Where am I? How did I even get here? Connor kept thinking to himself. He walked up the hill of the strange village, heading to the highest point where he caught a glimpse of a large building on top of the mountain.

He observed the people dressed in head to toe robes, most plain in color and simple looking. Other's wore white and held their hands together in a prayer position. The people around him spoke a strange language that he didn't understand with strange accent. What he found strange was that no one paid any attention to him.

A strange man, with strange cloths, different colored skin and, was clearly armed was simply being brushed side and, not been given another glance. He'd seen a few men dressed in white robes and had their weapons discreetly hidden. He figured with all his weapons visible, someone should have questioned him or at the very least gave him questioning looks.

He made his way up the path through a rocky cliff side and came across a large group of people looking up at two men who appeared to be arguing. Though he couldn't understand anyone, the voices sounded like a mixture of anger and confusion. He joined them and watched the two men above argue as he attempted to understand what was going on.

A small fire started behind the men dressed in white, he could see that they were both armed. A man with a black beard pointed at the fire, then back at the other man. Some of the people in the crowd begun shouting and the other man walked closer to the edge, seemingly trying to explain himself. The man with the black beard grabbed the other man's attention and then suddenly pushed him off the cliff.

The crowd move out of the way as the man fell and landed hard on his back. The man gasped and coughed as Connor walked over to help the man up. "Are you alright?" He asked as he extended his hand.

The man glared at him and pushed him side, refusing his help. He got up and immediately turned his attention to the crowd who was shouting and drawing their swords. Connor noticed the scar on the man's lip and his instincts were screaming at him to help but his body remained immobile and all he could do is watch helplessly.

I don't understand, am I afraid to fight? Why can't I move? Connor asked himself as he watched the man disarms his opponent and toss their weapon aside. Why isn't he killing them? He caught a glimpse of the man's ring finger and looked at his own. Is he an assassin? He took a closer look at the men he was fighting. Are they all assassin? Why are they fighting? This doesn't make sense.

Everyone's attention was grabbed by a man shouting from the watch tower. The one with the black beard was shouting at the other man, holding what appeared to be a glowing ball in his hand. Connor was entranced by it, unable to look away. The glow seemed as if it was calling to him, wishing him to come near.

Connor was pushed forward, breaking him out of the trance and he saw the other man climb up the scaffold in front of them. A quick look around informed him that he wasn't the only one to have succumbed to it's glow while the others still looked up in awe. When he looked up at the tower he no longer saw the man with the beard but a ray of golden light spreading across the ground. Confused, he watched it come towards him.

When the light touched him, he felt a surge of pain, almost sent him to his knees and heard the people behind him cry out. What was that?! He shook his head and looked up to see the other man trying to climb the tower. Another ray of light descended from the tower and knocked the man back a few steps before doing the same to him. That thing must be stopped! Connor ran towards the scaffold to help. Another ray of light hit him, causing his body to involuntary tense. The surge felt as if his body was on fire and he collapsed to the ground.

He opened his eyes to see a flat stone ground, confused to what happened he pushed himself up. His surrounding had drastically changed, large heavily decorated buildings stood all around him. He was lying in the middle of what appeared to be a gathering area, benches and other smaller decorations covered the area. Where am I now? What's going on?! He got up, he heard a strange rattling noise and notice a large number of fully armed men dressed in metal enter the area.

A wounded man walked up to the group of men and then pointed behind him. He looked back to see a man in colorful robes standing with a group of four behind him. Connor's eyes were drawn to the large assassin crest on his belt and noticed the scar on his lip. Is this the same man? Before he could find out, the group of four behind him charged at the guards.

The area quickly erupted into chaos, guards even attacking at him, he quickly discovered that blocking their attacks wasn't going to be easy. He realized then that they are better fighters and were giving him a little opportunity to counter attack. He was quickly becoming overwhelmed when the man he had seen earlier came up beside him, holding out the glowing ball which grew brighter.

