The morning sunlight slowly leaked into the office, spilling over the walls, bookshelves that were crammed with different texts and tomes, and his desk. The sunlight pooled halfway through his office, over the oaken floors and hitting his back just right to allow gentle and relaxing warmth to overcome him. As he chiseled away at a large stack of paperwork, Konoemon Konoe hummed contently—mornings like these were his favorites. Days where nothing too exciting or outgoing happened, where he could just sit in his office and let his mind focus on his work in a comfortable atmosphere. His eyes fell over the memos that were on his desk, causing him to stroke his beard in thought as he scanned over each word.

Just the other day, Asuna Kagurazaka had been left in his care and Takamichi T. Takahata had begun his work as teacher. According to the memo on his desk, the two new additions—specifically Asuna—had made quite a splash already. Konoemon chuckled as he read how the girl had picked a fight with one of her new classmates, Ayaka Yukihiro.

'Well, it's nice to see that she's making friends,' Konoemon nodded to himself, pushing the paper away and grabbing another from the pile. Grabbing a cup of green tea that lay at the corner of his desk, Konoemon took a long sip of the warm liquid and allowed it to wash down his throat as he thought. In exactly one year, his granddaughter, Konoka Konoe, would be transferring to Mahora Academy from Kyoto. It was causing quite a bit of infighting among the members of the Kansai Magical Association and his son-in-law, Eishun Konoe, was struggling to keep everything under control. Picking up his pen again, he began to read over the paper he had before him and sign in the appropriate spots.

'No sense in getting my old body stressed this early in the morning,' Konoemon sighed, attempting to ignore his growing headache. Silence reigned for what could be no more than fifteen minutes as Konoemon busied himself with his work when a knock came at his door. He didn't bother to set his pen down or lift his head, "Come in."

The door opened and the sound of footsteps entered the room. Konoemon was just finishing up with the page of paperwork he was on when the footsteps finally came to a stop just a few feet in front of his desk. Raising his head, the first thing his gaze fell upon was a smile. If Konoemon had to describe the smile, he would say that there wasn't really a smile—there was no emotion behind it whatsoever. It was more like something had put on a mask and was trying to imitate a happy person—it was doing a very good job, too, as it would be able to trick anyone who did not have an eye for these things.

The smile was attached to the face of a small boy, probably no more than seven years of age. He had lightly tanned skin and spiky blond hair that fell over his forehead. Two sapphire blue eyes that held no genuine emotion stared Konoemon right in the eyes, and just below either of those eyes were three whisker-like marks that spread out on either cheek. He had on a loose orange t-shirt with simple black pants and shoes. Clutched tightly in his small hand was the ear of a large stuffed rabbit that dragged on the floor behind him.

Konoemon stared at the young boy and the child stared right back into Konoemon's eyes. The look in the sapphire eyes reminded Konoemon of an animal that was sizing up its next meal, testing the waters to decide whether or not its prey was too dangerous to be provoked.

"…Can I help you, young man?" Konoemon questioned after a moment of silence between the two. The boy's smile stretched just a bit wider.

"Ohayo, oji-san! I was just wondering if you could transfer me into this school! Pretty please with sugar on top~?" the boy all but sang in a tone so sweet that it nearly sounded as if he was mocking him. Konoemon could only stare at the boy in a mix of confusion and surprise—a seven-year-old storming his office and asking to be transferred to his school? That was certainly a first.

'Best try to explain how these things work…' Konoemon reasoned, "Well, if you're looking to transfer into Mahora Academy, then you've come to the right place. My name is Konoe Konoemon and I am the headmaster of this academy. You're name was…?"

"Naruto!" the boy smiled.

"I see. Well, it's very nice to meet you, Naruto-kun. If you want to transfer here to Mahora, your parents will have to clear it with your current school and your files and records will have to be sent here along with some other forms. Do you understand, Naruto-kun?" Konoemon smiled gently, "Transferring schools isn't something that can be done just by asking. If you want, I could check our files to see if your parents already sent the forms in. All I would need is your last name."

"I don't have one. Last names are useless—I hate useless things," Naruto grinned.

"I…see. Well, Naruto-kun, I'm afraid I can't find your files without a last na—"

"There was no point in checking anyway, oji-san. I never had any files to begin with," Naruto closed his eyes and gave a calm smile with a tilt of his head, "I said I would like to transfer into Mahora Academy. Please let me."

Konoemon blinked, his old battle instincts suddenly awakening from their long slumber and warning him to be on edge, "I believe I just finished explaining, Naruto-kun, that I can't do that without the proper papers."

Naruto's dull and stoic eyes snapped open in a split second, almost sending a shiver down Konoemon's spine. Something about this boy…it disturbed him to the very core. It was like the boy wasn't real, like he was some sort of doll that had put on a human skin. Naruto smiled at him again, "I understand what you're saying, oji-san! Just a second, please!"

Konoemon watched as the boy raised the stuffed animal in his hands to his chest. His left hand shifted from gripping the ear of the rabbit to getting a tight hold on the toy's head. His right hand snaked around to grab the rabbit's throat. Konoemon blinked in confusion, "Naruto-kun, what are you do—"

With a good tug and twist, stuffing spilled out onto the floor. Naruto tossed the head of the stuffed animal over his shoulder without a second thought, shoving his right arm into the body of the animals and rummaging around inside while Konoemon watched, stunned. After a moment of looking through the now-decapitated toy, Naruto pulled his arm out, a small hard drive now in his hand. Konoemon stared in confusion as Naruto thrust the hard drive towards him.

"This hard drive contains all the data you would possibly need to track down the remnants of over 2,000 members of Cosmo Entelecheia that have yet to be caught," Naruto grinned, "Please consider this my paperwork."

"Y-You!" Konoemon shot up from his seat, knocking his chair to the floor in his flurry of movement, and slammed his hands on the table, shock and anger evident on his face, "Where did you get that? How did you get that? How do you even know about—"

"It doesn't matter what my method was, right? All that matters is how quickly Cosmo Entelecheia will be defeated with this. It sounds like a fair deal to me—information on 2,000 members of an enemy organization in exchange for allowing me to enroll in your school."

"Wrong. You have just given me a very good reason to deny your request. If you're capable of getting such information, it means that you can be quite dangerous when the need arises. I won't expose my students to you! I won't give you the opportunity to hurt them!" Konoemon growled, his fierce glare burning at Naruto's unwavering smile, "I have a duty to protect these children! If you think you can bribe me to abandon that duty, you are sorely mistaken! Now get out of here before you make me truly angry!"

