In a little hotel in Utah, Alex Kingston could not sleep.

Her air conditioning had stopped working and even sleeping completely naked did nothing to relieve the discomfort of the insane level of heat. Accepting she wasn't going to sleep in her room, she picked up her phone to text Karen but seeing as it was three in the morning she knew Karen would be asleep and slept like a log; she wouldn't wake up for anything or anyone.

Trying to think of someone who would be awake and possible willing to let her sleep in their room, she could only think of Arthur or Matt and out of those two Matt was the most favourable and the most likely to be even slightly awake. She texted him – 'Are you awake? Sorry to bother you but would it be ok to pop over for a drink?' and pressed the button to send it.

Matt's phone buzzed but he was in no position to pick it up or even reach it. He was preoccupied.

Alex had waited ten minutes and had put on the incredibly short blue shorts and white vest top that she'd had to shed due to the heat. She couldn't be in her room any more and so decided to go and knock on Matt's door; it was only a few doors away. She knocked on the door quietly. When there was no reply, she knocked harder. 'Matt?' she called loudly enough for him to hear. 'It's Alex. Can I come in?'

Matt opened the door about a minute later, wearing only boxers and looking incredibly flustered, his hair sticking up in every single direction. If it wasn't the middle of the night, Alex would have thought he'd been dragged through ten hedges in a row and heated in an oven for a few minutes. He was holding his hands over the front of his boxers, looking like he'd been caught dancing naked by a complete stranger. 'Are you ok Matt?' she asked.

He cleared his throat. 'Yeah. Um, I was just a bit preoccupied'

She raised an eyebrow. 'Ok I was having some, er, time alone... God, this is embarrassing...'

'It's fine, Matt. Do you want me to go?' she was blushing now, blaming the heat for her rapid breathing and heaving chest. She was not turned on by Matt Smith.

'No it's ok, come in' he grinned.

'Are you sure? I only came over because my air conditioning has broken and I can't sleep at all'

'It's fine! Come in' so she stepped into the room.

He'd been mortified when he'd opened the door with a more than obvious bulge in his pants and the subject of his current fantasy had been stood at the door. Especially in that vest and those shorts. And no underwear from the glance he'd had when she'd stepped through the door.

He desperately tried to calm himself down; having Alex in the room when he'd just been imagining her in what could only be described as filthy positions...

'Do you want a drink? I've got a mini fridge with lemonade in if you want one' he smiled. He got two out, gave her one and then popped into the bathroom, splashing himself with water to cool and calm himself down. He stepped back into the bedroom feeling refreshed and more ready to chat to Alex. They'd had a fun day of filming – a picnic scene by a lake where the Doctor would appear to be killed by a mysterious astronaut. Alex had fired a gun too, a very surreal yet adrenalin-filled experience. She just hoped she looked even vaguely bad-ass – she'd hate to just look like a middle aged woman out of her comfort zone.

'Your room must be boiling'

'Yes, it is, that's why I couldn't get to sleep. I was going to text Karen but she'll be dead to the world now'

'Well I'm glad you came here' he said genuinely, with a smile.

'And I'm just glad you were awake. Even if you weren't really in a fit state to answer the door' she teased. He looked terribly embarrassed. 'Would it be ok if I just slept here for a few hours? I just need some sleep. I'll sleep on the floor so don't worry -'

'No, if you don't want to share a bed then I'll sleep on the floor'

'No. Matt, I'm not kicking you out of your own bed. I'll sleep in the bath if -'

'I don't have a bath' he replied quickly.

'Well as we're adults I suppose we can share a bed for a few hours' she smiled.

'I'm sure we can' he grinned in response. Matt reclined on the bed, still fairly conscious of the fact he was only wearing boxers. 'Um, Alex... I can put some more clothes on if you'd be more comfortable with it...'

'It's up to you. I'm really not bothered by it' she replied, laying down next to Matt. They both lay on their backs looking up at the ceilings. After a few minutes Alex had drifted off into a peaceful sleep in the right temperature.

She was awoken some time later by something digging into her lower back. She stretched slightly and realised that male arms were wrapped around her. Opening her eyes, she realised that Matt was spooning her and when she moved her lower body she knew he had an erection and it was pressing against her, solid and searing. She should have moved away, found it uncomfortable, not been affected in any way.

But she had a quivering feeling in her most intimate area and in a moment of boldness she pressed her buttocks back against his hardness.

He moaned. When she couldn't bear it any more she turned round, pretending to be asleep and sneakily opened her eyes. She flinched slightly when she saw his eyes looking into hers and she swallowed in panic.

