The Rise of a Warlord

Chapter 20: Land of the Sea Pt 2

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Naruto will be darker...

There will be harsh language...

There may be lemons...

This list may grow in time...


Traveling at speeds which the two genin could run without getting too tired or sore to continue in the morning, the team of four sped through the forests, leaving Fire Country and crossing into Tea Country where they'd catch a boat at the southern tip of the country, where a major port city was situated.

It took close to a week and a half of running, stopping to rest or camp each night to make it to the Port City.

"We're not getting a boat today," Naruto told them as he walked over to where they'd decided to rest, having just got into town not even an hour ago, "The next ship won't leave until tomorrow so we need to find another way or a place to stay."

"Your kidding," the blonde girl exclaimed, "It's not even dark out, they have enough time for at least two trips!"

"This Kaima has everyone from fishermen to ferrymen afraid," he said as he actually read through the mission files, unlike her who only skimmed through, "Whatever it is prefers to attack at night so they've stopped going on the water when the sun starts to go down."

Anko hummed, "So we'll need to wait until morning. Might as well get a place to stay for the night." she finished with a small frown, wanting to get to the next island as soon as she could.

Ino nodded, "Yeah, I want to sleep in a real bed and take a hot bath,"

Knowing that Anko wanted to get to the first island, Naruto had thought of ways around the problem. Water walking was out, the islands were way to far away for that and he didn't know if the other two teens had trained in it yet. Swimming was also a bust for pretty much the same reason. But he had seen a few small boats on smaller docks off from the main port, probably used by small scale fishermen.

"I might know a way," he told them lowly, "It'll probably take some time but I might get us away over."

The other special jonin nodded, "It's not like we got anything to lose, while your taking care of that, the rest of us will look around town and see about finding a place to stay just in case."

"Ok then, I'll find y'all later on,"

"Uzumaki-san," Shino spoke before he left, "I wish to speak with you at a later time."

With that the boy walked off with the others, leaving Naruto blinking. He'd almost forgot just how fucked up the genin class he graduated with were but Shino brought back all those memories.

Deciding to ignore them for now, Naruto went in another direction.


'This is so strange,' Anko thought to herself as she left the two genin and walked through a small patch of trees with a beaten dirt path between them. 'It's almost... almost like I've been through here before...'

Breaking from the tree line, she found herself walking to the edge of a small cliff overlooking the sea and the Islands making up the Land of the Sea. Looking at a small stone tower looking thing near the edge, she walked up behind it and looked out, only to look down at the small beach below and freeze as a memory shot through her head.


"Eheheheh," Anko giggled as she held the straps to her backpack eagerly, standing on the beach and looking at the islands. Next to her stood a younger Orochimaru wearing his jonin gear and headband.

"Let me see..." she grinned before pointing at the largest island in the center, "That's Mother Island..." then to the on left of Mother Island, "That's Taro..." she then pointed to the closest one on the right, "and that one's Jiro Island... uh..." she had to stop and think about the last, pressing her finger against her bottom lip, "Oh, and that's Demon Island!"

"Certainly did you homework, haven't you?" Orochimaru spoke with his soft oily voice, making her giggle.

"Well yeah, I kinda have to right, if I want to be a shinobi with strength and wisdom like you!"

The man turned and smirked at her, chuckling deep inside his chest.

-Flashback End-

Eyes wide, Anko only stood there as a strong wind blew past her, ruffling her hair wildly and making the small wooden charm of her necklace wave around along with her trench coat.


Walking down the road next to some docks, Naruto wasn't paying attention to where he was going and slammed into a young girl, sending her to the ground while he just took a step back.

"Oh I'm sorry about that," he exclaimed while looking at the girl.

She wore a worn out sleeveless green shirt with a pink one underneath and dull brown shorts. Bandages were wrapped around many parts of her body including her face and neck, even wrapping around the top of her head, over her long purple hair. On her back was a worn out hard cased backpack like what a poor traveling merchant would carry.

Now while he hated most people in Konoha, this was another village and she seemed to be in the same financial situation as him but didn't have a stipend to help like he did. He wouldn't be like the villagers in the leaf village and be a dick, after all, it was his fault.

"Here let me help you up,"

She slapped his hand away and got up on her own, wordlessly picking up the small bag of food she'd been carrying.

He just stood there and frowned as he watched her walk away only to notice a man block her path. The girl then backed away and another jumped down from a nearby roof where she bumped into him and dropped a tomato which rolled to a stop at the first man's foot.

