Sleeping Jashinist

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"Shika! Get up honey it's time to get ready!"

"Nnn" With a groan Shikamaru pulled himself up and glanced at the clock. Sadly it was half seven.

So it begins again. Just another school day, a whole year of them and after a few of these there will be troublesome uni days. And to add to that troublesome jobs. Somehow staying in bed seemed much more attractive.

One of the things he hated was the effort needed. Although maybe he could sleep in Asuma's class. He was quite laid back about that kind of thing as long as your grades looked good.

Everything seemed just as troublesome as it was at the start of the holidays but he had to admit, he was a lot happier. Acquiring a boyfriend was the last thing he thought would happen though. Hidan was still lounging in the bed looking practically angelic whilst he slept.

If only he was like that whilst awake. With a sleepy stretch he pulled himself off the bed, only to be yanked back seconds later. He was used to it though.

"You could just tell me to stay there a minute"


"You're so talkative in the morning"

"Where you goin'?"

"Getting ready for school" Hidan jolted up.

"That's today?"

"I did tell you the other day"

"...Can I come with you?"

"You're too old"

"Not actually to school you twat! Just... walk there"

"Oh... that's not a problem" It was going to be weird having no crazy immortals bothering him all day. The only problem with having Hidan come was that he always took too long getting ready. They had to dash to the end of the road where Choji was waiting.

"Morning guys"

"Why's he here?"

"We often go together on the first day" Clearly he resented having someone else there when he wanted time with his Shika, but he'd have to deal with it. "Are you going to be ok on your own?"

"I'm not a pussy"

"You can be needy though"

"I'll just drag you home and rape you later"

"...I'll be looking forward to it"

-Page Break-

"You better not look at any of these women while I'm not here!"

"I never looked at them before so I'm hardly going to look now I've got you" This seemed to work.

"Hn" Before he could walk on Hidan grabbed him from behind.

"You do realise people are staring?"

"They're just jealous"

"...Is something wrong?"

"You'll never leave right?"


"Me. On my own"

"For starters you live in my house so it'd be hard for me to leave. But also, I love you"

"That's good. If you hadn't given a good answer I was gonna tie you to the bed and cut your dick off"


"I'll be waiting here so you better come right out or I'll go in there"

"I can bet you will"

As he walked off Hidan was still watching looking a little lost as he did. He hadn't known him for very long yet he didn't want to spend too long without him.

My favourite fairy tale was true the whole time... The thought made him smile. ... And I know it's going to have a happy ending.

Yes that was a cheesy line but I'm a sucker for those kinda things so I had to add one :L

And that is now the end of this story :3 It took me a while to figure out how to end it and I think this does it nicely. Thanks so much to everybody who has read it up till now and I hope y'all enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it ^^