They had narrowly escaped facing the awkwardness of accidentally waking up together this morning and were currently preparing for the day of filming ahead of them.

Alex put on her jeans and a black tank top then put three bottles of chilled water in her bag for the day. She was incredibly grateful to have a trailer for the day, it meant she could drink more.

On the bus to where they would be filming for the day, she allowed herself to think back to the previous night. She was very glad that she and Matt had talked and put rules in place for the situation between them (she really couldn't think of a better word) and had to keep herself from grinning manically at the memory of what he'd done to her...

He saw Alex smiling to herself on the bus and guessed she was thinking about last night. He was too, and couldn't stop, it had been brilliant.

The vivid memory of her coming undone below him had him half hard and he had to make conversation with Karen and Arthur to distract himself.

Alex was sat just in front of him on the bus today and he'd already decided he would sit next to her on the way back.

After shooting River's entrance scene, they had a break. Shooting Matt's hat off had been a lot of fun and her trademark greeting of 'Hello Sweetie' had sounded just the right level of cheeky and excited. She wasn't needed for the next few scenes so Steven suggested reading through her upcoming couple of scenes in her trailer. She was glad of a rest, it was stuffy and hot and they'd had to shoot her scene in the mid-morning sun so she was boiled.

She stripped herself of the denim jacket and blouse for the time being before gratefully relaxing on the sofa in her air-conditioned trailer. She sipped some juice and read through one scene. River would be slapping the Doctor and she smirked, thinking about the reaction Matt was bound to have to that.

A loud banging on the trailer door roused her from the sleep that had crept up on her and, disorientated, she rubbed my eyes and padded slowly over to open it.


'Hello Sweetie' he stole her line for once. He looked her up and down, swallowing visibly. She suddenly remembered that she was only wearing a bra and jeans and stepped back from the door.

He came in and shut (and locked) the door behind him. He had an intense look in his eyes and before she could say anything he had her pinned against the wall and was kissing her fiercely.

Her hands were in his hair, pulling gently and she moaned into his mouth as he pressed his thumbs into her hips.

She felt his bulge pressing against the zip of her jeans and felt herself becoming wet, the crotch of her knickers sticking to her folds.

His hands moved to undo her jeans and she moaned into his mouth. While he undid her jeans, she undid his trousers and they both stepped out at the same time and quickly got rid of their shoes. Matt shrugged the tweed jacket off, then lifted Alex and pinned her once again to the wall, even more forcefully this time.

After thrusting against the soaked crotch of her knickers, he set her down and yanked them off. They made eye contact and Alex nodded. He lifted her, pinned her to the wall for the third time, pushed his cock into her gloriously wet opening, let his forehead rest against hers, and sighed.

He knew they didn't have much time and this turned him on even more. He rolled his hips over and over to get them satisified as quickly as possible.

Alex groaned in frustration and whispered something he only just understood.

He carried her to the sofa, still inside her, and they settled, Matt on top. 'Matt, please' Alex begged in another whisper, visibly impatient.

He began to thrust a lot harder and faster, hammering into her with all the force he could muster. She was shivering with her approaching orgasm beneath him and as he felt her get closer and closer, he lifted one of her ankles onto his shoulder, thrusting even deeper and causing her eyes to roll. When she began to gasp and breathe more unevenly and start to clench around him slightly, he knew it would only take a few more deep thrusts.

He shifted her other leg so that both of her legs were now resting on his shoulders and felt himself sinking even deeper into her.

He was banging her with complete abandon, obviously determined to get her to the edge before he came himself, and as he hit the spot within her a few more times, she

came apart beneath him with a shout, clenching around his solid cock unrelentingly.

He overflowed inside her, collapsing on top of her as they both took deep breaths as if they had run several miles and entwined their limbs to enjoy the afterglow.

She was beautiful, breathing deeply and contentedly underneath him, her soft body wedged between him and the sofa.

They eventually got their breath back and smiled at each other.

'That was good' Alex grinned. 'I don't know why we didn't do this sooner'

'Me neither' he agreed. 'You are gorgeous, and the face you make when you -'

'Matt!' She blushed, giggling.

'What? I'm just telling you that your face makes me -'

'Mmmm' she moaned, smiling seductively.

'What, you like the fact your face makes me come?'

'Yes' she confirmed, dragging her nails down his back. He took a deep breath. 'And that just turned you on?' he grinned.

'Yes, definitely' she bit and licked his shoulder playfully.

'Well then, Kingston, we have at least another half hour before lunch...'

'Really? You seemed in a hurry when you came in, I assumed we were due back soon'

'I was in a hurry because the sight of you shooting that gun made me seriously horny' he teased.

She licked her lips before kissing him forcefully and pressing her chest against him. She was still wearing her bra and it wasn't long before it was on the floor, forming the last part of the trail of clothing that led to where they were currently entwined.

They shifted around on the sofa and Matt kissed down Alex's body, biting and sucking on the skin of her pelvis, making her flinch with increasing arousal.

When his tongue licked her entrance, she gasped loudly, her head rolling back to rest on a cushion. When his tongue flicked over her clit, she almost screamed. It was incredibly sensitive from five minutes earlier and she nearly cried at the sensation it created.

He tensed his tongue right up so it was straight and hard and pushed it inside her opening. Oh, it was incredible. She was so, so wet already and the noises she made had him hard again already.

He replaced his tongue with two fingers and curled them inside her, hitting the spot that made her close to shattering again. He pumped them, increasing the speed when she told him to, not questioning her orders – it just made the whole thing even hotter.

She whispered to him to let him know she was close, oh, so close. He pressed his tongue to her clit and swirled it around and over it until she came with a shout, inner walls fluttering around his fingers as she grabbed his head and shoved it slightly further down to get his tongue right inside her again and she moaned in sheer satisfaction as she rode out her orgasm.

They didn't talk to each other at lunch with the rest of the crew, simply exchanging smiles with each other as they laughed with the others. Matt had left her trailer a while before she did so they wouldn't have to leave together and risk anyone spotting them.

He sat down next to her with a smile on the bus back to the hotel and they listened to the songs on Alex's iPod together with one earphone each.