The girl moved away from the one behind her and Naruto glared when he saw one of the two crush the tomato under his foot. Then without warning, the man swung at the girl. The fist flew past the bandaged girl's face but not even a moment later Naruto saw her legs wobble before she fell to her hands and knees gasping for breath.

"Hey!" he growled out, catching their attention.

The pair turned to look at him then leapt into the air, vanishing in a blur of speed.

He went over to the kneeling girl, "Are you ok?" he asked, only for her to look up at him... or more precisely, his headband then look away.

"I'm fine," she spoke sharply while picking up the food that had fallen and quickly throwing them into the bag. But before he could get another word in she started running away, leaving him behind once again with a suspicious feeling.


"Look ninja-san, I already told you that there's no way in hell that I'm going to ferry you and your group tonight." said a irritated looking older man with wrinkles and graying hair. He was annoyed because Naruto had already asked him earlier today when he was looking to get a different ferrymen to take them across, but like the others, he refused to go out because of the sea monster.

"I know that but I'm not here asking for a ride," he replied while trying not to be civil, the man had already interrupted him once and was acting like a dick since he first met him.

The man cut him off for the second time, "Well what the hell do you want?"

"To use your skiff," the teen stated while nodding at the wooden boat tied off to the dock a few feet away.

"My skiff?" As he said that, Naruto saw the greedy glint form in his eyes, "Well I could let you rent it, but it wont be cheap... I couldn't let you take it for any less than oh say... 72,000 yen."

Naruto gave him a dark look, "72,000... no deal, I'm sure that there's someone else around here that'd ask for a fair price."

"I assure you ninja-san, my price is more than fair. You won't find a better vessel for a lower price."

Turning, Naruto hummed, "We'll see about that," he muttered just loud enough for the man to hear as he started to walk away.

"Wait a minute! Maybe I was a little too hasty... ah... how about 52,000?"

With the sea monster thing cutting into their livelihoods, anyone who made their living on the sea were feeling the stress as they didn't make as much as they were. Naruto knew this and knew exactly how to use it to his advantage.

"52,000 yen could get us a skiff with a good engine, we want to rent it not buy one. I'll give you 35,000 and that's my only offer."

The man muttered under his breath, "Fine, not like it's my only one anyway,"

While some would think that it was a little pricey just to rent the thing, Naruto wasn't paying for it out of his own money... well, technically is wasn't. Before he left, he got himself a decent amount of cash from the RedCell funding just in case he needed it and all he'd have to do when he returned was put in his report and he'd be reimbursed later.

After handing the man three 10,000 and one 5000 yen notes, the blonde turned and jumped off to find the others.


It was starting to get dark by the time they were out to sea, the sun was low in the sky and cast a orange glow across the ripples of the water. The four ninja were aboard the skiff which was slowly being rowed across the gap towards Mother Island.

"I understand that we need to be careful with spending money and all but why couldn't we wait till morning and take a ferry to Mother Island?" Ino asked.

"Because we don't have time to waste, the sooner we get there the better," replied Anko.

The girl huffed, "Then why couldn't we at least get a motor boat?"

"Too expensive," the special jonin mused to her fellow female.

"Then why are me and Shino the only ones rowing the boat?"

Sitting on a bench-like seat at the bow of the boat, Naruto faced the two rowing genin while Anko sat on the stern facing him while Shino and Ino rowed the two oars in tandem.

"Because I got us the boat and Anko gathered information, you two relaxed the entire time so you get to do the hard work," the blond mused while picking at his fingernails with a kunai.

The boat came to a halt unexpectedly, making Ino fall back out of her seat next to Shino while said ninja managed to stay upright by holding his oar, which seemed to be caught on something unlike Ino's.

Naruto grunted as his back hit the very front part of the bow, dropping his kunai on impact while Anko just moved slightly, as she was facing the front.

Ino pulled herself back onto her seat and rubbed her head, "Ow... hey what's the big idea?"

"We must've run up against some rocks," Shino exclaimed before trying to move the oar.

Anko spotted something ahead of them that made her eyes widen, "Eyes front!" she ordered while pointing to a whirlpool that had come out of nowhere, "We've got trouble, change course now!"

Ino quickly went to grab her oar, as they only needed one to turn the thing, only for it to suddenly get pulled into the water and out of sight by an unseen force.

