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Kathy's POV:

I was starting to get nervous today was my wedding day and I had been up early all morning getting ready.

I was wearing a white ballgown wedding dress and some killer high hills, and the flowers were daises of all diffrent colors. my bridesmaides were Piper, Thalia, and Juniper. The groomsmen were Jason, Nico, and Grover. The wedding would be starting in about fifteen minutes. I had just grabbed my flowers when my dad walked in.

"Hello Princess, are you ready." said my father in a happy tone, I thought parents would cry on your wedding day, but of my father is the one that wanted me to get married.

"Yea I guess, i'm just kinda nervous."

"Well thats to be expected your getting married after all. I have allready talked to Sam and he is just as nervous as you."

We stood in silance for a few minutes when the music started playing and the bridesmaids walked out, I knew it was about time for me to go too.

"You ready to go?" asked my father even though it was not a question it was more of a statement.

"As ready as I'll ever be." I said as we walked out the door. There was so many people there, there had to be over two hundred. I noticed Sam was standing at the alter smiling.

When I got to the alter we said our vows and it was time for us to kiss. Sam pulled me against his chest and kissed me we probaly kissed for over a minute even though it was spose to be chastise kiss, and we left the church as they blew bubbles at us. As soon as we got into the limo we kissed again.

"I love you." said Sam

"Love you too."

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