Naruto stood there a moment, his hand still offering the hard drive, before he pulled his offer back and shrugged his shoulders, "Aw~! I was hoping to have a nice time living here, too! You're so mean, oji-chan! But if you really want me to leave, I guess I don't have a choice. I'll just look for schooling elsewhere."

"Leave. Now."

"Sure thing, oji-san!" Naruto grinned, turning and heading to the door. Konoemon watched him like a hawk as he did so, making sure that the boy did not do anything funny. Konoemon was too wise to underestimate an opponent because of their age or size. Naruto had proven that he could be a threat. That was a good enough reason to treat him like one as long as his student's safety was at risk. Could he have been lying about the information on the disk? Perhaps.

'But it would be unwise to lie about that. Even if I had accepted the bribe, I would know where he was if he stayed here. Besides, how else would he know about Cosmo Entelecheia's existence if he wasn't serious?' Konoemon frowned as Naruto's hand reached for the door. Suddenly, the boy stopped and twirled around, his smile turning ever so slightly malicious and his eyes growing even duller and more stoic.

"Hey, oji-san, before I go, I was wondering if you could answer my question," Naruto asked, "Is Kyoto nice this time of year?"

Konoemon's heart stopped.

"Because I was thinking of heading there for schooling—since I wasn't accepted here, of course," Naruto smiled with a tilt of his head.

Konoemon's body went rigid as he stared at the child in shock and horror.

"Oh, that reminds me! You have a granddaughter in Kyoto, don't you, oji-san? I would love to meet her! Maybe when I go up there, we'll become friends! It can get pretty lonely sometimes, you know?" Naruto grinned.

"…You…i-is that a threat?" Konoemon managed out, his left hand trembling in a mix of fear and rage. Naruto hummed in thought.

"Eh~? A threat? How mean of you! You shouldn't make such cruel accusations! It's not a threat!" Naruto smiled lightly…before his grin turned malicious and stretched across his face, "It's a promise! But I'm benevolent, so I'll give you an option. Either you accept my bribe from before and become a worthless headmaster who abandoned his own students or you become a worthless grandfather who abandoned his own granddaughter. Either way, things are going to change for you."

"And what's to stop me from defeating you right here and now before you have a chance to hurt anyone?" Konoemon glared, stepping around his desk.

"How slow do you think I am, oji-san?" Naruto laughed, "You can try to stop me—be my guest, in fact. You'll be able to kill me, I promise you that, but I wonder how many people I can get to before you do. I'm betting at least seventeen, if not more. Humans are so weird—it takes nine months to make life and just a second to take it away."

Konoemon glared at Naruto, daring him to make another move, to say another word. Naruto grinned back at him. No longer was his gaze that of a predator sizing up his prey, testing the waters of his next hunt. He looked at Konoemon now like a scientist would look at a rat in a maze—he looked like he knew he was in control, and now he was just having fun watching which way Konoemon would turn to try and find his way out of this crazy "maze" he had designed. Silence reigned over the room and all was still. Neither one of them moved. They stood there, watching each other, staring each other down. Both were waiting for the other to bite, to cave and give into the other's demands.

"…I ask you this, Naruto-san. If I were to allow you to enter into this academy, what would be your intentions? Are you here to harm any of my students? Answer me honestly and clearly—I can tell when others are lying to me," Konoemon whispered reluctantly.

"If it can be avoided, oji-san, I have no intention of harming any of your students," Naruto didn't skip a beat in his answer. Their gazes met once again. After another moment of studying Naruto's eyes, Konoemon nodded stiffly.

"Then why are you here?" Konoemon pushed.

Naruto grinned, turned, and opened the door, "I am here to do what any great villain is, oji-san. I'm going to take over the world."

"This place hasn't changed one bit, has it? Oi, guys, want to turn this place on its head? Cause a little trouble?"

Three figures stood on the top of a large brick building overlooking a vast, beautiful, and peaceful city. It went on for miles, with the shadows of different buildings adding to an almost sleepy feeling that it gave off. The sunlight was glistening off the river than ran through the middle of the town from the bay, adding to the beauty of the morning. It was another warm spring day, and a picturesque one at that. The sky was sunny and blue, with fluffy white clouds moving slowly through it with the pleasant breeze that was currently shaking the petals of the sakura trees that lined each street. Students crowded the cobblestone roads below them in a rush to make it to their classes on time, making their way past numerous stores and shops. The figure that had made the comment belonged to a young man of about fifteen with spiky yellow hair, with lightly tanned skin and three distinct whisker-like marks on either cheek. He had a smile on his face as he looked out over the city, leaning over the edge of the building to get a better look. He wore a button-up white short-sleeved shirt and left the top two buttons undone, along with black pants and black loafers. Resting over his eyes lazily was a pair of sunglasses, keeping them from view.

"You shouldn't be trying to draw attention to yourself, idiot. Besides, don't you have to get to class-poyo?"

"Ne, Poyo-hime, you're so mean~!" the young man grinned, turning to face his companions. One was a girl with dark skin and a red scar-like mark over her right eye and a blue tear-drop mark under her left eye. She had soft, silvery-white hair, of which two long locks fell down to frame her face. Annoyance was evident from the frown on her face and the look in her amber eyes as she reached up to adjust the black tie she had on. She was wearing a white dress-shirt with a red vest over top of it, a plaid skirt and black socks with plain brown loafers—the standard girl's uniform for Mahora Academy.

"You really should try to lighten up once in awhile, Poyo-san. Naruto-dono hasn't been back here in five years—it's only natural that he would want to see what's changed," their third companion, a tall giant of a man, laughed in a light-hearted tone. He was dressed far more darkly than the other two—a pitch black suit and dress pants, with a dark trench coat and matching boots and gloves. On his head rested a black fedora hat with a long brim that almost hid his eyes from view. Two horn-like locks of white hair, aged from years of wisdom, poked out at the sides of his head. He laughed as he stroked his long white moustache that fell into his beard, his sharp red eyes filled with mirth.

"Stop acting like a child, Wilhelm! If it weren't for me, we'd never get anything done around here-poyo!" Poyo snapped, crossing her arms over her chest, "How can I lighten up when all I ever end up doing is playing babysitter for you two?"

"Please, call me Count Wilhelm at the very least, Poyo-san. You shouldn't speak in such an unladylike manner, either—it's unbecoming of a princess," Wilhelm sighed, adjusting the brim of his hat. Just as Poyo was about to turn her head to retort, Naruto spoke up again, never turning his head from the view of the city.

"Now's not the time to be picking fights, you guys. That worthless old man will sick Eva-chan on us in a second if he knows that we're here. You both know what your assignments are, right?"

Wilhelm grinned, "We are to continue to scout new talents across the globe."

"In other words, we do all the work while you goof off," Poyo grumbled.

