Finding Junior

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Bowser's POV

Bowser and his friends made it to the mountains, and Luigi gets in his way.

"YOU!" Bowser roared.

"You'll never reach your son! But if you want him, you'll have to get through me!" Luigi said.

"We'll see about that!" Waluigi said.

Waluigi shot a minature tornado at Luigi, sucking him in.

"That's it?" Wario said.

"He's a wimp." Waluigi said.

Kamek laughed his head off.

"I didn't know he was that easy..." Bowser said.

Bowser snapped his fingers and his Koopa Clown Car appears. The four jump on the Clown Car, and they fly to the volcano.

Bowser Jr.'s POV

Junior was crying more. Luigi was injured after the battle.


"Alright, alright!" Luigi said.

Luigi put a cork in Junior's mouth.

"Thank goodness..." Mario panted.

Bowser's POV

"I'm almost there to my son!" Bowser cheered.

They make it to the volcano.

"Jeez, it looks like my land..." Bowser said.

"Yeah..." Wario said.

They go to Mario's castle.

"A lot of things look familiar about the volcano! This looks like my land, the Dark Land, and Mario's castle looks a little bit like Peach's castle." Bowser said, confused.

"I know. Let's take out Mario!" Wario said.

"Yeah! Let's go!" Bowser said.

They enter the castle, and they fight Mario.

"Wario, what does the scouter say about Mario's power level?" Bowser said.

Wario looked at the scouter.

A/N: I know what you're thinking. Am I going to make a parody out of the classic "It's Over 9000" joke? Well, let's see.


A/N 2: Yep! I was!

"WHAT? 9000? THAT'S NO WAY THAT CAN BE RIGHT!" Bowser roared.

"Yes, it SOMEHOW is true." Mario said evilly.

"ATTACK!" Bowser said.

RPG Battle:

A/N 3: I know I used this before. I just wanted to do it again for you all.

Bowser: 1582

Wario: 951

Waluigi: 827

Kamek: 642

Mario: 9001

Kamek used Spell Blast!

Mario's health dropped to 8931!

Mario used Fire Flower!

Kamek's health dropped to 331!

Kamek used Flame Spell!

Mario's health dropped to 8872!

Mario used Spin Drill!

Kamek's health dropped to 2!

Kamek switches himself with Waluigi!

Waluigi used Waluick Roll!


Mario's health dropped to 7673!

Mario used Super M Combo!

Waluigi's health dropped to 53!

Waluigi switches himself with Wario!

Wario ate Garlic!

Wario's attack power increased by 50%!

Mario used M-Bob-omb!

Wario's health dropped to 367!

Wario used W-Punch!

Mario's health dropped to 7588!

Mario used Propeller Suit!

Wario's health dropped to 15!

Wario switches himself with Bowser!

Bowser used Bowser Punch!

"No...NOOO! Please, not the punch!" Mario screamed.

"Bowser...PUUUUUUNCH!" Bowser roared.

"NOOOOOO!" Mario screamed.

Bowser used Mega Bob-omb!

The Koopa King then goes into the room where Junior's being held.

"PAPA!" Junior cheered.

"JUNIOR!" Bowser roared with excitement.

He hugged his son, and he and the rest of the gang escape.

The castle explodes, sending Mario flying into the sky.

"MAAMAAA-MIIIAAAAAAA!" Mario screamed.

Mario's health dropped to 0!

Mario is defeated!

Bowser defeated Mario!

RPG Battle End:

"Phew...Boy, was that hard!" Bowser panted.

"I know..." Wario said.

"Thanks, Papa. I knew you'd save me." Junior said.

"Hey, it's no problem, little bud! When there's trouble, I can handle it!" Bowser laughed.

They all laughed.

Bowser snapped his fingers again, sending in the Clown Car. They hop in, and they go home.

And so, the adventure concluded.


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BG Music:

Mountains: New Super Mario Bros. Wii World 6 map

Luigi battle: Mario Party 9: Now You've Done It!

Volcano: Super Mario Galaxy 2: World 6 Map music

Mario battle part 1(with Kamek and Waluigi): Mario Party 9: Battle with Bowser!

Mario battle part 2(with Wario and Bowser): Mario Party 9: Bowser's Mad!

Ending: Kirby's Dream Land 2: Game Over music