.

The three students left the Common Room as soon as they got the note and met the group. The adults could see that the celebration was still going and Minerva was almost certain that she saw the Fat Lady inside.

"Professor, what can we do for you? The teens asked at the same time.

"Quidditch will not be banned and the investigation about today's game will start next week." The Deputy said seriously before she said: "You'll play a new match on Tuesday."

"Against who?" The three students asked confused.

"Against us." Manuel said before he introduced himself to them and explained them about his team's visit to the school.

"Congratulations, you are part of the main team." Hooch announced them with a smile.

"And enjoy it, because probably you'll be banned forever after it." Minerva said seriously.

"We will!" Harry said with a wide smile and shaking Manuel's hand, before saying: "Get ready to lose!"

"Are you sure of that?" The Coach asked, arching an eyebrow.

"Do you want to bet? Let's say: 50 Galleons?" Harry asked seriously extending his hand.

"You have a deal." Manuel said and shook it.

… … … …

A lot of people went to see the match, including lot of Professional players of England. There were also Ministry Officers, the families of the players, coaches and reporters.

If asked, almost all of them would say that the Argentinean team would beat the School's players rather easily. This thought came from the fact that the first ones were professionals and the latest were students.

The ones that disagreed, did it based on two things: Harry Potter as the Seeker and the twins as the Beaters. Those three could easily teach a lesson to anyone!

The trio of Gryffindors repeated their strategy against Slytherin: don't let the Beaters hit the Bludgers and mess with the Chasers.

Harry flew around all the time with a Bludger on his back and always straight on the direction of a Beater. One of the twins stood behind the Pro player and when he dove to avoid it, the redhead sent it against to either the other Beater or the Chasers.

The seeker also flew among the Chasers and made them to miss the shot. Angelina, Roger and Moon learnt soon to be near him to catch it and go straight to the posts to try to score. This wasn't easy as the Keeper was Alberto Huelva, who proved to be really good on his place and he wasn't as easy to score as the Slytherin's keeper.

After two hours of game and with the score tied in 50, Harry saw the Snitch close to where the Professors and the Ministry Officers were sitting. As the ball was at the lowest seats, it would make it impossible for anyone to pull up the broom in time to avoid a crash, so he chose a different tactic.

He flew low and at full speed and suddenly he pulled his broom in 45 degree ascension and sped the broom to its limits. The other seeker saw the Snitch too and flew in a straight line, not seeing what Harry had realized.

Both of them got close to it, but Harry caught the Ball and continued his ascension, without even being close to crash against the adults. His opponent realized too late that he couldn't pull the broom up in time and, although he tried to avoid it, he crashed against the Officers that tried to clear the space to not be hurt.

"That must have hurt." Harry commented to the twins as the other player went to congratulate him and Hooch ended the game.

"You mean about the guy or Umbridge?" Angelina asked, as Delores got the worst part of the crash and she was unconscious next to the man and the nurse tried to treat them both.

"Do I look as if I care about her?" The seeker asked with a snort as the Argentinean team went to shake their hands and congratulate them. Then Harry smile to Manuel and said: "I told that I trusted on this team. Now you know why."

"With those two as Beaters and you as seeker, who wouldn't?" The Coach asked pointing to the twins and laughing.

"Shall we continue the celebration at the Hall?" Dumbledore asked with a smile as he went to congratulate the winners, along the rest of the Professors and the Officers.

"Lead the way." Manuel said as the teens and his players went on talking.

… … … …

Alberto and the Beaters sat at Gryffindor with Harry and the twins as the rest of their teammates spread around the other tables. Soon the redheads and their counterparts started to discuss about techniques and strategies of Beaters and Harry and the Keeper talked about other Quidditch matter with the rest of the team, listening and joining their chat here and there.

"Can I ask you what 'boludo' is? I heard you saying it a lot of times." Harry said suddenly.

The three foreign players burst out in laughter with that question. When he calmed down, Alberto explained it:

"Did you see when someone makes something very silly or very stupid?" He asked. When everyone nodded, he continued: "Instead of saying that you are a fool or a stupid, we say 'Sos un Boludo'. Translated to English it would be like 'You are a moron'. But for us, it's not an insult."

"Besides, it's a way of saying 'Hey, you.' Instead of that, we say 'Hola, Boludo' or '¿Qué haces, boludo?' Do you understand?" One of the Beaters said with a smile.

"Yes, boludo." Harry said with a nod and everyone burst out in laughter.

"Mr. Potter, tell me that you are not insulting out guests." Minerva said going to her students and hearing the last part of the chat.

"Can't I leave you alone for five minutes that you go teaching insults to innocent students?" Manuel asked his brother, with a mocking serious tone of voice.

"We taught them nothing! He just asked what 'boludo' meant and we explained it to him!" The Keeper said with a smile.

"Are you ok?" Harry asked their seeker.

"I just have my pride hurt, but nothing else. I still can't believe that I didn't realize what would happen." The guy said with a shake of his head.

"Now you'll remember it every time that you play." Harry said with a smile and both shook hands.

"Mr. Potter, I think that this is yours." Manuel said and gave him a bag of Galleons and added: "I always pay my debts."

"We bet 50 Galleons on which team would win. He bet for his and I bet for us." Harry said, before he divided the Galleons and gave seven to each of the other players and he kept eight. He said to all of them: "We won this match together, so I feel that I should share it."

"Thanks, Harry/Potter." The answered, while pocketing their money.

"Ladies, Gentlemen, you played a great match today. We bow to you." Manuel said bowing to the players and the rest of the team did the same.

"Thanks and good luck on the tour." Harry said with a smile and they shook hands once more, before the dinner was over and everyone went back to their Towers.

… … … …

The next day, the Professional players left the school to continue their tour and the banning of the Quidditch cup was back.

"She can do whatever she wants, but no one will forget that we crushed Slytherin last Saturday and that we beat a Professional team yesterday. And I cheer for that." Harry told his teammates and all of them made a little toast for that.