"Isn't that what subordinates are for? Now, if you find anyone promising, remember to give them the patented approval test!" Naruto chuckled, "If they can't match up to either of you, then they're useless. I hate useless things."

"As if you'd ever let us forget-poyo," Poyo sighed, "And what exactly is so important about this place, anyway? Why are you going to be wasting another year here?"

Naruto laughed, "I have big plans for this place, Poyo-hime! It's filled to the brim with all sorts of talented people, so naturally I'll be doing a bit of scouting myself. But don't you worry your pretty little head, Poyo-hime, I won't be slacking off too much! If my plan is going to succeed, I need to get some work here done. So, just you wait…"

Naruto spread his arms out towards the city with a sly grin. Wilhelm chuckled and even Poyo managed a smirk at the sight of his eagerness.

"…By the end of this year, Mahora Academy will be under my complete control!" Naruto finished. Turning around to his two allies, Naruto gave a confident smirk and pointed his finger out, "Alright, Wilhelm, you're going to be scouting in this world! Poyo-chan, you'll take over scouting in Mundus Magicus! I'll keep in touch and call on you when I need your assistance, understand?"

"Understood, Naruto-dono!" Wilhelm bowed, removing his hat and crossing it over his chest as he did.

Poyo smirked, "Yeah, yeah, I got it."

"Great~!" Naruto laughed, "Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm late for my first day of class."

The stations were crammed pack with people from wall to wall. Naturally, as all of the third-year classes were gathered there, along with any normal pedestrians, waiting for their chance to storm a train and get to their destination—Kyoto. Slowly, classes were divided into groups and students were boarding the trains. One child, however, was far more giddy and excited than any of the students—Negi Springfield. As he checked off names on his clipboard, Negi couldn't keep a grin from spreading onto his face. The entire trip, after all, was his proposal. Groups one through five had already been checked off, and now he was standing in front of the train awaiting group six.

'My first clue towards finding my father is getting closer and closer!' Negi hummed to himself, 'Ah, I can't wait!'

"Oi, Aniki, I know you're excited, but pay attention! We were told we have to be careful about the Kansai Magical Association, remember?" a voice spoke up from his shoulder, whispering into his near. Negi turned and gave a nodded to Chamo, the ermine that rested on his shoulder.

"I know, Chamo-kun," Negi whispered back, patting his pocket to feel the letter inside of it. That letter was his official mission—to make sure that it got delivered to the head of the Kansai Magical Association. As Negi checked this, however, two of his students, Setsuna Sakurazaki and Zazie Rainyday, if his roster was correct, decided to approach him.

"Sensei, I was meant to be the leader of group six, but Evangeline-san and Chachamaru-san didn't show up. It's just me and Zazie-san," Setsuna explained, "What should we do?"

"E-Eh? I see…that is a problem…" Negi mumbled, more to himself than to Setsuna. He had known that Evangeline wouldn't be able to come, and Chachamaru wouldn't leave her master's side. Turning back to see that all the other groups had already found their seats on the train, he nodded, "Why not join one of the other groups?"

"That won't be necessary, Sensei!"

Negi, Chamo, Setsuna, and Zazie turned to the source of the voice. Standing a few feet away from them was a young man, grinning as he struck a heroic pose. He pointed at the group, a serious look falling over his features, "The ladies hate that they love him and the men love that they hate him! The one with the answer to all your problems has arrived! The great, the mighty, the gallant Naruto is at your service!"

The group watched in a stunned and confused silence as the young man spoke, striking a new pose with every sentence. After his introduction had ended, the young man froze mid-pose and silence reigned. No one quite knew how to respond to the odd boy's actions. After a minute, the young man's shoulders slacked, he let out a disappointed sigh and his eyes glared weakly at the group from behind his sunglasses.

"Oi, what's the big deal? No cheering? No thunderous applause? No bowing in awe of my presence?" the boy complained, "What a terrible audience!"

Negi blinked, coming out of his stupor, "U-Um, excuse me, but who are you?"

"How cold of you, sensei~! Don't you recognize your student when you see him?" the young man grinned, chuckling, "Weren't you listening to my introduction? I am Naruto, your thirty-second student!"

"T-Thirty-second student?" Negi shouted in shock.

"Eh? Is it that much of a surprise? Classes get new students all the time, don't they?" Naruto smiled.

"B-But classes at Mahora aren't co-ed!" Setsuna argued. Naruto turned his attention towards her. For some reason unknown to herself, Setsuna almost took a step back as she felt his gaze fall upon her. He grinned happily.

"Yo, Set-chan, it's been awhile!" Naruto grinned, "Aren't co-ed you say? Well, looks like old man Konoe made an exception!"

"Do you know him, Setsuna-san?" Negi blinked, turning to the girl. Setsuna glared at Naruto.

"I've never met him before in my life," she replied indignantly.

"What~? How cruel of you, Set-chan! Have you forgotten me so quickly in my five year absence?" Naruto tried to feign the look of a kick puppy, failing to do so with his ever-present smile, "Have you forgotten our once strong love? Long, romantic walks on the beaches? The passionate nights we shared together?"

"P-Passionate nights?" Setsuna blushed, "I d-don't know what you're talking about!"

"S-Setsuna-san, y-you used to date him?" Negi blushed, turning to the girl.

"…?" Zazie turned her gaze to Setsuna as well. The girl heated up, a bright red hue spreading across her face as she looked between the two.

"I-I've never dated anyone before! I don't even know this person!" Setsuna argued, shaking her head furiously. Naruto laughed.

"Of course, I'm just joking about the romance. But really, Set-chan, you don't remember me, even a teeny-tiny bit? How disappointing. We used to have so much fun…" Naruto sighed, shrugging, his smile never fading, "But, more importantly, I can join Set-chan's group. A group of three people may be a bit small, but it should work fine, right, sensei?"

"W-Well, I don't see a problem with it…" Negi nodded. Naruto's grin widened a bit as Setsuna turned to Negi with a look of dread.

"S-Sensei, don't you think that Naruto-san should join Ayaka-san's group? As the class representative, wouldn't she be able to introduce Naruto-san to the class better?" Setsuna questioned. Negi blinked, tilting his head in confusion.

"But Naruto-san seems to already know you, Setsuna-san…" Negi frowned, "Wouldn't it be best if he stayed with someone he knows?"

"Besides, I don't need to be introduced to the class just yet! We can take care of that when we get to Kyoto!" Naruto grinned, "You aren't trying to get rid of me, are you, Set-chan? Especially not after five long years of not seeing each other? Oh, my childhood friend has become so heartless!"