Her eyes could not move from his, it was only when she felt his hand lightly stroking her shoulder that they blinked and she opened her mouth to say something.

She was stopped by his mouth suddenly on hers. Her instinct was to push him away and protest that this couldn't happen, they were colleagues. But as he pulled her even closer to him, she forgot all her protestations and wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him back passionately and allowing his tongue entry to her mouth with eagerness. She moved her leg up and pulled her bottom half closer to his.

His hand moved up to cup her breast, which was only covered by the delicate material of her vest. He moaned when his thumb brushed her stiff nipple and their breathing became ragged as they traced the angles of the other's body, losing themselves and all of their reservations.

When his hand moved under her vest to squeeze her bare breast, she pushed him onto his back and straddled him. She stripped herself of her vest...

He couldn't believe that Alex Kingston was straddling him, half naked. He was throbbing desperately for her, he'd been embarrassed when he'd woken up spooning her with another erection and she'd moved against him. Right now he wanted her incredibly and it was difficult for him to believe this was reality, as he'd had so many wonderful fantasies about her in the past.

He wanted her incredibly. To be nestled between her generous, strong thighs and to make her glorious gold back arch beneath his hands.

She ground against his rock-hard member, getting wetter by the second. He flipped her onto her back and teasingly stroked her pelvis.

She moaned, then let out a mewl as his hand travelled further down and stroked the short patch of hair above her opening, and he groaned in arousal as his suspicions of her not wearing underwear were confirmed. She arched her back as he'd imagined so many times in his fantasies – they didn't measure up to the real thing. He swore her skin glowed in the faint light of the morning, her hair spread out around her head and somehow even curlier in the humidity of the room.

She gasped when the top of his finger stroked very slightly over her opening and her breathing became uneven. 'Matt... please...' she begged, eyes closed in sheer frustration.

His finger stroked again and again over her opening, gradually increasing in pressure. 'Mmm, so wet Alex'

'Matt...' she whispered. Before he did anything else, he looked into her eyes, then he kissed her. 'I want you to know this isn't just a one night thing, Alex'

'Matt, can we talk about this when I'm not out of my mind with frustration?' she begged, giggling softly.

He gently slid a finger inside her and she moaned in pleasure as he curled it and stroked her sensitive spot. It was as if he knew her already, or had at least imagined doing it several times...

He wiggled his finger in her, hitting pleasure spots and making her breathing uneven. 'Matt, I need more, please...'

He slid a second finger inside her, above his other one, so that it pressed against her clit. Her eyes rolled at the sheer satisfaction it brought her and she started to clench her walls around his fingers, earning even more moans from him. She felt herself getting close but she wanted to pleasure Matt too.

Past the point of rational thinking, she groped Matt's hard length through his boxers. She slid it past the material and felt him, hot, ready for her. Their eyes met, and after a second she'd pulled him down violently so that he was on top of her and taken his boxers off. Holding him, throbbing, in her hand, she met his intense gaze and brought him near to her entrance.

She guided him and then he was inside her and mother of God.

Silky and hot around his cock, he could feel her response. With each thrust he lost himself in her, hitting her so that she moaned continually, getting louder.

'Harder... oh God... harder, Matt'

'Fuck... Alex...'

'Uhhh, it turns me on when you moan my name'

'Aaaalllleexxx...' he was getting close. She was near the edge and bucked her hips against him desperately.

Without warning he somehow lifted her up and positioned them so that he was kneeling and she was sitting on him, her golden legs around his waist. This way they could both thrust against each other and he was so deep in her he knew he'd explode any second.

He took advantage of their new position by taking one of her nipples in his mouth. The sensation tipped her over the edge and she cried out, revelling in the most colossal orgasm she'd had in years. He was triggered by the feeling over her climax and spilled into her with a deep, animal groan.

They sat collapsed against each other, slowly regaining their breathing. The temperature had become so overwhelming that they were both sweating and beads had broken out on Alex's collarbone. Matt licked it off slowly, enjoying the taste of her.

A few hours later they were woken by Matt's alarm going off. Alex opened her eyes groggily and wondered where she was before realising she was naked. She turned over and saw Matt, and she couldn't help but smile to herself.

Realising she needed to shower and get ready in just an hour, she put her vest and shorts on. Before heading back to her room she smiled at Matt. She was about to leave when he quietly spoke.



'Can we talk about this? Later I mean'

'What is it you need to talk about'

'Just the fact that I'd love for this to happen again and that Utah will never be the same' he grinned.

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