Connor's eyes grew wide and braced himself for the pain that was sure the follow. The light engulfed everyone surrounding him, moments later he heard the sound of the guards collapsing and a pained groan from he man holding the ball, surprised he looked himself over and found that he was fine. The man on the other hand wasn't, he struggled to get back up, a mixture of pain and hatred written on his features. Connor offered his hand and was ignored, the man got up and walked with a determination to reach the next group of men surrounding his team mates.

"Hey, wait!" Connor called and caught up with the man. "What is that thing? How are you doing that?" He demanded but was ignored and surrounded by the light once again. Shielding his eyes from its brightness, he felt the ground beneath him give way. Before he could figure out what had happened he landed hard on his back, knocking the wind out of him. For a moment he wondered if he'd gone blind, all he could see was darkness as he blinked profusely trying to regain his vision.

A dim glow caught his attention and he leaned up on his elbows. There he saw the ball on top of a small table. It grew brighter, calling for him to come and retrieve it. He turned his head away from its glow, not wishing to become entranced by it once more. Slowly getting to his feet, still confused. How, why and where was he now?

He looked back to see a two men now standing in front of it, both wore their hood down and both covered in a faint white glow. They didn't say anything to him nor did he speak to them. They just stared at him, with their arms folded as he watched them and studied their features. Originally he thought he'd been following the same man but as similar as they were, they were also quite different.

Growing tired of being ignored, he spoke up. "Who are you and what is that thing?" he asked pointing at the ball. In response the two men shook their heads and held out their hands in a protective manner.

"Why does it call out to me and why do you protect it?" he demanded as he took a few steps closer to them. In response the men armed themselves and took an attack stance causing Connor to stop.

"Why won't you answer me?" he yelled frustrated. The men spoke something in their alien language before charging at him, causing him to take a few steps back.

"Hey, wait!" he pleaded, reaching for his tomahawk. He looked down and dread overwhelmed him, it was missing. At the corner of his eye, he saw the blades coming down on him.

He gasped, sitting up straight and heard something topple to the floor. He panted as he felt his heart racing and it took him a minute to realize where he was.

"A dream." he breathe a sigh of relief and sat on the edge of the bed to retrieved the book he had been reading. He looked down at the dark green book, its corners were worn and damaged. The Tale of a Shadow, an interesting book. It talked mostly of the adventures of a man named Ezio and the places he visited, the things he saw and he important people he meet and killed.

It was one of the few books that truly peeked his interest in wanting to learn to read but also gave him a sense of how small he was in this world. Here he was, a man who almost never traveled a day away from his tribe now learned that there was vast oceans that took months to cross and on the other side laid countless lands of people with different languages and beliefs.

Leaning his elbows on his knees, he rubbed his face with his free hand. His elders always said that there were deeper meanings to one's dreams. Whether it was predictions of the future or a premonition of their future selves.

Looking back on the dream, all he remembered was the glowing ball, what he considered must have been the apple from the story and the two men, who he guessed was Ezio and the other whose name escaped him. He was having difficulty deciding whether the dreams meant something or if it was simply an over active imagination caused by reading the book. He wished his sister was here, "She'd know." he sighed.

Placing the book on the table next to him, he got up and stretched, rubbing his shoulder and sore back. He'd been with the assassin's for a short while now. Once his leg had healed, he started the training. At first, the training was a little confusing. When he heard the word training, he expected fighting, not learning how to walk quietly on the floors, jumping into hay and sprint across the snowy roof tops. He'd lost track of how many times he'd fallen off them due to the slippery wet tiles but lucky the snow below broke his fall.

Learning to fight was as interesting as it was painful. The blows with wooden swords had dulled over time and he became used to the point that it was an irritation then flat out agony as it was at first. Training with the other low ranking assassin wasn't much of a challenge unless they were to team up on each other. He learned that his reflexes for attack and blocking were decent, often strategizing to view both his opponents so they couldn't sneak up on him.