"…Alright, Negi-sensei, our group will take Naruto-san," Setsuna relented, causing Negi to smile happily and Naruto to cheer. As the four boarded the train, Setsuna led Zazie and Naruto through the already-filled compartments of the train to one that was completely empty and the three took their seats. Slowly, the train began to pull away from the station. Setsuna glanced around the booth she had sat in—next to her was Zazie and directly across from her was Naruto.

Naruto smiled, tilting his head.

"Something wrong, Set-chan? Ah, I get it. It's probably weird not remembering a childhood friend, right? We knew each other since we were seven, after all," Naruto chuckled, scratching the back of his head sheepishly, "Well, even if you don't remember me, Set-chan is still Set-chan!"

"…Naruto-san, might I ask you a question?" Setsuna frowned, glancing to Zazie. The girl's eyes were closed and her breathing was steady—she appeared to be taking a nap, though it was never quite clear with Zazie. Naruto blinked.

"Of course, Set-chan."

Setsuna stared Naruto in the eye, "You knew my name, but I have never seen you before. I never forget a face, and I've certainly never seen yours. So, who are you exactly? How did you know my name?"

Everything was silent for a moment. Setsuna continued to stare into Naruto's obscured eyes suspiciously. Naruto's smile never faltered.

"Who am I? I'm Naruto, Set-chan. You know that," Naruto laughed, "You should really stop being so suspicious of me, you know. The others will think that you're picking on the new kid. Besides, if there's anyone who deserves your suspicion…apparently, it would be old man Konoe."

Evangeline yawned as the clouds slowly passed by overhead. She stretched her arms towards the skies as she rested her head down on the tiled flooring of the roof. Chachamaru observed her master from the corner of her eye—she always enjoyed coming up to the roof to nap, for reasons unknown to Chachamaru. Evangeline laid there, looking up at the sky for a few minutes in silence before she finally spoke up.

"I bet that brat is halfway to Kyoto by now…" Evangeline muttered sleepily.

"It's a shame that Master couldn't go with," Chachamaru commented. Evangeline snorted.

"Who says I wanted to go anywhere? I didn't want to go on that stupid trip with that brat. He'd be pestering me all the time," Evangeline replied, "And that old bastard would have me playing babysitter to make sure that the brat didn't mess anything up."

"Sorry—it appeared as if Master really wanted to go," Chachamaru stated.

Evangeline frowned, "Well, I didn't. Why didn't you go, anyway?"

"I would rather remain by Master's side," Chachamaru answered, "I don't wish to be anywhere else."

"We should all be so fortunate! I, too, would have preferred to stay by our master's side, but he has ordered us away for the time being!"

"Shut up. He's not our master—he's more like a really lazy boss, if anything-poyo."

Chachamaru couldn't keep up with the flurry of movement that occurred next. Her master had become a blur, leaping from her sprawled position to the robot's side as two other blurs pounced down on where Evangeline had been. Something shot out from one of the blurs towards her master, which the vampire easily backhanded away. When the commotion had died down, two strangers stood smirking at Evangeline and Chachamaru, who glared in return.

"And just who are you two? I should've sensed anyone breaking the barrier—how'd you get past undetected?" Evangeline growled. One of the strangers—the girl who looked startlingly like her classmate Zazie Rainyday—smirked.

"What kind of idiots do you take us for? Did you think we'd tell you all of our secrets if you just asked?" Poyo questioned, "Looks like the great Dark Evangel isn't all she's cracked up to be."

"Don't be rude, Poyo-san. Evangeline-san, I am Count Josef Wilhelm von Hermann and this is Poyo Rainyday. Let us cut to the chase, for the sake of time. On behalf of our master, we would like to extend to you an invitation to join and aid us in our goals. In return, when we succeed, you would be rewarded many times over," Wilhelm bowed deeply as he spoke. Chachamaru blinked in confusion as Evangeline glowered at the demon, a scowl on her face.

"Attacking a resting opponent isn't exactly the best way to extend an invitation, you know. I have no intention of joining anyone—leave now," Evangeline growled.

"Even if your freedom was involved?" Wilhelm questioned, rising from his bow and removing his hat, "Our master is one who can make the impossible possible—a worker of miracles, if you will. Give him the chance and I am certain that you would not be disappointed."

"…And who exactly is this master of yours, anyway?" Evangeline raised a brow.

"He's not our master—he's our boss. A bad one, at that," Poyo scowled, "His name is Naruto—he said you know him."

Evangeline looked from Poyo to Wilhelm and back. After a moment of silence, she broke out in an uproarious laughter and clutched her sides, falling to the ground and kicking her feet. Chachamaru ignored Poyo's and Wilhelm's looks of anger at her master's reaction and knelt down beside Evangeline, a look of curiosity spread across her features.

"Master, who is this Naruto person?"

"You wouldn't remember him, Chachamaru—he was sent away one month before you were created," Evangeline spoke, finally gaining control of her laughter, "So, that brat has finally returned, eh? Konoe was hoping that he'd left for good…well, things will be a lot more interesting around here now. So, I'm guessing he picked up you two flunkies while he was "studying abroad", am I right? Adorable. How are his plans going, anyway?"

"…Might I ask why you laughed at our master's name? Please be honest, Evangeline-san," Wilhelm muttered coldly, "I am beginning to feel a tad insulted."

"How do you know Naruto-poyo?" Poyo hissed, her fist clenching at her side.

"I laughed because I felt like it. If you think Naruto is some great miracle worker, then you are wrong. That brat is about as weak as they come—probably the weakest guy in the world. That's what he told me, anyway. And for the record, I know Naruto because Konoemon had me watch him like a hawk for the three years he was here right up until he got sent away five years ago. If you want my help, here's some advice: don't follow Naruto. He's the type of person that's seriously thought of killing everyone in the world, including himself—I should know. We're of the same nature, him and me," Evangeline declared, staring the two down.

Silence fell upon the rooftop again. It was broken when Poyo and Wilhelm started up with their own laughter. Evangeline seethed as the two laughed, her anger peaking. Chachamaru attempted to calm her master down to no avail—she was not one to be laughed at.

"And just what do you two find so funny?" Evangeline muttered, her fierce glare shooting towards Poyo and Wilhelm.

"My dear Evangeline-san, what you say of our master is partially true—he is a very dark person. I would not be surprised if he has seriously considered killing everyone in this world—in fact, I believe his original plan was something along those lines," Wilhelm returned his hat to the top of his head as he spoke, "That is why we follow him—because he is the only person in the world with the power to actually do so."

"You may have known Naruto eight years ago, but you don't know the current Naruto," Poyo smirked haughtily, "As he is now, no one alive can hope to defeat Naruto. He's unbeatable-poyo. Invincible. Nothing short of Ala Rubra could challenge him now."

