Lovino walked into the kitchen thinking of what to eat for lunch when Antonio came running into the kitchen screaming.

"Lovi~, Mi coracon, guess what I found out!" Antonio yelled as he caught Lovino in a hug, lifting him up off the floor. "Ch-Chigi!" Lovino squeaked. "Let go of me you tomato loving freak, and how many times have I told you to stop calling me Lovi!" he gasped out.

"Lo siento Lovi!" Antonio said placing him on the ground but continued smiling his shit eating smile. Lovino gave him a glare then went to the cabinet to resume looking for something to eat. "But still Lovi~ you won't believe what I found out!" Spain declared jumping with excitement. Lovino merely gave him a sideways glance before turning back to the cabinet.

"Well there's this web site called Fan Fiction and it's full of stories of people including us!" Antonio exclaimed with the same amount of excitement. "Sounds like a bunch of stalkers to me. Damn were are all the good food, all that's left is shit, looks like I need to go shopping." Grumbled Lovino. Brushing off the comment Antonio continued. "And a lot of them are paring stories and what they do is they blend two people's names together to make it shorter!"

Lovino turned back to Antonio holding a can of spam, "And I care why?" Lovino replied sarcastically as he walked to the drawer containing the silver ware. "Well I was curious and I looked up us and guess what were called!" Opening the can and pulling out a spoon Lovino sarcastically replied, "I have no idea, what are we called?" As he put a spoon full of spam into his mouth.

Antonio smiled even wider,if that was even possible, "Spamano!" Lovino choked on his spam and ran to the sink before spiting it out into the sink. Then he looked at Antonio, then back to the can before tossing it into the garbage. "What's wrong Lovi?" Antonio walked up next to him, pulling his hair out of his face and giving him a napkin. Turning around Lovino gave Antonio a disgusted look, "That sounds like a terrible disease you get from eating spam!"