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Hermione sighed as she closed her book that she was reading and looked around the room. She, Harry, Ginny, Ron, Fred, and George were all sitting in the living room at the Burrow. She smiled to herself, thinking of how the war didn't affect their friendship and how no one died (well, not literally anyway). Harry and Ginny were cuddled up by the fire; Ron was eating (not a surprise); Fred and George were talking about their new product; and Hermione was sitting on the couch, staring out into space.

"Guy's…I'm bored!" Ron said coming back into the sitting room and plopped down next to Hermione.

"Anyone up to a game of Exploding Snap?" George asked with a hopeful gleam in his eyes. But, everyone just rolled their eyes.

"No!" everyone said at the same time. George looked like a sad puppy that just had been told 'no' (which he had).

"'Mione, got any good muggle games?" Fred asked with a certain twinkle in his eyes. Hermione loved the nickname he gave her in her 4th year. She blushed a little under his stare and cleared her throat.

"Er, yes um, there is one game I would love to show you how to play. The game is called Truth or Dare." Everybody turned and looked at her quizzedly (except for Harry, he just smiled an evil grin). Hermione instructed everyone to come into a circle (Harry next to Ginny, Ron next to George, and Fred next to Hermione), and started to explain the game.

"The basic of this game is that we each take turns asking truth or dare. If you answer truth, you have to answer the question. If you get dare, you have to do the dare. I'll go first to demonstrate. Um, Fred, truth or dare?" Hermione asked Fred.

"Dare." Fred said with a goofy smile plastered on his face. Hermione looked at him and thought very hard on his dare.

"Okay Fred, I dare you to go into the kitchen where your mum is and yell, 'I'm a Gryffindor, hear me roar!' where she can hear it, and us." Hermione said as everyone, including her laughed. Fred rolled his eyes and Fred went into the kitchen. Then, everyone went silent.

"I'M A GRYFFINDOR, HEAR ME ROAR!" Fred yelled and ran back into the sitting room with red cheeks. Everyone in that room was laughing their heads off.

"Ron, truth or dare?" Fred asked with a smirk on his face as he stared down a sheepish Ron, who blushed.

"Truth." Ron said, this time matching Fred's smirk. Fred rubbed his palms together and smiled evilly.

"How far have you gone." Fred asked, still smiling evilly. Ron gulped a very audible gulp, while everybody tried to contain their giggles.

"Only first base." Ron blushed as he answered Fred's question. Fred gaped his mouth in horror, while everyone else was also in shock.

"Alright moving on. Ginny, Truth or Dare?" Ron asked Ginny, who looked indecisive about her answer.

"Dare." Ginny answered with a determined but nervous look on her face. Ron smiled when he knew what he was going to dare his baby sister.

"You have to sing 'I'm too Sexy for my Shirt' in this circle as loud as you can." Ron said with a chuckle as Ginny stood up and started singing.

"I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt, so sexy it hurts. And I'm too sexy for Milan, too sexy for Milan, New York and Japan." Ginny finish, blushing beet red while everybody yelled catcalls and whoops.

"George, truth or dare?" Ginny asked her eldest brother as he smiled while he knew what he was going to say.

"Dare!" he said a little too excitedly. Ginny looked around at everyone, who was staring at her as she thought about the dare.

"I dare you to kiss the next person on the cheek that walks through the front door, male or female." She smiled as they waited for someone to walk through the front entrance. George walked over in front of the door, just in time for the door to open. George moved fast as he kissed the person on the cheek, and then blushed a deep, deep crimson red.

"Um, thanks George. I needed a good kiss on my cheek." Mad-Eye said as he said to George as he went into the kitchen to speak with Mr. and Mrs. Weasley. George came back to the circle, with everybody was laughing their knickers off.

"Alright, alright, that's enough." George said, blushing. "Harry, truth or dare?" George asked, everyone stopped laughing but was still giggling.

"Um, truth…" Harry said, shrugging his shoulders and waited for George's question, nervous as he can be.

"Alright. Have you ever had a sexy dream about anyone in this circle? And who?" George asked as he smirked and crossed his arms over his chest.

"Yes, and it was erm, Ginny.." Harry said as his face drained of color as he looked at everyone's faces. Fred, George, and Ron looked as if they were about strangle him; Ginny was blushing; and Hermione was giggling.

"H-Hermione, truth or d-dare?" Harry said, trying to avoid the stares of Ginny's brothers. Hermione blushed a little bit and answered the question.

"I guess dare.." She said with a worried look on her face. She hated doing dare's as much as she hated Draco Malfoy.

"I dare you, Hermione Jean Granger to confess who your crush is." Hermione looked like she was a deer in head lights. Everybody in the circle was going to know she had a crush on Fred. Ever since the Second War and he saved her from a death eater who was about to kill her, she had a crush on him ever since.

"U-um, I-I have a crush on…" She paused to put a strand of her bushy hair behind her ear and blushed a little bit. She was just about to say his name as Mrs. Weasley came in the room, interrupted their game.

"Lunch is ready why don't you come into the kitchen, we also have some news." she said with a worried look on her red face. They all stood up and headed for the kitchen, Fred walking extremely close to Hermione.