"Is that so?" Evangeline scowled.

"It is," Wilhelm smiled, reaching into his pocket, "Please, allow us to demonstrate the power that he has granted us…"

Before Wilhelm had even finished his sentence, Evangeline and Chachamaru had fallen into their own battle stances. With a smirk, Evangeline pulled out two vials of potions from the inside of her school vest. Poyo glared at her from across the roof, and reached into her own vest.

Evangeline motioned for them to come at her, "Please do."

"K-Konoe-sama? What are you saying?" Setsuna stared at Naruto as if he had grown a second head. The boy seemed unfazed, however, with that constant smile that Setsuna was beginning to find ever-so irritating never even wavering in the slightest. Setsuna resisted the urge to cut that infuriating smile off his face as anger rushed through her at the insult of the most respectable man that Setsuna knew of. Setsuna growled, "Konoe-sama would never harm any of his students!"

"Ah, but that's exactly my point, Set-chan! The old man would do anything if it meant protecting his students…anything," Naruto smiled, "Of course, he never really saw me as a student as much as a threat. It's not that surprising really, now that I think about it…"

"What are you talking about? Answer me!" Setsuna glared, her hand reaching to the cloth that covered her sword.

"Hey, Set-chan, you can't be expecting me to drop all my secrets so soon after my debut, right?" Naruto chuckled, "After all, if this was the world of Weekly Shōnen Jump, I'd be the mysterious grey character that comes out of nowhere and changes everything up. Giving away the whole plot now would be so boring~!"

It was then that Setsuna began to notice the smaller details about Naruto—his voice, although it seemed to be constantly filled with a teasing, almost condescending-like bliss, held almost no genuine emotion. The trait was hidden nearly perfectly—so well, that only those who had trained in trying to read opponent's movements and subtle gestures like she had would pick up on them. His constant smile, which would appear to be just a mask to anyone else, she could now tell it wasn't fake—it was a genuine smile. It was no smile of happiness, however, as much as it was that of a grinning monster, about to reach out from the darkness of a child's room and grab his next meal.

For the first time in a long time, Setsuna was suddenly afraid.

Before she could respond, however, Naruto's eyebrows perked up and his smile drop ever-so slightly. He sighed and scratched the back of his head, "Geez, guys…I told you to try and keep a low profile…the old man's gonna be onto us for sure now! Well, can't be helped, I suppose. Excuse me for a second, Set-chan! I have some friends that are calling my name."

Naruto reached up and removed his sunglasses. Setsuna's eyes were immediately drawn onto his—a strange, ripple like pattern extended from the iris out to the corners of Naruto's eyes. The eye's color was a dull blue, almost grey, with each "ripple" in his eyes forming a solid dark ring. Naruto began to stare into space, as if lost in his own little world.

Evangeline had first noted that something was very off about her opponents the second they had pulled out those small onyx-black rods. Her confusion only soared when the duo proceeded to stab the rods deeply into their own bodies—Wilhelm slamming his into his chest and Poyo into her left shoulder. Chachamaru was equally confused. Her sensors were picking up no traces of any magic or chi coming from the odd rods. However, neither Chachamaru nor Evangeline dared to lower their guards, especially after their opponent's eyes had changed to an odd ripple-like pattern. Wilhelm and Poyo froze with stony expressions, becoming almost robotic as their new eyes surveyed the area around them. Finally, their gaze fell upon Evangeline…and two stupid grins broke out on their faces.

"Ah, Eva-chan! Long time no see! So, you're the reason these two knuckleheads used the receivers so soon, eh? Can't say I blame them! After all, they are facing the big and scary Dark Evangel-chan!" Wilhelm chuckled, before pointing to Chachamaru, "Ah, who's she, Eva-chan?"

"No, wait, don't tell me! If this were a romantic-comedy manga, she'd be the cute, stoic girl, wouldn't she? I always enjoyed those types of characters!" Poyo declared happily as she turned to Wilhelm, "Oh, hello me!"

Wilhelm laughed, "Good day, me! It's really weird when there's two of us like this, isn't it?"

"It is!"

"Ah, did you read this week's Shōnen Jump yet? The stores were all sold out!"

"If you didn't read it, and I'm you, how could I have read it?"

"Good point! I guess I wasn't thinking for a second there…or was it you that wasn't thinking?"

'Insane or just plain stupid?' Evangeline appraised her apparently bipolar opponents with a critical eye, giving a satisfactory nod when the two began a conversation about ramen, 'Definitely stupid.'

"Master, should I alert Konoe-san? These two seem a bit deranged," Chachamaru spoke up from beside her. Evangeline snorted.

"Please, Chachamaru, don't belittle my power. Do you think these two flunkies are too much for me? They're one hundred years too early to—"

A few strands of Evangeline's hair flew into the air as she quickly dodged a large blade that had threatened to slice her in two. Glaring across the roof, she found the grinning face of Wilhelm, a mocking expression stretched across his face. He wagged his finger at Evangeline tauntingly as he waved a large, serrated-saw like blade that was now extending out of his wrist in the air. The blade, which had extended out to Evangeline, retracted back from where it had shot out like lightning previously.

"Don't be rude now, Eva-chan. You shouldn't just ignore me after I've been gone for so long. Or maybe you forgot about me too? Maybe you just don't recognize me? It's me—Naruto," Wilhelm—rather, Naruto, smiled. Evangeline scowled as a look of realization dawned in her eyes.

"I see…so, is this your great power that your lackeys were going on about? You can control their bodies? Not impressive," Evangeline muttered. Naruto laughed, casting a glance to Poyo's form.

"Ah, but you haven't seen the friend I brought out…"

"What are you—"

"Master, duck!" Chachamaru cried as she pulled her master to the ground. Just as she did, a large and powerful tongue shot out of the air, swinging in a horizontal motion and slamming into the railing of the roof, ripping it from the concrete and sending it careening off the top of the building. For a split second, some type of large lizard the size of a small house appeared in the corner of the roof, revealing that it had been its tongue that had attacked. The tongue retracted and, as it did, the body of Poyo leapt onto it, disappearing with the tongue when it had finally retracted completely and the lizard's mouth had closed down, becoming invisible once more.

"I apologize for shoving you, Master, however, a large invisible creature is visible on my thermal scanners. It appears to be some sort of chameleon," Chachamaru explained as she helped her master up. Naruto smiled at the confused looks that Evangeline and Chachamaru were shooting him.

"A brief demonstration," Naruto spoke, "Of two of my 'paths', Asura and Animal. Please don't take me lightly anymore, Eva-chan. I'm not the same person you used to know."

