Summery: percy is a girl and her name is kathy she is the princess of atlantis . annabeth is a guy and his name is sam and he is the prince of athens.

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Kathys pov:

"Kathy it's time to get up" said thalia. "ugg five more minuts''.

"sorry your dad wants you" said Thalia as she walked out of the room. "Allright i'm up". If my dad wants me it must be pretty important, my dads name is poseidon the king of Atlantis by the way.

I quickly got dressed and made my way out of my room. I found my dad and mom sitting in the dining room. The look on my parents face clearly said they were gonna tell me something and i wasn't gonna like it.

"Kathy why don't you have a seat, your dad and I have something to tell you." said my mom.

" Umm ok so what do you want to tell me and why do I have a feelling i'm not gonna like it.'' I said as I took my seat.

"Your gonna get married" said my dad.

I choked on my drink and said "what you have got to be kidding me dad i'm 17 please tell me he is kidding mom"

"Sorry dear, your dads right plus we were 17 when we got married.''

" Well who is it that i'm getting married to". I am soo mad right now I could kill my parents.

"His name is Sam, he is the prince of Athens." said my dad.

Ok I guess thats fine because I have seen his picture before and he looked pretty cute. "When is he getting here".

"He should be here tommorrow" said mom.

"Ok i'm gonna be outside if you need me" I said as i quickly ran out of the room. All I needed was time to think I knew the day after Sam comes we will have a ball and he will propose. So things are gonna be busy the next few days.

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