Authors note: Here is chapter forty seven! Just kidding this is chapter eight, hope you enjoy it! LONG LIVE PERCABETH!


Annabeth's P.O.V

Ch.8 No Pool Party

Down at camp the crowds start to gather in the arena. When everyone is seated in the bleachers and talking Chiron stomps his foot on the ground to quiet us down so he can explain the rules, but it's pointless, as soon as he finishes the shouting starts up again. Of course, Rachel and her friends sit in the very front bleaches to show that they are absolutely the staunchest supporters of Percy and they are his most devoted cheerleaders! Yay! Ughh. I sit in the front also, but near the exit, not directly in the middle of attention.

The event begins with the girls fighting against each other, and then the guys fight against each other (which takes longer because more of them are competing). Out of all the girls Clarisse won which was a painfully easily victory, not even her siblings came close to beating her. Out of the boys Percy won almost as easily as Clarisse, Jason was the only real competition he had. Before Clarisse and Percy dueled Chiron surprised us with an option, "If anyone thinks they can beat Percy or Clarisse step up now."

Surprisingly, Rachel rises from the bleachers. Idiot.

"Anyone else?" Chiron asks. Nobody else steps up. "Alright. I guess that means Rachel can choose her competitor. Who do you choose dear?"

"Annabeth," Rachel says without hesitation. All around me the campers start singing:

"Rachel's gonna die! Rachel's gonna die!"

I get up and stand with Rachel and Chiron and he continues.

"You both get to choose a rule to add to the original ones. Rachel you first."

After thinking for a moment she decides, "No armor." Really? You think that going to help you win?


"Weapon of choice." I respond, suddenly Rachel looks scared. I'm good with a sword but I'm better with my dagger.

"Alright! The new rules: weapon of choice, no armor along with the original don't kill each other and the first person on the ground without a weapon loses. All of these rules will apply for the final battle. Start when the horn sounds!"

Rachel asks for a long sword, probably thinking that the distance will help, but I'm faster than she is, I could be on top of her before she even heard the horn. Chiron moves away to give us room, the horn sounds.

Immediately Rachel charges me. I side step to the left and whack her in the butt with the flat of my dagger.

"Ouch!" She yelps, laughter comes from the crowd. For a second I wonder what Percy is thinking, and then Rachel lunges at me. I intercept her blade with my dagger and shove my weight into it; the blade goes flying to the side to far away for her to retrieve it. I lurch forward like I'm going to run at her, she yelps and stumbles backward falling to the ground. The horn goes off.

"Annabeth wins!" Chiron announces. Cheering comes from the crowd and someone yells:

"Why did you go easy on her?" the comment is followed by a roar of laughter.

"What?!" Rachel shrieks now on her feet with her sword back in her hand. "That's not fair! She cheated! I didn't have my weapon at the end!"

"That's how the game works." I say rolling my eyes.

In frustration she throws her sword at me, I put out my arms in front of me to offer some protection and her airborne sword slices my right arm. My body gets hot, I'm being led away by some Apollo kids but all I want to do is punch her in the face, but I'm already out of the arena. Will Solace has his hand clamped tightly over my arm to try and slow down the bleeding. Behind me I hear a very angry Chiron,

"I don't believe I have seen worse sportsman ship in my entire life, and that is a very. Long. life. We will talk about you punishment later young lady. Everyone take a brake! We will resume in fifteen minutes." I begin to sway and wobble as we walk,

"I feel nauseas." I say.

"She's going to faint, carry her." Wills brother says. They lift me off the ground just before I black out.

When I open my eyes I am laying on a bed in the infirmary, Chiron stands in Centaur form above me, Will and his brother are at the sink washing their hands. I look at my freshly bandaged arm and feel like throwing up, but I don't. I push myself into a sitting position trying not to use my right arm. Will says, "There's a visitor." But it's more like a question, 'can she have a visitor?'

"Yes, she is well enough for that." Chiron replies.

Will and his brother leave then my visitor comes in, it's Percy. When he gets to me he sits on the bed, I smile at him and ask,

"Did you win?"

He laughs, "Yeah, I did, but Clarisse is scary."

"Sorry I couldn't see it."

"How are you feeling?"

"I'm a little beaten up." I don't say how my arm is throbbing with every heartbeat.

Chiron says, "Percy, I need you to keep an eye on her for me, don't let her do anything crazy for the next few hours. The pool party will be after breakfast tomorrow not today, there was a typo on the flier. If we can find some ambrosia or nectar then she might be healed up before bed, but we don't seem to have any around here. Now if you will excuse me I need to make a few Iris messages." He leaves before Percy even agrees.

"Are we really that low on nectar and ambrosia?" Percy asks.

"Yeah, I think Mr.D forgot to put in an order so we are completely out. That's probably what Chiron's Iris messaging about." I respond. Percy is quiet for a moment then he says,

"You're freaking impressive, you know? Rachel threw a sword at you, a SWORD and you didn't even make a sound. You turned around and walked out of the arena with Will and his brother and that was it. No tears, nothing."