Evangeline smirked, "Clearly…I was holding back because I wanted to see what you could do now. Not too shabby, brat, I'll say that, but is that all you can do?"

"Just the tip of the iceberg," Naruto chuckled.

"Then this might be interesting," Evangeline grinned, "Chachamaru, don't hold back. You'd better not disappoint me, brat."

Naruto laughed, "I wouldn't dream of it, Eva-chan!"

"I have a better idea. How about we stop this now and not destroy my school and harm my students? As the guardian, I expect you to be a bit more protective of the school grounds, Evangeline. As for you, if you are Naruto-san, then I would appreciate it if my students didn't cause fights. It might get you expelled."

The chameleon appeared once more before vanishing in a plume of smoke. Poyo stepped out from the smoke and onto the corner of the roof to glare at the new arrival—Konoemon Konoe. While Evangeline muttered a curse under her breath and Chachamaru stood from her fighting position, Naruto grinned.

"Ah, yes. We wouldn't want me to get expelled, would we?" Naruto spoke casually, "I know I'm a favorite of yours. Set-chan was very happy to see me again, so I shouldn't get expelled so soon. I wonder if Kono-chan will have the same reaction."

"Are you accusing me of something?" Konoemon met Naruto's gaze.

"Maybe I am? What do you think, Taka-chan?" Naruto's eyes traveled to Poyo's form. Behind her, Takamichi T. Takahata appeared. Poyo's body never so much as flinched.

"Please don't call me that, Naruto-san. I am, after all, a sensei," Takahata adjusted is glasses.

"Well, as tear-jerking as this reunion has been, if nothing else of interest is going to happen, I'll be taking my leave," Evangeline announced, making her way to the door and motioning for Chachamaru to follow. Naruto waved them goodbye.

"My offer is still on the table anytime, Eva-chan!" Naruto called before turning to Konoemon, "So…I'm back."

"I can see that," Konoemon commented, "Is there a reason you didn't return when I sent for you two years ago?"

"I was busy."

"Of course you were," Takamichi frowned, stepping forward, "We received a report that a demon convicted and captured during an attack on a small village in the west was stolen and likely freed from its confines about two years ago as well."

"Hold on a second, Taka-chan. There are probably more crimes than I can count that occurred in the last two years—am I to be blamed for all of them as well?" Naruto tilted his head curiously, his grin never leaving his face.

"I'm sorry, Naruto-san, but it's hard to avoid the topic when you're controlling the body of said demon as we speak," Takahata pointed out. Naruto raised his hands, looking at them as if he had only just remembered whose body he was in, and laughed.

"Well, that's—"

"And if I am not mistaken, that is the body of a princess from the demon realm that went missing one year ago. Yes, you certainly have been busy. Is there anyone else you're controlling that we should know about?" Konoemon interrupted, hitching a thumb towards Poyo.

"Controlling is such a harsh word. I prefer to see it as an exchange. They give me their bodies and I give them power. It's a two-way deal. As for the others I am controlling, would it surprise you that over half of your student body population is already taking orders from me?" Naruto's grin threatened to split his face. A look of pure rage instantly overcame Takahata's face and he launched himself forward. He was stopped, of course, when Konoemon held out his hand.

"It is funny, Naruto. After knowing you for so long, I am beginning to be able to tell when you are lying and when you aren't. It seems that even a great liar such as you has some tells," Konoemon spoke, "So, I am assuming that these two are the only ones you have control over, then. You have certainly given them interesting abilities, but three people are not an army, especially when I am about to crush two of them."

"As feisty as ever, aren't you, Konoe? Any threat to your students gets completely blown away by you!" Naruto commented, "However, I believe that we find ourselves in the same predicament we were in last time. By all means, you can try and kill my friends here. They don't have all of my abilities, so you will probably beat them outright. However, how many of your students will be harmed in the process? I'll remind you, I'm not as slow as you might hope and if that's not enough, you should also keep in mind that my real body is currently on a train filled with your students, including your granddaughter, Negi-chan, and Asuna-chan. You said you could tell when I'm lying, right? Well then, you should know this is the truth—I am willing to kill your students to protect the lives of my associates here. Let them walk and nothing will befall your students. Fight and I promise you that there will be a body count."

Takahata looked to Konoemon with unsure eyes, waiting for Konoemon to decide their next move. Konoemon glared at Naruto. Naruto simply kept smiling. Silence fell upon the rooftop as the two sized each other up, threatening each other silently.

"…Déjà vu can be a cruel feeling, it seems. You seem to enjoy twisting my arm, Naruto," Konoemon frowned, "You seem to enjoy being a coward."

"You know what I hate about manga today? The villains get so caught up in their own little schemes that when things go south, they forget to simply take the easy way out and end up fighting to the bitter end when they should run to fight another day. I'm not a hero, so I'm not going to act like one. I won't be the 'nobler than thou' idiot who falls for every trap and walks into a situation without holding all the cards. You say I'm a coward? I say that I'm just not an idiot," Naruto spoke.

"And I suppose that you won't tell me what you're after?" Konoemon questioned.

"I believe I told you that a long time ago."

"Of course you did. Takahata-kun will escort your friends off the premises. As long as they go quietly, no harm shall come to them. If they ever return to Mahora without my consent, you will find me to be far less flexible on this matter. Please remember that," Konoemon frowned, motioning for Takahata to do as spoken. Poyo crossed the roof and stood next to Wilhelm as the two pulled out the rods that they had stabbed into themselves and pocketed them.

"It seems that Naruto-dono is amused," Wilhelm smiled as his ruby-red eyes returned, "It appears as though Kyoto will be an enjoyable trip for him."

"Oh? And why is that?" Konoemon questioned, uncaring of the change of personality that the two strangers went through. Takahata motioned for the two to follow him down the main entrance of the building they were in. All four made towards the door.

"Because," Poyo began, "It looks like Kyoto is about to be engulfed in flames."

"Yo! Nice to meet everyone! My name is Naruto—no surname, currently single, and from today on, please consider me the main character! Greetings to all you unimportant side characters! Let's be friends!"

Naruto stood with his ever-present grin on his face, waving his hand high in the air at the group of stunned 3-A students. Negi, knowing exactly what was coming, began to inch backwards step by step, not wanting to be caught up in the stampede that was about to ensue. Sure enough, mere seconds later, the 3-A girls were on Naruto like a lion pouncing on its prey.

"Are you really going to be in our class? You're a guy, after all!"

"Yep, I'm the thirty-second student. I'm also the main villain. Please take care of me."

"Hey, where are you from?"

"I'm from a destroyed country on a hidden continent in a magical world on Mars."

"What's up with your eyes?"

