Rainy Night

Chapter One

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Alone I sit at the computer and wait for you to sign online... for hours I wait and still you stay away. Where are you? why arent you online? The questions overflow until I worry...you promised...you said you'd be there...

All is dark in the house, all except the computer screen glowing blue in my bedroom. I sit in front of it and wait for you. The weather has turned bad and I worry that you could be out there. The thunder is loud and I wish you were here to tell me that it will be ok. I step away from the computer to look out my window. The rain is pouring down in sheets causeing my visability to be very limited. I hear my computer beep behind me, signaling that someone has come online...I rush over but it is just Yugi...not you...Where are you? I get up and start pacing. What could have happened between my house and yours...what could be causeing this delay in your appearance online?

I grab my coat and umbrella and head for the door. With one look back into my quiet house I run out into the rain. Down the sidewalk I run to the set of lights. I can hear sirens somewhere and my heart rate increases, fearing for your safety. I turn left and start running down another street in the direction of you home. I am blinded by the rain as I run and I do not see the flashing lights up ahead. As I get closer I sense something and look up there are three ambulances ahead of me and several police cars. Then I see the wreck. A long black limo all crushed in on the front, and a truck smashed into it. My heart leaps into my throat. I rush towards the limo looking for you. I get closer and I see you standing there by a police officer. A blanket over your shoulders, you look fine but dishelved and wet. I try to stop from crying but I cant as I run towards you.

"Seto!" I yell out and you turn towards me. I wrap my arms around you and bury my face in your shirt, my umbrella blows away in the wind. "Anzu, What are you doing here?" You ask me.

"You didnt sign online like you said and I worried, So I came looking for you." I sob, I cant stop the tears from falling. You take my face in your hands and lift it to look into my eyes. "Its ok, Anzu, Im ok." You say and wrap your arms around me. The police officer moves off towards the wreck. I look up at you. "What happened?" I ask. "That truck ran the red light and smashed into the limo. Killing my driver and himself." Your voice wavers, I detect a note of fear. I do not know how to answer to that so I stay quiet rubbing my hands up and down your back. You look over to the police officer. "Do I need to stay any longer?" You ask him. He shakes his head. "Lets go back to your place." You whisper in my ear. I nod and you lead me towards my house.

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