Sleeping Jashinist

Only just finished my last story, but started on this one last week so thought I'd put up first chapter. Have not done very much of this just wanted to see what people think of the idea :3 It was obviously inspired by sleeping beauty. Hope you read and enjoy, and review if you like ^^

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There was once a great kingdom known as the Land of Hot Water. It was a beautiful place, with lush forest, mountains, and fertile plains. However the land was in peril. The kind rulers who had ruled the land fairly, and helped it become great had passed away many years ago. In their place, their only son had taken over. But while they had been kind and fair, their son was selfish and cruel.

He had been born blessed with the gift of immortality, so had very little regard for other people's lives. People were executed for minor crimes, and he feasted every night while his people starved. However this could not go on forever.

One day a group of travellers came from the nearby kingdom of Taki. When they entered the capital of Yugakure they saw many people on the streets, starving and dying of illness. Disgusted at the people's treatment, they went to the selfish young ruler and demanded that he show his citizens more respect. They demanded he change his ways, or they would be forced to take action.

Instead of listening to them, he taunted the travellers. What could they do to him? He could not die, and felt pleasure not pain. Sitting smugly in his throne he invited them to do their worst.

One of the men, the one who wore a mask stood forward. Unknown to the boy, this man was a powerful sorcerer and he was absolutely furious. Raising his arms he cursed the prince. He would fall into a dreamless sleep, and would never wake up until he was found by his one true love.

They left him in a forest, in a beautiful clearing surrounded by tall trees. Deer often frequented this area, and they would watch over the sleeping figure. The people rejoiced happy to be free, and the prince was left and forgotten.


"That's it?"

"Yep, that's the whole story"

"But muuuum, it doesn't have a proper ending!"

"The citizens of the kingdom had a pretty good ending"

"But the prince was left out! Besides it's supposed to be a princess that gets put to sleep not the prince!"

"Stop fussing Shikamaru, it's time for bed"

"Humph" Little Shikamaru huffed "But I want to know what happened to the prince!"

Yoshino smiled at her young son before giving him a kiss on his forehead.

"Well maybe one day we will find out. But tonight you have to go to bed. Goodnight Shika"

"Night mum"

After she'd turned out the lights Shikamaru lay and stared at the glow in the dark stars he'd stuck on the ceiling. He wondered what had happened to that selfish prince, after he'd been cursed. No matter how bad a person was, it was too sad to forget about them. Lying back in his bed he closed his eyes, thinking that he may tell that story to his best friend Choji tomorrow.

And every night before he went to sleep, for many years after that, Shikamaru insisted that his mother tell him that same story.

-9 Years Later-

"Oi Shikamaru!"

A voice was calling him.


He wondered who it was.

"Wake up Shikamaru!" He'd only had a few more blissful moments of sleep before a hard smack to the back of the head forced him back to earth.

"Honestly you're so lazy" Rubbing his now bruised head; he looked up at one of his best friends Ino, standing above him with her hands on her hips. "The last bell rang; it's the start of the holidays"

"Hn" Shikamaru made a noise that Sasuke would be proud of and stretched, yawning loudly.

"Hey guys!" It was their other friend Choji "Are you going to Naru's party tonight?"

"Of course I'm going! Sasuke-kun will be there~" Ino had a dreamlike expression on her face. Neither of the boys could see why. It was obvious to most that the Uchiha was gay, and obviously had a thing for Naruto.

"I guess it will be pretty fun" As lazy as he was, he still didn't like to miss out on time with his friends.

Their friend Kiba was giving them all a lift home that day, and as everyone around him chattered excitedly about the party and their holiday plans, Shikamaru was thinking about the dream that he'd been having. It was more of a memory though, rather than a dream.

It had been years since he'd last heard that story, about the spoiled prince. He may not be a child anymore, at the age of 16, but he still thought about it from time to time. For some reason it fascinated him, more than any other story he'd ever read, most probably due to the lack of obvious conclusion.

Waving goodbye to the others outside his house, he pushed all thoughts of that fairy tale from his mind, and went to get ready for the party.

-Page Break-

The drink was flowing, the music was loud, and everyone was having a good time in the way that only a group of teenagers could do. Shikamaru was quite content to sit in the corner watching everybody else interacting.

Ino was drunkenly swaying near Sasuke, trying to get him to dance with her whilst Sasuke in turn was trying to catch the attention of Naruto. Choji was watching Ino miserably, Lee was trying to flirt with a very unimpressed Sakura; and in the corner Kiba and Suigetsu were holding a drinking contest with two kegs of beer.

All in all it was a typical house party. As nice as these were, it did feel strangely... dull. Shikamaru enjoyed things being the same and enjoyed being lazy, but recently he'd felt strangely dissatisfied. It was like the norm wasn't good enough anymore, and something needed to change or else he would scream.

"Hey, you're quieter than usual. Something wrong?" Choji had obviously given up on trying to get Ino's attention and had decided to join his friend.

"Nothing in particular. Everything just feels more troublesome than usual"

"Yeah I guess I see what you mean" Choji stared over at Ino as he said this, obviously not paying complete attention.

"I'm gonna go get some air" Shikamaru stood up and went outside away from the noise inside. The air was unusually crisp for a summer night, but it helped clear his muddled head. There wasn't a single cloud in the sky, and the stars were bright. The moon was full, illuminating the garden.

"Oiii, Shikaaa what you doing out here?" Kiba and Naruto had their arms around each other's shoulders, and were swaying along, laughing. He had to laugh.

"You guys look completely off your heads"

"That's cause we arrrre" Naruto was slurring pretty badly, and practically falling over.

Choji and Shino came out to join them, passing Shikamaru a beer. As they all sat there drinking, Naruto suddenly stood up.

"We should go for a walk!"

"You really want to leave that lot in your house with no supervision?" Shino was probably the most sober.

"Yeah it'll be fun! Just the five of us!"

Walking down the grassy slope, the boys went through the hole at the bottom of the hedge that they'd been sneaking out of since they were small. Their neighbourhood was pretty interesting. To the right went rows of houses and a road that headed off towards a city. Whilst on the left there was a field, sloping up towards a small wooded area. They'd never been allowed in there as kids, but they'd always sneak in when given the chance. It had been a haven for young boys, with birds, foxes, badgers, and deer. Loads of wild deer. They had always been Shikamaru's favourite, and the best moment of his life had been aged 9 when he'd found an antler shed by one of the stags. It had been in pride of place on his shelf ever since.

"Oh my god guys!" Kiba looked pretty pleased with himself "Let's go for a walk in the woods!"

"Fuck yes!"

"But wouldn't it be dangerous when you're this drunk?"

"It's ok Shino, you and Shikamaru are here, you guys are always sensible" Shikamaru wasn't feeling too clear-headed but he was better than Choji who was still chugging back his beer.

"Right onward men!" Kiba led the way as they headed away from the party and into the quiet of the trees.