"Ah, I forgot to put my shades back on. Well, my eyes are actually called the "Rinnegan", a powerful tool that are supposedly the eyes of a god."

The few that weren't crowding around him—people such as Negi, Chamo, Setsuna, Asuna—nearly face-faulted as each answer got progressively weirder and weirder.

'No matter how you look at it, isn't he obviously lying to everyone?' was the collective thought that rang out among the group.

Negi sighed. They had yet to even leave the train station, and already this trip was starting to get out of hand. First, a bunch of frogs had appeared out of nowhere and caused a panic on the train. Then, a bird that had also appeared out of nowhere nearly stole the letter that he was tasked with delivering. Now, it was looking as though Setsuna-san might be a spy for the Kansai Magical Association and his weird new student seemed to be a new handful all together.

Clapping his hands, Negi drew the attention of his class, "Alright, everybody! Let's make sure that we're with our groups and that we're on our best behavior while we're here. Before we head to the hotel, we'll be making some stops as a class, so please enjoy this time together!"

After a quick cheer, everyone stuck to their individual groups as they made their way out of the station. Setsuna, Zazie, and Naruto stayed toward the back of the crowd, with Zazie a good few feet ahead of Naruto and Setsuna. As they walked, Setsuna cast a suspicious glance at Naruto.

"Naruto-san," Setsuna whispered.

"Hm? What's up, Sec-chan?" Naruto blinked, his sunglasses resting over his eyes.

"Just now, you mentioned something about a magical world…"

"Did I? You must've been hearing things, Set-chan," Naruto smiled, "Besides, if I had to choose a world to live in, I would much rather live in the world of Dragon Quest V. I would finally get to meet my beloved Bianca-chan~!"

"…Right. I guess I was just hearing things," Setsuna nodded. Naruto grinned.

"Well, don't worry about it, Set-chan! We're in Kyoto! Let's just relax and have some fun!"

"…Naruto-san. You're a new student. I understand that the first day can be troubling, that you must be nervous and sometimes, when we're nervous, we can't help our actions. But please, please, please try not to cause any more trouble while we're here!" Negi all but begged his student on his knees. Naruto blinked curiously, tilting his head.

"Eh? What did I do, Negi-chan?"

While the rest of his class had their focus on the site before them, Negi stood with Naruto off to the side. Currently, they stood before the Otowa Waterfall, a spring famous for its water, which was said to bring luck in health, love, and career. It hadn't been long into their trip that Negi had begun to suspect foul play from the Kansai Magical Association, particularly when two of his students, Ayaka Yukihiro and Makie Sasaki, had just fallen into a pitfall moments ago. Looking back, he now suspected the Kansai Magical Association to be behind the incidents on the train. He would be sure to look out for any more of their tricks…just after he took care of the new problem that was Naruto. Negi sighed as he began to list off the things Naruto had done so far.

"You leapt off of the Kiyomizu Stage and nearly plummeted to your death."

"Nope, I attempted to jump off the stage. You caught me. Besides, if I had lived, I supposedly would have had my wish come true! Totally worth the risk. I should be the one upset with you for ruining my chances! But I forgive you, Negi-chan!"

"You tried to bury Makie-san and Ayaka-san alive when they fell into that pitfall trap."

"But we're on vacation! Don't people bury each other all the time when they go to the beach? What's the difference?"

"Naruto-san, please, I'm begging you! Just don't cause any more trouble!"

"Alright, alright, relax, Negi-chan," Naruto chuckled, "If it makes you feel better, then I promise I won't cause any more trouble while I am here. Besides, what else could possibly go wrong?"

"Ah, Negi-sensei," Yue's voice chimed, "I think the class is drunk."

Negi slammed his head into the ground as he face-faulted, Naruto's boisterous laughter accompanying him.

"We're being targeted by some weird magical organization?" Asuna gasped, giving Negi a worried look. The two of them sat in a secluded corner of the lobby of the hotel that their class was booked to stay at for the duration of the trip. Negi had decided that it would be best to get the students who were affected by the Kansai Magical Association's alcoholic trap at the falls to bed quickly, not only for their sakes but to also ensure that the trip was not canceled. It had been about half an hour since they had arrived at the hotel, and Negi had yet to come up with a plan on how to deal with his new opponents. The only thing he could possibly think of was to ask Asuna for her help once more.

"Their called the Kansai Magical Association. According to Konoe-sama, they've been at odds with Mahora and all of the Kanto Magical Association," Negi explained, "It looks like at least a few of them aren't happy that we're taking a trip over here."

"I thought something was funny about all the mishaps today. So, it's another disaster involving magic, is it?" Asuna sighed.

"I'm sorry, Asuna-san, but I have to ask for your help again," Negi frowned, shooting Asuna a pleading look.

Asuna offered a reassuring smile, "No problem. I'll help out for a bit, so don't sweat it."

"Excellent! To start things off, please tell us everything you know about that Setsuna chick!" Chamo declared, "That girl is definitely a spy for those Kansai bastards!"

"Eh? Sakurazaki-san is a spy? W-Well, the only thing I really know about her is that I hear she used to be a childhood friend of Konoka's, but I'm not even sure if that's true. They never talk or anything," Asuna commented.

"Eh? Konoka-chan's friend? H-Hey, Aniki, isn't Konoka originally from…" Chamo leapt into Negi's bag and began to fish around. Finally, he reemerged, dragging the class roster with him. Opening it and flipping the pages, Chamo pointed an accusing finger at Setsuna's picture, "Aha! See? It says right here—Kyoto Shinmeiryuu! She's totally a spy!"

Negi and Asuna looked to where he was pointing. Sure enough, written directly under Setsuna's picture were the words Kyoto Shinmeiryuu. Before they could discuss this further however, Shizuna appeared and informed Negi and Asuna that the reserved onsen time for the staff members was going to pass soon. Asuna sent Negi to the baths, promising to talk about it later. Neither ever noticed the pair of eyes watching them from across the room.

Naruto sat up from the couch in the lobby, stretching and stifling a yawn as he did, "Such distrusting classmates I have…well, 'tis youth these days…always thinking they know everything. But here I am sounding like an old man! Not very cool of me, is it~? Well, what do you two think?"

"Personally, I think that old men can be cool at times-de gozaru."

"But this isn't one of those times."

The click of a freshly-cocked gun and the sensation of cold steel pressing against his neck told Naruto that turning around was likely not the best option right now. Behind him, his fellow classmates Kaede Nagase and Mana Tatsumiya appraised him with careful eyes. Despite the seriousness of his situation, Naruto's form was as relaxed as ever—he hadn't even twitched as they pressed a kunai and gun to his neck.