Seeing that, Naruto cursed, "We need to get that oar unstuck now!"

The blonde genin went to help Shino only for a long tentacle looking thing to fly out of the water and grab her, pulling Ino off the boat and high into the air with a scream.

That made the two special jonin realize that this was an attack, so while Anko handled saving Ino, Naruto grabbed the two genin's packs and quickly sealed them before pulling Shino off the oar, "Fuck it, we need to bail now," he ordered while shoving the scroll into the genin's grasp, "There's your shit, hope you know water walking!"

Anko used her shadow snake jutsu, which sent a trio of hissing snaked shooting from her sleeves and wrapped around the screaming Ino, which made her scream even louder and faint before managing to pull her back.

All three bailed out of the boat and landed on the water while the boat began sinking into the whirlpool.

Looking to the other two, Naruto saw that Anko was now holding the unconscious Ino and growled, "Well there goes our reimbursement."

"Careful guys, we're being targeted from underwater,"

The blond smirked and made a handseal, "I know,"

There was a small thump followed by a small tower of water that burst from the surface caused by the exploding kunai he dropped in the boat before. Pressure waves worked just as good underwater as they did on land, if not better in some cases.

As they floated on the waves, Anko felt a chakra signature nearby and called Shino over and told him to keep an eye on Ino before running on the water.

A hand shot from below, stretching over twenty feet and trying to grab her as she jumped back and smirked as it wrapped around her waist, "Got you, Fire Style: Dragon Flame Jutsu!" she spoke before spewing flames out of her mouth, burning down the stretched out arm and to the water, which was pushed out of the way a bit and stayed on fire for a few seconds even after the arm turned to ash.

As she landed, she smirked as the fire started dying down, revealing a shadowed figure only for it to turn to water.

"Water Clone!" she exclaimed just before the enemy ninja appeared and wrapped his stretchy arm around her neck twice.

"Hehehe, you let your guard down bitch!" he sneered at her while tightening his grip.

"So did you, mother fucker!" Naruto exclaimed as he jumped and slammed his heel into the side of the ninjas skull, sending the ninja bouncing along the water like a skipping stone.

But Naruto didn't get to see much more, as he landed, a hand grabbed him by the ankle and jerked him under.

'FUCK!' he screamed in his head as he quickly found himself in a full nelson underwater, 'There was another one!'. He tried to fight the hold but noticed that the persons arms were glowing as he started losing strength, add the fact that he couldn't breath and he was starting to lose consciousness.

As his eyes started closing, he heard the sound of a rebreather behind him.

"Hahahaha," the ninja laughed from behind him through the rebreather, which would allow him to speak to fellow ninja underwater during missions, "I'm siphoning off your chakra, how's it feel?"

Naruto didn't know what was worse, the feeling of his lungs screaming for air or the feeling of his chakra being drained. But he couldn't think on it much longer and soon felt himself lose consciousness.


"Oh Naruto-kun..." he heard the voice sigh, "We really need to stop meeting like this." He couldn't open his eyes but felt a pair of hands grab his cheeks, "Like I said before, it's not your time yet ya big dummy! Try not to show up here again will ya? Now... it's time to wake up Naruto-kun,"

She pressed her lips to his and a he felt his lungs fill with air.


Slowly opening his eyes, Naruto found himself still underwater at the bottom of the sea. But swimming over him, that same girl from before held his face and pushed air into his lungs with a kiss.

It wasn't enough to stay awake so he slowly fell back unconscious but could feel the girl pull him from the ocean floor and start towards the surface.

To be continued...


Before someone goes on and says that the two ninja that attacked them shouldn't be there because I already killed them off seeing as they were Kabuto's 'team' during the chunin exams. I say that if I were Orochimaru, I would've had more than one or two people with the same abilities, after-all, he did like experimenting with bloodlines and such, he even put those air blaster thingies in that sound genin's hands so why not have someone with the same abilities?

I'd like to take a moment to explain my reasons for how the last chapter went. First off, it wasn't the draining that knocked him out, it was the drowning. I've always figured that the feeling of having your chakra drained would be shocking to someone who didn't know what it felt like and its a fact that if you are calm, you can hold your breath underwater for much longer than you could if you were panicking or struggling. Naruto didn't get a full breath of air before being pulled under so he couldn't last long when he was fighting underwater so as such, he went unconscious. (Added one day after publishing)