Because of Jason's profession with the assassins, it was a bit more challenging to spar with, he wasn't allowed to harm him in any way making it difficult to block his attacks. Jason knew quite a few ways to hit with a sword and he got most of his bruises from him but because of that, it helped him to greatly improve his blocking ability.

Gavin on the other hand was irritating, he hated sparing with him even though it was rare. The man never took the training seriously and he would only spar after Gavin's father insisted he do it and normally after an argument about it. The only thing he learned from Gavin was how increasingly annoying he was, often mocking him and dodging all of his attacks, never bothering to fight back. Connor was determined to hit him at least once, to show he shouldn't be underestimated and wipe that arrogant look off his face.

Roughly three weeks ago to his surprise, Andrea's father, the man he learned to address as Sir or Husher, challenged him to a sparing match. In that one match he probably learned the most from him. At first he wasn't sure what to make of the challenge, the man was old. He'd seen him always walking slow, never exerting too much effort in the things he did and despite the other assassins talking about how powerful and fearsome a fighter he was. Connor concluded that must have been years ago.

Husher told him, he'd regret it if Connor went easy on him and weighted his options. He was younger and certainly faster. He could probably block and dodge most if not all his attacks but what he was more concerned with was possibly harming Husher. To harm the leader of the assassin couldn't be a good thing. Once the match begun, things went as he suspected, even landing some hits on the other. His confidence grew and might have even became a little cocky because of it, the odds were in his favor and that's when everything went sour.

The man was showing signs of injury and fatigue causing him to believe the match would soon be over and surprised he'd be the victor. He executed what he considered to be the final blow when Husher, to his surprised rolled under his swing and hit him square in his lower back. He arched his back in pain and stumbled forward but remained on his feet. He had just enough time to recover and block the heavy blow to his side when once again, Husher managed to get behind him. Two more sharp blows to his back and he was done.

He dropped the wooden sword and landed on his hands and knees, struggling to breathe. He was unprepared for the pain and fought back tears that threatened to swell up in his eyes. He was desperately tried to stand back up, expecting another attack. His struggle to breathe was causing him to panic. His vision was blurring and turning black when he was pushed down on to his chest. He was told to relax and take shallow breaths, after a moment his vision cleared but his breathing was still labored.

Husher then proceeded to pace around him. Told Connor his flaws and disappoints. How he should be fighting more like a native and how his defensive skills were severely lacking, his back being his biggest target. Connor listened despite his pain, his ego and confidence shattered. In his mind, he was harder on himself then Husher was. After painfully being helped up and bought back to his room and one agonizing back examination later by Jason, he was left in his room alone to sulk. It was one of the longest, coldest nights he could remember.

Jason told him he didn't feel any broken bone but he was probably hit hard enough to crack one, causing his difficulty breathing. Ice was placed in a cloth on his bare back to help reduce the swelling and It would be a few days before he could move or even get up without sever pain.

He was offered something for the pain but refused. He didn't trust their forms of medicine, stories of people hallucinations and in extreme cases become even sicker. He took the pain as a punishment for his arrogance. It was a hard lesson but one he intended to learn from and not repeat. Never again would he underestimate his opponent nor would he expect mercy from them and he would find a way to protect his back.

The following morning Husher had come in to check on him. The man didn't apologize nor did Connor expect him too. Husher could tell he was exhausted, still laying on his chest, not being able to sleep the night before. Husher only asked him if he'd learned anything from the match. He closed his eyes and nodded, not wishing to speak. His throat was dry and attempting to speak would cause him to cough and send him into further agony then he was already in.

He watched the father walk over to the table that had water on it and poured some in a cup while he spoke. He informed him that he'd rest for two weeks and focus more on his less physically demanding tasks till he decided he was fit for more training.

He was forced to drink the water before being told to get some rest. He wanted to laugh at the idea. He was in agony simply breathing, he'd have to pass out first before he got any sleep. A short while later he felt his body start to numb and his eyes started to get heavy. The thought of Husher giving him something without his knowledge or consent, irritated him. He would protest about it later, he welcomed the pain relief as he finally drifted to sleep.

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