"Picking on the new kid is a bit cliché, ain't it? Of course, as the main character, I will have to train really hard to defeat the two of you. Then we'll obtain a mutual respect for each other and eventually become friends. That's how it works, right, girls?" Naruto questioned, "So…to what do I owe the pleasure of such lovely young ladies coming up to me? I said I was single before, right?"

"Konoe-sama has informed us of some rather peculiar abilities that you have," Kaede commented, "So we thought that we'd stop by and see if you were using those abilities for anything naughty."

"The fact that the old man has offered a hefty payment to keep an eye on you also helps," Mana added, her cold, calculating eyes staring down the barrel of her handgun.

"I see…" Naruto murmured, "And am I doing anything naughty?"

"Are you-de gozaru?"

"Nothing that I can think of. So, are we just going to stand like this all night or should I take this as an invitation to try something 'naughty' with the two of you?"

"Flirting with someone poised to kill you isn't exactly the wisest move," Mana snorted.

"Hey, what can I say? I'm not one to let a good opportunity pass by without trying. Especially when it involves such lovely young ladies," Naruto chuckled, "…Did flattery score me any points or should I try again?"

"Haven't you heard that flattery gets you nowhere?" Kaede laughed, lowering her blade, "But I appreciate the compliment."

"I've seen enough," Mana muttered, lowering her gun, "The old man's losing it if he thinks you're a serious threat."

"So, is this going to be a daily thing or what?" Naruto turned to face his classmates, a sly grin on his face, "We could have these meetings in a nicer setting, you know? Over coffee or a moonlit stroll along the beach…I'd be fine with either."

"I wouldn't. I'm leaving, Kaede. He's all yours," Mana sighed, turning and walking out of the lobby, ignoring Naruto's friendly wave. Kaede giggled as she watched Naruto's failed flirting attempts with Mana. Whether he was a threat or not, Kaede had to admit he was at the very least one of the more interesting people she had met in awhile. Naruto turned to Kaede with a defeated smile on his face.

"Guess that would be a no, huh? Don't suppose I can interest you?" Naruto asked. Kaede laughed loudly, shaking her head. Naruto sighed, "And so my quest to find a girlfriend continues…so, what can I do for you this lovely night, my dear?"

"I'm Nagase Kaede and she was Tatsumiya Mana—just thought I'd introduce ourselves, since it seems like we'll be seeing each other quite a bit from now on-de gozaru," Kaede smiled, offering a wave goodbye, "Please keep in mind that we'll be watching you from now on, so try not to get into too much trouble."

"Trouble? Kaede-chan, I wouldn't dream of it~!" Naruto grinned, returning the wave. With one last laugh, Kaede disappeared out of the room. Naruto stared at the space where she once stood before a large crash resonated from the just outside the front doors. Naruto casually walked over to the window and peeked outside just in time to witness what appeared to be a large monkey running off with an unconscious Konoka, with Asuna, Negi, and Setsuna giving chase. Naruto hummed in thought before giving off a devilish smirk.

'Time to do a little bit of talent scouting…'

'Is this the best they have?' Naruto sighed in disappointment as he looked down at the scene playing out before him from atop one of the many high, almost-skyscraper tall buildings. Beneath him on a small plaza, one of the most pathetic fights he had seen in awhile was playing out. From what he could gather from the rather short chase that had ensued moments ago, some woman by the name of Chigusa had kidnapped Konoka for insert-whatever-reason here. After falling for a number of her traps and nearly managing to drown themselves in the process, the trio had finally managed to catch up to the woman, but were finding themselves hard-pressed to defeat her summons—a big monkey and an equally big teddy bear with some sharp claws. While Asuna and Negi struggled with the summons, Setsuna was currently facing off against another Shinmeiryuu who appeared to be working with Chigusa.

'Hm…Setsuna is a gem in the works, but she'll need a lot of polishing. Asuna-chan has an interesting weapon, too…but it's not like Asuna would actually work with me. Neither would Setsuna, for that matter, especially since she can't remember me. I should probably check to see if anyone else remembers me…' Naruto scored them off individually as he watched the battle with a bored look on his face, 'Negi is pathetic—what kind of mage is he? He let that entire chase happen when he has long-range spells and the ability to fly with that stick of his. He has no natural instinct or skill for combat. He's useless.'

His eyes watched with mild amusement as Setsuna and the other Shinmeiryuu—Tsukuyomi, apparently—engaged in swordplay. More miniature monkey summons began to antagonize Asuna while she tried to fight the large bear as a small group of the monkeys began to carry Konoka off, giving Chigusa the opportunity she needed to begin her escape once more.

'Interesting technique…Shinmeiryuu, eh? I'll have to get Wilhelm to look into that Tsukuyomi girl. As for Chigusa, she is nothing special. In fact, none of her skills seem to break average,' Naruto frowned. Quickly becoming bored again, Naruto watched as Chigusa insulted Konoka and explained how she would control the girl with magic and drugs—a mistake, judging from the outraged looks on the faces of the trio.

"Don't you dare touch Ojou-sama!"

"Put Konoka down now!"

"Flans Exarmatio!"

Both Asuna and Setsuna charged past their opponents and, with Chigusa caught off-guard by a well-placed minor spell from Negi, the two slammed their attacks onto her, knocking both her and Konoka into the air. Setsuna caught Konoka mid-air while Chigusa and Tsukuyomi escaped, Negi and Asuna forgetting about their opponents and rushing to Konoka's side—an overall happy-ending-like scenario.

'How boring. I didn't even get to see anyone pushed to their limits…' Naruto sighed, "So, if this Chigusa won't serve as an adequate test of their skills, I guess the job falls on me to do so. How annoying—what's a good test? I could just summon Wilhelm here, but he might be in the middle of something…I guess I could jump down and fight them myself, but I don't want to reveal myself just yet…ah, I know! How about a classic? One giant enemy crab coming right up~!"

Slamming his hand down on the roof of the building he stood on, a large plume of smoke appeared. When it dissipated in the high winds of the tall building, standing there was a crustacean the size of a large house and two razor-sharp claws the size of trucks, with a stark red, armor-like shell covering it and a hardened, steel-like white underbelly. Numerous black rods poked out along the crab's back and it shared Naruto's Rinnegan eyes. Silently, the crab crawled over to the edge of the building. Naruto cast a glance downward—the trio was still checking on Konoka.

The monstrous summon didn't hesitate in the slightest as its six powerful legs scurried and leapt of the building, plummeting downward towards its unsuspecting prey. Naruto grinned as he sat on the edge of the building, content to watch how the scene would play out.

'Put on a good show, guys,' Naruto chuckled, 'I don't want to be disappointed, so don't any of you go dying on me just yet.'

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