I smile, "Thanks, but about forty feet later I passed out and had to be carried."

"Well you didn't have any control over that." He reassures me.

"I guess," I say. "If you're hungry then you can go get some food, you did just spend the last couple hours fighting everyone."

"Good 'cause I'm starving!" He jumps up to his feet. "I'll bring something back for you." He runs out of the room.

A few minutes later he comes back with a plate of pizza and two magic goblets from the mess hall. He puts them on the table next to my bed; I grab a slice from the plate. "So tell me what happened after I left."

"Okay," He says after taking a bite of his own slice. "We had a fifteen minute break; we all just walked around the arena talking. A lot of people are worried about you by the way. Chiron took Rachel out of the arena and she never came back in, I guess her punishment started right away. I fought Clarisse in the final battle which is the equivalent of fighting a freight train. I'm pretty sure the only reason I won was because she dropped her spear so she could tackle me. After all that I came here." He tells me.

"You brought extra olives!" I say reaching for the bowl of olives on the plate.

"Ya your siblings put it on the plate before I left." He says

I give him a thumbs up and a no-teeth-smile because I have pizza with olives in my mouth. We eat in silence until the plate is empty until he asks,

"So I want to know what you were thinking when you were hit."

"Honestly? I wanted to punch her in the face." I tell him.

"Why didn't you?" He asks.

"Well, one, I know that s not the way to handle idiots but mostly because she took out my good arm."

He laughs then says, "I guess you shouldn't throw a punch if it's not going to be a good one."

"Exactly." I agree.

"Did you actually go easy on her?" Percy asks.


"Why not just take her down right away?"

"I wanted her to feel like she actually had a chance, you know, before she lost."

"Don't you want to get back at her?"

"Well of course, she can't expect to do something like that without tasting some revenge later. I'm no child of Nemesis but I know what I'm doing."

He laughs. "Well then what's your master plan?"

"For what?"

"Revenge! You said you were going to get revenge on her!" He says.

"Oh, well she knows that I want to get her so it can't be obvious. When I make my revenge, well, let's just say I know what will make her step down." I say.

"Scary. How do you think of it?" He says.

"It depends on the person," I say. "If it were Clarisse then I would humiliate her in front of a crowd. For Jason I would just tear down his ego. But Rachel hates me just because I'm alive, so there are a wide variety of things I could do to really get her." But what if he doesn't want me to get revenge on her? A part of me asks. He did kiss her last night…

"So, I'm not planning on making you angry any time soon; but what would you do to me?" He asks jokingly. No, he's not joking, he's serious; curios.

"You haven't given me a reason to think about it." I say.

"Can we keep it that way?" He asks.

"Sure." I respond. "Let's go to the campfire." I stand up.

"You sure?" He asks, also standing.

"Yeah, I feel fine." I reassure him. We walk out of the infirmary.

Awkwardly walking in silence, we make our way to the amphitheater avoiding both eye and physical contact. Percy walks a few feet away from me as if he's nervous about getting too close but he stays just in range of being able to help if I fall over or something. How strange that just a minute ago we were talking and laughing together but now we act like we just met. The cool night air in camp is sharp in a comfortable kind of way, warm on your skin but cool in your lungs; the sweet scents drifting from the strawberry fields make my nose tingle. And that odd silence that isn't exactly quiet. Camp is never quiet, there's always birds calling to each other, campers doing all sorts of things, and the occasional growl of a monster from somewhere deep in the forest. In this kind of silence; you can always hear something.

For example: right now in the not-so-quiet-silence I can hear my heart pounding and my wounded arm pulsing with every beat. Soon I feel like I need to sit down but I ignore it, and I certainly don't tell Percy. Its not that big of a deal, I'm not going to die. Were at the amphitheater anyway.

"You can go sit with your friends. I'll be fine." I tell Percy.

"Okay…" He says hesitantly but he doesn't argue, he walks off to find his friends and I begin to look for mine when Chiron trots up to me.

"How are you child?" He asks looking down at me.

"I'm fine." I tell him.

"We found a bit of nectar for you. Let Will take a look at it."

Will, who was standing next to Chiron, approaches me with a bottle in his hand. I unwrap my forearm for him and it starts to bleed but he quickly pours the contents of the bottle on my arm, it smells like apple pie. The blood stops flowing, he wound closes up and it looks like nothing ever happened. Now I want apple pie.

"Thanks," I say.

"Sure," He says then leaves to join his siblings in leading the sing along.

Chiron leaves also and I think I hear him say, "That's the last of it."

I sit with my siblings who all smiles in relief, one of them asks about my arm and I raise my hands up as if to say 'Wound? What wound?'

We spend the rest of the night singing and laughing and eating smores, I notice Rachel isn't here, I smile. At the end we all return to our cabins for lights out. I lie on my bunk and close my eyes happily knowing that there's going to be a party at the lake tomorrow and Rachel won't be there. Soon I'm falling into sleep filled with dreams of how to get revenge on her.